Silverlining - NY fanfic (Complete)


sarNie Hatchling

Yaya is the epitome of beauty and perfection, but behind the perfect illusion is a past that she tried to bury...

Nerdy, awkward and with speech disorder, little Yaya grew up with only her nanny as her guardian. An illegitimate child that no one should be aware of. Life has not been kind to her until Nadech, her new neighbor becomes her knight and protector.

But what if her knight turns into villain?


Nadech Kugimiya

19 year old

29 years old

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

16 year old

26 year old

cr. to the rightful owners

Kimberly Ann Voltemas - step sister of yaya

Mark Prin Suparat - Savior of Kim

James Ma - doctor and brother of margie

Margie Rasri - model / best friend of yaya

Boy Pakorn -brother of nadech

P.S. I know. I haven't updated my last NY fanfic but this storyline stuck on me like plague and wont leave me. Do read if you had time for some NY cheesiness mixed with angst



sarNie Hatchling

10 years ago

Laughter rang around the area as people watches a lanky young teenage girl in braids and large round glasses pick up her things strewn on the ground.

"S-stop... " she mutters softly which only increases laughter from the group.

"Only if you say please" the bully smirked at her, stepping on her things and smearing dirt on her notes.

The girl went still for a second before bowing down, adjusting her glasses and bangs, a habit she never outgrown of when she’s nervous. Being bullied for her is as normal as the sun rising. She considered it lucky as she only comes across them twice this week compare to her usual daily hunters. Today, however, is a particularly hard day for her as she is considerably late and by the looks of it, won’t be able to attend her classes not only because of her cold and cough but also because of her tormentors. Taking a deep breath, she decided to give in just to finally get away "P-please"

Another round of howling of laughter comes from the group of bullies who considers themselves as cool.

"Again!" a girl who, by the looks of it, is the girlfriend of the previous bully shouted, "We didn't hear you"

"P-p-ple-" Holding her fist tight and feeling another dizzy spell coming she started but before she could finish her short plea, a shadow came across, effectively shielding her from the group.

"You guys are pathetic" A voice filled with disgust said, shaking his head with disapproval.

Surprised, she looked up squinting to see as the sun glares angrily, as if signaling her of something large coming. What she saw is a back of a young man who she guess is older than her by a few years.

"Who do you think you are?" the boy who looked like the leader of the group asked

"Who do YOU think YOU are?" the man replied back sneering, "You think you're cool? Well, if you had some sense, I advise you guys to think again. Putting someone low doesn’t make you any God"

The bully laughed ignoring the others warning, " You don’t know who I am right? Well you look decent but it is too bad, you don’t know some manners" he said, getting near the man while looking up at him from head to toe and shaking his head. "Listen, I am the son of the head chief in this town thus my word is the rule here."

"Well that is a good news" The man almost laugh as he turn to wink at her giving her a glimpse of his handsome face. Shocked by his gesture, she bowed down her head hiding her face.

'Why is this man helping me?' she asked herself, Her brows furrowing as she thinks of possible reason why this man is helping her. In her 16 life of existence, no one stood up for her in exchange of nothing except Kim, her older step sister. Sure there were people who helped her at first but then got afraid of getting bullied with her so they decided to avoid her instead. 'What is he talking about anyway? Doesn’t he know he is two seconds from getting beaten up by this gangsters?' she couldn’t help getting worried for this man's sake.

The bully's girlfriend raises her brow confused and asked, "What is good news?"

"Don’t YOU know who I am?" As if on cue, the mans phone began to rang. "Hold that thought" he said raising his hand to the bully who opened his mouth to retort. "Yes, Chief Ken?-" he said putting the phone on speaker -" You don’t have to escort me as per my fathers instruction, I am already around the area and familiarizing myself with the people"

The bully paled considerably at the voice of his father as the man smirked with glee.

"But can I ask you something? Do you know where your son is at right now?-" the man sighed and shook his head dramatically at the bully who by now is as pale as a ghost as chief ken answers him politely. "He is at school? Oho! We're enrolled at the same school. Must be fun to know that I had schoolmate who IS your son! I cant wait to meet him. I'll call you back soon Chief."

"You!" the bully pointed at him, "Y-you're Mr Kugimiya?" he asked almost afraid of hearing the others answer as he and his group looked like they just got caught and would be sent to prison for life. One look from him send the group of bullies running away.

"Are you alright?"

The young man asked her, crouching down to her level and picking up her books.

"Why are you letting them do that to you? You can fight back you know", he said dusting up her book before giving it to her

"I-I t-tried too, b-b-but-" she defended herself quickly, triggered by his demeanor while collecting her books rather forcefully into her arms "t-t-they won’t s-s-stop"

Immediately, he looked at her bowed face with a mixture of surprise and pity noticing her speech disorder. It must have been hard for her. He didn’t know what came over him, but he vowed to help and protect this young girl from harm.

Touching her head, he gently patted it smiling brightly at her. "Don’t worry I am here now"

At the touch of her head, she looked at him, shock at his boldness. No one ever touches her this gently aside from her grandma Lao. She silently wonders who Mr. Kugimiya is.

"Nadech Kugimiya at your service!" he then saluted at her, his eyes showing sincerity giving her his dimpled smile ultimately earning her trust and her heart. For the first time in her life, she felt a small tug in her young heart.

Authors note: Forgive me for some typo, I typed it in my phone


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 1 - Homecoming

Present – Yaya’s POV

Confetti falls down as she did her final walk on a show dedicated for her as she considered it to be her last official fashion show. Modelling has been her getaway for quite a time, but her passion is calling her. After two years of interning in one of the best design build firms in the US, she finally took her board exam in architecture and passed as 1st, getting offer in different construction firms but none quite pick her interest. Now she just wants her dreams to materialize as she pursues her real passion, she wants it to be in her own country.

'I would miss this' she thought to herself as she looked around the hall, taking in every little thing. At the age of 26, Yaya Urassaya is already a famous model that can almost be considered as a celebrity because her face has been plastered among many billboards more than normal actor or actress. Truth to be told, her modelling stint can be considered as an accident as she was just doing a favor for her friend on her very first photo shoot. The next thing she knew, she was being contacted left and right for projects that she needed a manager.

"YAYA!" She heard the crown cheering on her name that almost put a smile on her face. "Oh my God! She smiled! Did someone capture that?"

After getting discovered at the age of 19, she has been known as the 'ice princess' because she rarely smiles. Her beautiful innocent eyes were almost always surrounded by sadness, capturing the heart of the people around her as they wondered why a young girl with such youth and beauty is lonely.

A flash on her right side distracted her and she turn her head to the right side to avoid the glare from the camera.

She suddenly froze on her spot as she looked at the end of the hall. A familiar man is looking at her intently. It was just a second, but she was so sure. 'It can’t be him' She consoled herself as she looked for the man in black suit who disappeared in the crowd. 'No, he can't be here.' shaking her head she thinks she’s going crazy.


"So, you're really decided?" P' Suki, her gay manager asked her for the nth time. "Nothing I say or do won’t stop you?"

"I'm sorry" she speaks softly. Suki has been what she could consider a a family here. Leaving him would be a great setback for her as he became he friend, mother, sister and at times even her father all in one.

"I would miss you baby girl" he said getting up to hug her

"YA!" A voice called out as she finds herself being sandwiched between two people. Her friend, Margie, hugged her so tight that she had to grasp to catch her breath. "You’re really leaving?"

Yaya chuckled and struggled to release herself from the hug of both her friends who felt proud to hear her laughter.

"Margie don’t be overly dramatic, you told me you are following me in Bangkok?" she told her friend who smiled sheepishly, and a groan come from their manager friend.

"Not you too!" Suki pouted as he looks back and forth the two girls who looked guilty.

"I’m just kidding, okay, live your life now, you both deserve it" he said patting the head of both girls and resuming their group hug. "I’ll miss you both, after all you two were my most hardworking girls eh?"

After saying their hugs and goodbye to Suki, both girls agreed to go to mall to meet up someone.

"James Ma!" She called out to him, smiling brightly as she waved her hands to get the man’s attention. The man looked at them with a smile and hugs her and Margie.

"Hey you two." He said pinching both of their cheeks earning a smack in the arm from his sister.

'How would I ever get by without these two?' she asked herself as she watches contently as the two bickers back and forth.

She recalled the time she first met the two. It was Margie who she knew first as she sat next to her on the plane to US when she had to get away from her heartaches in Thailand. She caught Margie taking pictures of her then and the other girl explained briefly that it was to be her portfolio as she aspires to be a director and need to submit a project to her supervisor. That signals the start of their friendship as she got her companion into modelling world.

"Are you really sure about this?" James asked her seriously, leaning towards her after they settled in a restaurant with their orders being served.

Looking into his doubtful eyes, she patted his hands to reassure him. James for her is an older brother she looked up to and she knows that he only wants the best for her.

As Margie learned about one of her weakness, she introduces her to James who she learned is a doctor. Patiently, he helped her get over her disorder. Her battle is not that smooth but with Margie, James and Suki, she had succeeded.

"Besides, in a month, Ill be there with her you know" Margie butted in, rolling her eyes at her overprotective brother.

"But what if you met hi-"

Yaya cuts him off before their mood drops, "Do not worry about that okay? Ill be fine"

'It doesn’t matter anyway, he must be happy now with the one he truly loves, he did me no wrong' she said to herself thinking about her precious person who she left when she’s young. 'It is not his fault if he did not feel the same way' her last thought left a bitter taste on her mouth


"Ya, did you tell your parents about your condition here?" Nadech asked the girl shivering beside him.

After their earlier encounter when he saved her from the bullies, heavy rain pours soaking them. Reacting on instinct, he immediately hold her hand and took her inside the kids playground.

Sneezing, she felt conscious as this was the first time she got this close to a man. Knees to knees, shoulder to shoulder.

Nadech scooted closer to her, if its even possible as to how the small playpen would allow and held her hands. Surprised, she tried to back away but he 'tsked' and did not let go. Instead he put her hands inside the pocket of his sweater.

Too many things were rushing on her mind right now, but she dares not to voice it out. 'Why is he so good to me? What does he want from me?' she doesn’t know how to respond in this situation as this is her first.

As if not realizing her discomfort, he looked at her smiling with his dimples, "Tell me about yourself"

For some unknown reason, her heart skipped a beat looking at his handsome face. Feeling her face burning, she turns away from him.

"Yaya" she could feel him pouting while calling her name, which made her smile even more. "Why are you hiding from me?" he asked pulling her hands inside his sweater closer, trying to make her look at him.

Sighing he finally gave up, "If you don’t want to, then, Ill tell you about myself" he said as he proceeds to introduce himself to her.

She learned that he is new here and he has an older brother named Boy who is currently studying abroad. He chose to stay here because he was looking for his childhood friend.

As she listen to him go on and on about his life, she felt another dizzy spell coming and then she blacks out.

"Ya! you’re burning!" Nadech exclaimed panicking. Without thinking clearly, he picked her up and brought her to his house. Fortunate that his house is nearby.

Next thing she knew, she found herself on a strangers bed with a cold cloth on her forehead.

"You awake! Thank God you're okay"

Surprised, she tried to get up, to find her glasses and failing miserably. Her grandma's reminder echoing in her head that she should not trust a stranger and yet here she is, and in his bed.

"Here" he said putting her glasses on her hand. She immediately wears her glasses and adjusted her full bangs to cover her.

"I N-n-need to g-g-go" she said to him hiding behind her lashes.

"Look, I thought we already established that I am not a bad guy" he said, staring at her sincerely, "Don't worry, I am your new neighbor."
At her questioning glance, he continues, "I'm sorry but I might have peaked at some of your private stuff to find your address and guardian. I tried calling your guardian-" he was unprepared for a sharp glare from her at the mention of guardian.

"Thank you but you did not need to do that" she said, surprising Nadech and herself as she didn't stutter.

"Okay" he said, staring at her with wonder that she felt uncomfortable. "I’m sorry for overstepping."

"i-i-its okay" she replied feeling embarrassed by her sudden outburst, "m-my guardian needs to g-goes h-home to her p-province to take c-care of s-something. S-she doesn't n-n-need to w-w-worry about m-me"

Her guardian, grandma Lao is currently with her family as news of her grandchild getting sick and need someone to take care of got to her. Grandma is hesitant to leave her yet she insisted that her family needs her. Family will always come first anyway, she thought albeit a little sad.

"Well, as long as I'm here, you will be fine." Nadech patted his chest to cheer her up, " I promise"

She looked at him strangely, asking herself for the nth time if he is for real.

She might just believe the old saying that people leaves because someone better will come along...


Yaya woke with a start, beads of sweat already formed on her forehead.

"Miss, we've already landed to Bangkok" an airplane crew told her politely. "Do you feel under the weather?"

As she shook her head, she couldn't help thinking about him. 'Why am I dreaming of him now?' It was her bittersweet past that she dreaded yet treasured the most. It was something she chose never to forget despite of the heartaches that comes along. She thought it must be her anxiety of going home after 7 years of living abroad.

Looking around she realized that only few were remaining. Standing, she collected her small bag and is heading her way out, wearing her large shades to cover her face she walks anxiously on the airport as she wants some peace and quiet for she knows that she is quite famous here in her country even when she never models here before.

A tap on her arm stopped her. It was the same crew from before, holding a black jacket.

"Miss, you've left this."

'Since when did I own this black jacket?' she ponders absentmindedly accepting it before she could even ask, the crew immediately went the opposite direction.

Upon closer inspection, the jacket kind of smells familiar to her. A scent that she would never forget but the probability is impossible but what even surprised her is what she find inside the pocket. It was the ticket on her last fashion show. She shook her head to get her head clear...

As she gathered her baggage, a sudden commotion distracted her, with people bumping to her prompting her to drop the jacket.

She 'tsked', slightly annoyed and took a glimpse at direction of commotion seeing men who looked like bodyguard spreading on the area, walking in line and cameras flashing, 'Must have been a famous actress or actor' she thought, shaking her head and adjusting her glasses. Even before she became famous, she never goes gaga over famous people which is one of the reason why many famous personalities like her and agencies preferred her as they don’t want overzealous people who thinks too highly of themselves.

Bending down her glasses fall off as she tried to get the poor jacket but before she could pick it up, someone already got it and as she straightened to accept the jacket he was handing her, his voice shook her. For a second she forgot where she was as she stares at him open mouthed.

"Next time, take care of your belongings better" he said unsmiling, staring intently at her face and shoving her the jacket.

'How unlucky could she be? The first day in her country and she already encountered him again. And what’s more is that he seems to be angry at her, judging on his cold stare and how he shoved the jacket under her nose. For the life of her, she could not understand his cold demeanor.

Flashes of the camera brought her back to the present as she stared at his already turned back, walking fast away from her like she is the plague.

"Ms. Yaya Urassaya!"

'Shit' she thought to herself, 'So much for going unnoticed, I must have looked like an idiot.' Groaning internally, she could just imagine her face in the news, her face must have been funny, like a fish gaping out of the water.

Wrapping the jacket on her shoulders from feeling the sudden coldness, she greets the reporters with a hint of a smile and tried to escape with her luggage in tow but she was now surrounded by different people taking a picture of her or just simply staring at her beauty in awe.

"Ms. Yaya you're back now for good?" reporters asked her different questions left and right, each getting incredulous as she stayed longer on the spot, "Why did you quit modelling?" "Are you and Doctor Ma dating?" "Why did you break up with the famous Dr. James Ma?" "Is it true that you're pregnant?" The ridiculousness of the last question shocked her that she almost stop her pursuit out of the area to answer when she felt strong hands wrapped around her arm and waist as someone pulled her away from the suffocating crowd.

'Thank God' she thought, wiping away beads of sweats in her forehead with her free hand as she was two seconds away from sneering on the reporter's accusation that might cause her some trouble in reputation. What she heard however, seems more likely to bring her good name in a larger scandal.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Nadech's angry voice thundered around the area, "The doctor never became her boyfriend and she is most definitely not pregnant!"
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Chapter 2 - His revenge?

Yaya looked up at Nadech, shocked by his sudden outburst and realizing their closeness.

Struggling, she tried to push him away but her efforts has gone unnoticed by him as he continued to send glares at the reporters.

The reporter, however, seemed to got over their surprise and asked them new batch of questions just as she feared,
"What is the relationship between the two of you?"

"Are you two dating?"

"Is he the reason why you quit modelling?"

'She knew it. She knew this would happen' sighing inwardly, she asked for patience from god's above.

Nadech appear to have lost of words and instead continued to glared at the nosy reporters.

Knowing how the media works, she decided to reply immediately before everything is blown out of proportion, "Nadech is my best friend from way back in high school. Hes like my big brother so its natural of him to be protective of his little sister"

She didnt want any rumor to got started now especially when she wanted to started anew.

She heard him 'tsked' and pulled her rather roughly along towards an elevator. His bodyguards saluted at him before leaving them alone.

"Where are we-"

One look from him however made her gulped and stop her question.

His eyes blazing with mixture of anger and an emotion she is not familiar seeing on his beautiful eyes which usually smiles at her.

The elevator opened up to a door and after encoding the password, his birthday she noted, opened up to what looked like a private pad. She couldn't help but feel at awe at the interior of the pad which screams of elegance mixed with manliness. As an architect, great interiors always made her at awe .

'The pad suits him very well.' She should not expect any less from him anyway.

He opened up the large television from the sofa and went inside a room separated by glass which looks like his small office. As she follows him subtly, she watches as he slowly removes his coat and hangs it on the rack. He then pull out his neck tie rather roughly with one hand and proceeds to unbutton his long sleeves.

"Enjoying the view?" he suddenly turned to her smirking.

Feeling her face turn red, she quickly turn around and pretend to be busy examining his pad.

She almost smack herself after realizing she was gawking at him like a teen age girl.

'Oh God, I thought I was passed that stage already' she said, feeling a little hot even though the aircondition is working just fine.

Plopping herself down his sofa, she watches tv absent mindedly.



He called in a sing-song voice as he invited himself in her house and drops on her couch, feeling at home.

He was not lying when he said he was her neighbor.

Eversince he had saved her almost a month ago, he appointed himself as her self-proclaimed guardian.

He became her friend and companion as he always hangs out at her house almost everyday that she has gotten used to him arriving unannounced.

"What are you doing?" he asked, hovering near her .

She gasped, feeling her heart beat faster as he invades her personal space, almost putting his face on her shoulders.

"Whoaaa!" Nadech gasped looking at her painting of a landscape. "You are an artist!"

She finally felt her heart calm as he finally settled beside her and watch as she do her thing.

Until a flash of camera distracted her.

"H-hey!" she protested, pouting.

"What?" Nadech only laughed "I just wanna try my newly bought camera" he said then continued taking her pictures.

Feeling a little self-conscious, she adjusted her glasses.

His sudden laughter broke the stillness of the house.

"W-What?" she asked him confused.
Instead of answering, she froze when he went near her and pulled out her glasses.

Blinking, she tried to adjust to sudden change of lighting as she heard the sound of someone clearing his throat.

"I-I will just remove some painting on your face" he said almost distractedly then proceed to quickly wipe it using his fingers, failing miserably as the painting spread on her face instead.

Distracted, he didnt notice his rubbing gets a little rougher.

"Aw" she hold her now rosy cheeks as she pulled herself out from his grasp after a particular hard rub.

"I-i will d-do it m-myself" she said grabbing her eyeglasses and left the room quickly, but not before taking a quick backward glance at Nadech only to find him looking confused as he stared at her painting.


A loud crashing sound from the tv news brought Yaya back to the present.

"Sperbund Construction Corp., the previous leading construction firm in the industry that has been on the rocks the previous years continues to drop. Last month, workers protests around the building for compensation and threaten to go on suing the company-"

'What the hell?' she exclaimed, shaking her head staring unbelievably at the tv in front of her.

She knew that the company was facing problems before but she thought it was already resolved by the previous agreement before that caused her heart aches and many sleepless night.

It was the biggest engagement at that time. The merging of two families, Kugimiya and Sperbund.

"Kugimiya group of company refuses to continue the merge after the messy incident 5 years ago-"

The reporter proceed to tell the story she did not know how she missed.

'Oh my God' she exclaimed loudly, hiding her head on the pillow on the sofa beside her. 'What the hell is she doing this past few years?'

Worry crossed her features as she think about her father, they must have been worried. She couldnt stop her horror as the news played out.

"Kugimiya family grieved with Sperbund family, however, still decided not to continue the merge. Instead they offered support by buying the half of the shares of the company. The latest update on this is the transfering of titles to the Kugimiya family naming Nadech as the owner and CEO. Mr. Sperbund is currently unavailable as he is undergoing therapy for his stroke last month-"

"Hmm..." She felt someone sit on the sofa beside her and changed the channels of the tv.

"What did you do!" She almost screamed at him, throwing the pillow at his head.

"What did I do?" He looked at her innocently, catching the pillow. She doesn't buy his acting even for a second. He looks too innocent for her liking.

"I know you know what I am talking about so tell me now. What the hell happen?" She asked exasperated with the situation.

'Hell she thought she was struggling abroad, but to know about what happen before is just devastating'.

"Why did you not tell me?"

His eyes suddenly darkened in anger as he scoots towards her, effectively trapping her, "You dont expect me to be a saint and do charity after everything that her family did eh? Now they needed my help? That is not how the world turn." his eyes softened as he stroked her face at his last sentence.

She immediately hold his hand away from her face. "Are you drunk? What the hell is wrong with you? You are not the P'Bear I know of"

He didnt even budged as she struggles to distance herself from him.

"Besides" His accusing eyes were back as he continues like he did not hear her earlier complaints, "When did you expect me to tell you?"

"What about Kim?" She asked looking away and changing the topic as she felt uncomfortable with his accusing stare. "What about her family? The company?"

He looked at her like he was examining her for a few seconds then proceed to stroke her face again but before she could push his hands, he already move away from her and settled beside her.

"The company is mine now"

Hearing it from the news doesn't mean she's prepared with his words. She still couldn't believe it.

"Besides, I dont think Kim is interested in the company even before. Consider it as me doing her family a favor"

Sighing, she couldn't help but agree with his statement. Kim is older than her only by a year yet her dreams were already very clear and it doesn't involve the company. She felt sorry for her sister as she has a good heart.

Kim once told her she wanted to be a teacher and live a simple life. She probably felt suffocated by how strict their father was.

"What do you plan with the company?" she had to ask, remembering her fathers' struggle to maintain the company. "If you're just doing this for revenge-"

"You're right" he said, effectively cutting her off. "You can think it as my revenge"
'He must have felt devastated with what happen 5 years ago that he still haven't moved on' she thought, knowing how much he used to adore Kim way back.

"Should I just sell it to other companies who bought bankrupt companies and shred it to ashes?" He muttered at her looking at her with questioning glance.

"No!" She replied vehemently making him glance at her with raised eyebrows. "I mean, why dont you try and make the company rise again?"

He looks unconcerned as he continues changing the channels, settling on sports channel.

Desperately, she continues, "It goes from way back and is already a household name so it would be a waste to let it go easily" she tried to reason.

"Now, why would I do that? Business is business."


"Listen, I know you and Kim were very good friends but it wont change a thing"

A guilty pang crossed her heart. Nadech never knew the truth of her parentage. He thought she and Kim were just very close friends and not sisters.

"I will not give up the company to her family" he stated with finality.


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Authors Note: Update before I go to sleep. All this NY sweetness had me going cray cray. My heart is not prepared, I had to have my outlet. BTW, I made some mistake on chap.1 Boy is Nadech's brother, not Mark.


Chapter 3 - Family

"I'm sorry dad"

Yaya gently hold her fathers hand and brought it closer to her face..

"I'm a bad daughter"

It was her first time seeing her father this weak and it pains her heart. She always viewed him as someone unmoveable, even the strong winds wont bring him down.

It never occured to her that someone as strong as her father could be this way.

According to the doctor she talked to
earlier, he was advised a complete bed rest until he gets better. His condition right now is very serious. If this continues, one more heart attack and he would be gone forever.

A groan from her father alerted her as she hurriedly wiped her tears, moving closer when she heard him whispering something.

"Dad" she called him


A slight pang shoot on her chest as she heard her father called her sister's name repeatedly.

Ignoring it, she introduced herself, "It is me, Ya"

"Y-Yaya?" her father called, trying to open his eyes to look at her. "Y-you c-came back" his breath labored as he struggled to speak.

"Im sorry I only heard the news yesterday-"

"Their gone" her father sighed, pulling out his hands from her grasp and rubbed it across his chest "Kim and the company"

"Im sorry" she repeated, bowing down

Feeling guilty, she berated herself from being selfish and leaving. She should have been there when they need her the most.

Panic rises to her when she saw him continue rubbing his chest and have trouble breathing.

"Dad!" she shouted "Help! What's happening?"

She was ushered outside as nurses came inside the room followed by the doctor.

"What is going on?" A concerned voice of a woman snap her out of her trance and she quickly went near to explain.

"Father is-"

Pain shot through her as she felt a hard slap on her cheeks before she could even finish her statement.

"What did you do now?"

7 years abroad must have made her unprepared for this situation.

To her fathers wife defense, this is the first time that she had hurt her physically.

"I m sorry" she blurted out before she could stop herself, an old habit she had not outgrown of.

How could she forget her place? She thought she was already immune to this.

"You're sorry?" she looked at her with accusation, "Your sorry wont bring back my daughter nor the company so just keep it to yourself. Now if you really care about your father's health, you stay away."

"But-" she tried to protest

"Look here -" her fathers wife sighed exasperately and for the first time in her life, she saw her very tired and looked older than her age.

Upon her quick examination, she saw that she was also wearing simple clothes compared to what she used to.

They must have been unprepared by the bankruptcy making her briefly wonder where they got money for her fathers therapy.

"Im not saying this just because I hate you but he really can't deal with stress right now. If you want to make yourself useful then do something with the company."


"So let me get this straight, only the house and a few of my fathers assets were left? What happened?"

As far as she's concerned, her father came from old money and was very rich. It just cant be gone that quickly.

After visiting her father, she immediately contacted the family lawyer to ask about the current financial status.

"Most of the assets were taken by the banks and some were used to pay debts."

Her brows furrowed as she looked at the long list of assets that has been gone in front of her. It just doesn't add up.

The lawyer cleared his throat and hesitated for a bit before he continues,
"Well, your father might have been into casino after your sister has gone missing"

"What about my fathers wife?" she asked knowing how much the older woman hated those kind of places "Surely she must have stopped him"

The lawyer adjusted his glasses and looked at her with pity. "She too has fallen into depression and succumbed to drinking. The bankruptcy became their woke up call."

She put her hands on her temple feeling a head ache coming up.

"What money are they using to get by now? Why did they not used my trust fund?"

To her surprise, the lawyer in front of her chuckled.

"You're father would never take anything from your trust fund, and besides, you must have missed something." he said before handing her the list of remaining assets. "You see, even without the company, your family still had some valuable assets left. Your father just had to stop his quest from casino and they will be okay."

At this, she let out a sigh of relief

"Is there any chance to get the company back? I didnt used even a cent from my trust fund. I could-"

Living abroad, the only thing that linked her from her family is her trust fund. Her father tried to made up with what she lack from the family using this method.

Unknown to them, she didnt take even a cent from this money though, as she made a fortune with her modelling stint. She is proud to say that everything she had was from her own.

"You can but I would advise you not to because it would only be a waste. The company's reputation is at stake right now and they needed the Kugimiya Corp., an established name in the business world attached badly to get sponsors and clients."

"But Mr. Kugimiya himself told me that he has no plans for the company!"

Recalling her conversation with Nadech and how uninterested he is with the company made her worried. She knew that he was very rich and buying a sinking company woulld not even made a dent with his money. Hell he even told her that he was using the company as his way of revenge.

"The only thing you could do is to urge him to do otherwise, remember, your family still owned 30 percent of the company"


"Excuse me"

Yaya tried to call the woman's attention again for what seem like the fourth time in the front desk.

'What is wrong with this girl?' She didnt want to judge or anything but the woman is annoying the hell out of her.

If only looks could kill, the woman in front of her would be dead by now. 'What? Is she invisible or something?'

At her fifth try, the woman finally glanced at her briefly and look at her up and down before asking in a bored tone, "Good morning how may I help you?"

At the woman's action, she too glanced down at herself as she berated herself for her choice of clothing.


cr. to the rightful owner

To keep herself unnoticed, she decided to go out make up free and was wearing a gray oversized sweater. To complete her disguise, she had put on her shades and cap that almost cover the half of her face.

Today was the day she finally went with her courage to have her talk with Nadech. Hell she thinks she would even go low to begging if needed.

"Can I ask where the office of Nadech Kugimiya is?" she asked 'politely' Well, as politely as she could, given her annoyance with the girl.

If it isn't more offensive, the woman raised her eyebrows at her at the mention of the young CEO.

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Hmm... No, but you can tell him his friend, Ya-"

Before she could even finish, the woman cuts her off

"Im sorry mam but our policy strictly states that you needed an appointment first" the woman then looked at her with pity before continuing, "besides many have already tried that strategy before but none succeeded."

Confused at the sudden turn of events, she asked herself, 'What strategy?'

"Madame!" she couldn't help but shoot daggers at the woman as she enthusiastically aided whom she guessed is a person with high position at the company, judging by how the woman beside her almost eat the palm of her 'madame's' hands.

Sighing her frustration, she turned away and paused to get her phone to ask for help from anyone. By this rate, she guessed she could ask for help from everyone but the woman in the damned front desk.

She swore if she's the boss here, the woman would get fired sooner than the length of time she stood in the front desk.

Tapping her fingers patiently on the table as she wait for her lawyer, she felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck.

Her brows furrowed at the sudden quietness, realizing the woman earlier had finally stopped talking.

Looking at them, she almost dropped her phone, as she find herself face to face with an elegant woman on her 50's who she guessed is 'madame'.

Frozen, she stood still, shocked by the nearness of the woman's face to hers as she scrutinizes her face. It was none other than, Auntie Mae, Nadech's mother.

"Yaya?" the older woman called before smiling widely and enveloping her on a big warm hug. "It's really you! My baby girl"

After going away to forget all her heart aches, she almost forgot the things that were precious to her.

One of the things that came with Nadech is knowing his wonderful family. They had accepted her with all her flaws and yet she was treated as one of their own.

Auntie Mae was even joking that she loved Ya more than her own son.

"I missed you too" she hugged back, feeling the warmth of a mother she yearned the most. "Auntie-"

"Ya!" The older woman cuts her off, "Have you forgotten? I told you to call me mom"

Aside from her grandma Lao, her nanny who took care of her when she's a kid, Auntie Mae has been the closest she had to a mother.

A sob rise on her throat as she finally felt at home for the first time since she has gotten back to Thailand.

All her bottled up feelings, frustrations and worry catches up to her as she finally gave in and she couldn't help it as her tears falls down.

"Baby girl" Auntie Mae gently asked her, soothing her hair. Her cap has fallen down unnoticed during their hug. "Why are you crying?"

Taking her shades off, Auntie Mae wipes the tears on her eyes, "Sshh...Dont cry"

"Come on, it's almost lunch. Let's get something to eat while we catch up"

Auntie Mae placed her arms around her waist and she let herself be dragged away accidentally glimpsing at the front desk girl who by now is as pale as a ghost and is gaping at them with horror mouthing her name repeatedly.


Her lunch date with Auntie Mae turned into a meal worthy of last supper theme filled with different dishes she missed while studying abroad.

As always, her meal with Nadech's mother had been enjoyable as she told her things and updated her with stories of the latest happenings.

Auntie didn't want to let her go as she insisted that they go shopping after as she missed having her around.

"Remember our trips before?" the older woman asked her with glee, "My son, Nadech always insisted on coming with us even after I told him it was girl bonding"

Recalling it, her brows furrowed as she remembered how he would pout and sulk as they go shopping. She always thought that he was forced by his mother to tag along so they would have someone carry their bags.

"I have an idea!" Nadech's mother suddenly exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Why dont you come along and have dinner in our house like before?"

"I don't know" she hesitated, would she dare?

"Please? For old time sake? Mom will be sad if you refuse"

She could never refuse the old woman when she's being like this. Against her will, she slowly nodded her head.

"Great! I will tell the maids to prepare your old room"

Wait a minute, she thought she only agreed on eating dinner? What on earth had she gotten herself into.


It was already evening when they arrived at Kugimiya residence she would always refer as Kugimiya White Mansion.

It has the grand and old classic vibe, filled with pillars yet it manages to balance the look with arches that it felt rather homey.

"Come on baby girl, they're already waiting"

Nadech's mother hold her hand and ushered her inside the house and into the kitchen where she saw the three
Kugimiya men busy cooking.

The familiar scene in front of her made her think she was back from the past.

She remember how the three of them always made time to cook for Auntie Mae and she was glad that the tradition continues even now that they're busy with their careers.

The older woman told her that her husband already resigned as the head of the company and has passed the position to Boy and Nadech.

"Honey" Nadech's father who was wearing apron called his wife and she watched as they hugged her like they missed each other too much.

Shaking her head she thought, 'Something would never change' as a smile creeped on her face.

Boy suddenly whistled looking at her.

Yaya watched as Nadech
stopped from mixing the soup and looked up at her, surprised.

"Who's that lovely lady with you?" Boy asked her mother, excitedly wiping his hands from the rag as he went over near her.

'He did not recognize me?' Yaya thought, Boy's statement made her snicker, her eyes twinkling with laughter.

"Yayaaaaaaa" Nadech's father called in a sing -song voice before hugging her. She hugged back with equal ferocity as the old man ruffled her hair.

"You've grown up well" he exclaimed like a proud father.

"Come on honey" the woman called her husband, "Lets leave this to the children" she said, signaling her to come along

Before she could make a step, someone called her name.

"Yaya? Nadech's Yaya?" Boy asked exaggerately, his eyes grow large as he comes near and examines her "What happened to you? If I knew you'd grown up this beautiful I'd -"

What Boy was trying to say, Yaya would never found out as she watched him suddenly screamed as soup landed at his right shoulder and is now freely moving down his clothes.

"Oops, sorry man" Nadech smiled, making a peace symbol with his hands, "I was going to bring the soup here to taste but accidentally bump into this ogre" he said raising the ladle.

Boy looked at him doubtfully for a second and exchange glances. "I need to take a bath, you should prepare this by yourself" he finally said.

Turning to her, Boy raised his hands to hi- five but as she raised her hand Nadech quickly snatched it and dragged her away.

"Dont mind him, you know how playboy he is" Nadech exclaimed seriously.

"You had to help me now, I just saved you from his wrath"


Sighing for the nth time, she couldn't fall asleep.

She was thinking how pleasant this family was to her and she didn't want to take this as an advantage but she badly wanted the company for her family.

'Family?' she thought, 'maybe they would finally accept her if she brought back the company'

Dinner has been pleasant and they asked her what she's been up to the past few years she'd been abroad. They had listen attentively at her as she recounted her stories and laugh at her jokes.

Nadech's mom insisted she stayed at her old room and like before, she do not have the heart to say no to the older woman.

Her old bedroom went with new interiors and along came with new wardrobe just as she liked.

'Auntie Mae must have seen some of my designs' she thought as she glanced around her room.

'This look exactly like the one she once said she wanted back in U.S.'

Briefly, she wondered what would happen if she had not gone away. But if she hadn't do it, she wont be where she is right now. She'd probably never got over her disorder and forever be hiding under her family's shadows.

'Stupid ' she smacked her forehead for thinking. Somehow, no matter what happened, she did not regret going away.

The only thing that she would have change given the chance is that she would have come back sooner.

Feeling sleep would not come to her yet, she stood up and wore her robe.

She went to her favorite place on the house, the large open garden.

7 years and it was not any less beautiful, if anything, it looked more breath taking.

The only thing that change was the lanai in the middle. Before, it only had a wooden rounded table and was not roofed.

She adored the changes though, The pergola suited perfectly the garden as the vines from orchid surrounded the edge of the glassed roofing.

'Whoever thought of this is a genius' she thought as she fell in love with the place once more.

Without thinking, she sits on the table and glanced up the sky.

Finding a shooting star, she quickly closed her eyes and wished for something.

"Please help me find solution with the company"

With her eyes closed and preoccupied with her silent mantra, It took her longer than usual to feel someone's presence beside her until she heard him clearing his throat.

"Nadech!" she exclaimed with wonder as he sits beside her, shoving a blanket on her lap without a word.

He was back to Mr. cold guy again, she wonders if she just imagine him smiling and laughing with his family earlier.

"So... can't sleep?" she asked, trying to start a conversation.

He didn't answer and instead looked at her eyes intently for a moment, searching for something.

He must have found what he's looking for he finally glanced away.

"By any chance," he started, "do you want the Sperbund Corp.?" Nadech asked her seriously shocking the hell out of her.

Author's note: Tell me what you guys think, is nadech being sincere or not?

I had to confess I deleted some scenes as NY sweetness affected my mind that I go over the top with some unnecessary sweet things. I find myself typing something that should not happened yet and had to erase it for the story to flow naturally. Luckily, I caught myself before I go all the way.
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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 4 - Compromise

"By any chance, do you want the company?" Nadech asked her seriously.

Speechless for a moment she gaped at him unbelieving

"Dont overthink, I am offering you this in memory of Kim." he paused for a while looking at the stars before he continued.

"I heard you were an architect. I will appoint you as the head of architectural department and if you succeed on reaching the target goal of sales of the company in three months then-"

Nadech shrugged his shoulder and looked at her intently "- I'll consider giving it back to the real owner"

"Why are you doing this?" she asked knowing the mind of a businessman.

They wont do something where they wont gain anything.

"Let's just say you got me thinking with what you told me before" he said, "I have to admit it. You're right, it would be a waste"

"Why me?" she asked, still doubting his intentions, wrapping herself with a blanket that smells strangely familiar, like the jacket from the airport.

"Well you were the one who suggested it" he replied like he had no care in the world about what would happen with the company.

"What if-" she hesitated asking for a moment, "What if I failed?"

Silence meet her question. Looking over him and seeing him with his eyes closed, she wondered for a moment if he had fallen asleep.

"Then we won't have any choice but to close the company" he finally answered, still with his eyes closed.

"It would be your loss though, might be a bad spot on your credentials"

'It is better to take a chance on it than forever think of the what if's.'

She doesn't want any addition on her long list of regrets as she had already enough to last her a lifetime.

"Its a deal then?" Nadech raised his hand for a handshake.

She raises her hand but hesitate for a second, she didn't like the gleam in his eyes.

Nadech shook his head and stood up, grabbing her hand, "Deal"

As she always expected whenever he touched her, she felt the electric shock passed through their hands making her wonder if he had felt it too as he quickly pulled away, clearing his throat.

"Remember, a deal is a deal"

He mutters in a silent cold voice that screams of authority.

"You know I do not like people who break their promises."



17 year old Yaya sits on the edge of a queen sized bed, tapping the 'sleeping' man who won't even budge.

'He must be really mad' she thought as Nadech isn't really a heavy sleeper. In fact, he would wake up immediately even with just the slightest of movement or noise.

Almost a year of knowing him feels like she had been with him all her life. He had already crept in her life and has rooted himself deeply that she almost forgot what life is before him.

Even grandma Lao who came back every once in a while to look at her, loved him and trusted him.

She always said she feels at ease now that he was here to look for her.

And now he is mad at her, she feels afraid of the thought of losing him.

"N-a" she tried calling him for the nth time, and he instead took a pillow to cover his ears.

'It is your fault' she can only blame herself, recalling why Nadech is now angry at her.

She couldnt help but worry as this is the first time he didnt speak to her when he's mad.

They were supposed to go out yesterday as she already agreed when he invited her out for a dinner.

It was her birthday and she felt giddy as it will be her first time to go out with a friend in her special day although she did not know if he knew it as he did not greet her when they were together earlier in the morning.

She was already dressed and ready to go when a car parked in front of her house.

All her excitement died as it turned out to be her father's butler instead of her P'Nadech. She had no choice but to cancel her previous arrangement.

Dinner with her father had been okay. She was already used to his silence while they ate in an expensive restaurant. He would ask her once in a while about her school and if she needed anything.

Her night ended with him sending her off and giving her more credit cards so she can buy whatever she wants.

He hadn't bought her a gift because he reasoned that she might not liked it so he gave her money instead.

"B-bear" she sniffed, hugging him from the back and burying her head on his shoulder."Ya is s-sorry"

She didn't know how it started but their friendship had developed gradually into something where they already felt comfortable with each other that hugging and touching already felt natural.

The thought of her bestfriend angry at her left a bile on her throat.

"P-please dont be m-mad" she sobbed, "P-please dont l-leave me"

She tried to stop the tears but she cant.

The thought of losing him scared the hell out of her, making her hugged him tighter.

She felt him sighed deeply before he finally give in. He holds her hand with one hand and the other patted her head before he turned to look at her.

"I-I'm s-sorry" she said, sniffling as Nadech caressed her hair and removed her glasses to wipe her tears.

Shushing her, he said, "Stop crying, I wont leave unless you asked me to.I promise I'll stick like a glue you would even be sick of me"

What he said made her cry even more as she felt guilty. She didnt want to think but she's sure she would enjoy her birthday dinner more if she is with Nadech. The thought of it made her bury her head in his chest.

"I'm sorry" The situation turns opposite direction as Nadech now struggled to make her stop crying.

"I was just making fun of you. You know that whatever you do, I can't be mad at you."

When she didn't stop crying, he entangles himself away from her and bolted out of the room, only to return a few seconds later with a huge box that almost covered him, placing it beside her.

She looked at him questioningly as he pulls her up in a sitting position. He knows she cant see well without her glasses on.

"Happy- I mean Belated Happy birthday!" he said, looking at her excitedly "Go on"

'So he knew it was her birthday yesterday' All the more she felt guilty...

Not wanting to dampen his excitement, she opened the box to find the biggest bear she had laid her eyes on.

Nadech looked at her with worry when she remained speechless, looking at the bear.

"You don't like it?" he asked and took the initiative to cover the box when she didn't answer

"Well if you don't, I'll give you ano-"

Before he could finish his statement, she placed both of her hands on his face and kissed him on his cheeks.

"I love it!"

Moving of him, she pulled the bear out of the box and inspected it.

"L-look!" she exclaimed with glee pointing at the tag it had on, "I-it has t-the same n-name as you! B-barry!"

He only smiled scratching his head. "Well, I know you missed me even at night so you can have me now even while you're sleeping" he replied jokingly earning a smack from the pillow.

"Seriously, I know for a fact you can't sleep well when there's heavy rain and thunder so you can just hug Barry and think of your P'Bear."


'What is wrong with this company?' she asked herself, contemplating if this company could really saved hers.

Today was the day she would start on the firm and her excitement at finally doing real work on the field quickly goes down the drain as she was hold again, thankfully not at the front desk, but by the lady secretary on his office, who she thinks is on late 20's.

Nadech had texted her early on the morning to report at his office but by judging with her conversation with his secretary. He might have forgotten telling her about his meeting.

His secretary looked at her up and down as if examining her, before telling her to wait.

According to her, Nadech was on an important meeting.

The girl would be the death of her as she still wont allow her inside after she told her she is the new head architect and representative of Sperbund Corp.,

Even when she insisted she received a text by the CEO himself to come inside.

The secretary only raised her eyebrows at her, unbelieving, which prompted her to show the message Nadech had texted her.

"See?" she exclaimed, "Do I get an invitation now?"

"Umm still no." the girl said, looking at her weirdly, "that is not the CEO's number"

'What?!' she asked herself, staring at her phone. He can't be playing games with her now could he?

"You do know who I am right?" she asked to make sure that she was not being played on.

"You're the famous international model?"

The secretary glance at her from head to toe, "But you see, you cant use your modelling background to become the head architect" the girl said before turning away to tap on her computer, leaving her shocked by the girls demeanor.

Her education background as a top architecture student is not considered a secret yet it was not spread out. She did not used her work as an excuse to get her on top of her classes.

In fact, when she was still on school, she didnt introduce herself as the model and hides herself behind her large round glasses.

She as a private person always separate her personal life from the limelight and she valued her privacy. Only her close friends know who and what she really is behind the camera.

This is the part she hated the most in the industry, the stereotyping. Just because she had the beauty doesn't mean she don't have the brains as well.

She looked down at her outfit and find herself decent enough as she had taken time to make sure she look good and representable to give good impression on her first day.

cr. as tagged

Wearing her white coat on her black top and paired with her high waist white pants, she thought she looked quite smart.

'Seriously, there is something wrong with this company.' she thought, 'First I dressed in casual then I got ignored. Now that I dressed in an office attire, I still got ignored and worst, got judged.'

'What is the world turning into' she sighed, pitying herself.

Things right now are not looking great for her, still it is too early to feel hopeless.

'For goodness sake, she hadn't even started real work!'

'At least, his building looked great' she thought. Remembering the great exterior and interior of his tower.

According to her research, Kugimiya corp. had two large towers in Bangkok. One is headed by Nadech and the main is run by Boy.

Sighing she opened her phone and take a chance on texting his number.

~Good morning this is Yaya Urassaya, reresentative of the Sperbund Corp.. I am here at the waiting area and I brought the documents you told me to. Good day.~

Intentionally, she made her text looked formal as she did not know how to address him now that he is her boss.

Her eyes grew large, almost dropping her phone when it beeped, signalling a reply.


'Oh my God, am I getting trolled or something? His secretary must be right! It cant be him'

She can't believe it. She just cant.

'He couldn't text like this could he? '

When they were young, she used to be annoyed with his messages as he used to be so full of life and uses too many emojis that her eyes would hurt.

She didn't know if she'd be insulted or not. Maybe she's overreacting, after all, he is now her boss, but does that mean they're not friends anymore?

'What does he mean by K? Wait a sec- I am not even sure if this is his number-'

Little did she know how soon this will be answered.

The double doors near her suddenly opened up and she heard a gasp before the doors closed forcefully.

She didn't even have to look to guess who.

This past few days, she think she must be an expert in knowing his familiar scent as she caught a whiff of his favorite perfume everywhere.

He took one look at her before closing his hands on hers to pull her up then gathered her things on his other hand.

"Let's go" he said, guiding her towards the hallway.

"S-sir-" his secretary stuttered, looking at their hands.

Nadech only glanced at his secretary as they passed her by, her mouth closing and opening.


Nadech opened the doors of a spacious, elegant yet minimalist office that screams off power and manliness but to her surprise, they didn't stop there.

He pushed a button underneath his table and the shelf opened up to a room slightly similar with his pad, only smaller as it had a queen sized bed, large closet and a small living area all in one room.

"Hey I thought you had an important meeting?" she asked as Nadech pushed a button that closed the door.

"Your secretary told me-" she tugged at his hands, freeing heself from his tight grasp.

'What is with him and dragging me everywhere?' she thought as she massaged her hands.

"What are you wearing?" he asked effectively cutting her off.

"Umm-" she shrugged and glanced down at her outfit, "Clothes?"

Nadech gritted his teeth, closes his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself.

"What?" she asked, slightly defensive.

'There is nothing wrong with her outfit right?'

Consciously, she turn around and checked her image on the reflecting wall, finding Nadech staring at her as well.

"What?" she repeated, smoothing her hair with one hand.

"Don't test my patience-" he sighed tiredly, and in one motion, hugged her from the back with his eyes closed, freezing her on the spot.

cr. as tagged

She would have struggled to pull away but seeing his tired face stopped her.

She wondered what happened to him as he rarely look this weak. She had noticed the wrinkles before at their garden but not like this.

He must not be sleeping well again these past few days.

The last time she saw him like this was when she supported him when he was busy preparing for his finals on college as she heard that engineering department had the hardest exams.

She doesn't have the heart to push him away when he saw her like this. Soothing his hair, they stayed like that for a while before Nadech took one deep breath, slowly pulling away.

"I'm sorry, I'm just really sleepy" he reasoned, massaging his temples, "I headed straight from the site to be able to attend the meeting"

She snapped to attention at the mention of the word. Speaking of it, she hadn't seen anyone else exit from the meeting aside from Nadech.

"I thought you have an important meeting?"

"Hmm" he hummed nonchalantly, heading straight towards his walk in closet

"I might have"

"You mean it's not yet done?" she asked incredulously.

'He's gone crazy' she thought as he nodded.

"Dont worry, I'll just take a quick shower" he winked at her before opening the door beside him, "Come and join me"

She gasped at him, lost for words and shocked by his boldness.

'What happened to him?' He used to be such a sweet self appointed brother that the thought itself would make him shudder and shout incest.

Hell he even called her as his long lost sister.

Clearing his throat, he turned away blushing, "I mean on the meeting, join me on the meeting" he repeated, closing the door immediately after.

She was sure her heart beating fast does not come from nervousness at being included on an important meeting.


Nadech, Yaya & the bear 'Barry'


cr. ny club

Author's note: Brother and best friend eh?
Where will I find my own P'Bear? As always, tell me your opinion guys, I like knowing your thoughts. The whole story ws already laid out on my mind but who knows? Might change depends on the comments. Can anyone guess why Nadech is cold to her?

@Alichgo - Hey girl, nice seeing you here in my fanfic. Your comment had me reading that part again and well, i admit. It is kinda creepy but I think I had my point across? If you know what I mean :naughty2:

Now why would Nadech, wont make it easy for her eh? :angel10: According to him, she is her sister :risas3:

@Dee_loveny Thank you for your kind comment, Best fanfic? That's too much but thanks anyway :risas3:
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sarNie Oldmaid
I didn’t read 4 yet and depending on how fast you post 5, I may wait cause I hate waiting....;) so in 4 he tells her she’s like a sister? Yeah right... you stalker! LOL

He won’t make it easy cause he’a looking For payback - and I don’t mean $$$ either :risas3:.

Continues please :cheer:


sarNie Hatchling
I didn’t read 4 yet and depending on how fast you post 5, I may wait cause I hate waiting....;) so in 4 he tells her she’s like a sister? Yeah right... you stalker! LOL

He won’t make it easy cause he’a looking For payback - and I don’t mean $$$ either :risas3:.

Continues please :cheer:
Funny, I was thinking of dividing this chapter into 2 parts earlier as it is too long but decided to give in anyway and post it 1 part instead to give readers something more to fin hahaha :risas3: