Song Hye Kyo


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awww...... she's doing a movie with that guy iin my sassy girl...gotta watch this so cute thjere holdinghands at the premere thingy... cutecouple.


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My second favorite Noona and Actress after Kim TaeHee *Hehe

She Kawaii ( In full House), and in real life (A.... 2boutifull) which she was my Girlfriend (In my dream at less)

***Still waiting in the dark corner of my bedroom, her next drama/movie with Chae Tae Hyun (my second best actor)


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Kristie said:
The Full House Girls

Song Hye Gyo~ and Han Eun Jung~

Credits: Soompi // Rain International

wow the girls aren't as light skin as they are in the series especially HEJ
she looked really white in full house


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i really want to see her in a new drama soon !


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more from



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does anybody know what the story song hye kyo and cha tye hyun are starring in is about??


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Song Hye Kyo is sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, with and w/out make-up. :)

They should've chosen a better looking guy for her new movie though. He's not all that cute. ;)


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cool, a thread created especially for my all-time favorite K-actress :p thanks for starting the thread for this classic beauty :D

anyway, here's her newest cf for innisfree:

credit: wloi,

she looks so naturally gorgeous here and there's a rumor that she may decided to star in a movie as an famous North Korean artist who worked in a "geisha" house...will update more on this later ;)


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hey is it me seeing this guy looks like one of those thai male celebrity.. i believe his name starts with BON? :unsure:


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^^lol, it is :lol: I think that pix was taken when Song Hye Gyo and Cha Tae Hyun arrived in Bangkok for the My Girl and I promo ;)