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Author's note: Brother and best friend eh?
Where will I find my own P'Bear? As always, tell me your opinion guys, I like knowing your thoughts. The whole story ws already laid out on my mind but who knows? Might change depends on the comments. Can anyone guess why Nadech is cold to her?

In response to the 1st bold comment: This is Yaya's POV ( bro an best friend) but it seem like Nadech's feeling is more than just brother and best friend since they first met.

In response to 2nd bold comment: It partially had to do with Kim. Kim must have had feeling for Nadech, but Yaya had feelings too but might have been confused that what she felt was a sibling love instead of boyfriend/lover. Nadech must have confessed his feeling for her, but since she loves her sister and knows that her sister has feeling for Nadech, Yaya step aside and left to go study abroad.

My comments after reading chapters 3 and 4: So I thought he was going to propositioned that she married him to save the company, but I stand corrected - he asked her to run the company instead. Also, what's insteresting is there's a secret room inside his office - hmm interesting to see where the story is heading. Also, "in memory of Kim"... this is a strange reference as if she's gone?

P.S - please have more than 1 steamy scene. LOL.rsceneswwilling| and definitely....babysw


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Chapter 4 - Compromise

"By any chance, do you want the company?" Nadech asked her seriously.

Speechless for a moment she gaped at him unbelieving

"Dont overthink, I am offering you this in memory of Kim." he paused for a while looking at the stars before he continued.

"I heard you were an architect. I will appoint you as the head of architectural department and if you succeed on reaching the target goal of sales of the company in three months then-"

Nadech shrugged his shoulder and looked at her intently "- I'll consider giving it back to the real owner"

"Why are you doing this?" she asked knowing the mind of a businessman.

They wont do something where they wont gain anything.

"Let's just say you got me thinking with what you told me before" he said, "I have to admit it. You're right, it would be a waste"

"Why me?" she asked, still doubting his intentions, wrapping herself with a blanket that smells strangely familiar, like the jacket from the airport.

"Well you were the one who suggested it" he replied like he had no care in the world about what would happen with the company.

"What if-" she hesitated asking for a moment, "What if I failed?"

Silence meet her question. Looking over him and seeing him with his eyes closed, she wondered for a moment if he had fallen asleep.

"Then we won't have any choice but to close the company" he finally answered, still with his eyes closed.

"It would be your loss though, might be a bad spot on your credentials"

'It is better to take a chance on it than forever think of the what if's.'

She doesn't want any addition on her long list of regrets as she had already enough to last her a lifetime.

"Its a deal then?" Nadech raised his hand for a handshake.

She raises her hand but hesitate for a second, she didn't like the gleam in his eyes.

Nadech shook his head and stood up, grabbing her hand, "Deal"

As she always expected whenever he touched her, she felt the electric shock passed through their hands making her wonder if he had felt it too as he quickly pulled away, clearing his throat.

"Remember, a deal is a deal"

He mutters in a silent cold voice that screams of authority.

"You know I do not like people who break their promises."



17 year old Yaya sits on the edge of a queen sized bed, tapping the 'sleeping' man who won't even budge.

'He must be really mad' she thought as Nadech isn't really a heavy sleeper. In fact, he would wake up immediately even with just the slightest of movement or noise.

Almost a year of knowing him feels like she had been with him all her life. He had already crept in her life and has rooted himself deeply that she almost forgot what life is before him.

Even grandma Lao who came back every once in a while to look at her, loved him and trusted him.

She always said she feels at ease now that he was here to look for her.

And now he is mad at her, she feels afraid of the thought of losing him.

"N-a" she tried calling him for the nth time, and he instead took a pillow to cover his ears.

'It is your fault' she can only blame herself, recalling why Nadech is now angry at her.

She couldnt help but worry as this is the first time he didnt speak to her when he's mad.

They were supposed to go out yesterday as she already agreed when he invited her out for a dinner.

It was her birthday and she felt giddy as it will be her first time to go out with a friend in her special day although she did not know if he knew it as he did not greet her when they were together earlier in the morning.

She was already dressed and ready to go when a car parked in front of her house.

All her excitement died as it turned out to be her father's butler instead of her P'Nadech. She had no choice but to cancel her previous arrangement.

Dinner with her father had been okay. She was already used to his silence while they ate in an expensive restaurant. He would ask her once in a while about her school and if she needed anything.

Her night ended with him sending her off and giving her more credit cards so she can buy whatever she wants.

He hadn't bought her a gift because he reasoned that she might not liked it so he gave her money instead.

"B-bear" she sniffed, hugging him from the back and burying her head on his shoulder."Ya is s-sorry"

She didn't know how it started but their friendship had developed gradually into something where they already felt comfortable with each other that hugging and touching already felt natural.

The thought of her bestfriend angry at her left a bile on her throat.

"P-please dont be m-mad" she sobbed, "P-please dont l-leave me"

She tried to stop the tears but she cant.

The thought of losing him scared the hell out of her, making her hugged him tighter.

She felt him sighed deeply before he finally give in. He holds her hand with one hand and the other patted her head before he turned to look at her.

"I-I'm s-sorry" she said, sniffling as Nadech caressed her hair and removed her glasses to wipe her tears.

Shushing her, he said, "Stop crying, I wont leave unless you asked me to.I promise I'll stick like a glue you would even be sick of me"

What he said made her cry even more as she felt guilty. She didnt want to think but she's sure she would enjoy her birthday dinner more if she is with Nadech. The thought of it made her bury her head in his chest.

"I'm sorry" The situation turns opposite direction as Nadech now struggled to make her stop crying.

"I was just making fun of you. You know that whatever you do, I can't be mad at you."

When she didn't stop crying, he entangles himself away from her and bolted out of the room, only to return a few seconds later with a huge box that almost covered him, placing it beside her.

She looked at him questioningly as he pulls her up in a sitting position. He knows she cant see well without her glasses on.

"Happy- I mean Belated Happy birthday!" he said, looking at her excitedly "Go on"

'So he knew it was her birthday yesterday' All the more she felt guilty...

Not wanting to dampen his excitement, she opened the box to find the biggest bear she had laid her eyes on.

Nadech looked at her with worry when she remained speechless, looking at the bear.

"You don't like it?" he asked and took the initiative to cover the box when she didn't answer

"Well if you don't, I'll give you ano-"

Before he could finish his statement, she placed both of her hands on his face and kissed him on his cheeks.

"I love it!"

Moving of him, she pulled the bear out of the box and inspected it.

"L-look!" she exclaimed with glee pointing at the tag it had on, "I-it has t-the same n-name as you! B-barry!"

He only smiled scratching his head. "Well, I know you missed me even at night so you can have me now even while you're sleeping" he replied jokingly earning a smack from the pillow.

"Seriously, I know for a fact you can't sleep well when there's heavy rain and thunder so you can just hug Barry and think of your P'Bear."


'What is wrong with this company?' she asked herself, contemplating if this company could really saved hers.

Today was the day she would start on the firm and her excitement at finally doing real work on the field quickly goes down the drain as she was hold again, thankfully not at the front desk, but by the lady secretary on his office, who she thinks is on late 20's.

Nadech had texted her early on the morning to report at his office but by judging with her conversation with his secretary. He might have forgotten telling her about his meeting.

His secretary looked at her up and down as if examining her, before telling her to wait.

According to her, Nadech was on an important meeting.

The girl would be the death of her as she still wont allow her inside after she told her she is the new head architect and representative of Sperbund Corp.,

Even when she insisted she received a text by the CEO himself to come inside.

The secretary only raised her eyebrows at her, unbelieving, which prompted her to show the message Nadech had texted her.

"See?" she exclaimed, "Do I get an invitation now?"

"Umm still no." the girl said, looking at her weirdly, "that is not the CEO's number"

'What?!' she asked herself, staring at her phone. He can't be playing games with her now could he?

"You do know who I am right?" she asked to make sure that she was not being played on.

"You're the famous international model?"

The secretary glance at her from head to toe, "But you see, you cant use your modelling background to become the head architect" the girl said before turning away to tap on her computer, leaving her shocked by the girls demeanor.

Her education background as a top architecture student is not considered a secret yet it was not spread out. She did not used her work as an excuse to get her on top of her classes.

In fact, when she was still on school, she didnt introduce herself as the model and hides herself behind her large round glasses.

She as a private person always separate her personal life from the limelight and she valued her privacy. Only her close friends know who and what she really is behind the camera.

This is the part she hated the most in the industry, the stereotyping. Just because she had the beauty doesn't mean she don't have the brains as well.

She looked down at her outfit and find herself decent enough as she had taken time to make sure she look good and representable to give good impression on her first day.

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Wearing her white coat on her black top and paired with her high waist white pants, she thought she looked quite smart.

'Seriously, there is something wrong with this company.' she thought, 'First I dressed in casual then I got ignored. Now that I dressed in an office attire, I still got ignored and worst, got judged.'

'What is the world turning into' she sighed, pitying herself.

Things right now are not looking great for her, still it is too early to feel hopeless.

'For goodness sake, she hadn't even started real work!'

'At least, his building looked great' she thought. Remembering the great exterior and interior of his tower.

According to her research, Kugimiya corp. had two large towers in Bangkok. One is headed by Nadech and the main is run by Boy.

Sighing she opened her phone and take a chance on texting his number.

~Good morning this is Yaya Urassaya, reresentative of the Sperbund Corp.. I am here at the waiting area and I brought the documents you told me to. Good day.~

Intentionally, she made her text looked formal as she did not know how to address him now that he is her boss.

Her eyes grew large, almost dropping her phone when it beeped, signalling a reply.


'Oh my God, am I getting trolled or something? His secretary must be right! It cant be him'

She can't believe it. She just cant.

'He couldn't text like this could he? '

When they were young, she used to be annoyed with his messages as he used to be so full of life and uses too many emojis that her eyes would hurt.

She didn't know if she'd be insulted or not. Maybe she's overreacting, after all, he is now her boss, but does that mean they're not friends anymore?

'What does he mean by K? Wait a sec- I am not even sure if this is his number-'

Little did she know how soon this will be answered.

The double doors near her suddenly opened up and she heard a gasp before the doors closed forcefully.

She didn't even have to look to guess who.

This past few days, she think she must be an expert in knowing his familiar scent as she caught a whiff of his favorite perfume everywhere.

He took one look at her before closing his hands on hers to pull her up then gathered her things on his other hand.

"Let's go" he said, guiding her towards the hallway.

"S-sir-" his secretary stuttered, looking at their hands.

Nadech only glanced at his secretary as they passed her by, her mouth closing and opening.


Nadech opened the doors of a spacious, elegant yet minimalist office that screams off power and manliness but to her surprise, they didn't stop there.

He pushed a button underneath his table and the shelf opened up to a room slightly similar with his pad, only smaller as it had a queen sized bed, large closet and a small living area all in one room.

"Hey I thought you had an important meeting?" she asked as Nadech pushed a button that closed the door.

"Your secretary told me-" she tugged at his hands, freeing heself from his tight grasp.

'What is with him and dragging me everywhere?' she thought as she massaged her hands.

"What are you wearing?" he asked effectively cutting her off.

"Umm-" she shrugged and glanced down at her outfit, "Clothes?"

Nadech gritted his teeth, closes his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself.

"What?" she asked, slightly defensive.

'There is nothing wrong with her outfit right?'

Consciously, she turn around and checked her image on the reflecting wall, finding Nadech staring at her as well.

"What?" she repeated, smoothing her hair with one hand.

"Don't test my patience-" he sighed tiredly, and in one motion, hugged her from the back with his eyes closed, freezing her on the spot.

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She would have struggled to pull away but seeing his tired face stopped her.

She wondered what happened to him as he rarely look this weak. She had noticed the wrinkles before at their garden but not like this.

He must not be sleeping well again these past few days.

The last time she saw him like this was when she supported him when he was busy preparing for his finals on college as she heard that engineering department had the hardest exams.

She doesn't have the heart to push him away when he saw her like this. Soothing his hair, they stayed like that for a while before Nadech took one deep breath, slowly pulling away.

"I'm sorry, I'm just really sleepy" he reasoned, massaging his temples, "I headed straight from the site to be able to attend the meeting"

She snapped to attention at the mention of the word. Speaking of it, she hadn't seen anyone else exit from the meeting aside from Nadech.

"I thought you have an important meeting?"

"Hmm" he hummed nonchalantly, heading straight towards his walk in closet

"I might have"

"You mean it's not yet done?" she asked incredulously.

'He's gone crazy' she thought as he nodded.

"Dont worry, I'll just take a quick shower" he winked at her before opening the door beside him, "Come and join me"

She gasped at him, lost for words and shocked by his boldness.

'What happened to him?' He used to be such a sweet self appointed brother that the thought itself would make him shudder and shout incest.

Hell he even called her as his long lost sister.

Clearing his throat, he turned away blushing, "I mean on the meeting, join me on the meeting" he repeated, closing the door immediately after.

She was sure her heart beating fast does not come from nervousness at being included on an important meeting.


Nadech, Yaya & the bear 'Barry'

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Author's note: Brother and best friend eh?
Where will I find my own P'Bear? As always, tell me your opinion guys, I like knowing your thoughts. The whole story ws already laid out on my mind but who knows? Might change depends on the comments. Can anyone guess why Nadech is cold to her?

@Alichgo - Hey girl, nice seeing you here in my fanfic. Your comment had me reading that part again and well, i admit. It is kinda creepy but I think I had my point across? If you know what I mean :naughty2:

Now why would Nadech, wont make it easy for her eh? :angel10: According to him, she is her sister :risas3:

@Dee_loveny Thank you for your kind comment, Best fanfic? That's too much but thanks anyway :risas3:
Did you have other or old ny fanfic? If yes can you give me link so i can read it before read your update story.. Hehehe


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 5 - Moving In

"Let me introduce my new head architect"

Nadech's announcement was followed up by silence.

Nudging her, he pointedly looked at the people gaping at them.

"Good morning everyone, I am Yaya Urassaya representating Sperbund Corp.,"

Yaya looked skeptical around the secluded room as the people sitting in the U-table looked at her like they're waiting for someone to shout 'just kidding' except Nadech's father and brother who send her encouraging looks.

"I'm sorry but is she the person we're talking about earlier?"

An old man asked, examining her thoroughly.

"Isn't she the model?"

"He's really gone crazy"

"This is not the time for games"

Yaya clenched her fist as questions about her competency continues.

'It's official, this company is full of judgemental people' she thought, calming herself.

"Since when did you know me joke on business?" Nadech stated, effectively shushing the people.

At a young age, Nadech had started in low position on the company as a regular engineer until he slowly climbed on top through his hard work and perseverance.

He is considered as one of the most competent in his generation as he always take his work seriously. Failure is not on his vocabulary earning respect from the elders and a reputation that is unrivalled.

"Yes she is the model, and yes she is the one I told you all about earlier. I know her since she's a kid and I can assure everyone how hardworking she is. This lady graduated on top of her classes and passed as first at her board exam, having her intern at one of the best construction firms in the U.S. Give her her three months and then we'll talk again. Now do anyone still have question?"

At his statement, the people looked at her differently now as they somehow turned shocked or in awe at her achievements, although there were still a few who looked doubtful.

An old friendly looking man do not pay heed to Nadech's icy tone as he jokingly asked, "Are you sure you're appointing her not because you like her?"

"Now, we know my son is not like that eh?" Nadech's father clamped his hand on the other mans shoulder as they shared a laugh. "They used to claim each others as siblings before you know."

"That's good to hear!"

He said and a murmer of approval among the other man can be heard among the quiet room.

At the elders conversation, the atmosphere in the room seems to lighten up considerably.

The meeting then continues smoothly as they discussed the ongoing projects of the company.

"So I guess congratulations is in order?"
Boy asked after the meeting adjourned, coming up to hug her.

"Welcome to the family- I mean company, baby girl" she looked at him confused when he said family but Boy only smiled at her cheekily.

"She's not your baby" Nadech grumpily pulled her away from Boy's hug and hides her on his back after seeing almost all of the men and some women in the room heads in their direction.

At seeing her being pulled behind Nadech, most of the young man backed away, disappointed.

"You're really her? Yaya?"

A handsome and very enthusiastic businessman who's features can passed as their cousin looked at her from head to toe, as if she's not real. "Oh man, I can't believe it!"

He gushed and stares at her like a little boy, "The name is Mario! Can we take a picture?" he exclaimed excitedly getting his phone out and tried to squeeze past Nadech who won't budge.

Boy laughed on the background and put his arms around the man, "Cousin, don't get your hopes up." he then muttered something on him before the two of them laughed.

"No way!" she could hear bits from the the two guys muttering, making her shake her head at their silliness as they seemed to forget they were talking to her and Nadech.

Shrugging, she turned at Nadech who's looking at her too, he then cleared his throat and stepped a little bit away when people come to congratulate her and some even take a picture with her.

During the commotion, she thought Nadech already left until the old friendly man who teased Nadech earlier come up to her and opened his arms to hug her.

Before he could though, Nadech quickly stepped in and stopped him on time.

cr. to the rightful owners

To be honest, she didn't know how to react during this kind of situation as being a model doesn't come with a fan base.

She usually only comes across and gave free hugs to young ones who thought of her as role model.

The old man looked at Nadech amusedly and muttered something.

"Siblings eh? I'll be damned"


"This is the last box?"

One of the guys she met at the elevator asked her as they dropped down her luggages and boxes on her new living quarters which is the staff house located at the towers basement. It is quite convenient as it is near the car park.

"Yes. Thank you" she answered politely at the guys who smiled back enthusiastically.

They seemed harmless and had their company ID on when she met them so when they offered help, she gladly accepted.


'What now?' she thought as the guys bicker and pushed at each other.

At a particular hard push, sent the smallest one forward.

"C-can we take a picture?" the poor guy asked scratching his head.


'Well there's no harm in taking a selfie right?'

Upon her agreement, the three guys excitedly went around her and took several pictures.

They bid their good byes with the biggest smiles plastered on their faces.

Finally having time for herself, she began looking at the boxes and tried to sort it.

After the previous meeting, Nadech brought her immediately to the department and introduced her as the new head.

Her office is small though and all her staff occupied only one floor compared to the large building Sperbund Corp. used to have.

'Well at least they have a decent staff house' she thought looking around the place. When she first got out the lift, she discovered the basement looked somehow similar as the condo's that the company sells and has approximately 8 units for staffs.

According to Yoghurt, her partner in structural engineering department who reccomended this place to her, each room houses approximately 3-4 people.

She guessed she can deal with that since her roomie would just be Yoghurt, Petra and JC which is her staff and they seemed kind to her.

Thank God her roomates are normal, unlike those she met before in the company.

Since the fall of the Sperbund corp., only a few of the employees remain loyal and they were one of the few.

Right now though, she was alone as she was given the day weekend off and would officially start on monday. She chosed to take a bath first and wore confortable clothes to get started with her cleaning.

Her plan was interrupted though as just right after she took her bath, the sound of the doorbell disturbed the silence.

Making sure she's decent, she openned the door and saw a man smiling then immediately blush after looking at her.

"H-hii!" he stuttered then shoved a paper bag on her, "I thought you might be hungry so I brought you some foods"

'Okay?' she thought, "Thanks?"

"Can we-" The guy smiled shyly, "Can we take picture?"

Sighing, she agreed as she didn't want to be rude.

"You look so much better in person" he said before leaving.

She thought it would end there but the countless ringing of her doorbell proved otherwise.

It was already past 6 pm and she thought she already met everyone in the company.

The time she thought she'd used in sorting her things were now gone as she's tired and sleepy. She swore if anyone else come along to take a pic with her, she'd finally snap.

"What happened to you?" Yoghurt asked after finding her sprawled out on the sofa surrounded by her untouched boxes.

"Oh my God, my favorite doughnuts!" JC shouted with glee and was about to take one when Petra shouted, "Its not yours" slapping the others hands.

"It's okay" she groaned with her head still on the pillow, "It's not like I or even we could finish all that anyway"

Her roomates who has arrived a little bit earlier was shocked by the amount of foods and gifts that were scattered on the table, and even on the coffee table.

"So how was your day?" Yoghurt asked, helping herself with the cupcakes.

"I had the pleasure to meet and greet which I think is half of the company" she sighed exasperately.

"No kidding" Petra said, looking at the amount of food that could probably feed a feast.

"Well at least we had free foods?" Jc exclaimed happily sorting out the food.

The doorbell rang again for the nth time as the girls looked at each other.

"Looks like the fan meeting isn't over" in a sing-song voice, Yoghurt tapped her back.

"I can't " she retorted tiredly, "I'm sleeping"

The doorbell didn't stop though, instead it seems like to go on and on.

"I'll do it" Petra volunteered

She couldn't care less as she buried her face in the pillow, barely hearing loud gasps and Jc's stutter.


The pillow was suddenly forcefully taken away from her by someone.

She only groaned and covered her face with her hands.

"Go away"

She couldn't possibly prepare herself for what happen next as she suddenly find herself covered by a blanket from head to toe.

Screaming from surprise, she struggled to pull the blanket off her.

"What the hell!"

Stream of curses followed as her head finally surfaced from the mountain of blankets.

"What have you done now?" Nadech looked at her with eyes blazing in anger.

The three girls looked at each other, wondering if they should save their boss from the wrath of the CEO.

"What do you mean?" Yaya asked him, smoothing her hair.

'Why is he always angry at me anyway?'

"Dont you know your pictures are circulating around the internet right now?" he said, showing her his phone, his fingers gripping it tightly they almost turn white.

"And?" her brows furrowed.

As a model, she had been familiar with her pictures circulating around.

She couldn't be concerned much because she knew she didn't have any scandal.

"How can you be so unconcerned?" Nadech asked her.

"What is there to be concern about?" she retorted, snatching his phone to look at the pictures he's freaking about.

Nadech sat closely next to her as they browse together.

cr. to the rightful owners

"Ermmm- We're just going to put this away" Petra said pulling away the arm of the other two girls who looked like they wanted to stay and watch.

Nadech and Yaya however didn't notice the others exit as they were busy looking at her pictures.

"It's not like I committed a crime"

Yaya groaned as she let her head hit the back of the sofa, finding nothing wrong with her pics.

"How can you go around wearing something like-" Nadech followed suit as he too lean backwards, "something like that?"

"What is your problem with my clothes?" she asked defensively.

"Excuse me, If you can't see, I am at home so I can wear anything I want. You cant expect me to wear sweater or even long sleeves at my own place"

"Well, you can just chose not to open your door" Nadech still continued, pouting.

"I cant do that" she turned her head to look at him and speak softly, "that would just be too rude"

"You know, you're such a brother" Yaya smiled as she closed her eyes.

'How can she forget how overprotective Nadech can be?'

The sound of the click of camera made her open her eyes to find him looking at the other direction, busy with his phone.

She wondered briefly if she's hallucinating as she's sure of what she heard.

Before she could ask, his phone suddenly rang and he answered it right next to her.

~You're done? Yes, Just wait for it~

She wondered who he's talking to as he seemed so serious.

After his call, she watched him removed his jacket and to her surprise, peeled off the mountains of blanket he piled on top of her.

After he succeeded, he then pulled her up and wrapped his jacket around her, zipping it up till it reached her neck.

"What are you up to?" she asked

"That will do" he said as if not hearing her questions, examining her up and down and 'tsked' at her exposed legs.

"Come on"

With that, he dragged her away, ignoring her protests.


"This is the Kugimiya pad"

Nadech stated after opening the elegant double doors.

"It's not much but my mom insisted that you stay here"

Yaya beg to disagree.

'That must have been the understatement of the century'

Yaya stared at what looked like an expensive high end condo judging by the interior and the spacious area.

Noticing the amazed look in her eyes, he scratched the back of his head, "She might have gone overboard into decorating this place to your liking"

Nadech holds her hand and brought it up to the detector to add her fingerprint.

"Consider this your new home while you're working at the company."

"Wait" she said, tugging at his hands, he didn't pulled away though as he concentrated on her input in the detector.

"I can't, this is Kugimiya Pad. Where would you stay?"

"This pad is not mine alone. Any member of the family can used it and besides you saw my room in the office"

'Member of the family? Right, he thought of her as his honorary sister'

"What about the people? You know how bad people can gossip. What would they say?"

"Let my mother deal with them. Besides, everyone now knows how close you are to my family"

Their airport interview had reached the news and they're 'sibling' like relationship has been open to public. It might also be the reason why many man in the company took courage earlier to finally take picture with her as he was now considered not a threat.

"You dont have to worry because this place is very secure. No one would be able to come here unless you invited them in" Nadech added sensing her doubt.

According to him, this floor is only accessible by the private elevator.

"What about Yoghurt, JC and Petra? I already agreed to share the unit with them and - and what about my things?" she asked perplexed by the turn of events. She's just move in and now she's gonna go and move in again somewhere else? She never thought how this changing houses can be so exhausting.

"Don't worry, I will call them " Nadech showed her his phone dialling Yoghurt's number, "See"

~Good evening, this is Nadech Kugimiya. Please be informed that Yaya will not go back there anymore. I will send my people to get her things.~ Nadech immediately speak when the other line answered.

~Good evening sir, If you dont mind me asking, can I ask where she is. We can't help but worry for our friend~ Yoghurt answered.

Grabbing his phone she began to answer,
~ I'm sorry but I think I will be staying at Kugimiya's-~

Before she could finish, Nadech already interrupted,

~She's with me. She'll be safe.~ Nadech stated casually.

Yaya's eyes grew wide at the implication of Nadech's words as Yoghurt from the other line cleared her throat.

~Oh, okay. Take care of our architect then~

As Nadech opened his mouth to answer, Yaya immediately took actions as she covered his mouth. Afraid of what words would come out next.

cr. to the rightful owners

'Her reputation is at stake here.' she thought.

~I need to go! See you guys at the office~

As yaya cuts off the line, she swores she could hear someone squeal at the background.

"Hmph" Nadech struggled to remove her hands from his mouth and he resorted into holding it instead.

"What did you do?" Yaya glared at him.

"So do you agree now or do I have to call my mom to tell her you wasted her efforts?"


Author's notes: Mom? Oh well... It's okay, I used my mom sometimes as an excuse as well. As always, tell me guys what you think. My update sometimes depends on my mood meter :risas3:

@Alichgo - Hmm... Interesting plot you had with Kim there, we'll see :risas3:

Marriage as Proposition ? I'll tell you a secret / spoiler, that is actually the plot of my first NY fanfic (Say you love me) that is left unfinished. I wanted that fic to be perfect that I keep on rewriting my scenes and end up with nothing except the plot. I'll take up on that maybe after I finish this.

And the secret room?:naughty2: Steamy scenes?
S O O N :angel10:

@Dee_loveny - I have but it is not finished. And when I say unfinished, I mean it as only 1 chapter fanfic. Goodness, I had the perfect plot laid out but can't execute it well that's why it got delayed until I write this one first.

If you're still interested this is the link,

@Kiaraloveny - hope you enjoyed the story, Me is having withdrawal syndrome too
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Chapter 6 - Her promise


Yaya hid her smile as she pretend to not notice the young man running towards her direction. It was a fruitless attempt though as it is impossible to miss his call anyway, she could hear his voice even from a mile away.

"Ya!" he repeated gleefully upon reaching her and without warning, lifted her into what he like to call as big bear hug.

"Na!" Ya pushed him off her, shy of his boldness as she noticed few people looked at their way.

They were on the public park near their subdivision and as it was sunday, there were many people around the area.

"Guess what?" He asked happily, his excitement were overflowing. "My childhood friend had finally came home! Remember the one who I told you the reason why I came here?"

How could she forget, he told her countless of time his story when he was just a kid and met a girl younger than him. They were both lost and kidnapped but they managed to escape and somehow got rescued because of the girls braveness.

He always told her he is who he is right now because of that little girl.

His 'kidnapped tale' was told too many times than her finger could count, she swore she dreamed of it once.

Honestly, she find it so cliche, she could even guess what would happen next.. He promised to go back for her when they grow up and then confessed their love. Happily ever after.

'Lucky girl' she thought, looking at Nadech's bright smile.

She had always been curious of how that girl looked as Nadech seems to forgot telling her her name.

"I-Im happy for y-you" she said, taking out her white handkerchief and gently wipe his sweats on his forehead.

She's happy alright but in the deepest of her heart, she couldn't hide her worry as she knew things won't ever be the same again.

"What are you doing here anyway?"

Nadech asked her, slumping down on the wooden benches.

He was not the only one who's happy.
This morning she had received a good news as her step sister told her she's finally coming home.

"M-m-my friend w-would meet me here" she told him, excitement laced on her voice.

"Oh?" Nadech's brows furrowed "Friend who? It is a girl friend or a guy fr-"

His babble drown from someone's scream.


The next thing she knew, she was being hugged to death by Kim.

"I miss you baby girl!"

Nadech gaped at the scene in front of him, his mouth hanging wide open.

"M-miss you t-too" Yaya answered, smiling widely at the older girl.

Nadech finally seem to get over his shock and cleared his throat loudly, catching the two girls attention

"N-na, o-okay?" Yaya asked him.

Nadech only gestured okay and looked away from the two blushing madly.

'What's wrong with him?' she wonders as hes acting rather oddly.

"Who's he?" Kim asked her, looking at Nadech rather suspiciously.

"He's m-my friend N-nadech" Yaya told Kim as if it would explain everything. And it did.

"As in your Nadech? The P'Bear you told me about" Kim asked her again, then broke into a wide smile coming over to the poor boy and engulfing him to a big hug too.

"Thank you!" Kim hugged him enthusiastically, "Thank you for taking care of my little si- I mean my baby girl!"

Nadech could only blush as Kim let go of him and hook one arm around him.

"Come, I'll treat you guys to lunch"


The whole duration of their lunch, Kim just proceed to interview Nadech who she thought acted really strange as he just blushed and acted shy.

"You don't know how grateful I am when Ya told me she had you!" Kim babbled, eating her food with gusto. "My heart can finally be assured she's okay here"

Before Nadech came, Kim had been her protector from the bullies and when she was being sent abroad, the only thing that's holding her back is that no one would be there for her now.

"So..." Kim started, watching as Nadech refilled Yaya's soup bowl, glasses and then replaced the girls empty plate with the fruits he has peeled off earlier. "since when did you guys get together?"

The poor boy immediately turn beet red and she felt something caught on her throat at her sisters statement.

"W-we're not" Ya muttered shyly.

"Oh!" Kim asked, not feeling the awkward atmosphere at her statement. "Why not?"

The ringing of Kim's phone is a blessing in disguise effectively cutting off the tention as the girl looked at her before answering her phone.

"N-Na" Ya called Nadech, "D-dont mind h-her. She's just n-not used at s-seeing us"
It was, after all, their normal.

Nadech smiled at her and nodded, ruffling her bangs.

~You're here? Thank God finally! I'm with Ya~

Yaya turned to look at Kim as she heard her name, wondering who she's talking too.

"Dad!" Kim sqealed loudly and run towards their father and they watched as the man in his 40's hugged his daughter lovingly.

Yaya knows she shouldn't but she couldn't help the slight pang of jealousy.

She had always wondered how was the feeling of being hugged by her own father. In her 17 years of existence, not even once had he taken the initiative.

'There must have been something really wrong with her' she thought as she couldn't understand why and how her father is like that to her.

Slowly, she stood up as Kim dragged their father onto their table. Nadech had looked confused but still did the same.

"Dad! Ya and her friend Nadech" Kim gestured grandly at her as her father cleared his throat awkwardly, nodding at her and then look scrutinizingly at Nadech.

"Nadech Kugimiya sir" Na said offering his hand for a handshake like a true gentleman.

"Kugimiya?" her father asked, "By any chance, do you know Charlie Kugimiya?"

"He's my father sir"

Her father nodded, "Tell him I send my regards, we used to be friends in high school"

As Nadech nodded, her father turned to glance at her briefly and it seems for a second he'll say something but stop at the last second before looking at his watch.

"We need to go, you're mother is waiting."
Kim sighed as she stared at her father disapprovingly before turning to them and bid her goodbye.

"Ya, I need to go."

Kim sighed sadly at her. She knew Kim had made it her mission in life to brought her and her father closer which until now can still be considered as a failure.

"Take care of my baby Mr. Bear" Kim tapped Nadech's shoulder before hugging her and whispered to her ears, "Love you little sis"

Silence went after her father and Kim left.
When she thought her day couldn't get any worse, Nadech's statement proved otherwise.

"Remember my childhood friend? The one who got home? It is your friend Kim"

At that moment, Yaya's world turn upside down as she knew everything would change now.

Kim must be very lucky as she already had everything that Yaya could only dream of. She felt jealous alright but she knows she shouldn't.

Kim had always been good to her and had not turn her back even when the world seems to. She had vowed to keep her sister happy and nothing could ever break her promise.


Yaya groaned half awake as she felt a sudden familiar warmth envelope her.

Sleepily, she tried to open her eyes but gave up as her drowsiness won her over.

She just felt so tired mentally and physically.

Her first week at work had not gone smoothly as she find herself being bombarded by the old clients and the unfinished construction projects of the company.

Her heavy workload must have catch up with her as she's now finding herself delusional as she swore she can smell Na's familiar scent which is impossible.

Even in her half asleep state, she knew that Nadech had a conference abroad.

"Shush now" Nadech mutter to her ears, caressing her head as she felt him kissed her forehead gently.

'It must be a dream.' she thought

Burrowing closer to the warmth, she slowly drifted back to a deep slumber.


cr. queenyeon

"Have you lost your mind? I thought we've already talked about this before!"

Mandy, her fathers wife screamed that could have been heard even from where she is sitting at the porch near the front door.

"You're not contented with having a bastard, now you even brought her home with you! Do you hate me this much to insult me this way!"

"Mom! Stop it!" Kim's voice rang through the commotion.

Yaya buried her face on her knees as she heard the sound of a vase and other glasses breaking. They were at her father's house as emergency situation has come up.

Nadech and his family had invited her abroad to celebrate their christmas but she politely refused as she already promised to celebrate it with her grandma Lao.

"It won't be a permanent thing, I promise. I'll find a replacement for Auntie Lao soon. You know how our law works, a minor is not allowed to live alone."

Her grandma Lao had encountered an accident on her way to the city a week ago and were sent back to her hometown to get treated as there were serious damages, she was also advised not to work anymore and so she had no choice but to resign at her post.

No matter how much Yaya wanted, her father won't allow her to visit her grandma Lao.

"Mom, Ya is a good girl. Why can't you accept her?" Kim tried to reason to her mother.

"I can accept but dont expect me to act as her mother! Remember when you first told me of your bastard? I learned that I got cheated and you had a daughter with other woman when I was still busy mourning over my poor baby girl!"

Kim had told her before the reason why her mom can't accept her and had always been angry at her. It was not just because she was cheated. The worst crime is her being the same age as her youngest daughter who died. The knowledge of her existence came to her not even a year after the poor girls demise. Plus, her mother is the biggest rival of her fathers wife. They both hated each other to the core.

Mother? She felt strange just by thinking of it. The word alone is a foreign language to her.

She had not met her mother again after she was left at the orphanage when she turned 8.

After what seemed like forever, the large double door opened up to a tired and harassed looking man.

"You can come inside now" he said to her then motioned towards his men to bring her things and directing her inside, they turn into the large open garden until they've reached what seemed like a large separate house from the mansion with a classical style.

"I'm sorry but my wife would only allow you to stay here." he said opening the large elegant double doors "This used to be my mother's house"

He went inside to inspect the house and his men followed suite.

The house is actually a beauty, filled with ornaments only real old classics can produce.

"I'll send some of the maids here" her father said, coming over to stand next to her, inspecting her reaction, "If you need anything else you can tell me"

Would it be too much to ask for a warm embrace?

Shaking her head and keeping it bowed down, she heard her father sighed tiredly while looking at her "Well if you're sure I'll go now"

With that, he and his men went their way into the main mansion.

A silent tear went down as she finally looked up to find the back of the man whom she refer to as her father.


The endless ringing of Yaya's phone could be heard even through the heavy rain and thunder.

It was christmas, the day she used to think would be her happiest if she would celebrate it with her family.

She thought her life must be filled with irony.

When she was very young, before she was sent to orphanage, she remember how she would work hard and sell things on the streets to be able to buy foods to have something she and her mother could share for their small christmas as she remembered dreaming of those mouth watering foods.

After she was sent to the orphanage then come to live with grandma Lao, she always thought that christmas would be perfect if she had spent it with her family.

Earlier this day, she finally had her dream as she had spent her christmas morning with her father and his family. Only it did not turn out as what she imagined as she felt out of place and she could even feel the tension she had caused in the family.

All her frustrations about her insecurity, grandma Lao and family as she didn't want to be the caused of the chaos, build up to her that she fear she might have a break down.

She had to go away for a while and stay on where she considered as her safest place on earth.

Her phone rang again for the nth time and figuring how her sister must have been worried by now, she decides to finally answer.

"Hello?" Yaya answered curling herself into a fetus position in the bed, holding close her bear Barry and trying to block the sound of the rain from outside.

"Ya!" she heard Nadech's panic voice through the heavy sound of rain.

Expecting to hear Kim's voice, she was unprepared to hear Nadech's voice instead.

She thought he's out of the country?

"Where are you? I went straight to your house to surprise you but you and your things were gone! Then neighbors told me you already moved out?"

"I-I thought you're a-abroad?" she asked instead of answering making Nadech swore in frustration.

"I even called Kim and she told me you were missing and weren't answering her calls?"

The door of the room suddenly went open and Nadech came inside not noticing her presence as he slowly removed his wet clothes.

She was hiding at his bedroom, her safe haven when Nadech isn't around. He always told her that she can come to his house anytime she wanted and even gave her the keys.

"Damn it, why are you not answering?"

Imagine his surprise upon hearing his voice reverberated through the room.

He immediately click the switch to open the lights and upon seeing her at his bed, he jumped on her and engulf her into a big hug.

"C-cant breath" she gasped, stomping his back.

"I'm sorry" Nadech said, slowly pulling away, "I heard about what happen to grandma Lao. Why did you not tell me you moved to Kim's house?"

"D-dont want y-you to w-worry" she answered.

"Are they not treating you well?" Nadech asked worriedly "Why did you left?"

"They're w-wonderful." Yaya shook her head to prove her point "I just m-missed grandma"

'I just missed you'

"W-What are you d-doing here a-anyway?"

To her surprise, Nadech blushed and shyly scratched the back of his head, "Kim invited me for christmas dinner"

Yaya ignored another slight pang of jealousy in her young heart. She guessed she would need to get used to it now that she figured he must have really like her sister a lot.

"Im sorry for ruining your dinner"

"You should" Nadech answered pouting, "She told me it is supposed to be dinner with the family and that YOU-" he pointed at her "- are staying with her family so I agreed."

So that must be the reason why Kim is looking at her weirdly earlier, saying she had a surprise for her. Yaya didn't know how Kim knew she like him as she herself would never admit it.

"Promise me you won't do that again" he suddenly said, breaking her thoughts

"D-do w-what?"

"Promise me you won't ever leave me"
Nadech looked over her and studied her for a moment before raising his pinky finger up,

She almost laugh if not for the serious expression on his face, "Okay, I promise."

He could be a bit childish at times.

Hooking her pinky with hers, their promise were sealed.


Author's Note: Love to hear feedback.

P.S. Next chappy might get delayed, real life is catching up with me
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Thanks for the updates and take your time with real life, we'll be here.:)

Story is getting interesting and now - I have to go back to read why Nadech chosed to stay in BKK for his friend Kim. Nadech is kinda of a mystery - he still cares for Yaya, obviously if he's been stalking her, but at the same time trying to be platonic but showed signs of possessiveness -:risas3:
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Author's note: I couldn't resist the temptation, I was supposed to do research for my thesis but I just had to post this as I got too excited with all this NY dates. My poor heart can only take just as much.

P.S. Don't take this chapter too seriously, the mention of other actors here is just for fun and from my own imagination and it doesn't necessarily mean it happen in real life.

Chapter 7 - Reel or real?

"Hello Margie!" Yaya tried to keep her voice level in check as she talk to her friend who just got home. "Where are you?" she asked fanning herself with her folders as she stare at her team setting up their things outside the condo they're trying to promote.

She knows it might be too much but she badly needed her friends help as her models cancelled at the last minute it'll be hard for her to look for back ups. What's worst is that it wasn't just one but the entire model as according to her contact, their flights got delayed and wont be able to make it on time.

It wouldn't be much of a problem as they can reschedule, the only thing is that they can't delay it anymore.

'So much for booking the most sought after celebrities' she thought as she looked back on how she hesitated picking them because of their prices but because she was on her nothing to lose mode, she still chose them to be the presenter of her company.

This project is a big one and it may dictate her capability of being a head architect or not. This might also be the push that Sperbund Corp. need to take a step forward.

"My condo" Margie replied sleepily, "For goodness sake, It's sunday and why are you calling me at this ungodly hour?"

Checking her clock, she let out another curse again as she felt her sweat pouring down, "I need your help"

She even sacrificed her Sunday, 'what kind of misfortune is this?' she thought she needed to do more merit often to lessen unfortunate events that seem to follow her.

"You can't be serious" Margie groaned, "You know I just got back. I got jetlag and I feel so damn tired I can't even lift a finger."

Yaya took a deep breath as she utters her next word, she knew Margie cant refuse,

And just like the magic word, she got her friend to agree. It was their safe word after all.

In the entirety of their friendship, she never beg for anyone's help, not even when it was very obvious she needed one.

"Okay" Margie sighed in defeat, "Text me the details and I'll be there in a sec"

'One down', she thought, looking around the area as she watched her team set up their things 'Where will I find three more people at this hour?' she thought as she looked at her watch.

It was just a quarter past 5 am which is exact as what she needed before everything went down the hill.

The plan was to cover the shooting during the sunrise as the theme 'Family' requires. She had chosen to showcase her condo for a starting couple or for those who's already have kids.

She had decided to concentrate on the unfinished high rise condo tower of Sperbund Corp. as she find it would be a waste if not continued because it was already on it's finishing stage. The problem was on the lack of clients, potential buyers and of course, the financial resources.

Backed up with Kugimiya Corp. she changed some features of the building and added more amenities that she thought would attract people and changed its target clients from hi-so to average. She thought that sales would be higher if she directed it towards the middle or medium earners and just provide promo or loan to help them pay.
She knew that this won't caused her financial backlash as she figured that most of the lack of funds was due to the supposed expensive finishing of the condo as it was meant to be a high end one.

She thought she was already done with the hard part as chose which items to replace the one she thought was overly priced without having low quality yet another problem arise.

"Ya, What's going on?"

A fresh looking Boy asked her as he wiped his sweat, he was on his jogging outfit.

"I heard from a reliable source you were gonna shoot here so I thought I might stop by"

Yaya sighed as she went over her friend, deciding to vent off as she knew he's not gonna scold her.

"I'm doomed" she sighed as if it's the end of the world, " I lost my models and now I can't continue the shoot if I wouldn't find replacement fast. You know how important this is for the company. "

Boy briefly glanced towards where he came from before asking, "How many people do you need?"

"I need three more" she said, motioning with her fingers, "One girl and two guys. I managed to get my friend Margie to agree, luckily she just got home yesterday"

"Well" Boy stared at her for a moment thinking, "You can count me in?"

She looked at him as he says this.

'He can't be joking'

"For real?!"

"Yes, besides, it would be a good advertisement if the President of the company itself promotes it" Boy nodded smiling at her, then his eyes lit up as he suddenly think of something, "Why don't YOU be the other girl and I'll ask my -"

"I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE!" Mario suddenly shouted running towards them, with a disgruntled Nadech in tow. Both were in their jogging outfits.

"You're gonna be my partner right?"

Mario smiled at her and winked at Boy as the two exchanged hi-five.

"I don't know" Yaya hesitated glancing at Nadech who's not even glance at her since he arrived.

'What did I do again?' she asked herself, this past few days, she couldn't read her friend anymore as there were times when he is too good at her, bringing her dinner in her office when she stayed up late but there were also times when Nadech would often ignore her presence. Like today.

"You dont have choice" Mario said effectively breaking her stare at Nadech.

"Come on, we need to change outfits"

She turn around at the boys when she heard the sound of 'aw' and laughter from Boy, wondering what had gotten into them.


The shooting with Boy and Margie had gone smoothly as it turn out that the two knew each other. According to Margie, they were best buddies before in high school and she remembered how Nadech said to her that his brother studied abroad.

She can't believe how small their world is.

Shaking her head, she couldn't stop her chuckle upon seeing her friend Margie having her pillowfight at the bed with her supposed kids and husband. Boy seems to have a hidden grudge at her friend as he wrestled her, almost burying her
underneath the blankets.

Margie shot her a warning look upon hearing her laughter, mouthing at her, 'You owe me one'

JC called her attention minutes later signalling her to be ready after Margie and Boy finished their first set.

"Should I do it like this?" Mario asked he was tying her apron. "Or like this?"

Mario confesed to her that this would be his first shooting ever so she quite understand his nervousness.

"Can you guys do it more natural?" the director asked Mario as he awkwardly holds the knife in his hands unaware that it is now pointing at her, "Come on you're not trying to kill her."

She swore she heard a clearing of throat and some snickers at the side at this as Mario put the knife away, embarassed.

Their scene were supposed to be a sweet couple enjoying cooking at the kitchen.

Deciding to get this over with, she took the lead as she step a little bit closer to him, hovering at his shoulder as she pretend to look at whay he's supposed to be cooking and then stare at the poor guy sweetly, making him blush.

"Okay! You're doing good, " she heard the camera man shouted as continues click from the camera can be heard from the background..

"Okay, now Mr. Mario can you put your arms around her?"

The sound of someone clearing his throat again can be heard at the background, turning to the direction, she saw Nadech being asked by her staff if he's okay and was given a water bottle.

'He must not be feeling well' she thought as she has heard him all through out this morning as if something stucks on his throat.

"Is this okay?" Mario asked her as he wraps his arms around her in a back hug.

Before she could answer, the director suddenly called break and as she turn to ask why, she saw Nadech coming towards them with Margie and Boy in tow. Before anyone could stop him, he had pulled Mario away rather roughly.

"There's an emergency" he said to Mario, showing him something in his phone, Nadech quickly hides his phone away when she too tried to peak "You need to go home now quickly"

"But-" Mario tried to protest, pouting cutely.

"He can't" she too interrupted them, "I need him"

"See!" Mario's face lit up like a child given his favorite sweet, "She says she needs me!"

He gloated in Nadech's direction who don't have any expression on his handsome face.

Nadech with his blank face usually got her more scared because she can't read him when he's like this.

Well, It's not like she can still do that.

Eversince she got back, she thought he had been different, something had change in him and he wasn't the same Nadech she knew of. Heck, she havent even call him Bear or Barry since her return.

"Erm- I think he really need to go now" Margie cuts in worriedly that made her immediately turn to her friend's direction.

'What? After all the hardwork in getting her model?'

Her friend just shook her head and ignore her glare.

"Come on kiddo-" Boy quickly interrupted them, ruffling Mario's hair and dragging him away "You need to go before an even bigger emergency happen"

"Wait!" Mario desperately got out from his cousin's manhandling and had gotten to her before anyone could stop him, he had gotten out his phone, "Let me just take a selfie"

Sighing she give in Mario's request and posed before he got dragged away by his cousin again.

"Now I need to find another model" she sighed, annoyed at the turn of events,

"Where can I find someone ASAP?"

Turning to Margie, she asked her friend if she knew someone suitable for the role as it can't just be anyone. They need someone influencial and of course famous to attract attention.

"What about your old friend Alex?"

Margie suggested, shrugging at her.

"I already contacted him and he says he can't" Yaya muttered, busy with her phone as she scrolled down her contacts, "Conflicting with his lakorn schedule."

"Hmmm... how about the cutie James Ji? Didn't you do photoshoot with him before?" Margie asked laughing as she remember something, "For sure he will agree, that poor guy used to follow you like a puppy"

"James Ji?" Boy whistled walking towards them after sending Mario off, "Man he's a big celebrity around here, plus he's handsome like me. He's a big catch" he added, nodding his approval

"Not available" Yaya answered sighing, "And did you forget Margie? He avoid me now like I had the plague"

"Oh right" Margie said unthinking, "Wonder what happen to the poor guy?"

"Must have been scared by the big bad wolf" Boy replied nonchalantly

His statement was then followed by 'omph' and Yaya turned to find Boy holding his stomach and Margie snickering at the background.

"What?" Yaya asked, confused

"Did I say something?" Boy said innocently, "I said he might have been scared his BIG reputation might go BAD. You know how the industry works here"

She looked at her friend doubtly, she was sure she heard him say 'Big bad wolf' but it doesn't make sense so she just let it go.

"Wait I know!" Margie shouted with glee, "What about Nickhun? You know that baby faced guy we met during the fashion show in New York? He says he is from Thailand right?"

"The 'baby faced guy' told me he's not available right now because he's at South Korea" Yaya raised her two fingers quoting at the word baby face.

"Nickhun oppa? " Boy reacted, imitating the girls who's been infected with the kpop fever "Another catch! I am so proud, my shy little girl has grown up now and have many friends"

She make face at Boy as he teased her. It was true though that she doesn't have many friends before, if not none at all and just Kim until Nadech comes along.

Nadech sighed loudly as if he's got the whole world aroumd his shoulders and spoke at her for the first time since he got there, "I'll do it"

Yaya turned to look at him, surprised just as Margie and Boy snickers at the background.

"Another volunteer eh?" Boy said as he and Margie hi five, their snickers turned into laughter as Nadech glared at the two and turn to her instead.

"I'll be your partner."

It's not like she hadn't think of it before, it's just that according to her research, Nadech has been one of the most private person in the business and he doesn't like his pictures being taken without permission. He even avoided interviews and only participated when he's with the family.

As far as she knows, he always like to be the man behind the camera instead of being the model.

"A-are you sure?"

For a moment, she thought she was back with her 16 years old self as she stutters at him.

"Do you have a problem with that? " Nadech asked her, his gaze so intense that she had to look away, "I am your last option anyway"

With that, he 'tsked' and walked out to the changing area.


"Na" Yaya stepped closer to Nadech and wiped off his sweaty forehead as he was busy mixing something on his bowl.

cr. to NYInterFC

"You're sweating"

"Good!" The director clapped his hands "Are you two dating or something? That's just too natural"

"He's like my brother"

Before Nadech could react, Yaya already turn around and continued chopping off with her knife rather messily.

She wanted to smack herself, 'She had gotten over him hadn't she? 7 years abroad and it took less than a month of seeing him again to bring back her old feelings.

Damn it, she is hopeless she can feel herself blushing at her actions.

For a moment, she had forgotten they were in a shooting as seeing Nadech just like this brought her back to the good old days when they used to cook together.

She heard a gasp from somewhere before she find herself trapped in his arms, her back pressed to his chest as he gently took her hand that is chopping messily and help her.

"Be careful" he whispered after he 'tsked' and guided her suddenly shivering hands, "You might cut yourself"

Is he serious? Because honestly, she felt more prone to danger when he's close to her like this as she felt her heart beating fast and she can't think a thing to save herself.

"That's it!" the director shouted with glee at his models.

Nadech and Yaya look at each other at this, as she motioned at him to let go. She only felt him shrug and smile at her cheekily instead.

"What?" he asked at her look of confusion, "You are not my sister"

And the inevitable happen as she indeed cut herself.


Nadech quickly took her bleeding finger to his mouth and suck it off as the director now clapped his hands, thinking they were still acting.

"Oh my God! You two are the bomb!" he stated with obvous delight. "I can't believe this. You two had more chemistry than those couple in the tv shows"

She barely notice the director's praise as Nadech took all her attention. She felt goosebumps in her arms at the feeling of her finger in his mouth as he gently suck it.

Is it wrong if she find it kinda sexy? Shs think she really had to go to temple for thinking such unholy thoughts.

"Does it hurt?" Nadech asked her worriedly while checking if her finger is still bleeding.

She need to do something fast before she do something she'll regret forever.

Taking a handfull of flour, she throws it to his face and laugh at his shocked expression.

She heard him growl as his expression turn from shock into naughty one as he too took the whole bowl he was mixing earlier

"Uh-oh" she thought as she quickly escaped from him and went into the other end of the counter top, laughing all the way

"You've started it" he said before running after her.

With that, the two had lost themselves in their play, forgetting they were supposed to be in a photoshoot as peals of laughter can be heard with both of them ending up sticky with flour and the perfectly clean kitchen a mess.


"Are you sure, you two are just really friends?" Yoghurt asked her, browsing through the pictures of her photoshoot with Nadech yesterday. Thankfully, it had gone out smoothly and won't need a re-shoot.

"As platonic as a boy and girl can be, Just look at how Nadech look at her" Margie replied in a sarcastic tone earning her a smack in the arm from her pillow."What? I just voiced out what I see. This is a free country"

During lunchtime, Yaya had introduced Margie to her new friends and co workers as she brought them foods and go over their earlier project in the lounge.

However, Yaya had no appetite so she just brought her sketchpad to had at least some of her work done instead. Sitting comfortably on the sofa, she began to draw her ideas.

"You've got some real chemistry going on here" Petra said as she and JC hovered on Yoghurts shoulder, "I bet you can give famous koo jin a run from their money if ever you two decided to act in a lakorn"

"Have you ever considered going over beyond the line?" JC nodded enthusiastically "By any chance, you two aren't hiding a secret affair and would only announce it when you're engaged like the famous couple from South Korea?"

"Hey" Yaya defended herself, busying herself with sketching the interior of her other on going project, "Don't say that. He's like my older brother"

Unbeknown to her, the four other girls looked up at her protest, each had an 'Are you serious' and 'WTF?' expression all over their face'

"Excuse me but that is just so wrong in so many levels" Margie interrupted her with a shudder, "If my brother ever look at me that way, I would run the opposite direction as fast as I can and avoid him for a year or two until he had his sh*t together."

"If that were MY brother, I would bring him to the nearest church, sprinkle him with holy water to exorcise him and force him to stay in the monastery for a year or two." Yoghurt added animatedly, earning the others approval as they chuckled at the girls reaction.

"Let me tell you something, after the incident 5 years ago, boss had never been link from any woman aside those baseless rumours eversince he entered the industry that he is considered as the most elusive bachelor because he's motto is business business business, in fact, you were the first woman he allow to take a photoshoot with!"

'He must not have move on from her then' Yaya thought sadly at her friends statement.

"Girl, if anyone can make him move on it would be you!" JC replied at Yaya as she realized she must have said her thought out loud. "It's obvious that he likes you!"

But that's a territorry she didn't dare step in.

Annoyed at her friends teasing, she bowed down her head and just continued her sketch instead.

It wasn't until someone put a plate with her favorite pasta in front of her did she noticed the room had gone considerably quiet.

Looking up, she saw Nadech crouch down as he sets up the her favorite foods in the cofee table in front of her, making her mouth water.

"You work too hard, I heard you're not eating well"

Ignoring her friends around her as they had 'I told you so' look all over their face, she turn to him instead.

"Oh my God! Where did you get this?"

Back then, they used to eat at this really old restaurant that for her sells the most delicious pasta she had ever tasted.

She felt Nadech sat at the arm of the sofa she's sitting as he stares at her.

"Hmm" she groaned, savoring the taste, "I miss this! This just taste exactly like from our old place! "

Nadech just smiled at her and wiped the sauce on the side of her lips with his thumb, earning a squeal from the other girls in the room as he brought his thumb to his mouth.

"Err- do we have to leave you two alone?" Margie teased them, sending her suggestive looks.

Blushing, she shook her head and glared at her friend as she offered the food who only shook their head in unison as they've just eaten from the food that Margie brought earlier.

"Just forget we are here too or something" Yoghurt added as they pretended to be busy.

"What are you working on?" Nadech shrugged at them and turn to her, browsing her sketchpad.

She proceeded to tell him the details of her ideas on the interior of her other on-going construction.

"This would be the shared area and I'm planning on putting a pool here or a gym for additional amenities, you know to attract people."

She droned on and on as he listen and put his input and opinion, voicing out if he didn't like the idea.

This is one more thing she like about him. She always enjoyed her talks with him as she find him with the same wavelength. He is someone who get her and will not judge her.

He don't just agree on everything she said and rather had his own opinion but in the end, they would still come up with something where they can both agree.

"You work too hard"

Lunchtime were nearing its end and her officemates already got back to their post, leaving her and Nadech alone in the lounge. Before she could follow them, Nadech stopped her, holding her arm.
She felt something cold touch her skin and as she looked down, she saw him put on her wrist a louis vuitton collector watch.

"I never get to give you this" he said, holding her hand to inspect it. "This is supposed to be your high school graduation gift. Use it now so you won't forget to take your meals on time okay" he said with a final tap on the watch, flashing her his dimpled smile and swiftly leaves her with mixed emotion.

Damn it, she really don't get him now. Yaya thumped her fastly beating heart as if scolding it. 'He doesn't like you like that remember?'

Just as always, she had to make sure she's in the reality. 'He's your brother' she repeated in a silent mantra as if she'll believe it if she says it again and again.

Well, she might not believe it but it would certainly kill the hope that is starting to grow in her heart.

Her friendship with Nadech is what she considered as the best thing that happened in her life. She's promised to herself she'd never gonna do anything to risk it and that includes in hiding her one sided love for him.

Besides, after everything she's been through, she doesn't think she can handle it if the one person she cares the most rejects her too.


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Chapter 8 - Brother?

Yaya check her reflection at her mirror for the nth while waiting for 6 o'clock.

After fitting almost half of her dress in her closet, she finally settled in her simple black dress, going for the simple yet sexy look.

unnamed (2).jpg

She's hope she's not too excited for this. It's not even a date or something to get worked up with.

After all, It was just a dinner with a friend. Except that it wasn't just any other friend, but her Nadech, that one friend she hope that is more than that.

'It's almost time' she thought looking at the watch given to her by him, 'Why isn't he here yet?'

After the launching and ground breaking ceremony of her new condo building that they did commercial for, units were sold left and right in just days and they even got other clients asking what other projects they had.

That might have something to do with the 'Elusive' Kugimiya who rarely shows his face to the public.

Worried, she began to pace at her unit as it reached 5 minutes past 6 pm. Nadech Kugimiya never got late, she's sure of that as he often told her that he don't like people who dont value their time.

She got out her phone and decider to call him instead of worrying herself to death but to her dismay her calls were left unanswered.

15 miss calls and she still got nothing. Getting her purse, she got out of her unit and walk her way into his office, sighing at the thought of dealing again with his secretary who seems to make it her mission in life to annoy her to death.

"Good evening how may I help you?"

Just as she thought, the secretary gave her a once over as she said this.

She suspected a long while ago that the secretary like Nadech and might have been jealous at her closeness with the boss that's why she's treating her like a piece of sh*t.

"Is Nadech-" the secretary raised her eyebrow at her informal use of his name, Yaya just rolled her eyes and decide to humor the poor girl, "MR. Kugimiya here?"

"Mr. Nadech Kugimiya left the office hurriedly after getting an important call earlier" she said emphasizing the word mr. "And it was from a woman, so girl a piece of advise, Dont get your hopes up too much for Mr. CEO" she said after 'tsking' and looking at her up and down with disapproval.

Oh how she would like to fire the woman.

She already knew that of course!
No need to slap her with the truth.

Although she couldn't stop her heart from feeling a little bit of hurt at the thought of him leaving her for other woman.

In her knowledge, Nadech had never left her for other woman except for Kim. Only for Kim.

'I just got stood up' she thought as she imagine him enjoying his dinner with his woman. He must at least have the decency to cancel the dinner instead of leaving her hanging.

This was not how she hope her night would be as she thought of how she had to cancel her plans to go out with her friends to celebrate their success.

The dinner was supposed to be a celebration dinner as her first project becomes successful, giving her the push she needed to prove herself and somehow earn some investment that she badly needed for the success of her company as a whole.

Taking out her phone, she called up her trusted friends and ask for some rescuing, 'A girl just had to have some partying to feed up her pained ego'


'How dare he!' she thought with renewed vengeance as she gulped down another shot of tequila, feeling the burn in her throat.

"Hey girl, what's gotten into you?" Margie asked, looking at her like she had two heads. "I thought you said you dont wanna get drunk?"

"Liar" she mumbled as she pay no heed to her friends lecture and down another shot.

"She's been drinking like mad after she went out of the rest room" Yoghurt added her observation as the two stare at her in awe of her tolerance in alchohol. It was only the three of them left in the table as the others partied on the dance floor.

That would be because of what she saw outside of the restroom. After getting ditched by her dinner date, she saw her supposed 'date' in the arms of someone, lock in an embrace, just outside the restroom.

'I told you not to get your hopes up' she scold herself mumbling the word, "Stupid" again and again.

"You know you should go out and party and who knows find yourself a boyfriend or something instead of drowning yourself with this" Margie scolded her friend

"That is so easy for you to say but you know after the photoshoot, everybody thought Nadech and I were dating and I meant it when I said no one tried on hitting on me."

Margie and Yoghurt look at each other as she say her bitter piece, "I mean, Nadech and I - It's just impossible. It's never gonna happen! Come on, he's like my older brother"

At this, Margie took out her phone and texted someone while Yoghurt looks at her rather amusedly.

"Hi ladies, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. You're Yaya right? Yaya Urassaya?"

A good looking guy who, judging by look had foreign blood walked up to them.

"I'm Daniel by the way, owner of the club" the guy smoothly took her hand and kissed the back of it, earning a gasp from Yoghurt as she barely hear Margie speaking only understanding "Emergency" "drunk" and "Now" to someone in her phone.

"Drinks on me" the guy added as an afterthought and wink at the other two before sitting next to her in her booth and offering her a drink.

Shrugging, she thought there'd be no harm since she's with her friends and was about to take the it when someone took it from her.

"Hey!" Daniel and her both protested, it was none other than her Barry.


"It's your brother!"

They both said in unison making Nadech's brows furrowed she was afraid it would be permanent.

"Brother?" he asked Daniel, glancing at her for a moment before tapping the poor boy to scoot away from her and when neither moved, he scoops her up and sit her on his lap instead, placing his arms protectively around her waist and stomach.

Yaya on the other hand felt the world slightly spinning as the amount of tequila she downed finally took effect.

"P' Bear" she mumured as she put her arms around him in an embrace and buried her face on his neck.

"I am not her brother" Nadech replied to Daniel in all seriousness if not for the dimpled smile thats slowly giving away his feelings as he wrap her arms around her.

"Go now before I call your father and tell him of your secret"

'Secret?' she wondered but do not have energy to ask as she now play with Nadech's hair.

She heard Daniel stuttered his goodbye before he went away hurriedly.

"I'm mad at you" she whispered to him, as she tugged at his neck tie. Looks like he got here straight from the office, that thought made her more frustrated as she remembered Nadech again with the model. With that she proceed to pinch his cheeks earning a loud 'aw' from him.

For a large man, he had such a cute reaction. She giggled at his expression and proceed to envelope him in a tight hug again.

"So, how was your dinner with the model?" she inquired like she did not care but she's really curious. "Did you enjoy it?"

"What ?" Nadech asked her confused, "I'm sorry, I had to cancel our date the last minute cause something came up. I went to your place after but you already left"

'He went to my place?' she thought to herself, earning him brownie points and somehow lifting her sour mood.

"No, I meant you're date with Natalie" she said pertaining the model she saw him with earlier, hoping he'd slip.

"I thought you meant yourself when you said model. The only model or person I asked for a date with is you. " Nadech replied to her sincerely, "I don't know anyone name Natalie"

Yaya turn to look at him in the eyes as he said this words, the only thing that she's still sure of is that his eyes are expressive and can never lie to her.

He might have his expression closed off but she can always tell when he's lying or not.

"My Bear" she sighed as she saw him telling the truth, "I'm still mad at you"

"Me too" Nadech muttered to her, "I was supposed to be mad at you but how do you manage to do it?"

"Do what?" she slurred her words.

"When you're being like this it just make me forget everything" he answered her, pulling away the strands of hair that covered her face as he caressed her cheeks down to her jaw as Yaya burrowed him.

"Umm guys- in case you didn't notice, we're still here" Yoghurt said, tapping her fingers in the table.

"As much as we love to see you two PDA you might want to continue that at home before you two give the people here a public show." Margie nodded her agreement, concerned at her friend.

With that, he carried her in his arms effortlessly as they made their way to the exit.


"How many drinks did you have?" he asked as he carefully laid her down to her bed

Yaya watch him remove his coat and neck tie making her think of inappropriate thoughts.

"djxjdkklsid" she murmured as she turn to her side and hug her pillow.

"I-I'll just remove your shoes" he said, placing his hand on her legs sending her tingly feelings straight to her core.

She felt him sit on her bed as he tried to removed her Gucci over the knee boots.

Tried is the keyword as it prove to be more difficult with his hand shaking.

Taking pity on him, she sat up and decided to help him or they'll both end up somewhere else.

She felt hot as his hands moved slowly up from her ankle to her knees and up to her thighs.

Gulping as she froze on the spot, surpressing a moan from his caress as she stared at his serious expression.

Surely she wasn't the only one affected in this situation? She must be drunk than she think she is.

"Do you often got drunk like this?" he asked, his voice slightly wavering.

"Hmmm" she could only groan her reply as she tried on containing herself from jumping him.

What is wrong with her?

"Next time, dont just accept drinks from anyone" Nadech said seriously as they successfully peeled her out of her shoes.

Nadech must have been drunk too, she thought as they sat close together, his left hand still caress her now bare legs and his right hand move to touch her face "Or better yet, don't drink when you're not with me"

"You're such a brother" she finally let out in a whisper as his closeness made her nervous.

"How many times do I have to tell you?"

Nadech's brows furrowed at her before leaning in closer at each of his words, "I-am-not-your-brother"

And with his last word he proceed to kiss the living daylights out of her.

Shock, she had frozen still for a moment before responding with equal ferocity.


She couldn't stop her moan now even if she tried, 'God this must be how the forbidden fruit taste like' she thought as she kissed him back.

Nadech pulls her closer by the waist until she now sits on top of him, straddling him. His right hand entagled with her hair as his left pressed her closer to his chest, she could feel his heart beating fast.

She felt hot as he nibbled down her lower lip, coaching her to open up her mouth and like the good student that she is, she followed his lead and felt his tongue seek entrance as they tasted each other.

It was her first kiss but why does it felt like they'd been doing this since forever?

She felt the cold air brush her skin for a second before his warmth envelope her as his hands wraps around her small waist and his kiss went down to her neck.

Catching her breath, she realized that he must have been an expert with this thing as she hadn't realize he had already unzipped her dress as it fall down, crumpled at her lap.

Feeling the alchohol in her system gave her strength, Yaya slowly removed the buttons off his long sleeves and he moved to help her leaving him with an undershirt.

Still feeling him overdress, she slowly pulled the shirt off him as he obliged and throw it away.

Slowly, she traced the down his abs and with a growl, he lunged back at her as she landed on her back with him on top of her, kissing her thoroughly as his hands reach the underside of her breast.

"B-bear" she heard herself call him in a voice she hadn't heard before.

That seemed to woke him up as he stares at her intently slowly come down from high and kissed her forehead before hugging her tight to his chest, leaving her very confuse.

He took the longsleeves he took off earlier and helps her into it as he buttons it up to her neck.

"I can't do this to you" he said, hugging her from the back tight as he laid her down and spoon her, his breathing labored as his hands caressed her hair and back, still holding her close.

"Not when you're drunk"

Yaya still felt confused and she still can feel the desire pool in her stomach.

"Shhhh sleep now" she heard him mutter.

With a gasp, she turned to him.

"It's not a dream right?" she murmured,
"You went here and sleep beside me before right?"

Silence followed her question she thought he had not heard her

"Because I missed you" he whispered softly, caressing her hair "sleep now my baby"

And that is the last thing she heard before adrenaline finally leaves her as sleep took over.

Author's note: Question is, would she remember the night or not?

What do you guys think?

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sarNie Hatchling
A/N: I still havent gone through my thesis but come on NY are together again so let me share something for us to finn at

Warning this chapter is not proofread so expect mispelled words

Chapter 9 - Boyfriend

"Good Morning"

Yaya borrowed closer to the warmth, hugging her pillow closer to her and feeling the soothing caress on her hair.

She sighed contentedly as she mutters,

It had been so long since she had a good night sleep like this.

She moved her hands up and down her pillow, wondering why it is vibrating and earned a gasp from someone as her 'pillow' caught her hand.

Half awake, she opened her eyes to find what's going on and what she found almost gave her a heart attack, effectively waking her up as she scrambled to get off him.

"Nadech!" She screamed surprised at seeing him in her bed, topless and chuckling at her as he held her left wrist on one hand while his other hand is at the back of his head.

For a moment, just for a second, an irrational thought of jumping him came to her mind.

'Oh God, help me. How can he look good at this hour in the morning?'

A thought of his lips on hers as they kiss passionately briefly crossed her mind.

'Why does it felt so real?' she had to ask herself as she swore she can still feel the taste of his lips.

Her erotic thoughts and their close proximity made her remember the previous night with a gasp.

Like a film, a flashback went through her head as she briefly remembered how he showed up in the bar with a woman and then claims that hes not her brother. She felt herself burning with embarassment at how she had draped herself over him at the bar. And their kiss! How can she forget their kiss?

It felt too good and wonderful that she almost gave herself to him that night.

Oh god, she wanted to smack herself internally. He must have thought she is an easy girl, the fact that it was him who stopped their kiss before it led to somewhere else made her feel like a wanton woman.

"Good morning" he repeated, sliding his left hand from her wrist to her hand and holding it to his lips, pressing a kiss at the back of her hand. "my architect"

She can not look at him in the eyes, feeling herself burning with embarassment.

She was caught off guard as Nadech pulled her closer, landing on his chest.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly change as Nadech's smile turned into a smoldering gaze, making her nervous as hell.

Her hand on his chest felt his heart beating fast. She didn't have to feel hers to know that hers is beating the same.

He didn't hesitate as he lean down and captured her lips in a light kiss, as if she is a delicate thing.

'What if she had morning breath?'

Struggling, she tried to move away as horrod thoughts went over her but he didn't let her off as he rolls over and change their position with him on top.

The intense look in his eyes made her swallow as he moves closer and brushes stray hair away from her face before leaning down again to capture her lips in a searing kiss, much different from his earlier gentle kiss.

She gasped at the intensity of his action as his hands roam over her body. He didn't waste a second as he took advantage of her open mouth and deepen the kiss, if that's even possible, as his tongue explore her mouth.

With a moan, she decided to let go of her inhibitions. After all, she wanted this. She had wanted him for so long. Entangling her left hand on his soft hair, her right hand caress his back, feeling his muscles strain at her touch.

She didn't know if she's just new to this making out thing or he is just an really an expert as she almost felt suffocated with his kiss as he wouldn't let her go. It almost feels like he wanted to swallow her whole.

Thankfully, he moved over to shower her face with kisses before nibbling her earlobes, giving her new sensations straight to her core as she wraps her legs around his waist.

She couldn't help her soft moan when she felt him move lower to her neck and suck her soft spot.

Nadech answered her moan with a growl as her movement made her grind to his arousal, making her aware of his current situation as they look at each other for a second as if he's asking her permission to continue.

She couldn't stop now even if she wanted to.

Pulling him over, she kissed him thoroughly, feeling him smile at their kiss briefly before deepening it again.

She bit back a loud moan as his hands went under her long sleeves to cup her breast, his thumb stroking over her peak, sending heat in between her legs.

"N-na" she whispers his name, her breathing labored as she felt thousand of electricity at his touch.

Without realizing it, she grinded into him as he moaned in earnest almost as if in pain.

Before things could progressed, her phone suddenly rang over, effectively bringing them back to earth.

"Ignore it" Nadech glared at her phone on the side table before he continues on kissing her neck.

For a second, she had allowed herself to ignore the call and enjoy his kisses but the nonstop ringing had destroyed the atmosphere as she finally gives up and pushes Nadech off her. Turning her back on him, she answers her phone.

However, he didn't let her off as he continue on kissing her shoulder now.

~Hello?~ she said rather roughly

~Good morning to you too my sweet girl~

Her eyes went wide and lit with suprise glee after realizing it was her friend James Ma. Only he called her sweet making her annoyed as hell because she is actually anything but the opposite when she first went to states. Even to Margie, she took a while before warming up to them.

~James Ma!~ she shouted with glee.
She felt Nadech at her back stiffen and buried his face on her neck as he hugs her.

~About what we talked earlier, I'm here at Bangkok. We could go together now or whenever you're ready~

She knew she could count on him. After she learned about her fathers condition, she had called to him to ask for his opinion since he is a doctor and a good one. He didn't fail her as he told her before that he'd bring his friend over who's specialist for heart conditions and now he's here as he promise.

~Now? Oh my god! Thank you! I'll see you later! Mwah~ She couldn't contain her excitement as she told her friend where and when to meet.

"Who's that?" Nadech asked her rather sulkily after the call went off.

"It's my friend from US" she answered happily before escaping from Nadech's embrace as she hurried towards the bathroom."He says his back to Bangkok. I need to go"

Taking over a lightning speed bath, she got ready in less than 30 minutes and shock to find Nadech on his white shirt and rough jeans sitting comfortably on her couch. She thought he had already left earlier.

"Let's go" He smiled upon seeing her, and briefly glancing down at her clothes, he stood up, took his bag and hold her hand.

"So where are we going?" he asked her casually.

She look at him amusedly as he led the way towards his BMW car and open the passenger seat for her.

Seriously? She had to stop herself from asking if she invited him. Especially when he brought out coffee and sandwich from his bag and handed it to her.

"I'll just visit fathe- I mean Kim's father." she looked away as she realized she almost got caught as it had been too long since she had to pretend and lie.

He must be sensing the awkwardness as Nadech cleared his throat and open the radio.

"So where did buy this?" she asked, opting for a change in topic as he unwrap her clubhouse sandwich and took a healthy bite. " This is so good"

At a traffic intersection, Nadech smiled as he turn to her, then surprised her by pulling his seat belt off to lean over her side and lick the side of her lips before dropping a smack kiss.

At the horn of the cars on the back, he went back to his seat and licks his lips as he playfulky wink at her .

"Hmm..." He moaned, wearing his seat belt and continue driving off, "I didn't know my sandwich can taste this good"

Yaya felt frozen on her seat but she cant deny herself from smiling widely. She didn't know how he find the time to make her coffee and sandwich but it just made her remember of how he took care of her in the past.


"Ya!" she heard someone call her from the lobby of the hospital before she was engulf in a hug. "I miss you"

"James! I miss you too!" she replied as she hugs him back as she hears Nadech clearing his throat.

As she pull back from the hug, Nadech pulls her to his side and holds her waist, earning a surprised look from her friend.

"So you finally had yourself a boyfriend?" James teased her with a chuckle.

Back in the US, she didn't pay attention to any boys at school or even her good looking co models that tried to court her because she always says that studies is her priority. The truth is that she still haven't move on from her first love.

"Erm- James this is Nadech" she introduces them as she saw both guys look at each other, as if in a staring contest.

"Nadech this is James"

"Isn't he the close friend you told me that is like a brother to you?" James asked her, his eyebrows went up as he connected the dots.

"Yes" she started but quickly took a different direction as she felt Nadech tense on her left and with a gulp, she remembers what happen before when she last insisted that Nadech is her brother. "B-but that was before. He's now my-"

Yaya stopped midsentence as she didn't know what to say. Would she be desperate to call him hers when he didn't say so?

What if their relationship is just a casual thing for him? Oh god he didn't kiss all his friends right?

"Boyfriend" Nadech spoke behind her cutting off her dangerous train of thoughts, "I'm her boyfriend"

Boyfriend? did he just say boyfriend?

She couldn't help but feel very shy, she could feel her cheeks burning. She had to stop herself from having the urge to squeal loudly like a high school girl.

She shyly stared at Nadech at his statement as he raises an eyebrow at her as if daring her to say otherwise.

Thankfully, she was saved from the arrival of someone as James introduce her to them. It was the specialist doctor he had promised her.

"This is Diana" he said, "The friend Im telling you about"

After their greetings, she asked her friends for sometime first to talk to her father because she still hadn't asked for permission from her dad. Nadech insisted on going with her but she stood her ground.

She was still afraid he'll know about her secret.


Upon entering the room, she saw her father and his wife, Mandy looked up at her direction. She felt relieved that he looked slightly better now as he sits on the bed and watch tv while his wife peels apples for him.

"Urassaya" her father called her, surprised at her entrance. "What brought you here?"

Yaya brought down the side table the fruit basket she and Nadech picked up earlier.

"I heard about your work on the company" her father started, hesitating before finally taking hold of her hand. "Thank you"

This day couldn't get any better now, she thought as tears brimm on her eyes. This is the first time he had noticed her efforts and she felt happy that he could finally see her now.

"It' s nothing" she said wiping the tear that fell down her cheeks as Mandy, cleared her throat making her remember of her agenda.

"I brought over my friend from the US and asked them to take a look at your condition, they were the best in their fields so they might help"

Her father nodded at her, smiling as Mandy just shrug at her.

"Mr. Kugimiya!" her father blurted with surprise upon seeing him as she called her friends in.

"Mr. Sperbund" Nadech nodded at her father as he took his place by her side and wrap an arm around her waist protectively, making her blush as she struggled to put his hands away from her but he wouldn't budge.

Her father only looked at them, confused for a moment before looking at them in wonder.

After her father's check up, she got the surprise of her life as her step mom stop her before she leaves saying, "For what it's worth, thank you for being a good daughter to your father"


"Mr. Sperbund is doing good" Dr. Diana told her as they sit on a coffee shop near the hospital. "But I have to be honest, he's condition is still unstable and should avoid stress as much as possible because it could lead to paralyzation or worst, death."

"He'll be fine" Nadech mutter in her ears as he soothes her hair, she felt thankful for his support. "A man like him wont die easily"

She look at him with wonder as he says this. Is he still angry at her father?

An important call from his phone made him pull away from her hesitantly, she had to urge him to take it before he finally stood up.

"Don't worry, If his condition gets better, he can go under operation and therapy to prevent another attack from happening"

"Cheer up. You're dad will get over this" James leans over her and took hold of her hand on the table to give her comfort as Dr. Diana continues.

And that is how Nadech found her as he took the sit beside her again, glaring at the offending hand and placed his chair besides her until there is no space between them. She felt his left arm wrap around her shoulder as he pulls her closer to his side.

James took the hint as he removed his hands from hers like a hot potato and scratch the back of his head, embarassed as Diana chuckles at him.

Yaya didnt notice the exchange in front of her as Nadech pulls her hand that was previously held by James towards him and rubbed it towards his jeans.

Sighing, he turned to stare at her intently as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulder,

"You are too beautiful for your own good" he whispered to her ears, "Should I put a name tag on you or something for people to know that you're mine?"


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I'll wait another chapter.. its more excited to read.. :love:

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sarNie Hatchling
I'll wait another chapter.. its more excited to read.. :love:

Can you make nadech jealous and punishing yaya with rought kiss or maybe sexslapandkissrscenesw:facepalm::worship2::worship2: sorry for my crazy mind. :fighting3::fighting3::fighting3:Its because NY are getting open about their relationship..:thumbup:
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