singha krai phob


yeah the eyes aren't visible..and uhhhh in the first version nang ek didn't know that she had 4 eyes but the 2nd version i think she knew. They called her TaWee 3 Ta or some shit...


sarNie Oldmaid
Naw..It wasn't a gold sword..There just trying to make it look like it's so "unique" that it has "Sang Sawang" all around it...I hope I didn't confuse you lol...


sarNie Granny
i just finsh the old version of dis lakorn .. hummm never once i saw Yam with 4 eyes ? lol did i miss anything ?.... i like the ending ... she give birth and we get to see the baby ! i love baby in lakorn .. so cute.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yea lol..Yam's version they didn't exactly have 4 eyes! lol..But the new one was eh retarded..Just because she's Taywee 4 Tha doesn't mean she has to have 4 eyes lol..But I want the old old version..I wonder if anyone has it...


sarNie Oldmaid
Yea...The 1st version and the 2nd version was the most populer version...Yam and Au's version was also popular to..But not as popular as the original..


sarNie Egg
Singhakraiphob's dad, not his real dad but the yak that raised him, i remember he died. How died he die? I didn't get it.


sarNie Elites
whoa, i just saw a preview..i had seen it before.. geesh i was so little...i didn't realize how much borans i had watched it when i was really tiny... i only watched it in yam version..i havne't see others...

sarN, i must purchase it soon! :D


sarNie Adult
I saw one of the old version too. but I like the version that Yam played. Anboody knows the pra-ek name in this version. SOmehow, it seems like I saw him plays other modern lakorn too, but cannot recall it. :unsure: