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Thank you @annmott. Instantly became a fan of your work. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters especially looking forward to finn and r scenes hehe. Please keep writing. :thumbup:
R scenes eh? :risas3::risas3::risas3: Did you read my mind? The reason why it took me so long to post the last chapter was because I was actually writing another r-scene :aaaaa:. Dont get too excited, It might took a while though before I post THAT chapter coz it would be out of context if I just insert that:risas3:

I wonder if there is a mark in this thread that would warn for R 18? Coz At the rate I'm going...


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@annmott why not use this instead:p NY's imaginary first born:love::icon12::naughty2: this is rather perfect as their son and very REALISTIC:aaaaa::thumbup:
I dunno. The reason I was looking for the kid was because I remember I've seen somewhere the pic of Na and the kid (In his boy scout uniform) taking a selfie? It's not the pic I've posted but I cant find it anymore. I really need that pic though, might continue searching still...


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I'm a silent reader and I just want to say I super love this fanfic :icon12:

Why do I feel like Nadech doesn't know about it or someone hid it from him?

Update soon, please!! :thumbup:
Congrats on not being a silent reader anymore! Thank you!

Spoiler alert...
He did receive the package :confused12:


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@Juying_ny and @bbie_NY
I like Nathan too! Originally, the story should last one season but I decided to explore his character more :risas3:

No matter what, come on, trust our Nadech more guys :aaaaa: Everything happen for a reason...

P.S. This is me replying to everybody because next chapter would took a while, will be busy at my Uni next week


What do you think? Should she give in easily? Or should he grovel on his knees?

After 5 years??? Pfftt..I'm pretty sure she will make him grovel on his knees ...because I would:pancarta: I can't wait for your next chapter and R scenes?? :naughty2: :naughty2:


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R scenes eh? :risas3::risas3::risas3: Did you read my mind? The reason why it took me so long to post the last chapter was because I was actually writing another r-scene :aaaaa:. Dont get too excited, It might took a while though before I post THAT chapter coz it would be out of context if I just insert that:risas3:

I wonder if there is a mark in this thread that would warn for R 18? Coz At the rate I'm going...
You're doing just fine, pls go on. :cheer::cheer::cheer:Go go go this is my cheer for you.


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Congrats on not being a silent reader anymore! Thank you!

Spoiler alert...
He did receive the package :confused12:
Wait, what....... Noooooooooooo :crybaby2:He certainly has his reasons.. He may have received it but maybe he mixed it up with someone else or or he wasn't able to open it:confused12: Huhu.

Anyway, please do update!! I super love your fic :aaaaa:


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@Juying_ny and @bbie_NY
I like Nathan too! Originally, the story should last one season but I decided to explore his character more :risas3:

No matter what, come on, trust our Nadech more guys :aaaaa: Everything happen for a reason...

P.S. This is me replying to everybody because next chapter would took a while, will be busy at my Uni next week
Take your time because you ( I mean Nadech) have some explaining to do. For instances, 1st - He called to say sorry as she had been hospitalized and bed rest? 2nd - Going through labor alone and she called him to get cut off the line?

Are you sure Nadech didn’ visit them once?:p
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A/N: An update while we wait for the watch event. Hey NY was together yesterday, I knew it.

Chapter 15 - Truce?

"Babe! Why is he still here?" Nathan asked her as the little boy sneaked a look outside their window, kneeling on his knees at their sofa. "What is he doing?"

It was Saturday, the day they considered as their day off as it is spent chilling as she and her son both dont have work.

Yaya looked up from her reading beside her son as she too take a look to find Nadech sitting outside the clearing in her garden and busy doing something.

'Is he trying to prove something or what?'
Sighing, she only shook her head at Nadech's act of perseverance.

It has been almost a week after their unexpected reunion and he is still here even when she never let him inside her house again after her sons birthday.

"He does not have a house?" Nathan asked her, his brows furrowing, "Why does he always sleep in his car?"

Biting her guilty feeling, she just kiss her sons forehead and decided to go cook her son some snacks to busy herself from her thoughts.

Nadech didn't leave her side again and attached himself like a leach everywhere she goes.

It almost became a routine seeing him following her and Nathan everywhere that if she didnt know it was him, she'll probably call the police. He has been their shadow while they ride the local bus, dropping off Nathan and then going to her work, fetching her son from school then going home.

Her employees even call him her stalker as he would always stay at the lobby of their office while waiting for her. The only consolation is his presence seems to attract more attention and potential clients not to mention the food, coffee and cakes he'd always bring her earning endless teasing from Gubgib and Kirk.

It was almost like how he used to be before and she's afraid if she didnt guard herself, she might fall back to his arms again.

She honestly didnt think he'd go and sleep in his car when she didn't allowed him in but it has been days already and he's still at it.

Although she allowed him access only to her garden as long as he didn't took a step inside her house, she shook her head as she suddenly thought of how he use her garden hose outside to take a bath.

Thankfully, he never remove all his clothes as he'll never get out from her village in one piece judging by how often her neighbors would pass by her house just to see him.

'Stop it' Yaya scold herself as thoughts of him with only his boxers on as water dripped from his hair down to his abs made her feel a little bit hot and bothered.

She instantly dismissed the feeling as lust as it has been so long and she never slept with anyone else beside him. Yet deep inside her, she knew that she would never even think about getting intimate with other man after him.

"Babe!" her son ran to her and held her skirt, pulling her just as she finish preparing sandwich and juice, "Let's go outside!"

"Okay okay" she surrendered as she carried the tray outside. She knew that he is curious at what his father is doing and he is just shy to approach alone. "-but please bring me my book outside"

Nadech look up and smile upon seeing her.

"Is that for me?"

He asked cheekily as she placed the food tray on the wooden table before sitting on the bench.

She rolled her eyes at him but didn't comment just as her son came bursting out the door running towards her with her book. Nathan then proceed to sit beside her as the two of them watch Nadech got up his improvise stairs bringing with him what look like a basketball ring and used his hammer to drill it to the tree.

"What are you doing?" her son couldn't stop his curiousity anymore. "Is that a basketball ring?"

cr. rightful owner

"I saw you playing with the other kids in school," Nadech stop for a while, scratching his back "thought you might like to have your own ring"

Nadech and her son shared a look as he slowly nods his head. She wonder what the look is about as they seem to have their own form of communication eversince they went to the zoo.

"Okay" her son nodded, "But I still dont like you"

She had to stifle her laughter at Nadech's groan of disapproval. Her son still often bicker with Nadech but that is Nathan's normal as he does that to every guy who comes closer to her.

"You know how to play?" Nathan asked him after Nadech finished, going back to his car to give the ball to her son, winking at her in which she glared back.

"The best!" he boasted, cleaning the materials as Nathan started to play around the ball.

"Teach me?" her son asked him hesitantly before adding hastely, "Not like I need your help"

Nadech only sighed, ruffling their sons hair as he look at her hopelessly. Shrugging at him, she watches as the two play.

She won't say it to him but she think, no, she's sure that Nathan actually likes him.

He often pick on his father but that's just it unlike what her son used to get up to her suitors even going as far as pranking them.

The fact that her son asked for his help only solidifies her belief as one thing she's sure her son got from her is her pride and independence. Never asking for help from just anyone.

Warmth spread on her as she look at the two of them, still feeling surreal of everything as she never thought this would ever happen.

'Don't forget what he did to you, dont forget your sister, Dont be a homewrecker'

She repeated to herself while getting her book as she put her defenses up again rather weakly. Lately, this had been her silent mantra everytime Nadech is near and giving her the feelings. She wanted to be immune as her heart just never seem to forget who it belongs to.

Nadech suddenly plops down beside her, gobbling her sandwich without her permission and as she looked up to scold him, she was surprise to find him topless.

"What?" Nadech asked defensively when she notice her look, "I'm tired and sweaty"

"Bear you're an oldie!" Nathan who was also topless, run to them before standing on the bench and proceed to back hug her, his little arms wrapped around her neck protectively, placing his head on her right shoulder. "You're tired already? Babe, you cant like an old man!"

Nadech only pretend to frown but she can see right through the glint of happiness in his eyes. She just hope he is not faking it. After everything, she wasn't sure about him anymore.

"Stop calling her babe" Nadech told her son who only made face at him, "It's mom for you young man"

"I'll only stop and call her mom if I see a man worthy to be called my father"

Nathan stuck his tongue out at Nadech and run away from them as Nadech stuttered before lunging at him and tickling him, "What? Am I still not?"

She looked at the scene in front of her sadly as realization took over. Her son didn't call her mom because he don't have a father.


"I bought this for you, lovely roses for a lovely lady like you"

'Very original' Yaya surpressed the urge to roll her eyes at the guy in front of her, annoyed at her most irritating and persistent suitor and no it is not Nadech as it was rather the guy on black mercedes before or most commonly known in town as Mr. Yu.

Yaya fake a smile as she had no choice but to accept his gift or he'd be bad mood all day and bark instructions left and right at her laborers in their site as what happened before.

Mr. Yu come from rich chinese descendants and due to that, he was considered as one of the towns richest thus he holds some power in town.

As she turn her back to him sighing for the nth time while supervising the on going construction of a local court. She had no choice when he'd contact her for her architectural service almost several months ago and as much as possible, she'd avoided site visiting and entrusted it to her trusted employees but they were busy too today as Gubgib and Kirk had to go back to Chiang Rai for their proposal finalization.

"You! Why are you staring at me murderously like that? You wanna get fired? Go back to work!"

cr. as tagged

She cringed and turn to find what the guy was now on about when she got the shock of her life to find Nadech, in a laborer's uniform as he too mixed cement while shootong deadly glares at Mr. Yu.

She thought he's gone away after he'd been prohibited earlier to enter the site as only her employees, workers and laborers can enter the site but apparently, he still find a way.

"These poor people dont know a thing about manners" Mr. Yu told her, seriously while shaking his head.

Taking a deep breath, she just had to ignore him before she do something she'd regret, like maybe slapping him hard.

'God bless him' she thought to herself, 'Money cant really buy ettiquette'
Her eyes got larger when she saw a woman, Mr. Yu's secretary, in a rather revealing clothes came closer at him and offered him water in which he accepted and walk in her direction before giving her the water while glaring again at Mr. Yu before going back to work.

Honestly, she dont know how to react on what she saw. She might have felt a little tiny bit jealous when he accepted. Jealous for Kim's sake, after all her sister is not here to claim her property so she must do her duty but he didn't even take one look at the girl in all her boldness, when almost half of the males eyes was on the girls exposed cleavage.

The girl huffed and pouted at her but didnt comment as she distance herself, probably embarassed.

Didn't that girl knew the right dress code on a construction site especially on this weather? She thought as she look down at herself all dressed up in her sweater as it is too hot her skin is hurting from the sun's glare. At this rate, she wouldn't be surprised if rain is coming as this temperature is usually the calm before the storm, literally.

cr. By@family

After an hour of checking, going around and ignoring Mr. Yu, she slumped on her chair and put her head down her desk, locking herself alone in the small container van barracks just to escape from Mr. Yu.

Without realizing it, she had fallen asleep, feeling exhausted.


Yaya raised her head from the desk when she heard her phone ringing amidst the rain. Looking around, it was indeed raining just as she predicted earlier.

~Good morning ma'am, classes where suspended due to heavy rain. For safety measures, please fetch your son here as soon as possible. Thank you and good day.~

She actually felt surprised as she didnt wake up by the heavy rainfall. Promptly, she got up outside to find the laborers all huddled up in the corner, waiting for the rain to stop.

"Ms. Yaya you're still here?" One of them asked. "Mr. Yu left just a few hours ago and the new laborer, the good looking one with dimples, hitch a ride with them"

Hurt spread through her as she thought of him with the secretary, so that's it? He'll just go and leave her again the moment he saw someone who's interested?

Shaking her head, she chose to bury her feelings and focus on how she's going to get her son at this heavy rain and thunderstorm when she didn't have her car with her.

Quickly gathering her things and armed only with her umbrella, she went outside unto the heavy rain headed for the bus stop.

She felt like it was hours before she reached her sons school, not caring how wet she look as she worry about her son.

He must be scared now as she knew Nathan is scared of thunders just like her.

When she got there, she felt shocked to find the school gate already locked with no one else in sight.

'Where the h*ll is her son?' she thought close to hysterics as she ran in the nearby waiting shed, hugging herself and feeling the coldness seeping through her.

It was only past noon yet the area is already dark as it surrounded by heavy clouds. A close range thunder made her shiver in fear.

She shouldnt lose it now she thought as she close her eyes for a moment, gathering her wits and decided to get her phone on her bag to ask for help from anyone when the honk of a car came into view.

Before she could react, Nadech had already got down from his jeep and hugged her tight before ushering her with his umbrella towards the back seat of his car and then entering the drivers seat as he starts to drive slowly .

The coldness must have frozen her insides for she felt shocked, only feeling relief when he saw her son safely asleep on the passenger seat of his car and is wrapped by his jacket and blanket.

"Why did you leave the site? God I'm so worried"

Nadech asked her while giving her towel while slowing down his car into a stop, killing the engine in an empty parking shed as the rainfall made it hard for him to see the road and opening their windows slightly so they wont suffocate.

"I only left a minute to get our son when you where sleeping and the next thing I know you're already gone."

He started before moving carefully towards the back seat beside her. He must have notice she was frozen and shivering from the cold for he took the towel from her as he began on wiping her face, neck and arms. When she didnt stop from shivering, he took one hard look at her before he didnt hesitate on removing her sweater and clothes, shocking her as she hugs herself when she was left with only her bra on. Nadech however didn't notice her gasp as he too removed his top and use it to dry her.

"You are so good at getting away from me you know" He continued his monologue amidst her discomfort as he put her cold hands around his neck while rubbing her arms, "I don't know what to do with you anymore, should I tie-"

She couldn't stop it anymore, feeling all her exhaustion and bottled emotion catch up to her as she stared at him. An uncontrollable sob came out from her just as tears flow down.

"Why are you crying?" Nadech shush her, wiping her tears and pulling her to his chest, hugging her tight as she hugged him back.

"I hate you" she sobbed, burying her head on his neck as Nadech whispers "I'm sorry" repeatedly while smoothing her hair.

She missed him so much. God she can't fool herself anymore as her defenses fall down.

For the past five years she had hardened and taught herself to be independent and live alone with all her responsibilities that she forgotten how it was to have someone she could rely on.

Why is he only here now?

Her tears wouldn't stop as she think of how good must it be if only she had him by her side when everything was so hard.

Feeling like she found her lost comrade, she wanted to cry it all out and tell him everything. Her fears, frustrations and all the hurt she had gone through.

"I'm sorry baby" he whispered kissing her neck and pulling away slowly to craddle her face, cupping it with both hands as he stares into her eyes with his tears brimming, "I'm sorry I'm late"

He wipes her tears as he slowly leans forward to capture her lips softly at first, giving her the option to pull away in which she response by opening her mouth letting him nibble her lower lips as she moan, wrapping her arms around his neck and unto his hair, pulling him closer to her.

He growled upon her consent and lunge at her, kissing her deeply and passionately as if he can't get enough of her, sending her backwards as she felt her back hit the seat.

"I miss you" Nadech whispers, pulling away to stare in her eyes lovingly while tucking her hair beneath her ears as she smiled closing her eyes, her tears still wouldnt stop as Nadech kissed both her eyes before raining kisses all over her face.

"I miss you too" she finally whispered back as Nadech smiled back, feeling his tear drop on her cheeks as he pounce back on her with renewed vigor, coaching her to open her mouth as his tongue seeks entry to hers, she can taste their tears but she doesnt care anymore as she let him ravish her, his hands travelling from her stomach to her covered breast, gasping as his thumb brush her peak.

She traces the muscles on his back with one hand and the other hand on his arm feeling him stiffen as he groan, pressing himself to her, earning another moan of pleasure from her as she felt him grind his arousal on her center.

It has been so long...


They probably wouldn't have stop if it werent for Nathan.

"Are you hurt?" Nathan called to her sleepily.

Nathan's voice seem to wake them up as Nadech quickly covered her with the towel before he moved away from her, wiping his tears and helping her got up.

"Is bear hurting you?" Nathan asked her worriedly

"Hey" Nadech scratched the back of his head, giving her his shirt and block her from her son as he signals her to wear it.

"Your mom was just feeling... cold so I was just helping - her warm up" he nodded his head convincingly at her son as she answered "right" wearing his shirt and tapping his back to signal she's decent.

"Sure? Because he looks so big and you're so soft and fragile" Nathan asked her looking at Nadech doubtly, struggling to go towards them in the back seat and settling himself between the two of them as she nodded her assurance, glaring at Nadech who almost laugh out loud at her sons statement. "Just tell me and I will take back what I told him"

Nadech gasped at her son as Nathan lean to her, laying his head on her chest as he was still sleepy, "Hey! You already agreed!"

"What is it?" she asked feeling curious as she combed her son's hair

Her son muttered something she couldn't hear until his breathing became even, indicating that he'd already fallen asleep.

"Lets go home now" she muttered to him after a moment of silence as she notice the weather becoming better. Nadech looked at her and they shared an understanding look as he leans forward and pressed a smack to her forehead.

"Okay" Nadech goes to the driver side but stop mid step as he quickly backtrack to press a kiss to her lips with a promise.

"Let's go home"

A/N: Home is where the heart is. Aw, I'm sorry, I can't resist Nadech. So how was it? :naughty2::naughty2::naughty2: I feel like I should go over the temple or something to cleans my mind as I've been infected with something I couldn't resist adding those scenes!

At this rate my mind is going, I'm afraid I will forgo my hiatus NY other fic for a fanfic that have the friends with benefits theme.:risas3:

P.S. Please pray for me guys. Imma have thesis title defense tomorrow and if ever we passed, Imma do a double update I promise. :angel10:
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To tell frankly... I LOVE HER
Ahhh she couldn't control herself at last... She gave in:(
But if Na knew this all from the beginning then why did he left her, in her worst conditions and now came back from nowhere without any reasons:confused12: hope he doesn't leave her again :angel10:
The car scene was hot, just wished that if nathan wasn't there, his younger sibling would have been on the way then:naughty2:willing|babysw

And BEST OF LUCK for tomorrow :thumbup:
Don't worry you'll do the best:)


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A/N: Hi ! Defense got delayed sooo.... no double chap but stay tuned coz I might post again if I finish the next chap :)

Chap 16 - Of Farewells and Goodbye

"Baby wake up"

cr: as tagged

Yaya moaned sleepily at the pleasurable feeling on her neck as someone softly sucks the sensitive spot on it. Rubbing her eyes, she quickly gasp in surprise as reality finally comes crashing down on her as she struggle to get out of his hold.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him, her cheeks reddening in embarassment remembering how wanton she is yesterday. "I thought I told you to sleep on the living area?"

Thankfully, her mind seem to get clearer when they reach home as she only allowed him to sleep on her sofa. She wanted to smack herself at the thought of Kim as her conscience is eating her up.

'How can she give in so easily?'

"Baby what's wrong?" Nadech didn't seem to get her seriousness as he now hovers above her, trapping her in his hold. "I was just waking you up to tell you the breakfast is-"

She didn't listen as she wiggled and tried to push him off her to no avail.

"Stop moving or you'll really get it now"

Nadech told her in a pained voice, biting back a moan.

She immediately froze as her eyes widened in realization, feeling his arousal poking her stomach.


Before any of them could move, Nathan jumped on his fathers back pressing Nadech unto her earning a gasp from her and an appreciative moan from his father at the feeling of every inch of her body pressed up against his.

"Nathan stop it" Nadech scold her son half heartedly.

'He must be enjoying this!' she thought as she felt Nadech's smile while he buried his head on her neck, trapping her.

"Morning hug!" her son didnt pay attention to his father as he proceed to jump on his back.

God, she felt thankful her mattress is soft or she'll be squished to death by this two.

"Baby stop!" Yaya told her son, rolling her eyes at Nadech who chuckled on her.

She's actually afraid for her son as at the rate he's going, she wouldn't be surprise if he falls down the bed. "Nathan!"

At the call of his name, he immediately surrendered and kissed her instead, "Breakfast is ready mommy"

'Mommy?' her heart felt warm upon her sons call and she couldn't help her smile
Nadech groan with disapproval as he watch Nathan pecked her lips, muttering things she couldnt hear and only catch on words like, "Old", "Not a baby anymore"

"Come on!" Nathan ignored his father as he pulled both her arms up and drag her towards the kitchen, boasting of his cooking while Nadech followed them rather grumpily as he pouted cutely, muttering, "I was the one who cook and do all the work yet he takes all the credit and even got a morning kiss"

Looking at the large breakfast on the table, she decided before she change her mind. Quickly turning around to stand on her tiptoes as she press a kiss on his lips earning a surprise gasp from him.

"Morning" she said before going to her seat

Stop acting like a teenager, she scold herself feeling her cheeks burning.


"Delivery" Nadech smiled at her as he placed the desert he bought at the table in front of her, handing her coffee.

Today, she and her team were busy on the narratives of their on-going project as they talk in their small lounge.

"Thank you" she accepted rather shyly as they shared a look with him not letting go of the tumbler. Slowly, he caressed her hand using his thumb as she gulped and lick her suddenly dry lips at the intensity of his stare forgetting that they were in public. She felt Nadech's hand tighten on the mug just as the clearing of the throat from her officemates break their spell. He immediately excused himself and took a seat on his usual spot that her employees where teasing they'd put a label on it for him as he's always sitting there.

Looking up, she found her other employees immediately went back to work or pretend to be busy. Well aparently not everyone as Kirk and Gubgib gave her a knowing look as the two went near her and trapped her between the two of them.

"So what happened last night?" Gubgib muttered, asking her suggestively, "Is he yummy?"

"W-what?" she gasped in surprise as she felt herself turn red in embarassment, "I dont know what you two are talking about"

"Come on, Dont act like a virgin" Kirk rolled his eyes at her, "You two look like a newly married couple in honeymoon phase"

"That's right, gosh look at him staring at you like he wanted to pounce on you or something along the line" Gubgib whispered on her ears just as the three of them turn to stare at Nadech who's looking at her intently, breaking into a shy smile when he saw her staring and she couldn't help but smile back earning a squeal from the two.

"Oi finnnn" / "You two are so cute!"

"Get back to work!" she scold them as she felt herself blush. Gubgib and Kirk frown at her, leaving her finally alone as she sneak one last glance at Nadech who wink at her.

After a few hours, she looked up to Na's spot only to find it empty.

"Missing loverboy eh?" Kirk asked her with double meaning, his eyebrows raising at her suggestively.

"He went outside hurriedly after a phonecall an hour ago" Gubgib joined them.

She sighed her disappointment just as Kirk 'tsked' at her.

"He only went out for a while and you're already missing him? You two are hopeless"

She sighed upon realizing that she indeed missed his presence as she'd been so used at seeing him almost everywhere.

Her phone beeping distracted from her thoughts,


~Baby, I already got our son from school~ Nadech told her, surprising her as she looked at her clock.

~But it's not yet dismissal?~ she asked him.

~Something came up- Err an event that would take place in school that's why their dismissed early~

Silence followed his statement as his words sink in.

~Baby?~ Nadech's call made her smile like an idiot as she bit back her smile and answered with a 'Hmm?'

~We'll be heading home first? Nathan's kind of not feeling well~ his answer made her immediately worried

~What? How is he? Do I need to go-~

~No!~ Nadech answered rather vehemently, ~Its okay you know boys, Just had too much play at school~

~Oh, okay. Drive safely~ she breath out a sigh of relief, her son being sick is one of the thing she dreaded as she can still remember her panic when Nathan caught high fever when he's still a baby. She wouldn't stop crying then just as seeing her son in pain and she couldn't do anything even when Margie and James Ma reassured her he'll be fine.

It was then that her reality about being a single mother sink in that she had to gather herself and be stronger for her son.


When she got home late in the afternoon, she got surprised at the stillness of the house that she got worried and hurried inside only to find Nadech and her son sitting far apart at each opposite ends of the sofa while watching into their sports channel.

Her brows furrowed at them, she thought they where already doing okay? Nathan even insisted on sleeping on the living room with him yesterday. 'What happened?'

"Hey" she called the two who didn't notice her entrance and as they look up, Nathan suddenly ran to her, jumping into her arms as he buried her neck on his shoulder, sniffling

She carried him in his arms just as she turn a questioning look at Nadech who only shook his head sadly, not meeting her gaze.

Carrying her son in her arms, she brought him to their room, his sniffling turn into sorrowful sobs.

"Mommy!" He holds on to her neck tight, "Bear -" he couldn't finish his sentence as he hiccups.

"What is it?" she asked her son, sitting down on the bed as she wiped her sons tears to no avail as he just wont stop crying.

"Bear said he's leaving!"

Nathan finally said in between his tears shocking her. For a moment, she stopped breathing as she take in what her son is saying.

"We can't let him!" Her son cried out, "He's my dad right? Please stop him"
Fear crept in her heart as she felt her heart broke not only for herself but for her son as well. This is what exactly what she's afraid of.

Deep inside her, she knew that their time is limited for he already have other family yet her heart still yearn and hopes that he'd chose to stay and be with them instead.

"I'm sorry" she hug her son tight, asking for forgiveness for putting him in this kind of situation, her tears flowing down her cheeks. This is all her fault, if only she's stronger her son wouldn't hurt this way.

Nathan fell asleep crying as she got up and change her clothes to prepare for sleeping as well, forgoing dinner as she had no appetite. Or maybe she just dont want to go out and see her cause of heartbreak.

After a few hours of trying to sleep, she gave up and went outside to got a glass of milk only to find Nadech sitting on the dining table with three empty plate and uneaten dinner.

Upon seeing her, he immediately stand up and filled her plate with food. Her brows furrowed at seeing his face with some bruises.

"What hapened to your face?" she asked
"It's nothing." he brushed her question off, trying to lighten up the mood, "I thought you'd never go out. Let's eat I'm starving."

For a moment, she stood there staring at him, contemplating how he can act this way when she is slowly breaking?

But she is too old for child's play, she thought as she sit down in front of him.

This might as well be their last dinner.

"So" she started, "you're leaving?"

Nadech nodded as he scratched the back of his head, indicating his discomfort, "Something came up and I had to leave"

Slowly, she nodded her head as she look down, hiding her tears from him.

Does she really mean nothing to him to
hurt her this way?

"Don't worry I'll-"

"It's okay" she cuts him off before he could finish, "I understand"

She doesn't want to hear anymore. She understand everything perfectly. Right from the start, she expected this to happen. She scold herself as she knew it shouldnt hurt now but why does it seem like the pain never went away?

"Why does it seem like you don't?" Nadech got behind her effectively trapping her.

"Me and my son were able to get by without you, what's the difference now?"
she retorted rather harshly, pushing his hands away from her when Nadech hug her back tightly.

"Don't say that, I didn't want to leave then but I had no choice. It was all a misunderstanding-" he hold her tight as she struggled.

She doesnt want to know anymore, afraid that the truth will hurt her more.

"You don't have to explain, that was in the past and I already move on. We've been able to live for five years without you, we certainly can-"

With a growl Nadech, turn her around rather roughly and kissed her to stop her from speaking.

His kisses were bruising her, punishing her that she tasted blood on her lips as she tried to shove him away but he didn't budge and pressed himself closer to her.

Only getting back to his senses after hearing her sob as he pull away and look at her guiltily as if getting out of a trance, staring at her bruised lips.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" he started, cupping her face on his hands to wipe her tears but she finally gathered her strength to push him away and lock herself in their room.

Why does he have to show up again and act like he care when he's just going to leave them?

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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 17 Hide and Seek

~So you're telling me Nadech found you?~

Yaya can hear Margie's gasped through her phone as she sit at the little swing in their garden while watching her son play basketball.

Margie called them the minute she got wind of what happened to her through Kirk and Gubgib and so, she had no choice but to share another tragedy in her life. She actually do not want to let her friend know how she succumb to Nadech again because she doesnt want to burden her friend with her problems anymore but against her better judgement, Margie had squeezed every detail out of her. The very reason why she can almost feel her friends anger through her phone.

~And he left you again?! That son of a b*tch~

She sighed sadly, nodding her head as if her friend can see her right now. Margie let another string of curses sharing her sentiments.

~Dont let me see him here in Bangkok or he's gonna find what he's looking for!~

~You're already back in Bangkok?~ she asked her friend in surprise.

As far as she knew, Margie left Bangkok after she helped her settled down in Chiang Mai and go back to US three years ago to pursue her career.

~Oh! I forgot to tell you! I'm back here for an assignment from my company to manage our starting digital production branch here in Thailand!~

Margie squealed in happiness making her smila at her friends excitement. Give it to the girl who had been working her ass off, she definitely deserve her promotion.

~Congratulations~ she chuckled at her friend

~Girl! I have an idea. Remember what we've talked about before? Why dont you go back with me to US after my assignment here ends?~

~I dont kno-~

~Hey think about it first. Nathan's school term is ending anyways. Im gonna visit you one of these days~

Yaya sighed and stared at her phone.

Would she run away again? It seems like all her life she had been running away from her problems.

"Baby?" she turn to ask her son instead.
Nathan immediately turn to her then run with the ball in his arms. Picking up her towel, she proceed to wipe the sweat off her son.

Eversince Nadech left yesterday, her son acts strangely quiet and would only like to play with the improvised basketball Nadech made.

According to him, he should practice for the annual sports family day event that will be held before his graduation which is only a few days from now but personally, she thinks her son is just missing Nadech for he'd often look outside whenever a car would pass by.

She doesnt like to admit it but in the small time Nadech live with them, he had carved his presence deep that when he left, it seems like something is missing.

They were able to live for years with only the two of them, why does it feels bland now?

"Do you want to live with Auntie Margie and Uncle James Ma in US?"

She had to ask. Maybe they just needed a new environment to start over.

"NO!" Nathan disagree rather vehemently shocking her. "We cant leave here!"


"Are you su-"

Nathan nodded his head, dropping the ball and cupping her face in his small hands.

"Promise me we shouldn't move away from here?" her son asked her leaving her no choice but to agree.

After all, she'd go anywhere her son would go.

"We should not move anywhere from here yet"

Nathan added making her brow furrowed, Yet?

Before she could ask, Nathan run away and began playing again making her brush his words off.


"Earth to Yaya" Kirk snapped his finger in front of her, waking her up from her trance as she was once again distracted.

She looked up to find Gubgib and Kirk staring at her with pity on their eyes.

They all knew Nadech left because he was suddenly nowhere to be found and they thought it was due to her pushing him away.

Not like she's going to correct them anyway.

"You should have held on him tight you know" Gubgib shook her head at her. "Or better yet, tied a leash on him so he wont get away."

"It's only been two days and you already miss him this bad?" Kirk asked seriously her then paused to giggle, "Well who wouldn't? I kind of missed him too"

"I dont miss him" Yaya told them convincingly. Maybe if she'll repeat it, it will come true. "And I definitely dont need him"

"Who says about needing him?" Gubgib interferred smirking at her as they finally caught her by her own words.

"Go back to work!"

She scolded them, finally getting enough as the two just laugh at her.

Shaking her head, she look back down to her drawing when someone tap her arms.

"I told you guys I dont miss-"

"Err-- ms. yaya someone's calling your phone"

Oops. She instantly stop speaking as she she looked up to find her poor employee looking shy while Gubgib and Kirk teased her.

Hesitantly, she received her phone which she deliberately left on her table.

She wondered if it was Nadech again.

Ever since the morning he left, he had been calling her nonstop which she stubbornly didn't want to answer.

Would she dare hope again?

Come on, she's tired of thinking about the possibility of the two of them anymore.

To her surprise, it was actually Nathan's school teacher.

~Ms. Yaya, you need to come to school now. Nathan got into some trouble with other kids and you're being called at the principal's office~

She didnt have to think twice as she immediately left everything and went to his school.

Eversince Nathan started school, she never dealt with problems like this before and this is the first.


Nathan wrapped his arms around her waist the minute she entered the principal's room.

"What happened?" she asked the old lady behind the desk who look at her rather nervously and glanced at the other parent on the side.

She had to hide her sigh upon seeing the other person involved. It was none other than Mr. & Mrs. Tan with their crying boy, same circle of friends with Mr. Yu as true to the saying, 'Birds with the same feather flock together'.

Although she was kinda surprised at the state of the face of Mr. Tan as he looks almost unrecognizable with his bruises, she was even surprised he can talk.

"Miss Yaya please take a seat fir-" she started but got interrupted by the screeching voice of Mrs. Tan.

"Your son-" She said pointing a finger at Nathan, "-pushed my son! Look!"

Yaya turn to see the face of a large boy around Nathan's age, crying his eyes out while holding a scrape on his knees.

"Nathan, is it true?" she asked her son, kneeling down to lower in his level.

Nathan nods his head slowly as he looked down the ground.

"What did I tell you about hurting others?" she reprimanded her son.

"But Mom! He started it!" Nathan defended himself, "He said that no one wanted me to be their son even Bear left because he dont want to be my father! Its not true right? Bear do not-"

For a moment, Yaya became speechless as she stared at her son. Her eyes turn gentle as she caress his cheeks.

So this about his father?

"I was just telling the truth! His father doesnt want him, even that dirty and scary bearded man whom he called bear left them!"

William, Mr & Mrs. Yu's son interrupted Nathan making her clench her fist so hard she's afraid her palms would bleed. She took a deep breath to calm herself as she remind herself the boy is young and doesnt know what he's saying.

"It's not true! You'll see, Bear will be here in our sports family day and we'll dedinitely win!" Nathan retorted.

"Family day? Did you forget you dont have one?"

Nathan growled and luckily, she had quick reflexes that she was able to stop him from attacking the other boy.

"Control your son!" Mrs. Tan spat, "My son, William just told the truth. We're not liars unlike someone who's so desperate to find her son a father that they had to pick someone from the slums."

Slums? Yaya gritted her teeth and stand up, covering Nathan's ears as she surpressed the urge to fight back.

"It's a good thing you're poor homeless boyfriend already leave you because your son is starting to pick on his barbaric ways! As if he didn't do enough damage at my husbands face-"

She gasped at the information as she turn to look at the face of Mr. Yu who leered at her. 'Nadech did that?'

If only they know who Nadech really is.
"-Just a little bit more and we're gonna put your little firm out of business!"

For five years, she has been living peacefully in this town, the only problem she encountered aside from her annoying suitors is the nosey people who think so highly of themselves.

The husband and wife ownnland where her office is that's why they have the guts to act like they do.

Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself against her will as she doesnt want the old lady to have anything to hold from her, "I'm sorr-"

"But Mom! He pushed me first! Bear told me not to ask for forgiveness if you're not wrong!"

Nathan hold her arm incessantly, stopping her from speaking. Looking down, she gasp as she saw his right palm bleeding.

Nathan saw her and tried to hide it behind unsuccessfully as she pulled him closer, inspecting the rather large cut on his hand.

"So how will you compensate for-"
No f*cking way.

"I wont" Yaya finally snapped, her temper flaring. "Unless YOUR son say sorry first to my son"

It doesn't matter if they talk behind her back. They could say whatever they want slut, cheap, whore she'd heard it all and she 's already immuned as long as it wont involve her son. Not her son because she's willing to forget everything just to protect him.

The boy in question look at his parents fearfully as if asking for help.

"W-what? You forgot I own the land where your business is?" Mrs. Tan stuttered at her defiance just as Yaya took a step closer, glaring at her.

"How would I? You must have told me a hundred times" she said taking a deep breath to control her temper, honestly, she dont care anymore. All the rational thought left her as soon as she saw her sons bleeding hand. They can take away her business for all she care but dont they dare use it against her as an excuse to hurt her son. "You know I've been meaning to say this for a long time but you can go and get your damn land now. Expect my last rental payment at the end of the month"

With that, she carried her son and excused herself not regretting every single word she said.

Money for her is never a problem as she still have a lot in her bank account. No one in town knew who she really is and how she come from a rich background as they thought she was just a typical model who got pregnant at an early age and had to fend off herself as she was left by her lover so she had to hide and live in their small town.

What they didnt knew is she can afford to buy almost half off the lands here if only she'll get over her pride and use the money in her trust fund. But she would never do that. After everything that happened, she do not want to assosciate herself with anything about her 'family' anymore.

Briefly, she think about Margie's offer to her to live with them back in US. The idea right now sounds so appealing as Nathan's school term is nearing it's end so a few more days wont matter anyway.

The only problem is her firm but she can let Kirk and Gubgib handle her ongoing projects here.

Unconsciously, she started planning their departure...

"Mommy I'm sorry. " Nathan buried his face on her neck as she nurses his injured palm, "I miss bear, if he's here he wont let them do that to you just like last time"

"Last time?" she asked, curious. "What do you mean?"

"Bear got angry at Will's father when he says something mean to you, that's why he's face is like that" Nathan muttered, "He promised me he'll be back soon but its already two days. Why is he still not here?"

Her heart lurch at her sons statement, he promised?

No. Better kill her small hope as it would only led to expectations and broken promises.


"Kiddo! Don't worry, if you want I'll be your father for a day" James Ma told the little boy who's l sitting outside in the porch with a mournful look while the older man played basketball.

Yaya and Margie watch the exchange between her son and James Ma while sitting outside in her garden.

"Look! Im even better than your Bear is in this" he said as he shoot the ball on the ring.

Nathan didn't even bother looking at him as the little boy just stared outside.

Tomorrow will be the sports day event and still no sign of Nadech.

Yaya sighed deeply, feeling sorry for Nathan. Nadech should not make any promises to her son if he's gonna break it. He is too young for heartbreaks..

"I wonder what Nadech did to your son to make him loyal like this?" Margie told her flabbergasted, "I mean- the boy wont even let other man aside from my brother near you"

True to Margie's words, she and her brother went to visit her and convinced her to come live with them in the US after Nathan's graduation. She reluctantly agreed as the community here is becoming toxic and that is the reason why her little boy sit outside waiting for Nadech, insisting that he'd definitely come home.

She shrugged, "I dont know either, they just sort of clicked and the next thing I know they where sharing glances and had a language of their own."

Maybe it's because its in their blood as father and son.

"Nadech", Margie sighed "That motherf*cker. I never thought he's capable of doing this to you after all the things he's done before. I regret ever helping him before"

At her questioning look, Margie continued.

"You know that Boy is my friend right? We've met accidentally when Nadech was looking for you in US. Dont kill me but I was the one who help him keep tabs on you. He looked so sincere then and I remember how you told me about how you have to leave for his happiness so I thought maybe there's a chance for you two."

"But I thought you and Nadech didnt know each other?"

"That's just acting on my part, must have known by then how a great actor he is. I never told you this but he came to ask about you a few years ago after he disappeared from your life. You should have seen him then looking very pitiful, following me around and pestering me asking about your whereabouts."

Yaya gasped as she turn to look at her friend. So he did look for her?

"But I already learned from before and I never told him anything. If he wants to find you, he should be the one who look for you as he's the one who left."

"Why did you not tell me?!" she hissed at her friend who glared at her in return.

"Come on, Remember you were at the phase were the mere mention of his name make you broke down and cry. Besides, i thought it wouldnt change a thing"

Would it really not change a thing? She wonders briefly yet quickly dismissed the idea. No she'd not go in there. The fact still remain that he had a family and he'll never be in theirs. The proof is staring at her right in the face.

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