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episode 9 summary

we're back at the hospital where paa raapee is in looney bin and khun sirayoot comes to hug his aunt. he loves her very much and doesn't like to see her hurt. however she's the one that went overboard with everything she's done. she keeps talking to his mom (who has passed away). paa raapee keeps telling khun sirayoot to remember he has to revenge. (revenge for his mom and her) the reporters also find out that his aunt is crazy.

now to the advertising office where khun piya works. a lot of the endorsers heard that khun siraphat has woken up and they will wait for him instead of khun sirayoot. mother of khun piya forces her to go back to khun siraphat and pretend everything is like before. khun piya doesn't because she likes khun sirayoot.

khun siraphat is at the hospital and gets to see all of his fans waiting for him. he says tomorrow he will see the person he loves. he can't wait.

khun piya's mother yells at her again tell her that she needs to forget khun sirayoot and even says that she knows for a fact she doesn't love him but khun piya says that she's trying to love him with all her heart. khun sirayoot ended up hearing their argument and gets upset and pushes a trashcan. he gets upset and says he hates khun siraphat.

khun toosawat (doctor) is interested in the khun natcha (best friend of khun parunee) however she thinks he's after khun parunee. she is so heartbroken yet so funny. khun parunee wakes up and she's so happy to hear that khun siraphat woke up. the nurse brings her clothes and you see that the janitor was cleaning the operating room and found the necklace that khun siraphat made for khun parunee. the janitor brings it to khun toosawat and he says he'll try to find the owner of it. khun parunee wants to go see khun siraphat so bad. she waits until her mother is asleep and her friend is asleep and she sneaks out of the room. she waddles over to go see khun siraphat and he's asleep. she thinks to herself she just wants to see him awake and before she goes in, khun toosawat stops her and gets upset that she got out of her bed. he tells her she's not in any condition to get out of her bed! she states to get better is to exercise and walk isn't it? she wants to see khun siraphat soo much. she will wait tomorrow to see him just like khun siraphat says he will see his love one tomorrow. khun parunee has this look where she wants to go in. he says 2 minutes she says 3 minutes yet then khun toosawat says okay how about 5 minutes and she then says 10 minutes. khun toosawat smiles and says "10 minutes it is then". very sweet scene how she just wants to watch him sleep and smile. she says her heart is with khun siraphat and she almost woke him up but decided...tomorrow it's okay. i'll wait. ;)

back at the hospital next day and he wants to wait before he starts the conference because he wants to wait for the person that is in his heart. khun parunee is being wheeled to the room by her mother and she's very nervous. she says her heart is ready. at the same time khun piya's mother is dragging her by the arm bringing her to the conference. she notices that the ring is khun sirayoot's not khun siraphat's so she says, "take it off this instance!" and khun piya says, "but i'm khun sirayoot's fiance". her mother says no take it off and pulls it off of her.

both females are in the room. khun siraphat says my love is here. can i please have you welcome her...khun piya. khun sirayoot gets upset and khun parunee is in shock. she asks her mother to take her out of here and when she gets back to her bed she pushes herself too much and hurts. she wants to be alone and she cries. khun siraphat didn't choose her.

they get to the khun siraphat's house and he notices that khun piya doesn't have his ring on. he gets curious and nong pee interupts them. he doesn't like khun piya he wants khun parunee to be with khun siraphat.

father of khun sirayoot asks him to please not make any problems. please let go of khun piya and don't upset him because they just know he's woken up. when the truth is everything that happened between him and khun parunee as his spirit he doesn't remember.

episode 10 summary

khun parunee's mom scolds her to rest lots because she is still weak. since the previous episode she was told that khun siraphat doesn't remember anything that happened between them she says she thoughts that if khun siraphat remembers her he'll remember everything. he'll remember about khun piya, he'll remember about khun sirayoot and she doesn't want him to hurt anymore. she decides she won't try to help him remember. she just wants to keep the necklace and hold it to her close but realize it's not in the bag! she's very hurt.

she is on the beach of the baan kaamfai (translation = house over beach) she is on a blanket remembering her and khun siraphat together. such sad scenes. khun siraphat and khun piya sees a blanket and a heart drawn in the sand khun siraphat thinks it's cupid when it was khun parunee that did it. she says i just hope i can keep the ring. (the original engagement ring that khun siraphat gave to khun piya) at that time, khun siraphat sees her and talks to her he finds out she was the one that help fix this house up. (interior designer) and khun piya interrupts saying, "what are you doing here. your work is done no?" khun siraphat mentions that the work done with the house is very much to his liking. that it's as if she was inside his heart and khun piya takes all the credit. she says she told khun parunee to do all this. she also takes credit for taking care of him while he was in coma and moving him here. khun siraphat under impression khun piya did a lot. (heck of a lie)

khun piya goes to look for the ring in the drawer where she thought it was but it was with khun parunee they both fight for the ring and khun piya gets it because khun siraphat interrupts. khun parunee goes to look at the sunset and so does khun siraphat. he asks her to have dinner with them as since she's the proof for their love. she is validator of their love of what khun piya has done for khun siraphat. khun parunee holds a seashell next to her neck and has hurt in her eyes and it doesn't do anything to khun siraphat. he asks her if her neck hurts and she says yes she's hurt and leaves.

khun sirayoot tries to call khun piya but she hangs up on him and turns off her cell he is starting to go a little nuts. he says he'll go tell his mother. and he does and asks if she'd like to hear a song. he sings to her and khun siraphat is in the car driving and listening to khun sirayoot's song. he likes it. he loves and cares about his little brother very much. sirayoot still hates siraphat when it's all a misunderstanding.

khun siraphat wants to make a duet concert with his brother and the company will do it. he wants to have it be lovely and full of love. he goes to the company of khun parunee where he meets the manager. they happen to be good old friends. khun siraphat wants to have a outside concert and needs someone to decorate it. he sees khun parunee painting a garden scene and falls in love with it. he begs her to please help him with this project. she says she'll do it for him.

khun siraphat also brings the fruit basket that his mother had gotten for khun parunee. she ate the whole thing and she gets sick. khun toosawat calls khun siraphat's house to tell them that khun parunee's sick. khun siraphat says it might be expire and thinks it his fault after mother mentioned it should have been brought a couple of days ago. khun piya is smiling very satisfied of this news.

next day a crazy fortune teller is outside of khun piya's office. she scolds khun piya and tells her she should go back to her previous lover because khun siraphat doesn't love her. she will get nothing but bad luck if she stays with him. she thinks it's a hoax that khun sirayoot put her up to however later she sees the fortune teller with other customers and starts to get a little worried.

episode episode 11 summary

we find out that the crazy fortune teller was hired by khun sirayoot to scold khun piya. khun piya already freak out.

everyone in khun siraphat's family is getting ready to go to the hospital to visit khun parunee. nong pee bringing a lot of stuff. his teddy and books, hearts he's cut up and along the way also grabs heart balloons. parents of khun siraphat apologize for her getting sick however khun parunee says it's okay it's because i ate it all. ate too much of something can get sick you know? :p the scene is cute they bring the balloon up to the window because too big to bring in the hospital. khun parunee is smiling and khun siraphat says, "we are sending our hearts to you please don't let go". she replies, "i won't let go". very cute scene and very romantic i think. now in the room they have all gotten there. nong pee wants khun parunee to tell a story and she tells the story of the duck and his friend. too cute story! khun siraphat laughs mentions it's very familiar.

khun piya is still upset that khun parunee is working on the project for him. sorry if i forgot to mention that in episode 9. khun parunee asks of her mother's story with her father and that will be a part in the concert theme. the bike her father rode to go pick up a thai fruit (i don't know the name in english >_<) from the mother's garden. her they get to converse with each other again. she tells him that it's the start of the love between her mother and her father that's why she chose that fruit. she asks him about what rose he wants around the concert and she mentions you still don't know what's in your heart. *hint hint* they borrow the bike to see the thai fruit since khun siraphat doesn't know what the fruit is. they end up running into a log and fall. it's so sweet.

khun siraphat visits the garden where the concert will be and where khun parunee also is to see her often at work. she was working on roses to pin and he wanted her to make a special one and said it was for khun piya. she sort of panic and end up cut herself with the pin. khun siraphat mentions that if only khun piya would know how much khun parunee does. khun sirayoot and khun piya keep fighting. he threatens her to be back with him and she will tell khun siraphat about them if she doesn't go to dinner with him.

khun siraphat goes back to the garden and gets to converse with khun parunee again. she mentions in her thoughts she loves him and she'll do anything for him to make him smile. he had asked her to help her with engaging khuns siraphat together with khun piya. she goes back to the house on the beach and she finds her boss there who waited for her. he's trying to comfort her. help her become stronger. he tells her to forget this place. take loop around the house and remember all the good things and keep it here. she has rememberance and sweet scene of them dancing again.

next day it's the day of the concert. they are all at the concert and getting ready. khun siraphat asks khun piya to hand her the ring for good luck. he hands it to khun sirayoot wants him to be apart of the surprise to engage with khun piya in the middle of the concert. khun sirayoot gets upset and throws the ring in the grass and walks away. khun parunee had seen him frustrated and upset but she goes to sit with the family. she had brought fireworks gave to everyone except khun piya. khun piya mentions outloud, "oh are you pretending you forgot about me or is it you really just forget about getting one for me". khun parunee says everyone that should have one has it. the father has a present waiting for khun sirayoot as khun siraphat will have flowers brought by khun natcha. nong pee mentions that khun siraphat had flowers waiting for him but he didn't see anything for khun sirayoot and of course khun sirayoot still thinks the world is against him. he still says in his thoughts he hates khun siraphat. episode ends as khun sirayoot is singing his song which is also the ending theme song.


np my pleasure to do the summaries. i'm so crazy over this lakorn ^_^ i cannot wait until monday for the next episode. i have a feeling it'll end next week. just two more episodes it seems. we'll be on episode 12. sorry if i type too much for those that do not like to read much. i'm trying to trim it down. :sweat:


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diane love u summaries coz u trying me understand this stories coz i cant understand thai...
i hope u will summarize episode12 also....


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Thanks for the summary...Cant' wait to watch it! I dreaded watching it at first because I didn't want to see mos forget noon.


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i juz cannot wait 2 see the next episodes...and I sounds like Phat and Pa have to start all over agian huh?...and Piya...ah! forget her...i hope she gets no one @ the end...i'll reather see my Yoot w/ out anyone than w/ her now...thanx foe the summaries... :wub:


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Thank you diane for the summary. Now I understand what is going on. Thanks again, you did a great job :D


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Hiatus said:
that little boy [mos lil brother in the lakorn] will be HOTTT when he'll grow up omg
agree with u...i'm just love his character so cute...when he speak...just want to kiss nong pee...


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hey diane!
i love you so much! thanks for these wonderful summaries!! it allow me to follow the story coz i have missed episode 11..

i've sent you a PM at APC... plz come and see it...
It's about Mos NEW ALBUM: our lovely Mos has released a new album for us called "Be my Mos"..i love the title so much...of course i would him to be mine!! :wub: hehe....

I was wondering if you (or someone else) could send me Mos NEW MVs coz i know i can't get them..i'm so sad...thank you in advance!!! i will be very gracefull!!!

miss you, i hope to hear about you soon,

PS: diane ka, have you write to mos on his birthday? I have and he has replied me last week...i am so happy you know...it's the first time i write a celebrity and it's also the first time i receive a reply from one...
chat with you in very soon!!! love xxx


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episode 12 summary

concert scene khun sirayoot is singing his song. towards the end of his song khun siraphat sings "glub maai dai mai" with him and everyone shows how much they love khun sirayoot. he gets a present from dad, flowers from mom and everything. he starts to feel very loved.

khun siraphat asks for the ring but khun sirayoot had thrown the ring earlier. he said it was missing. someone must have taken it. khun paranee says she knows where the ring his and runs to the lake. she goes in the lake to find the ring and khun sirayoot gets upset. khun piya thinks that it's khun paranee that had this planned all along to see that she does so much for her. khun siraphat helps her out of the lake and says he wants to take a picture as long as khun paranee is in it. you can see he is feeling how much she cares and how good of a person she is.

khun sirayoot threatens khun paranee tells her to stay out of his business and ironically khun piya does the same thing. khun paranee's boss came in time because it looked like khun piya would have tried to slap khun paranee. she was getting heated. at the same time, nong pee gets upset at khun siraphat always mentioning he doesn't remember do you?

after the concert they party at the house of khun siraphat. khun paranee does not show up. khun natcha, khun toosawat and the boss of khun paranee speak of khun paranee's relationship and her feelings. they want to try to help her too. nong pee finds excuses to speak to khun siraphat so khun piya has to leave them. as khun piya leaves she runs into khun sirayoot. khun sirayoot wants her back she has to be nice to him but she doesn't want to. she says she doesn't love him. he goes off and cries and still starting to feel unloved again.

next morning, khun piya gets a phone call from her mother to turn on the television. something big has happened. there are pictures in the newspaper and all over the news of khun piya and khun sirayoot as boyfriend girlfriend. khun piya begs khun sirayoot to get rid of this all she's scared now she's sorry. khun sirayoot asks for a kiss but pushes khun piya's face away. he says he'll think about it.

khun siraphat already read the news, he's skeptical but he just lets it pass. khun piya calls him and tells him not to believe it that she only loves him. he's driving with nong pee to baan kaamfai. he makes the same food he loves to eat. seafood dish that khun paranee had made with his help. at that same time khun paranee had shown up because nong pee called her. she sees khun siraphat and still a little shock. mostly hurt. khun paranee eats the dish and khun siraphat asks her if she likes it. she says it's very delicious. khun siraphat says he made it for the person he loves...khun piya. again khun paranee is hurt more...nong pee tries to change the subject.

khun natcha and khun toosawat see how sad khun paranee is. she's crying in bed as they are thinking of a way to try to help khun siraphat remember and get in touch with his soul.

next day khun paranee goes to wake up her friend and have them go to the gym and play racketball. khun natcha calls khun toosawat and have him come to see khun paranee's condition that she's hurt because she's taking out some feelings in the game. khun siraphat shows up too because he called khun toosawat's house and found out he was here. khun paranee is still playing so they all go in but khun toosawat and khun natcha make an excuse to leave the two alone. they play racketball and laugh and have fun and they also run into each other. second time they ran into each other khun paranee had fallen ontop of khun siraphat and khun piya walked right in at same time.

khun paranee went to go wash her face and khun piya goes off on her again. khun paranee says for the last time "i'm not trying to take anyone's love away from anyone". khun piya finds another excuse to take khun siraphat away when he wanted to talk to khun paranee. when khun siraphat went home he thought of the fall. he thinks she's very familiar.

at the hospital they go visit paa raapee. loong gaamnun, khun siraphat and his parents and khun piya had come to visit along they bring food. paa raapee gives khun piya some evil looks. throws candy at her and says she's evil. then goes later and tries to choke her. khun sirayoot comes to visit his aunt too after everyone had already left. he says he'll get her out of her. she's happy and she says remember you still have me.

everyone in the family has noticed khun sirayoot condition. that he might go a little crazy so they want to inform him that they love him very much. they don't want him to get as bad as paa raapee is. so they want to make a party for him and also his birthday come up. khun aon (khun siraphat's mother) asks the boss of khun paranee to ask her to help with this function. khun paranee doesn't want to do anything else involving the family it's too hard for her. nong pee comes to beg her to please do this. she gives in to nong pee and goes to the house where khun siraphat was asking about the decorations and organization. he mentions shes' perfect for this and such a great person no wonder his mother chooses her. khun piya interrupts as khun siraphat wanted to go look at the garden with khun paranee. khun piya succeeds in having khun siraphat leave khun paranee as they go shop for khun sirayoot's present. khun paranee is left hurt and nong pee was standing in the background. he comes over and hugs her and says he loves her. she says she loves nong pee too and they hug such a sad/sweet scene.

it's nighttime and it's party of khun sirayoot. he sees a lot of people giving him presents and then he sees a big projector that has videos and pictures of him and his father. his father is narrating that he's a big famous singer but no matter if he doesn't have this. he has his family. everyone loves him and a lot of friends love him too. happy birthday khun sirayoot! he's feeling loved and this can really change him too; however, he's also sad too because everyone went to tell him happy birthday and they love him except khun piya. he sort of sadden with this.

parents of khun siraphat goes to thanks khun paranee for such a great job on the party. they love it and it came out better than they had invisioned. they are very happy with the outcome. khun paranee says your welcome it was no problem and then she says, "please excuse me" with a smile on her face yet also a curious smile...she goes to leave and episode ends.


tomorrow should be fun ^_^ my thoughts are khun siraphat is starting to remember but maybe this will not end as soon as i thought.

if want to know my thoughts highlight below:

the reason why i say this they will need to find out the necklace first and at the same time khun paranee will be leaving the country. this is my thoughts. :sweat:


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^Thanks diane for the summary. I haven't seen these episodes yet so I guess I'll watch them altogether. Can't wait. :w000t:


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thanks for ur summaries diane! u're a so great fan!!!

i've just seen the last episode..so sad for noon...
i hate piya!! she took the necklace from noon....

mos seems to remember something...

does anyone know where i could download the themesong mos sings? and the opening credits? thankxxx


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alyssia said:
thanks for ur summaries diane! u're a so great fan!!!

i've just seen the last episode..so sad for noon...
i hate piya!! she took the necklace from noon....

mos seems to remember something...

does anyone know where i could download the themesong mos sings? and the opening credits? thankxxx
Lots of ppl, including me, like the songs for this lakorn, both the themesong and ending song. :)

Here it is!