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Where's the honeymoon part haha. I love the whole story even though its not the end yet. You did a great job. Love the wedding vows with their tears of happiness. Thanks for sharing this with us.:thumbup::worship2:


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@annmott, you are so sweet... , you didn’t have to do that but thank you...! The beach wedding was so sweet, romantic and emotional just by reading it. I love it! This story is coming close to the end and yet I feel like it should continue and never ends. Great job!


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Final Chapter

Chapter 20 - Happy ending?

"Mommy come on join us here!" Nathan excitedly called her as he jump around the pool area with Nadech, both were topless and were only were their swimming attire.

"Come here mommy" Nadech smiled at her naughtily.

'Uh-Oh' her eyes widen upon seeing him get up from the pool knowing what's gonna happen but before she could even run away, Nadech had quickly caught her in his arms and jump with her in the swimming pool, Nathan laughing heartily at them, splashing them with water.

It had already been a week since he surprised her with wedding and turn out it was not the only surprise he had for they went straight towards the house which look quite familiar to her. It was actually an exact replica of her dream house that she drew when she was younger. Her start and inspiration to become an architect. She honestly thought that it was lost for she cant find it anywhere after her teacher display it when she got the highest marks.

He told her he had already built the house for her a long time ago as he had already plan on building a family eversince she got back to Bangkok five years ago but things got delayed.

"What are you thinking?"

Nadech asked her as he hold her close, pressing her back to him while they watch their son played happily in the water.

"I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you"

Nadech look at different direction, clearing his throat at her statement, his ears turning very red.

"You can let out your smile you know" Yaya teased him at seeing his blush, tapping his cheeks who felt suddenly hot, "Dont hold it in"

"Ya!" Nadech 'tsked' at her before lunging at her and tickling her. Not before long, Nathan joined them as they fool around the water and start a splashing war.


"Baby where are you?"

Yaya rolled her eyes at Nadech's whiny tone. Will she ever get used to him being possessive of her? Even when she was just at home, he would be calling her just to ask her what she's doing and to tell her he missed her.

She dont know what's wrong with him but he'd often joke on her and encourage her to visit him at her office as he would always say that it is the duty of a good wife.

She had been prolonging this for she's avoiding on meeting some people.

However, she was left with no choice.

Today, she had gone to arrange some papers needed for her firm as Nadech volunteered to bring their son at his office.

"I'm already here on the lobby" she answered surpressing her smile at Nathan's 'yay' at the background before Nadech quickly answered, "Okay we're on our way down"

She smiled upon hearing their enthusiasm, she could just imagine the two of them.

Shaking her head at her boys silliness, she looked around the interior of Kugimiya tower which had been quite different from what she used to know, looking more powerful than ever with its minimalism and use of earth colors.

Ignoring the pointed looks from the other people, she sat on the sofa on the lounge.

They must have recognize her for some people greeted her and to her surprise, there were even some who asked for a picture with her.

She thought her life as a famous model where long over, turns out that there were still people looking up at her in awe even when shes just wearing casual clothes without any make up or her glamour.


The familiar voices of her niece and nephew, Kim's children called her and before she knew it, the two had engulfed her in a hug, raining kisses on her face.

"Where's Nathan?" / "When are you going to our house again?"

The kids asked her at the same as her niece climbed into her lap but before she could answer, she felt cold upon seeing two of the peole she rather not see. It was none other than her parents.

"Grandpa!" / "Grandma!"

The two kids greet over their grandparents but they didnt move from their hold on her.

"Err--- How are you?" her father finally asked her rather awkwardly upon the nudging of his wife who look at her with kind eyes.

She wondered what change. Maybe they felt guilty for what they did to her before?

Forcing a smile on her face, she answered she's fine.

It felt like the longest minute of her life until her son thankfully ran toward her with Nadech in tow and hug her side.

"Mom! Where have you been?"

Nadech chuckled upon seeing her being surrounded by children and got his phone out as she glare at him when she heard the clicks of the camera.

"Baby you look so good with the kids-"

The clearing of throat from her father must have made him aware of her parents presence for she saw him stiffen before he greeted them politely, moving in front of her almost shielding her.

"Y-You two?" Mandy asked, her eyes widening in disbelief before she take a good look at her son. Cringing, she fought the urge to hide her son behind her back.

"Oh my God!" / "Yaya?!"

As if seeing her parents weren't enough trouble, Nadech's parents also chose the time to come toward them.

Is she on april fools or something? She knew going to his office is not a good thing.

"Yaya? Its really you!" Nadech's mom, Auntie Mae scream in happiness before hugging her tight. "I miss you my baby girl!"

"Where have you been?" Nadech's father asked her as he too went in for a hug. "I see you've met Kim's childre-"

"Mommy who are they?" Nathan whispered loudly that caught their attention.

"And who is this little boy?" Auntie Mae asked looking at Nathan who suddenly hide behind her back.

She and Nadech look at each other not knowing what to answer with her nudging him to answer as they really havent plan to introduce their son to everyone today. They already talked about this and agreed on telling them at Auntie Mae's birthday this weekend but it seems like they'll get an early surprise.

"Erm-" Nadech scratch the back of his head as he carried their son in his arms,
"Meet my son, Nathan"

"I knew this would happen!" Auntie Mae suddenly scream in glee before she went to hug Nathan tight as Nadech's father tap her husbands shoulders in congatulations.


They were the most chilled parents she knew of as they didnt even got angry instead, both were happily talking to her son animatedly.

Her father cleared his throat as if to announce his presence, "We're gonna go ahead"

For a moment, she thought they were gonna say more for they look at her longer than necessary but they went anyway bringing along Kim's kids who hugs and kissed her one last time with a goodbye.

"So when's the wedding?"

Nadech and her look at each other again before nervously chuckling as they tried to laugh it off. Maybe if they're fine with them having a child out of wedlock then they'll be fine with them having secretly married?

"W-we're actually erm, mmdjdjdkdn" Nadech mumbled, placing an arm around her and pressing her closer to him.

"What?" His father asked as they seemed preoccupied with Nathan.

"We're married" she tried to help him by murmuring and nervously laughing, feeling Nadech's hands on her shoulders get cold.

"Come Again? What's up with you two?" the elders asked them not knowing that they're gonna get the shock of their lifetime upon hearing Nadech shout amidst the silence of the lobby, effectively stopping everybody.

"We're already married!"

"Good" Auntie whispered

And there was the calm before a storm as silence took over before Auntie Mae suddenly fainted.


"What are you thinking not inviting us to your wedding?!" Auntie Mae scolded Nadech, pinching his ear against his protest.

"Mom!" Nadech whined trying to get his mothers hands off while his fathers just look at the two shaking his head. "It was a surprise"

Boy 'tsked' at Nadech not helping him at all, "I told you this would happen" he said in a singing voice while playing with Nathan at the couch.

Thankfully, they were at Nadech's office so that no one could witness how their CEO got scolded like a child.

"I'm sorry I didn't know it's a big dea-" Yaya started, trying to save him when Nadech's mom immediately let go of Nadech's ears and took hold of both her hands.

"Oh no its not your fault" she told her before glaring at Nadech's direction. "It's my prodigal sons mistake. Wedding is one of the most important event in a women's life! It has to be grand"

"Mom, I just wanted to marry sure she's not gonna get away from me anymore"

Yaya gasped as she turn to look at Nadech who's pouting at his mom. Is that the reason why he married her that day? Its not like she's gonna let go of him now anyway.

"And what's more is that it is Yaya whom you married! You know how much I like her!" Auntie Mae shook her head at Nadech before turning to her, "Why did you agree on eloping with him anyway?"

She could hear Nadech's sound of disapproval and 'hey' at her mothers statement.

"I don't really need a grand wedding just as long as it is him I am marrying" Yaya said earning a collective smile from everyone and an 'aw' from Boy before he slap the back of Nadech's head who suddenly turn quiet.

"Oi. You're making my brother blush! Look at his ears!"

Thankfully, Auntie Mae finally listen to her after asking her for the nth time if she's really okay. The old lady then began on fussing over Nathan who seemed to be happy with the attention he is getting.

She remember how he used to ask about his grandparents and having no one to present... but now she's happy seeing her son smile in happiness.

"You okay?" Nadech whispered to her, looking at her with concern after he sit beside her, placing an arm around her shoulder and kissing her temple, "About earlier? I'm sorry I didnt know your parents wil be here"

She turn to look at him, sharing a knowing look as she smiled sadly before nodding her head.


flashback- a few days ago

Yaya was cleaning the house after Nadech went to the office while their son were sleeping on his room.

It has been her routine then because her firm was still on the process of relocating and she was thinking of finishing the ongoing projects first before she accepts new one as she wanted to concentrate on her family first after all, this was the first time she can give all her time and attention to her son since she was already working since he was younger.

Wiping the sweat on her forehead, she slumped on the comfortable seat in Nadech's home office after mopping the floor.

Goodness, she wanted to smack herself upon her decision of not hiring a helper against Nadech's wishes. He told her he do not want her to get tired but she insisted since she have nothing to do now.

Why does she have to draw a large house on the first place anyway?

Briefly, she thought back on how she used to think that she wanted to have a large family to make up for her lonely childhood.

Shaking her head, she got up to stretch her soar muscles when she accidentally pushed on the files in his table, an envelope falling down catching her eyes with the bold red letters written at the back. It was a dna test.

Her heart beat faster than necessary as her mind quickly had an internal battle thinking why he had to do a DNA test with Nathan. Was he not sure he is his son? Then again maybe he just wanted a proof. But no, does he think she is that kind of girl who'd sleep with just anyone? Goodness he was even her first...

No she dont want to go there. She trust him. Shaking her head before she lose her nerve, she opened the envelope only to get the shock of her life.

It wasn't Nathan but hers... and her parents?

Quickly she scanned down the details and open different folders and envelope that come along with it to find different pictures of her when she's younger, the house she lived in before and even a picture of her mom and the people in her neighborhood. Feeling her strength got suck from her upon seeing the pictures on the next envelope.

Without realizing it, tears were already falling from her eyes as she gasped aloud.

"No! This cant be true"

"Baby I'm-" Nadech opened the door excitedly but quickly run to her upon seeing her sobbing on the floor, "Hey what's wrong?"

"This is fake right?" Yaya cried as Nadech kneel down beside her, scooping her in his arms and wiping her tears. "Tell me because this is just cruel"

"I'm sorry" Nadech whispered in her ears while she cried her heart out.

"No" she shake her head vehemently, "No, I am not her"

She do not want to believe it. Damn she just want to forget ever knowing this.

How can anyone be this cruel?

She had already accepted and move on from that part of her life and now this? Why her? Why now when she didnt want it anymore.

For years, she wanted to be part of their family so bad that she even remember being jealous towards the younger sister she never met because she was loved even when shes not even there while they treated her as the non existent one.

Turn out that she actually is that 'sister' as the dna suggests so. What now? How can fate be this cruel and play this dirty trick on her?

Sadness crept upon her heart at the thought of her parents for she wasnt really sure she can accept this information after all the hurt and the grief they caused her. She wasn't really sure how she could face them again or if she even had the heart to forgive them.

Maybe she could forgive but she definitely can't forget.


"Hey where's Nathan?"

Yaya tugged at Nadech's hands as they were going down the lift. Her husband look at her with his naughty grin before answering,

"My parents insist on taking Nathan home with them saying they wanted to know their grandchild and you know what that means?"

'Uh oh' she had to roll her eyes at him knowing where his mind is going.

"We have the house to ourself! " Nadech excitedly pull her towards the direction of the exit of the building.

Surpressing her smile, she let him lead her ignoring the people who stop and stare at the both of them in shock.

She didn't know why but Nadech had been telling her that he wanted a daughter too after their wedding and he seems to be a man in a mission as he do not waste every single night, scratch that, every opportunity rather as she remembers almost getting caught by their son after getting a quickie on the kitchen when they thought Nathan was sleeping.

His wish might just come true, she thought holding down on her lower abdomen.

"Baby I'll just get the car" Nadech couldnt seem to hold it in as he goes in for a kiss saying his "I love you" that they got weird looks and some disapproval from elders before she finally had to push him away.

Nadech reluctantly walk away but not before he kissed her one last time.

Shaking her head at her husband she look on the other side of the road seeing someone familiar that she had to look again twice if she's just seeing things.

Goosebumps raised on her skin at seeing the creepy smile of the person who caused her grief.


Her eyes widen at seeing Nathan happily running towards her. Fear consumed her upon looking back at her fake mom to find her aiming a gun at her son with a mad glint in her eyes.

Without thinking about it, she run as fast as she can hoping against hope to let her save her son. Thanking heavens she reached him in time to shield him before the sound of a gun shot rang through the air. Feeling the sharp pain on her shoulders, relief flooded her upon seeing her son safe.

She heard Nadech's loud cry before she felt being craddled by him, hearing him shout for ambulance and begging her to stay awake.

Looking at her husbands face, she raised her hand to cup the side of his face as Nadech quickly hold her hand, his tears falling in his eyes.

"S-sorry" She whispered to him bringing his hand to her abdomen as he cried more upon realizing what she's trying to say. She felt sorry for she might not get the chance to fulfill her promise to her husband anymore.

"No!" Nadech sobbed whispering to her ear, "Baby you promised me. You cant leave me. Please..."

And that was the last thing she heard before everything went black as tears fall down her eyes...

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Why did that so called mother shot aiming Nathan... I thought after reading at the end we would be getting another horizontal dance but my poor Yaya
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sarNie Hatchling
No no no:sad6::sad6:
Why did that so called mother shot aiming Nathan... I thought after reading at the end we would be getting another horizontal dance but my poor Yaya
You surely need to give some explanations to this pls don't break my heart :(

Btw it's so interesting though to read some thrillers in a sweet ongoing cute relationship story thanks for updating:clap::thumbup::worship2:
Horizontal dance.. :pancarta::pancarta::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::thumbup: @annmott maybe you shouldn't skip their honey moon..


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Epilogue - His Side

Nadech's POV

"Wake up baby" Nadech whispered on Yaya's ears, pressing a kiss on her cheeks willing her to open her eyes as he stared lovingly at his wife.

He didnt know when exactly the silver lining between friendship and love becomes a blur. He just woke up one day to find himself always wanting to be near her, not knowing that slowly, she had already became the center of his universe.

Contrary to what she thought of him as a good and responsible kid, he was actually the opposite, self centered brat who love thrills and adventures that he never had a serious relationship. It was the exact reason why his mother love her because she was thankful he changed because of her.

That day he met her in the park wasnt even supposed to happen. He was supposed to study abroad with his brother but he heard that his childhood friend was from here so he insists on staying against his parents wishes for he wanted to meet her and thank her for saving him.

When he was about 7 year old, he and a 4 year old young girl got kidnapped and it was her braveness that saved them from harm as he used to be a coward then. He took an inspiration from her that he promised himself he would be better when he grew older to be able to protect the people whom he loves.

He could still remember that day in the park that changed his life forever.

"I-I t-tried too, b-b-but-they won’t s-s-stop"

She answered surprising him for one; she obviously had a disorder and two; she is fierce. The contrast in her made his curiosity rose and the next thing he knew, he is vowing to help and protect this young girl from harm.

Maybe his heart knew then who she is because no matter how he convinced himself not to get involved, his feet had a mind of its own and brought him close to her. Something in her had caught him. He knew that there is something in her deeper than what the eye could see. That young girl with the bangs and big round glasses is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

"Thank you but you did not need to do that" she had told him bitingly that he backtracked a little at his helping.

The little girl would always insist that she's okay and dont need his help when she obviously do but instead of pushing him away, she only succeeded in making him want to stick beside her like a glue.

In a world where people would ask for help even in the smallest thing, this girl can almost do anything by herself.

It was totally out of his character in forcing himself onto someone's life but that didnt stop him as the more he got to know her, the more he wanted to stay next to her to protect the girl from any harm.

"W-What?" she asked him after he took of her glasses, trying to rub the painting of her face.

All the laughter had left him upon seeing her face this close without her glasses as her beauty surprised and mesmerized him.

He knew she is beautiful for he always love taking pictures of her and her innocent beauty but he never knew just as much.

"Aw" her protest made him immediately stop when he didnt notice he's scrubbing her cheeks a little rougher.

"I-I will d-do it m-myself" Thank god she went ahead then for he isnt thinking clearly that he might have done something he'd regret.

Day by day, he learned that the girl- no, the young lady against her fiery and stubborn attitude is actually very smart, independent, talented, sweet and - god, she's beautiful.

Her beauty scares him and he never felt so pissed at his mothers attempts on having a make over session with her that he'd stick with them in the mall and even into the salon, afraid that others would also see the beauty inside her and take advantage of her innocence.

"B-bear" He froze upon feeling her hug him from the back, his heart started beating fast.

It was unfair how she can always make him forget his anger. That day, he had gotten out of his way to surprise her in her birthday planning a dinner at his private studio filled with an exibit of her photos to make it special as he learned from grandma Lao that her parents is in abroad and she never really got to celebrate it but she never showed up.

"Ya is s-sorry" she continued not knowing his inner turmoil.

"P-please dont be m-mad"

He had already concluded that he could never got angry with her even when he wanted to.

"P-please dont l-leave me"

Never. That day would never come.

Realization hit him hard that he had to reassess himself. Coz it turn out that the one whom she needed protection is from none other than himself.

No matter how much he denies that he was just being a brother he was starting to feel something for her and the intensity of it scared him that he had to channel his feelings somewhere, using his childhood friend as an excuse.

She's still so young then, so pure, so innocent that he's afraid he'll ruin her.

"Promise me you won't do that again" he whispered to her ears, praying to God she wont notice how fast his heart is beating. It was the first time that he felt this kind of fear in his life. The thought of losing her scared the life out of him.

"D-do w-what?"

He tried to calm himself repeating his mantra.

'Dont scare her' 'Dont ruin her'

If she just know how much he wanted her right now, he's sure she'll run away and never look back.

"Promise me you won't ever leave me"

Swallowing hard, he closed his eyes for a moment before he turn over to look at her face glowing in the moonlight, raising his pinky finger for a promise. He do not know if he's just a great actor or she's just really dense for she didn't notice his internal battle.

"Okay, I promise." she promised him with laughter in her eyes.

Good God. Dont laugh.

Doesnt she know she's seconds away from being ravish right now?

No! For heavens sake she is still a minor!

He must have asked all the God's above for he was seconds away from lunging at her if not for his super power strength to control himself.

Even he couldnt believe himself then how he had those feeling and thoughts over a minor that he wanted to go over the temple and ask for forgiveness. He must have been overwhelmed by trying to get rid of his feelings that he hadn't notice her slowly slipping away from his grasp until its too late.

"S-save it when we s-see each other"
He should have known then what's coming next.

"Y-you'll have the c-chance to your d-dream now. I'm h-happy for you. T-take care always. I- l-love you"

I love you too. He wanted so much to tell her but his happiness upon hearing her say those three words quickly go down the drain when the line suddenly got cut off and he couldnt contact her anymore.

That day, he was so worried, he went crazy looking for her everywhere that he didnt attend his classes for a year and he almost dropped out of school.

Everything went out of his hand when he learned about his engagement with Kim.

Partly, it was his fault for he was always telling others he like his childhood friend as a diversion before Kim went home, he never know that his parents would actually ask for her hand in marriage.

That didnt stop him though for looking even when he go out in their supposed 'date' with Kim, he was always asking if she heard anything from her until his brother finally knocked some sense into him and showed him a picture of Yaya he came across a friend when he's in US.

Then and there, he immediately flew to her place excited to meet her only to find her doing great and happy with her new friends while he is miserable.

Maybe he is wrong and she doesn't need him the way he made himself believe she do. Maybe she had already forgotten him.

Seeing her smile made him feel worse at the unfairness of it. How come she can be happy when he cant even breathe when she is not by his side? How can she easily forget him when even the smallest thing remind him of her? Did she really love him or was she just saying it as a goodbye?

"Maybe you should fix yourself first, I dont think she'd like her P'Bear right now"

It was Boy's words that served as his wake up call to start living his life and move on. He let her be and just decided to concentrate on his studies but he never let her out of his radar.

Back at home, he had no choice he just had go with the flow. Besides, she is happy now without him so maybe he should be happy too right? Except that he wasn't, no matter how hard he tried to.

"I dont want to get married please let me go!"

Kim shouted stopping him from entering her room. He was about to tell her that he is sorry for he cant go through but it seems like they share the same sentiment in their 'wedding'

"Dont you dare! What about the company? What about our family's reputation?"

"Is that all you care about? What about your family?"

Kim started screaming and what he heard next make his blood turn cold.

"Oh right! I forgotten you never care about family seeing and knowing how you abandon my sister Yaya-"

She's what?! He couldnt believe what he is hearing right now.

"She is a dirt on your reputation right? She's your illegitimate child that you chose to hide away -"

He stopped from listening as he sees red upon finally knowing the reason why there always seem to be sadness behind those beautiful eyes.

Before he could stop himself, he had gone in and knock some sense into the old man using his fist. He never felt like striking an elder as much as he do now.

The reason why she never like talking about family. The reason why she always seemed so overwhelmed by his family's affection towards her. The reason why she seems so lonely even when she is smiling.

He lost all control as he throw punches at the old man trying to get even. God he feels so stupid he hadn't connected the dots... why she is so closed to Kim and damn, her surname! He thought they were just distant relatives.

He helped Kim then to get away from their wedding and vowed to make himself better to have the power and position he would need for getting his revenge.

He was so mad. Angry at himself and angry at her. Did she not trust him enough to tell him about this?

He hope he wasnt too late but he promise he'd give her everything she deserves and he'll start with the company.

Amidst him watching over Sperbund corp. waiting for its downfall, he began on stalking her again, he would always visit her in her accomplishments in life, her graduation, her modelling and even her birthdays.

Slowly, she became his drug that he is secretly addicted to...

He'd even went too far on giving her a bodyguard, fending off the boys, fans or any suitors that would dare get near her.

He swore he hadnt planned it but as if Karma is getting back on the partriarch, he got a heart attack just as the company where at the brink of bankruptcy.

It was as if the heavens were helping him, he heard that she too is finally going home. He felt like a person waking up from a long sleep, waiting for a long time for this moment. There is no stopping him now. He hope she is ready for him for he can't wait any longer that he'd almost given himself away in the airport.

"Next time, take care of your belongings better"

Is it wrong if he still sulk at the thought that she didn't told him then? He wasnt talking about the jacket but himself because he had always been her property.

His cover on being angry at her didnt work though when all he could see is her and the beauty she is engraving in his mind. It didnt help that everyone now sees what he saw in her before and seems to want her too that he felt possessive. Damn he wanted her just for himself.

"Nadech is my best friend from way back in high school. Hes like my big brother so its natural of him to be protective of his little sister"

He had to use the super human skill only she can brought out in him to control himself from kissing her then and there just to prove to her that she is not his sister. If only she knew how he dreamt of her at night, she wouldn't surely categorize him as her brother.

"You dont expect me to be a saint and do charity after everything that her family did eh? Now they needed my help? That is not how the world turn." He whispered to her stroking her face.

He too wanted to ask... why she is so good? After everything, she's still the same person he fell in love with.

"What do you plan with the company? If you're just doing this for revenge-"

Yes it is his revenge. He is willing to fight for her for she is too innocent for this.

Everything he is doing is for her.

"When did you expect me to tell you?"

He couldnt help those words from coming out of his mouth. What he really meant is 'Why did you never contacted me?' 'Why did you forgot me?'

"I will not give up the company to her family"

He had stated with finality because in reality, he is only giving it to her and her alone.

"Please help me find solution with the company"

His plan was to make her need him just like how he needed her. He bought Sperbund corp against the boards's decision for he knew this moment will come and he use it to lure her in his company.

He hope he wasnt too obvious then for he even went out of his way on decorating the interior of her bedroom in their mansion just in case she went home.

It was a risk in his own reputation but he doesnt care as this exactly what his plan is from the very beginning, he wanted to give her everything she deserves.

~Good morning this is Yaya Urassaya, reresentative of the Sperbund Corp., I am here at the waiting area and I brought the documents you told me to. Good day.~

She texted him too formally for his liking in the middle of his meeting and the fact that the board is questioning his decision on buying the Sperbund Corp. were giving him head ache that he need his daily dose of medicine.

Immediately, he excused himself stating that he isnt changing his mind before going out to get her.

"What are you wearing?"

He had to ask her. Maybe he is just becoming conservative but seeing her dress like this make him want to keep her in his office so that no one would see her like this.

"Umm- Clothes?"

Her answer werent exactly helping for he just gritted his teeth, closes his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself.

God maybe he should win an award for this patient thing.


The little minx didnt know what shes doing to him.

Sighing, he goes in for a hug he think he deserve for the meeting that he'd just escaped. Prolonging the time he'd have her meet them for he knew he'll be throwing her in the den.

Secretly, he had texted his father and brother then to help him on this one so that she'd not think something is amiss.

"Go away" her voice muffled under the pillow.

No way! He was huffing and puffing and as much as he appreciated the view she is giving him enough to give him cold
showers but he had to remember his goal.

Quickly, he covered her with the blanket before he do something he wasnt sure she'd like as stream of curses flew from her mouth.

"Excuse me, If you can't see, I am at home so I can wear anything I want. You cant expect me to wear sweater or even long sleeves at my own place"

That was totally fine with him. She could wear anything she want as long as she's home alone or with him but he cant trust letting others see her that way.

Imagine his surprise upon hearing people in the company, gossiping about how good looking, sexy and kind she is in person. Of course he already knew that but what he didnt like is how they were talking about her. Dont they know she already belongs to him? He knew he had to do something.
He immediately called Mario and asked his cousin to move out of the Kugimiya pad in his tower after he promised he'll exchange it with his condo.

"I can't, this is Kugimiya Pad. Where would you stay?"

He really wanted to suggest he'll stay with her but maybe that is too fast? He didnt want to overwhelm her. Besides he could sneak in easily without her knowing so...

"What about the people? You know how bad people can gossip. What would they say?"

He smirked, he actually want to let people think what they want to think. This is his way of claiming her even if she herself is as thick as the wall always insisting that he is just her brother.

~Oh, okay. Take care of our architect then~

Just mine, he wanted to correct the girl.

One of these days, he'll let her know how brotherly he is actually feeling towards her but just not yet. He is contented at sneaking to sleep beside her and so far she hadnt noticed anything.

He is just waiting for the three month to finish before he make his move on her because he dont want others to credit her success to him.


His cousin's scream pissed the hell out of him. He had to stop himself from hitting his brother and cousin. The two were loving his situation teasing him for this is the first time they got the chance to actually link him with a girl he like.

Their plan earlier was so easy and simple. Yes, as much as you can call it sabotage, he texted the models that she hired to tell her they cant go over so that Boy and Mario would then suggest to take him instead. HIM.

Who would have thought that his ungrateful cousin would betray him like this. What's more is he that he knew that the boy was a total fan of hers he had to grit his teeth everytime he saw her touch his property. Enough is enough.

He lost his last screw when he saw him back hug her and he'll be damned if he wont do anything about it. Come on, he hadnt waited for so long to be stuck like this.

"I need him"

No. You dont need anybody else aside from me. Her three words were enough to cut through his heart.

"A-are you sure?"

It doesnt help that she seemed to think about every other guy she knew of first, not seing him who was standing right in front of her.

"Does it hurt?"

He immediately regret saying his words knowing she's not ready for it yet. If cutting herself where any indication.

"Don't say that. He's like my older brother"

He truly regret ever saying before that she is like her little sister if he just know that it will come and hunt him like this.

That day, he was NOT eavesdropping, he was just standing near the door and he happen to overhear their conversation about him.

Cheering her friends on building him up until she wouldnt answer anymore he decided to go in to bring over the pasta she like, he had deliberately learned on cooking just for her.

"I never get to give you this"

The truth is he would use any event to lavish her with gifts he's afraid he'd run out of excuses.

"Nadech!" / "It's your brother!"

He had to take a deep calming breath upon seeing her almost accepting a drink from other guy if he hadnt come on time.

And what's more annoying is the brat calling him her brother as if he knows what he is talking about.

It was his fault all right, Kim contacted him asking for his help earlier and he thought hed take her with him to surprise her but she cancelled the last minute and he was surprised to get an emergency call from Margie instead..

"P' Bear" he had to surpress his smile as she put her arms around him in an embrace and buried her face on his neck after he sit her on his lap.

"I am not her brother" he repeated just to gloat.

"I'm mad at you"

He is mad at her too. How come he was just gone for a few hours and there were already other men lining to meet her. God he should never let her out of his sight.

"So, how was your dinner with the model? Did you enjoy it?"

Her closeness and scent made him lose his concentration that his brows furrowed upon her question. Who? The only model he knew of is her.

It was a good thing their friends were there or they might gave the bar a private show as he almost kissed her then.

"I-I'll just remove your shoes"

Good God heaven help him for she's looking so inviting in her bed that he felt his hands shivering when he removed her shoes. The problem is her boots were knee length high and he had gotten his hands as high as her inner thigh just to take it off, his hands were shaking so bad.

'She's drunk' he keep on repeating on his mind.

"You're such a brother"

Not that word again! He finally snap getting triggered that he couldnt stop himself anymore from lunging at her, kissing her just to let her know how exactly unplatonic he is actually feeling for her.

To let his point across for once and for all that he is not her brother.


Her moan snapped him out of it that he got to think again that she's drunk. He had to control himself for he dont want her to regret everything in the morning when she's on the right mind.

His morning would have been good though if not for James Ma. That doctor whom he had the biggest grudges for the longest time especially when he interrupted their morning.

"I'll just visit fathe- I mean Kim's father."

He looked at her then upon almost getting caught with her own mouth. He wanted to tell her its okay and that he knew but maybe she wasnt ready yet and he's willing to play along with her as long as she wants to.

"Isn't he the close friend you told me that is like a brother to you?"

Not that word again.

"I'm her boyfriend" he introduced himself for it seem difficult for her to do so.

Thank goodness the doctor looks smitten with Diana, his doctor friend or he cant promise they would leave the area unscathed.

"I hate yo-"

He immediately cut her of with a searing kiss. No way would he let her say those words. She couldn't hate him when his love for her is overflowing that he can't hide and contain it anymore.

"You're mine now"

He hope she understand the meaning of his words. She is his and he is hers now.

"Promise me you won't leave me again?"

Now that he had her, No one can take her away from him anymore. And he intended to keep that promise as he make love with her again and again.

"I love you"

His heart was filled with so much happiness when she first told him this words that he had almost forgot to answer. Kissing the back of her head, he whispered his I love you too.

That night, he hadn't slept a wink and just watched the beauty in front of him as she sleeps. Afraid that he'd end up waking up to find that everything was just a dream.

He might have been a little rough on her first time but damn he had wait for so long for that moment that all his control just left him.

Call him crazy but he actually wish that their night would give her enough reason to stay with him forever. He just didnt know that his wish would actually came true years later.

"You have to marry my daughter Kim if you dont have anyone to present as the baby's father!"

His heart just stopped right from the moment he'd heard her fathers speech.

No way would he allow himself be trapped into this situation. After everything he's gone through just to make them happen. He had already bought a ring and the construction of her dream house where already on going.

"I will marry your daughter alright- but not Kim. I'll marry Yaya and you cant do anything to stop-"

But all his efforts go down the drain after her father collapsed right in front of him.

Yaya's face flash through his mind and all he could think of was how he valued her family despite all the hurt they made her went through. He cant do that to her. He is sure she wont forgive him either if he caused her father's death. Then and there, he made the hardest decision in his life in helping them.


Just one word from her and he had to gather all his control to stop himself from running towads her. He had been so busy trying to find the bastard that he sacrificed not seeing her for the mean time for he honestly believe that finding the damn guy would be faster but it had already been weeks and still no clue. He knew he had to do something for time is ticking.

"Nadech! Finally! Did you receive the package? I wanted to tell you personally but-"

His hands stroke the edge of the box in his hands but he dont dare to open it yet, afraid that he'd crumble and give in to her the minute he saw what's inside.

Instead of opening, he gave the box to his secretary for safekeeping promising he'd open it once he came back.

"I'm sorry"

He wanted to tell her so many words but he settled for this instead. He is asking for forgiveness because it turn out that he was the one leaving after he made her promise not to do so.

There were several times he thought of giving up when he cant find Mark and just elope with her instead. But then again, she do not deserve that. His plan was to give her the grandest wedding when he came back and he could only do it if her parents were present on their special day for he knew just how much she valued them.

"Why are you doing all these?" Mark asked him as he tied and pushed the guy in his car so he wont be able to escape.

Turn out that the guy is very rich pilot who owned a helicopter that's why he just cant caught him. He finally had enough after he had been so pissed off when his phone died down the minute he got a call from her that he had beaten the shit out of him and tied him to make the guy stay put and listen.

"Because I dont want to cause the one that I love anymore pain."

He's gonna marry her the minute he saw her again, he promised to himself hoping that she isnt mad at him for disappearing.

"What do you mean she's gone?!"

He had totally lost it then that he thrashed their house. That was the darkest day of his life. He had been so excited upon going home after months and months of living without her only to find her missing again.

She cant do that! She just cant leave him again! He looked for her everywhere but he cant find her.

Even words of encouragement from his family cant make him fix himself as he was always angry, he turned to drinking.

"I resign"

His father only sighed after taking a knowing and concern look on his face, giving him permission to do so. He lost his will on working hard when the reason he is doing so is gone. There is just no point anymore.

"Look at the baby! He is so cute! His eyes are familiar though"

He could only grunt as he look at the little boy in the arms of his mother. Today was Kim's sons 1st birthday and he was forced out by his mother from his house to attend as he was the baby's godfather.

He knew those eyes alright because it look just like hers. It only took him one look and he had to bite back his tears as he thought of her and their what could have been.

That was the final push in him. He knew he had to leave and go away because seeing everyone around him happy just make him bitter and hurt.

"Stop it!" "Get off me!"

Who would have thought that he'd find her just when he's about to give up and live on the mountains? He was so happy when he saw her again that he couldnt contain himself and envelope her in his hug only to get slapped and pushed away.

"Stay away from me!"

Maybe he did deserve her anger but no one can stop him now. He had waited so long for this that she's never getting away from him again.

"I already belong to someone"

He answered looking at her hoping she'd get the hint that it's her whom he belongs to.

"For a second we thought you like our Yaya here"

"You don't have any chance on her as she is already contented with her man, her only babe"

His world must have stopped upon learning she already had a man in his life and it wasnt him. That possibility hadn't even crossed his mind that his heart silently broke. If she is already happy then...

"I've already forgotten it"

He had to swallow the bile in his throat upon her statement. How can she forget when even in his dreams she was always present? How can she live happily like this when he had to force himself just to go on and continue living day by day?

He wanted to shake her, make her see reason and even beg for being unfair.

~I love you too~

His heart broke upon hearing her say those words he longed for onto someone else. Is it he too late? But she looks happy now and if that's what would make her happy then he'll let her be even if it would be very hard for him. God he didnt know how he'd probably survived now. Maybe they were not really meant to be...

As if the heavens above finally took pity on him, he saw her phone on his jacket and found the greatest surprise in his life.

Game over. He finally got her.

"I don't like you! You're not my father!"

Except that his son seemed to have sone grudge on him for he'd always pick on him and the only thing the two of them seem to agree is his son being over protective of his mother. He'd never been so proud when he saw how Nathan used to drive away any potential suitors of his mother.

He didnt stop though from doing everything to win his family over.

"I'll only stop and call her mom if I see a man worthy to be called my father"

That phrase from his son stay on his mind for the longest time. Obviously there is something deeper than what he is trying to say.

"I hate you"

She uttered the words while she finally seemed to broke down and cried harder than he'd seen her do.

Then and there he wanted to hurt himself for causing her this much pain. He knew what she meant by saying I hate you. It was actually her asking why he is late and all he could do is beg for forgiveness.

Promising her that he wont ever let go now.

"Dont tell my babe okay?"

Nathan had made him promise not to tell his mom when he got called to school after his son got into a fight. Reluctantly, he agreed when he saw how sad his son is.

"I dont like it when they made fun of my mother because i dont have a father."

His son opened up to him surprising him as he sat next to him on the swing. He finally got the answer of why his son call her babe instead of mom.

"I dont understand because my mom is wonderful nice and everything but they dont see that because of me. It's my fault, thats why I didnt call her mom because when I used to call her that, they would often ask where is my father next, then they'd know that I dont have one and say bad things about her. I'd rather be her babe so I can protect her from other people."

He swallowed hard upon his realization.

He didnt even think of that, he thought he was the one who got it bad all along but it was actually the other way around because she was alone out here while he still had a family on his back. It must have been hard on her being a single mom that brought along gossips and labels he do not want to think of. Damn it, he was so focused on getting them back he didnt think of this.

"What did you say?!"

He couldnt control himself even if he wanted to as the man in front of him insult the woman whom he love and respected so much.

"I was saying I did not know Yaya had a very low standard when it comes to men. If I just knew I would have offer myself a long time ago, who knows maybe she'd go for married man if she had accepted a trash like you? "

He had tried so hard to control himself for his son was with him and he would be hypocrite if he told him not to fight when he is seconds away from beating the sh*t out of him.

"So how is she? Tell me when you two are done and I wont hesitate on -"

But the man just didnt know where to stop and the next second became a blur as he proceed to knock some sense into the guy. He wouldnt have stopped if it wasnt for the teachers who interferred. No one would get away from insulting her. Not on his watch.

"Me and my son were able to get by without you, what's the difference now?"

He don't understand why she is acting this way. Yes he is leaving but only for a few days. He already tried to explain to his son but the boy won't listen even when he promised he would be back before he knew it.

"You don't have to explain, that was in the past and I already move on. We've been able to live for five years without you, we certainly can-"

Baby that's just too much. Why does she always like to repeat that they can live without him? He had already forced himself upon them hoping he'd engrave his presence so deep that they wont be able to forget him even for just a few days.

"Dad come here quick! Mom and Auntie Margie is talking about going back to US!"

Not again! He was so thankful he'd secretly given his son his phone so he can contact them after his mother seem to ignore him or he wont know this vital information.

During his short trip to Bangkok, he had fixed himself to be the man she can be proud of. He dont want people insulting her because of him. Besides, he used the opportunity to gather her papers with the help of his family and Kim for a surprise.

"Baby look at me"

It was a miracle he hadn't come the minute he entered her as they made love again under the shower for it had been so long. It didnt help that she was looking like perfection with her rosy cheeks and mesmerizing eyes he wanted her to look at him as he watch her come undone before him, engraving her beauty deep inside his mind so he wont ever forget.

"A-are you sure this is you?"

He just had to ask for he couldnt believe what he is seeing right now. Surely she couldnt be his childhood friend? But he had to make sure first before he tells her for this will surely hurt her. Besides, he had to get his surprise into motion.

He had always wondered why the thought of his first love excites him, but when Kim is actually there he doesnt feel anything towards her... because it is actually her and not Kim.

"Please accept this woman who could only promise to love you as long as I live. I would be faithful and stand by your side. I vow that I will never give up on us again no matter what, giving you my trust, my heart and my everything. Promising to love you even when I hate you."

She dont know just how happy she made this man in front of her with her words. Call him desperate but he planned a shotgun wedding on their way back because he doesnt want to make the same mistake anymore of waiting for the right moment. The wedding would just be a formality for he intended to marry her again in front of everyone in a grand wedding but he just had to tie her with him now to not give her any room for escape anymore.

She is his now in everyway and he intended to keep it that way forever.

"S-sorry" She whispered bringing his hand to her abdomen.

NO! Damn she cant leave him like this. She promised him!

He felt his world stopped at that moment as the reality of the situation sink in.

Feeling hopeless and miserable he could just cry and pray as she was being rushed inside the emergency room.

"Sir you have to sign this waiver"

Without thinking, he rip the permit in his hands, screaming in anger at the doctors to do their jobs. And if he understand what she is trying to tell him, she is pregnant right now and he wont forgive himself if something happened to them.

It was his fault. He already had suspicion about her fake mom after his investigation as it turn out that the fake mom kidnapped her when she was young thinking that her father would stay with her if he learned that he had a daughter with her but the guy refused and gave her support instead.

That old woman was also behind Kim's accident and the reason why his private investigator couldnt find Ya when she isnt even hiding.

But he just cant catch the woman without enough evidence and so he was waiting until this accident happened.

"Help me please. Help your daughter"

He wasnt thinking clearly and just want to do anything to save her that he had to break his promise to her on not telling her parents for she lost too much blood and only they can save her.

He almost beg on his knees to get her parents to come with him to the hospital as they got the shock of their life about finally knowing the truth.


"Baby wake up" he muttered again, brushing the stray hair off her face while staring at the perfection laid out in front of him.

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She is so beautiful even when she is sleeping like this that he couldnt stop himself from joining her in the bed and pressing her closer to his chest as she burrowed closer to his warmth.

Closing his eyes, he caressed her hair holding her hand to his chest and let her sleep some more thinking she must have been tired. Yesterday had been their official wedding complete with traditional ceremony that it must have worn her out especially after their honeymoon.

She had insisted not to have another wedding but he refused and would even beg her if she did not stop him. Is it wrong if he just wanted to tell the world and anyone who'd care to listen that she is his? He had promised himself he'd give her the grand wedding she deserves and finally, he had done it.

A hand traced his chest and he had to surpress his smile, feeling her eyes on him. He heard her gasp as he took hold of her hand lifting it to his lips and pressing a kiss on it before opening his eyes to stare at her beauty.

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"Good morning" he whispered to her as she greeted back with a lovely spark in her eyes that he couldn't stop himself from going in for a kiss so intense, changing their position for she now lays beneath him answering his kisses with equal fervent.

"I love you" he muttered to her ear as they once again explore their bodies in a rhythm only they know, loving the feeling of her body in every way while they move together.

"I love you too" her answer in a soft whisper made him moan as he proceed to move faster with urgency, loving the look of pleasure on her face. Hearing her moan his name as she come undone beneath him was enough to send him to his own climax. Turning to her side to spoon and cuddle her, he placed her hand on his chest while waiting for his breathing to get normal.

Thanking heavens above that they where in their own haven.

They where currently on the island where they first made love after he bought it intending to give it to her as a wedding gift for this island bore witness to their love. Besides, he had her here alone to himself now without their stubborn kids.

Yes kids. After the accident, the heavens finally took pity on him and listen to his prayers as Yaya and their unborn child was declared safe. They say it was a miracle and he had to agree thanking heavens above for giving them another chance of happiness, promising that he wont waste every precious moment this time. He had just waited for her to recover from giving birth before he planned for their wedding.

"Baby" she started, "Did I ever tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life?"

She turn to look at him, her eyes full of love and sincerity he wanted to capture this moment in his mind.

"Thank you for staying by my side, loving me, protecting me and not giving up when everyone else did. You always ask me how I can live without you but the truth is that no matter where you are or how far you are to me, you already left your imprint on my heart that never leaves me. You had always been at the back of my mind no matter how hard I try to fool myself. I had love you then and I love you still that I just know this love will stay with me forever"

His heart is almost bursting of happiness hearing her confession and successfully erasing his biggest insecurity.

"Did I ever tell you that you were the biggest influence in my life?" he finally confessed earning a questioning glance with her.

"I wasn't really good before you know. I was this happy go lucky young man who never cares about anybody else until you came and change the way I view the world."

"Change me to stop and stare at the beauty you are giving me a glimpse of that before I knew it, I had fallen in love with you. But I do not want to taint your innocence then plus I had been indenial for so long telling you and the others that you were my sister that I couldnt take it back when I want to anymore."

She gasped unbelievably at him, her eyes widen in disbelief that he had to chuckle and press a quick kiss on her lips.

"I love you then too and I love you still" He continued hovering above her and caressing her hair while copying her earlier statement, "Perhaps our love were really meant to last for a lifetime"

His statement was followed by silence as they look at each other with an understanding of their unspoken promise of forever.

Yaya surprised him when she suddenly leapt towards him and kissed him passionately.

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The sound of the chopper brought them out of their own world, his brows furrowing while he hurriedly dressed up, pressing a kiss on her forehead before he went out.


Of course it would be none other than Nathan holding the hand of his two year old sister. The two run up the sandy beach to meet him as he immediately carried the little girl in his arms.

"Sorry for interrupting but your baby girl wont stop crying" Yaya's father and mother told him, apologetically.

They had been rather awkward as the only thing they could go along was to make sure that Ya's fake mom would rot in prison but for Yaya they were trying their best to go along.

"Mommy!" / "Ma"

Nathan shouted and he turn to find her slowly walking in their direction with Nathan running over to hug her while their daughter raised her chubby arms towards her.

"It's okay" she answered her father.
Nadech turn to look at her just as she do the same. They stare at each others eyes briefly in understanding before she took their daughter in her arms, raining kisses all over the baby who wont stop giggling.

The relationship between her and her parents had been rather complicated as the elders asked for her forgiveness after her fake mom confessed everything. He knew it hadn't been easy for her but she is trying to open her heart, taking baby steps to heal her old wounds.

"Hi guys"

The loud sound of laughter made them turn to look only to find the gang with his parents complete in their swimming attire.

'So much for a private honeymoon getaway'

Nadech groaned, resisting the urge to smack his forehead. Ya must have seen the forlorn look in his face for he heard her chuckle, probably knowing what he is thinking right now.

"We heard that your kids were here so we came here to!" Kim told Yaya as Mark thumped him on the back, laughing at him.

Should he thank his kids then? Not.

He looked around him sighing and thinking the probability of them having their privacy would be negative.

"Dont worry we're here to babysit your kids so..." Margie whispered suggestively to the two of them loudly as she winked at his wife.

"Come to Uncle Mario babies" Mario shouted enthusiastically taking his daughter in his arms. He heard Yaya beside him gasp and he almost had a mini heart attack when the man threw his baby girl high up in the air.

Thankfully, her daughter was laughing or he cannot promised himself not to hurt the guy.

"Come here baby boy" Margie holds Nathan's hands before she, together with Boy drags his son away from Yaya.

"I'm not a baby!" His sons voice rang
through as the people huddled over the covered cottage just chilling or fawning over the kids.

He felt a warm hand clasped on his before he turn to look at Yaya's direction only to find her with a naughty and inviting smile while raising an eyebrow that he finds so sexy he couldnt resist kissing her lips quickly.

Maybe they would have a chance for a proper honeymoon after all.

Taking one last glimpse on their children just to make sure they're okay, she tugged his hand, her eyes holding a promise. His eyes shone with excitement and happiness only she can bring out of him.

At last, after everything they went through, things where finally in their rightful place.

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@annmott, you deserve an award for writing this story...! It’s has everything from drama to romance to alittle comedy. I love this so much, this is one of the best ending I’ve ever read. You are so talented... I can’t get over this story... !!! Thank you so much for your time and dedication!! I can’t wait for your next story!
Thank you thank you thank you soooo much @annmott. The best story ever, you make a great story. I love every part in this story so perfect. :cheer::cheer:

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Now I finally understand why he should leave Yaya. You have conveyed Nadech's emotion of longing and heartbreak in this episode that made me feel his pain. Thank you @annmott. You end it as the way it should be. Now after this fanfic our imaginations are running wild as to what more NY fanfic should progress too. I hope you won't stop writing about NY whenever you are inspired. You can do a better job than us in this matter.:clap::thumbup::worship2:


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I read the chapter yesterday night and started sobbing with the whole Nadech's POV, he had always loved her in every condition & it grew more & more, also you made me giggle with all the side characters at the end:thumbup:

Once upon a time......... and they lived happily ever after!
You filled this love story with all the emotions a person can experience, it was really a wonderful story with all the characters & chapters:icon12:

The parts I liked the most were their vows on their wedding & the whole POV of Nadech, & you made each chapter so anticipating that I wanted more & more but at last it came to end:( but no worries as I got to read such a beautiful & strong love.

You are a very good writer with your plots so descriptive & imaginative that it's impossible to not feel the emotions the characters do feel:clap: I hope you would continue to write more NY fanfics:icon12:


To tell frankly... I LOVE HER
Btw by any chance did you take that idea of kidnapping kids in their past from What's wrong with Secretary Kim;) with a twist.

Just asking no offense to your creativity though :thumbup:


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Btw by any chance did you take that idea of kidnapping kids in their past from What's wrong with Secretary Kim;) with a twist.

Just asking no offense to your creativity though :thumbup:
None taken. Because honestly I havent got to watch That kdrama is in my list to but I am so busy with my thesis and writing this that I do not have the time to do so. The kidnap thing was actually inspired from kill me heal me :risas3::risas3::risas3: