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A/N: Warning, explicit scenes ahead, not suitable for minor and close minded people.

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Now don't be too excited, this is my first time writing this kind of scenes so.... let's just enjoy.

Chapter 10 - His

"Ms. Yaya!" JC ran to her excitedly, almost jumping up and down over as she couldn't contain her excitement. "I have great news!"

She and Yoghurt were busy looking at the proposed plan before JC interrupted them. Looking at each other in wonder, she turn to her friend.

"What is it?" smiling, she asked, feeling her contagious happiness.

"We did it!" JC shouted with glee, "We passed over the intended sales! Sperbund Corp. is back in business!"

Before she could stop herself, she and Yoghurt also screamed in glee as they hugged each other.

"Oh my God!" Yoghurt exclaimed, "I can't believe this!"

"We weren't even passed the three months!"

"Yes that's why the celebration will be here until we can go back to the mainland for our formal celebration!"

Yaya watched as the two girls squealed in delight at the thought of the celebration.
Of course, who would not? Partying in the beach and at an unexplored island would be the best combination ever.

She sighed however as she remembers him. It has been almost a week since they've last seen each other and that was last sunday when they met with her other friend James Ma at the hospital.

Her monday was hectic as she decided to be hands-on on her latest project with the Development of an Island Resort but that requires her to leave the mainland.

Nadech do not want to let her go but she insisted.

Besides, she wanted to keep their relationship to themselves first as everythings still new to her. As much as she hate to admit but she still had her pride. She wanted to prove herself by her ability, and not use her relationship with him to get her on top of the field.

Reluctantly, along with her team, she left the city with a heavy heart as she hadn't had the chance to say her proper goodbye with him before she left and to her dismay, there was barely any signal to the island that she can't even contact him.

She estimated the entire project would take a year or two before it would be finished as right now, she and her team were finishing the final draft of the proposed plan for the resort.

Thankfully, she just had to finish the plan and she can go back to the mainland and just visit once in a month as the project progress.

"What's even better is the CEO himself is here!" That snapped her to attention, he's here?!

Yoghurt looked at her before voicing out her question, "Mr. Kugimiya is here?"

She's sure Yoghurt knows whats goin on with her and Nadech as she had been with them at the bar before.

"Yes, unfortunately, he brought along someone with him."

Her brows furrowed at the thought of him having another woman.

"Im sure Mr. Kugimiya isn't like that" Yoghurt tried to pacify the situation, signalling JC to keep quiet.

"But Im sure Ive seen them sweet." Jc continued not taking the hint, "Dont worry, Mr. Kugimiya brought over his brother and cousin as well."

'To hell with them' she thought as her blood boiled at the thought as she unknowingly crampled one side of her note.

Wtf? They're not even a week yet as a couple and now he's gone and have himself another girl?

"Wait- You aren't going to the party?"

"I'll just rest for a while" she told the other two as she gathers the blue prints in one hand and walks back to the path to the old classic mansion like house they were staying at.

The client behind the project lents them his house so they can have somewhere they can stay at while they're working.

She used to admire everything about the island but right now she can't even appreciate the beauty of the virgin island as she walks hurriedly, fuming at each step. Even the architecture of the house felt nothing to her as she stormed towards the entrance.

She passed by her other employees who was busy with their work surveying the island and clearing the other areas without harming the nature.

"Good morning Ms. Yaya" her employee went over to her and brought her fresh juice straight from the coconut.

"Thank you" she accepted gratefully, wanting to cool down as the hot temperature along with the news about Nadech and his woman made her head ache.

Entering the mansion, she heard a commotion at the lobby and upon her inspection, she saw Nadech, her brother and Mario along with a woman who's arms is around Nadech's waist, hugging him.

Gritting her teeth she headed straight towards the grand staircase and towards her room.

'God she felt so stupid she wanted to cry' she thought, throwing her things down to the table and she didn't even bother to change her clothes as she climb to her bed and buried her face to her pillow, hoping that it was all just a bad dream.


It was already late in the afternoon when she woke up as Yoghurt knocked and asked her if she'd join in which she politely decline. Not wanting to see Nadech and feeling sorry for herself.

Instead of partying, she went out towards the other side of the beach, away from the partying sound as she drowns her misery away.

'What kind of misfortune did she have?' she thought as she walks along the shore.

'Maybe it's just her destiny to be alone'

"Did you enjoy staying on the island that you forgot someone's waiting for you?"

A voice at her back stated rather angrily at her. Turning, she saw Nadech walking towards her as she glared at him before she too walks hurriedly away.

'She hates him' she said in a mantra, ' Even when he looks good enough to eat she swores she didn't miss him'

"Hey!" Nadech grabbed her arm and made her look at him, "What's the problem?"

'Does he really have to ask?' she thought sarcastically.

When she didn't speak he continues
"What? You didn't miss me?"

She felt confuse at seeing the fear and doubt in his eyes.

She didn't know what game he's playing but she didn't want to be his pawn anymore.

"I hate yo-" before she could finish her sentence, Nadech pulled her to him and kissed her rather roughly.

cr. to the rightful owners

"You don't mean that" he said before leaning over to kiss her again and again until she almost ran out of breath.

Nadech lunged at her with a growl and using one arm around her back, he throws her to his shoulder and carried her like a sack of potatoes and into the mansion.

She didn't know if she'd be glad that everyone is at the party that no one sees them like this, on the other hand, she knew that no matter how hard she scream she can't ask for help.

He ignored her thumping on his back as he brought her towards one of the biggest room in the mansion and dropped her on his bed.

"What is wrong with you!" Yaya pushes him away, protecting herself from falling in his trap again.

Failing miserably as he caught her and throws her back to the bed easily. She continued struggling as Nadech stayed at her top and buried his face on her neck.

"Baby, Don't push me away please" To her surprise, Nadech softly murmurs to her tiredly, "I almost went crazy when you went on this island, I cant even sleep at night"

She went still after hearing this, he sure sounds tired and the bags under his eyes is the proof of it.

"I didn't know what I did wrong for you to act this way but for what it's worth, I'm sorry" he whispers to her ear as he pressed a kiss softly to her neck, under her pulse.

"Nadech you are missing the par-" a gorgeous woman she had found with him earlier suddenly opened the door startling her but Nadech did not bother to move and held her still in position.

'Oh God she didn't want to be his other woman' she struggled to get away as she remembers those action scenes from the movies where the wife slaps the mistress.

"Oh!" the girl gasped aloud, shocked
"What is it Taew?" he asked the girl

Confused at his rather lack of response, she look at him to find him staring at her face rather intently as he traces the side of her face.

"I have everything I need here"

The girl nodded and smiled at them, winking at him before closing the door with a click sound, making her eyes wide as she realized that the girl had locked them.

'What? Isn't she supposed to be slapping me by now?' she asked herself not realizing that she had said it outloud.

"Now why would my cousin do that?"

Nadech muttered to her incredulously.

His statement made her want to smack herself, no JC rather for fake news. Come on she should know better than to let her insecurity get the better of her.

"You should have seen her this morning, she's so excited to finally meet you as she do not want to believe me before when I told her I knew you and that we're - We're still together right?"

At the hopeful look of his eyes, like a little boy promising to be good to receive santa's gift at christmas, she now felt guilty at the hurtful words she had told him earlier, promising herself that next time, she'd ask first and listen to him before jumping to conclusions.

"I'm sorry" she suddenly lunges to him, catching him unaware as she straddled him and shower his face with kisses. "I'm sorry"

"What's wrong with my baby?" she looked at Nadech's face who's now looking very happy at her as he held on her waist.

"I thought she was your another woman" she murmurs, kissing him on his neck just like how he used to do.

Nadech gasped at her as she felt his arousal evident on her bottom.

"I dont need any other woman" Nadech whispers, his breath labored at her ministrations.

Her heart jumped at his statement, feeling bold, she grinded her center unto him, earning a loud moan from him.

"B-baby" he hugs her waist tightly as he pressed a kiss to her shoulder "S-stop that" he almost beg, holding unto the last of his control.

She didn't listen as she traces the tips of his ear with her tongue.

"You asked for this" he murmured with an edge to his voice

And as if something in him snapped, he lunges at her with a growl, kissing her passionately with his tongue exploring her, tasting her as they both moaned in pleasure.

She pulled off his shirt and traces his chest down to the line of his abs hearing him whimper almost in pain as he kissed her neck down to her collarbones

She felt him, trying to unzip her dress from the back and tore it apart instead when it wont open and did the same with her bra.

"Hey!" she shouted as it was one of her favorite limited edition VS lingerie she bought straight from US "You're gonna- Hmmm" she couldn't continue as she felt goosebumps all over at the feeling of Nadech's mouth enclosed on one of her peak as he played on the other one with his thumb.

Then he did the same with the other peak as he blows air onto her bare nipple before sucking it gently.

She moaned in earnest, holding onto his hair tightly with one hand and the other to the pillow at her back. God she didn't know that this could feel so good.

He continued on going downwards as he helped her took off the last of her clothing. She now lays under him naked as the day she was born.

"You are so beautiful"

Nadech stared at her intently in awe that she covered herself with her hands, suddenly feeling shy and earning a chuckle from him.

Pressing a kiss to her forehead, and to her lips he continued his journey downwards parting her legs apart as he kissed her inner thighs

"What are you-"

Before she could stop him, he had already lunged himself towards her sacred triangle and dipped his tongue to her slit, parting it and finding the little nub that sent thousands of volts of pleasure unto her as he sucked into her clit.

Thankfully, she knew that the mansion is sound proof as she swore everyone could hear her moan as he latched onto her.

"Nadech--hmmm" she felt her toe curl as she grabs on his hair tightly and grinded on his face as he lifted both of her legs on his shoulders and dived deeper, his tongue playing with her nub.

She could feel herself near on reaching something as he concentrated on her clit, sucking it and then circling it with his tongue, his hands reached up to play with her nipples as he rolled the tip on his thumb.

"I-I'm comin -hmmmm"

She couldn't possibly hold it in even if she wanted to.

With a loud moan, she had felt herself let go as she her body hummed with waves of pleasure.

Nadech went up to her and showered her face with kisses before kissing her briefly, she swore she tasted herself as she tried to catch her breath.

"We're not yet done" Nadech chuckled as he kissed the sensitive spot on her neck as she felt the heat started on spreading on her again, "Don't sleep on me"

Going down and playing with her nipple, she gasped and opened her eyes as he wraps her legs around him and rubbed his arousal to her entrance, teasing her as he pressed himself towards her nub of pleasure.

He must have taken off his clothes when she's getting her breathing back as she can see his proud member grinding at her openning, effectively arousing and making her wet again.

She can't back down now could she? She couldn't help her slight fear as she looked at his size. 'Oh God would it fit?'

As if sensing her hesitation, he kissed her briefly then whispers, "I'll be gentle"

A tear drop on her eyes as she felt the pain on his entrance. Letting out a whimper of pain, she had to stop herself from screaming and pushing him away as he entered her slowly, filling her.

"I-it hurts-" she cried as Nadech shush her with his lips. His left hand going over to play with her tip of her breasts as the other went down in between her legs and massaged her clit, trying his best to make her feel the pleasure.

His ministrations helped as she felt herself slowly relaxed and feel good again as he slowly moved in and pulls back out again until she realized she was responding as she grinded herself unto him

"Na-hmmm" Yaya moaned in earnest as pleasure finally went through her. "F-faster"

Nadech seemed to lost all of his control as he followed her, moving faster and deeper, burying himself to the hilt while kissing her face, her neck and back to her lips again as if he can't get enough of her.

"Come for me" he commanded her and as if it was the magic word, she felt herself came.

"You're mine now" he said with a growl as he followed and came inside her, filling her with his juices and collapsing on top of her as he struggle to get back his breathing. "Mine forever"

Pleasure must have gone through her well that she didn't even felt his weight on her as she hugs him back.

"Promise me you won't leave me again?" Nadech embraces her tight as he buried his face on his favorite spot at her neck.

She brushed his hair and closed her eyes as she promised.

Nadech kissed her forehead and her lips before he goes up and leaves the bed.

'What? she promised not to leave him yet he will be the one who does so?'

"Hey" she called at him, confused, "where are you going?"

He came back with a wet towel in his hand and gently parted her legs to clean her up.

A warm hand closed on her heart as she look at him, 'God how she love this man'

"Hands up" he said as he made her wore his shirt he had discarded a while ago.

Seemingly satisfied, he locked her in his embrace again as he laid her down nearly on top of him, holding her hand on his chest where his heart is.

She could feel his heart beating under as she whispered, "I love you"

She had come to realization that it didn't matter whether he love her too or not as long as her love for him is strong enough for she had tried on forgetting him for 7 years already but that still didn't work out.

She had already accepted her fate that in this lifetime, she' ll forever be in love with him and that is the last thing she knew of as sleep took over.

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Chapter 11 - Engagement

"Are you insane? You would let my daughter marry someone just because of business?" Mandy's scream can be heard over the stillness of the house.

18 year old Yaya didn't want to eardrop but she is too frozen on her spot as she heard her father's wife scream.

"Our company needs all the help we can get right now" her father calmly explained the situation but Mandy wouldn't listen.

"You and I both agreed before to never use this scheme or did you already forget?" her voice almost in hysterics and dripping with venom, "Lucky you because I can't. I'll forever remember it as I' ve seen the living and breathing evidence of how something like this can brought down a family!"

It was her of course, the evidence Mandy was talking about.

She had heard before from the maids that were gossiping about her mother's desperate attempt to get her father. Her mother and father had been arrange to be marriage but her father falls in love with Mandy and breaks the engagement, then her mother went crazy and hell bent on getting him even years after he and Mandy got married that she was then produced which almost cause her father and Mandy's divorce.

"Why not let your daughter marry instead?" Mandy suggested sarcastically, "It would be a good match since she and the boy Nadech go along extremely well"

Her heart felt numb as she felt coldness wrapped around it slowly. Kim and Nadech? Marriage?

"You know I can't do that" her father sighed tiredly, "Besides, it was the Kugimiya's himself who had offered help to the company a long time ago and this would be his condition, to let his son marry Kim"

Why not her? Oh right, Nadech like Kim and no one know about her existence as her father's daughter.

"I understand" Mandy finally sighed in defeat, feeling tired of the argument, "It depends on Kim, if she agree then I'll be okay too, but don't use any force on her"

She should be happy for Nadech because she knew just how much he likes and adored her sister but why does it hurts?

It hurt so much that she struggles to breath.

She didn't hide fast enough after she heard Mandy walking towards her direction as they came face to face

She was expecting Mandy to scowl at her or be angry like she always did, but upon seeing her face, she turn towards her with a gentle look for the first time and sighed again for what seem like the nth time, looking at her with pity.

'She couldn't know that she like Nadech right?'

"This would be a big mess" she said as if predicting the future


"Yaya! Congratulations! Are you really sure about this?" Kim went over to give her a big hug as she drops her to the airport.

She just finished her secondary level of high education and she wanted to start anew at a different country, away from her heart aches.

"S-sure" she forced a smile, hugging her sister again.

She would miss her but staying would cause her a lot more."I-I love you" she said before hugging her again as her sister replied the same.

Coward, that is who she defined herself right now.

She's afraid that she can't pick up herself and move on if she stayed and witnessed the love blossom in between the two of the most special people in her heart.

"T-take care of B-bear okay?" she asked Kim this favor as she knew that in time, she'll learn how to love him the way she does.

"You're not going away because of the agreement right?" Kim asked her over for the nth time, sighing as she felt guilty, "Because just say it and I'll refuse"

Kim had accepted the engagement at her encouragement because she knew that this would make her Bear happy. He had always talk about how her sister this past few days anyway that she knows her sister is in good hands.

The pain is too much that she had to go away or she wont recognize herself anymore.

She is afraid she would end up like her mother who suffered in unrequited love.

She didnt want to force herself to anyone anymore as she felt tired of rejections that came even from her very own family.

"I-I'm happy for the b-both of you" she lied. "I n-need to go now."

Gathering her things, she started to walk towards the departure area as she waved sadly towards her sister.

Her phone rang amidst her drama and she looked over to find that it was Nadech. Sighing, she looked at the watch and decided to answer his call for the last time.

"Ya where are you? I went over to your graduation but I cant find you. How will I give you your gift?" Nadech told her animatedly, making her smile sadly as she would miss him that she could almost hear him pouting at his last statement.

"S-save it when we s-see each other" Ya brushed off a tear that has fallen off.

"Ya! Where are you?" Nadech asked her, his tone beginning to be desperate.

"Y-you'll have the c-chance to your d-dream now. I'm h-happy for you. T-take care always. I" she hesitated for a moment before she continues, "I l-love you"

"Ya! What is happenin-"

She had to cut him off as her flight announced a last call for the passengers, sighing and wiping the tears, she boarded the plane with a heavy heart.

No matter what, she still stood her ground.

The past three years, he had always acted as her pillar and strength, he had been too good at her that she wanted to do the same for him. She's happy whenever or wherever he is happy.

In her heart she knew she should stop defending herself as this is purely a selfish move from her. She knew she couldn't bare seeing them happy without her that she had to save herself from misery.


"Hmm... S-stop it" Yaya murmured burying her face on her pillow as she felt someone kissed her bare shoulders.

Nadech just laughed at her as he continue kissing his way to her neck, sucking her sensitive spot, earning a moan from her.

Yaya groaned as this could only mean one thing, he wanted to have his way with her again. This is exactly how he wake her up twice this early morning to make love with her again and again until she felt sore and spent.

"I'm still tired" Sighing, she pushed his face away from her and covered her face with a blanket because honestly, she don't think she still have the energy to do an early morning exercise.

"I'm just waking you up to say goodbye"

Nadech chuckle as he pulls off her blanket prompting her to open her eyes half awake as she take a look at the clock on his bedside table.

Oh, she forgot he had said he's going back to the city the next morning.

"Do you have to?" she asked, pouting as she sits up to hug him.

"I don't want to leave too if you're being like this" Nadech kissed her again on the neck as if he cant get enough of her.

She guessed she had to make leeway for him as they fell into the bed again, spending the morning loving and memorizing each other's bodies.


"What's up with you?"

Margie asked her as she crumpled another design for the floating lodges she's planning on placing near the beach front.

"This looks quite good to me" her friend added, picking up the design she crumpled.

Margie had gone to the island on the same helicopter Nadech used on going back to the city.

Her friend teased her that it was Nadech himself who invited her so that he can have someone look for her. She didn't believe it even for s second since she knew her friend just love beaches.

Honestly, she think her friend needs to get a job so she can have something to be busy over instead of teasing her and Nadech.

Her MIA boyfriend at the moment. It has been almost three weeks since she last heard of him and that was what is causing her irritation.

She knew she is beng irrational, the signal is so bad here what does she expect? Send her letters? That is so Romeo and Juliet.

She can't expect him to go over here in the island every once in a while even if he said he will visit. He is the CEO after all.

Sighing, she just continued her drawings as she let Margie talk her ear off.

"Mam, you're mango sticky rice fresh from the city"

Her mouth immediately water at the sight of her current favorite food as one of her employee serve it in a platter in front of her. She didn't know what's gotten into her but she suddenly craved for it when she saw someone eating it before
She must have look like she really wanted it because her employee gave it to her.

The fact that it was from the city didn't stop her as she asked a favor to her employees who need to report to the city everyday to bring her some. With a sweet smile and thanks, she started to dig in.

"Ya! Aren't you tired of eating that food yet?" Margie looked at her weirdly and grimace as she took a large spoonful, moaning in delight. "Seriously, you've been at it for a week now."

"I don't know, seriously it just taste sooo good" she said emphasizing her point with a moan. "Plus, this coconut juice even made it even better"

She chuckled as Margie made a gagging sound. Her friend had tried eating it with her but after having it during dessert lunch and dinner straight for two days, she had given up and sworn off the food.

Margie "tsked" at her and read the newspaper that comes along with her food instead.

She paid no heed at her friend who gasped and drank her juice, earning a smack in the arm from her.

"Hey! That's mine."

"Look at this!" Margie showed her the frontpage of the newspaper effectively cutting her off. "You're step sister is back!"

"Oh my God!" she cried, feeling very happy at the news, she thought her sister was dead!

"I can't believe this!"

Her father and his wife must have been very happy right now!

She had heard from news before about how bad the accident her sister had was and it was a miracle she had even survived.

According to her research, during the day of Kim's wedding with Nadech, she left him and ran away, causing a big scandal but what's even worse is that they found her car days after floating on the sea as it falls of the ridge during her escape.

Margie gasped again and tried to take away the newspaper from her but it was too late.

Her happiness came crashing down as she turn the next page. In a large bold letters, it says: 'Another chance for happiness? The engagement of Sperbund-Kugimiya heirs back on track as the Sperbund Corp. got back to business! Wedding will be after the turn over of the company to the lost and found heir'

This can't be true! Engagement? Wedding?

NO! She thought, her hands shaking as she read over the presscon held by her father and how Nadech were often seen with Kim and her family. It was even supported with pictures.

'Nadech wont do that to her! She's sure of it. He's not that cruel!' she thought

'Why did he not tried harder in contacting her even once? Didn't he promised you he'll stay in contact?' another part of her brain contradicted her she felt so confuse

"Hey, maybe- it wasn't true" Margie hesitated, consoling her but how can it be not real when there is solid evidence right in front of her? "You're parents wont do that to you. Didn't you told me they know about your relationship with Nadech?"

Her parents? Oh right, she told Margie about what happened on the hospital when Nadech comes with her. What she hadn't told her friend is how unfeeling they can be to her.

She was sure they knew something is going on with her and Nadech and still pushes the engagement?

She wouldn't even protest about the turnover of the company since she knew even before, as a child that the company would always belong to Kim even after she fought tooth and nail for it to rise again. It would still be for Kim.

But Nadech! The one person she trust the most. Did he really just use her? A rebound? After all they all thought Kim was gone so he turn to her instead? Is that it?

She didn't realize her tears were flowing freely now until Margie took away the now wet newspaper from her hands and hugs her, rubbing her back as she cried.

He never even told me once 'I love you' not even an 'I like you

But didn't he promise he'll be back?

Where is he now then?

Wiping her tears she tried to stay calm as she knew she'd only get the answer by asking Nadech, himself. She knows her Nadech.

He'd never hurt her like this, he hadn't even broke his promise to her even once, he wont do that to her. She trust him with her life. She'll believe in him.


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@annmott - I found pic of him in 200+ Pages of LR thread and unfortunately no one mentioned his name. I looked up the casts and he’s not listed. Also I saw a pic of him and dawin’s mom ( actress) IG - Pop_areeya. I looked in her IG and she must have deleted the pic because I can’t find it. Sorry.


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@annmott - I found pic of him in 200+ Pages of LR thread and unfortunately no one mentioned his name. I looked up the casts and he’s not listed. Also I saw a pic of him and dawin’s mom ( actress) IG - Pop_areeya. I looked in her IG and she must have deleted the pic because I can’t find it. Sorry.
Thank you! I actually did the same, but no luck. I remember someone mentioning his name somewhere and a pic of nadech and him together but cant really find it now. Guess I should have save it then.

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Thank you! I actually did the same, but no luck. I remember someone mentioning his name somewhere and a pic of nadech and him together but cant really find it now. Guess I should have save it then.

P.S. You know what it means, why I was looking for him eh? :naughty2:
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I think I might but I am on chpt 7 - fangirling and practice alphabets are getting in the way :risas3:. Are you still looking for the picture or just his name?
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You should wait till I post chap 12 before you marathon it. But I have to find the kids name first. I wanted to know his name so I can look for his pics :risas3:
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I dont know his name.. but he's really looks like nadech..

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sarNie Hatchling
I dont know his name.. but he's really looks like nadech..

Can you post 2 chapter for now?? Haha im really curious about kim too?..
and after na and ya had a making love.. did her now have a baby from nadech or not?? And are the next chap about rscenesw still available to read or not??:pancarta::fighting3:
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sarNie Hatchling
Wait, calm down. If you're talking about the next chapter (chap 12 ) having an r-scene again? then I'm sorry. I'll say Prepare your tissues...

And, I'll have some announcement to make so stay tune
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Chapter 12 - Gone

"Nadech, please call me soon. You're getting me worried"

Nadech won't do that to her would he? He never says he love her but she can feel that she's important to him. Or was it all in her imagination?

"Na, you promised me. I trust you. Call me when you receive this"

Yaya tried to call his phone again for the nth time since she got back a week after the news break out but he never answered even once. Even at the office, he was always busy and do not have time for her. She do not want to think it but all signs were pointing to him avoiding her.

"Bear please, if you hear this call me"

She tried again and again, each call becoming more desperate. God she felt so pathetic.

"Baby please call me" she tried once more as she stares at her phone.

Wiping off her tears, she took off her cardigan and went to find out answers.

She didn't pay attention to his secretary when the girl tried to stop her from entering but there was no sign of him everywhere even at his private room.

When she was about to leave, something in his table caught her attention. It was a small elegant box.

Slowly, she lifts it, afraid on finding out what is inside even though at the back of her mind, she knew very well what it helds. Opening it, she gasped at finding one of the most beautiful ring she had lain her eyes on as the small diamond cut glistens at her.

She fought the urge to throw it on the wall as all her fears were slowly becoming true as she saw a printed picture of Kim on his table beside a camera.

Her hands shaking, she opened it to find pictures of Kim and it was dated even before they got together .

Tears pool on her eyes as she slowly brought the camera down.

What did she do to deserve this? She felt so pathetic right now she knew she was about to lose everything she hold dear if she did not fight.

Gathering her courage she went outside even though it was raining hard.


Yaya stared at the large portrait of a family in front of her, looking so proud and happy.

She can briefly remember how the three of them had photo sessions ever year.

Sadly, never had she been included but she chose to not dwell on it because she had her grandma Lao with her.

Once, when she was just 7 years old, after her father got her from the orphanage, she thought it would be nice if she'd belong to this family as they look so loving and nice but it seems like luck was never on her side when it comes on this family thing; first from her own mother then her father and his family?

She could still remember how her father's wife had screamed on hysterics upon seeing her and how he had pulled her rather roughly out the house hurriedly and drop her off without even a goodbye to a large house with his old maid he called as Auntie Lao.

From that moment on, she knew what it meant and she never dared step foot on his mansion again until her grandma Lao got unto accident.

All her life she never ask for anything and just accepted everything. Hiding her and never claiming her as a daughter, not keeping track on her speech therapy, not being there on occassions or even forgetting her birthdays. It was fine with her.

It was even okay when it was first announced before that Kim and her best friend would marry for the company even though it was very obvious even her fathers wife knew that she likes her Nadech.

Today however, she gathered all her courage to face off her father even if it was already late in the evening as she didn't knew what to do anymore.

Her hope is beginning to die down and she's afraid she can't take it. Still, she wanted to know the truth no matter how painful it is.

She felt so confused about everything that is happening right now. She had to find answers because right now, she can't contact Nadech anymore and seems to be avoiding her like plague.

Is it wrong if she felt a pang of hurt on her chest upon hearing her father's laughter and Kim's happy chatter?

She can hear Kim saying goodbye to her father as his booming laughter rang on the air before appearing on the threshold,
"So who's my urgent visitor at this hour?"

She saw his happy face turn into mixed emotion before settling into a frown upon seeing her.

"Dad" she called to him, like a child asking badly for her father to save her.

He cleared his throat and look the other way

"Why?" she asked, her voice wavering.

Her one word ask so many questions she knew her father would understand but he didn't utter even a single word.

She look at him for a long while, wiping her tears and swallowing her pride.

"Can you choose me even once?" her voice breaking as she bit down a sob, feeling so lost. "Please, just this once"

"Is this about the company?" Her father asked, glancing at her.

"You know it was never about the company" She sobbed, "I don't need the company. I never ask you anything but just this once please dont take him away from me. Please not Nadech"

"What is happening to you?" her father growled harshly, "All this for a man?"

"What in the world?" his father's wife came forward, witnessing the event unfold.

"But he was not just any man! He is my everything" she cried, begging as she fall on her knees. "Please spare him. You can take away anything but not him please."

"Don't be stupid. I never raised you to beg like this for a man!"

" I had been a good daughter, I never told anyone here about the truth of my parentage, I lied to everyone that my parents were living abroad whenever someone ask and I even sent myself presents during the occassions so that no one would get suspicious if you forgotten about it. I had been good right? I even lied that you were just being good to me when you let me live here before" she sobbed.

"Stand up now!" her father shouted at her as he tried to get her up, "Don't be pathetic!"

"Pathetic?" she laugh humorlessly, "I had been pathetic my whole life. I even remember mother used to call me that as a nickname before she'd hit me but you don't care to know about that right? You dont even know the reason why I stuttered is because my mom used to beat me to death whenever she thought I ask too many questions."

Mandy gasped as she heard the sound of something breaking, but she still continued, finally breaking down
"You didn't know how happy I was when I learned that I still have a family because I thought that it's okay even if my mother never loved me, there was still you, my father. But I was wrong, because you never looked at me the same way as you look at Kim and still I was okay with that. I understand because it was a choice between your family and who am I to beg for a difference?"

"I-I'm-" her father responded weakly, not knowing what to say in this situation.

"All my life I never ask for anything but a family who would accept me for who I am and I found that on Nadech. Please just this once can I be your daughter and choose my happiness instead?"

Her father did not speak and just look at her.

A lone tear fall from her eye as she asked the question she had always wanted to ask "Why do you hate me?"

"Ya!" She heard Kim's voice called her and she immediately got up to talk to her instead.

Kim is good to her, she would understand!

"Kim! Please dont-" she stopped mid sentence upon seeing her sister with her big belly.

'Oh no, this cant be real' she thought

"Y-You're pregnant?" she had to ask even if the evidence is glaring at her. "Is it his?"

Kim didn't answer but avoid looking at her eyes as she stare at the people inside the room for answers.

They did not need to answer for her to know the truth as their pitying stares is a dead give away.

Shocked at the knew information, she ran away from them and got back into her car.

'Please wake up now' she bumped her head on the steering wheel repeatedly but it only proved to her that shes on reality.

Time's up now. She lose.

If there's anything in the world that could make her back down is that she had weakness for children.

If he's the father of Kim's baby then she'd have no choice but to leave them now. She knew from experience how hard it is to live in a broken family that she wont wish it upon anyone.

She didn't know how she can get up from this but still. She stood on her ground that she'd never be like her mother, a patheric and desperate home wrecker.


"Nadech!" she called him loudly, running after him before he entered his car as several heads turned at her call.

She knew she looks pathetic as she heard whispers and murmurs around her but her care about her image had long gone now.

He stopped for a moment before he continued more hurriedly now and even with her adrenaline, she didn't caught up with him as she watched his car leaves.

Sighing, she entered her car instead as she felt a slight pain in her abdomen. Her doctor had told her to avoid stress but how can she avoid it if she was the one running after it?

She knew she promised to leave him alone and she did, she tried for several weeks but today was her last shot, she promise herself she'd stop now. She had given off her last card as she dropped a package and hope that when he see's it he will go back to her.

Her phone rang in the stillness of her car, tiredly, she picked it up. "Hello?"

Receiving no answer, she look at the caller ID and got surprised.

"Nadech! Finally! Did you receive the package? I wanted to tell you personally but-" She started feeling happy that he finally called after waiting for the nth time.

Before she could finish, he had cut her off.

"I'm sorry"

"What? Sorry-?" she didn't get to finish as the line went down.

'Sorry?' Sorry for what? Sorry for not choosing her? Sorry for playing with her? Or sorry for leaving her when they need him the most?

His last words rang on her head repeatedly as her insides turn cold upon her realization. It truly is over now.

She understands what he meant.

He must have seen the package and it's clear who he has chosen.

She must have cried it all out before because it seems like she didn't have any tear left as she almost laugh humorlessly at her misfortune.

For the second time, she had to escape again from the bitter truth and gather herself together. She need to be strong now not only for herself.



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After 5 years......

"Stay away from me!" Yaya hissed, shoving his hand away and walking away from him as far as possible. She thought she had move on but upon seeing him again, all her bottled up anger came to surface. "I don't know what lakorn you are playing but just stop okay?!"

"Ya" he called, following her like a lost puppy who had found its owner.

'Puppy?' she thought incredulously, he didn't even fit the look as right now, he is the vision of ruggedness.

Taking a deep breath, she had to keep her temper in check. She doesn't have time for this.

"He was the guy I was telling you about earlier!" Kirk, her gay friend and co worker giggled as he and Gubgib hi five.

"Erm-you guys know each other?"


They said in unison, her friends looked at them back and forth amusedly.

"You know" Gubgib moved towards Nadech to inspect his face, "you kind of look familiar. Have we met?"

"His face is just so common" Yaya quickly intervened before the situation goes out of hand, hurrying her friends away. "He looks like one of the laborer in one of our project"

"Which project?!" Kirk exclaimed, clapping his hands excitedly, "Oh my God, I'm gonna do a site inspection there everyday"

Rolling her eyes at her friend, she had continued walking along the path.

She had worked so hard to be able to move on and be where she is right now. No way is she gonna bring herself back to his mess.




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