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Sorry everyone! i haven't been on even if my page was on. i didn't exit out so yea! oh.. and if Stardust wants to help me with half of it then it's fine with me cause all of my translations are gone from restoring my comp from having virus. Stardust.. just tell me what pt you're doing and i'll finish the rest.. i still have other translations to do also! :D oh yea.. P'Maya, i'll get my translations done on time!




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Welcome back, Linda. I surely misses you. Well, stupid viruses. Thank God you're back. Alleluia! :clap:

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According to the YouTube demographics tool, it said that there were a few percentage of males who watched and subscribed to our channel. So yes, guys do watch kisses and slaps. :slapandkissse3: But basically, the females dominated about 95% out of 100%. :lol:


sarNie Hatchling
Welcome back, Linda. I surely misses you. Well, stupid viruses. Thank God you're back. Alleluia! :clap:

Wait, Linda, you're a boy, right? *Crosses fingers* Let not be that girly name to fool me. :lol:

Just kidding. :tease:

According to the YouTube demographics tool, it said that there were a few percentage of males who watched and subscribed to our channel. So yes, guys do watch kisses and slaps. :slapandkissse3: But basically, the females dominated about 95% out of 100%. :lol:

Sorry P' Thuy! I'm not a guy.. haha.. and thnx! now im bak to kick ass! haha yea... i like almost finished wid my ep 16 translations but then stupid virus! first i thought i sent them to you already but i checked and i didn't and im super mad! nd yea thats good that guys watches those kind of movies too cause my bros and them don;t!




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I probably won't be able to finish 8.7 and 8.8 by tomorrow if you wanted me to do them.

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Yes Thuy I'll do the timing for that, I should have time today, because I think I get the hang of the new programs somewhat now, if I follow it step by step. :lol:
Just send me the translations that is already grammar check and you have look thru it already ok.
When you're done with 8.1 or 8.2 today, just send it to me ok... I'm sure I can get it to YT if not tomorrow then Tuesday for sure. But we will wait and see though. :lol: lolz.


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Is the 8.8 been checked yet? Alright, let me check it then. I'll send to you the final translation fixes soon.

Timers: Do not do timing for sounds such as laughing "hahhaha," yelling "oiw!!!" "owwww," crying in pain "oi!" "ouch!," or "hmm . . . ." "huh." These kind of words and sounds are unnecessary. Just translate the speaker dialogue.


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Sorry, I didn't watch the video while checking this so I don't know if the punctuation should be a period or an exclamation.
Final checking

Maid: Hey! Same people, back stabbing each other.

TF: Aunt, what are you saying?

Maid: Is . . .

TF: This means Lookchin drank his milk before he went to sleep last night?

Maid: Yes! Last night I saw Woonsen put something in the milk and stirred it like this, and the glass of milk looks exactly like this in the map room.

TF: Aunt, may you please get a cool towel and wipe Lookchin for me in case he wakes up faster?

Maid: Yes.

TF: Thank you. Aunt, if you wipe him and he still isn't awake, may you please tell me right away?

Maid: Yes.

TF: Thank you. Woonsen, you over did it for sure.

TC: Aunt Goey.

Maid: Yes?

TC: What are you doing?

Maid: I was going to bring a cool towel to wipe Lookchin’s body. You see, he was asleep since yesterday night. Until tonight, he isn't awake yet.

TC: What? His sister doesn’t know?

Maid: She knew already.

TC: Then how come she didn't take care of her brother?

Maid: She did already but right now, she rushed out to check on something. I don’t know what's at the map room.

TC: Okay then. Aunt Goey, go check on Lookchin and if he is not awake after you wiped his body, hurry and come and tell me.

Maid; Yes.

TF: Sleeping medicine for real.

TC: Why did you give the dog's sleeping medicine, Torfun?

TF: Hey, give it back.

TC: You're afraid I will have proof to trial you about last night? Because you want a guy to go in your room, you have to put your brother to sleep so he wouldn’t sleep with you and becomes nuisance?

TF: I don’t want to be rough. Bad mouth, evil heart.

TC: *BLEEP* Hide behind, being a lady who pretends to be nice, loves mom but actually can’t be distracted. If someone is distracted, you'll sneak to do something behind his back.

TF: You think you’re high above the sky into the clouds? Hi-So these days, they have to be high in both minds and hearts, but you lack both that is unfixable.

TC: My heart is evil. My mouth is bad ever since you people brought this virus and spreaded through out the house. I caught evil unbalanced heart virus from you people.

TF: Those that caught evil and unbalanced heart but wouldn't go see a psychiatrist has a vaccine for a rabies dog shot instead. That is why the result is like this. Thought of biting someone but didn't think carefully first.

TC: Torfun, that is more than enough! I'm your brother! Apologize to me now!
TF: When did you thought of me as your little sister? I will not apologize.

TC: I told you to apologize!

TF: I won't apologize!

TC: You have to apologize!

Maid: K’Lookchin. K’Lookchin, wake up. Wake up, okay? Wake up please. Wake up, K’Lookchin. Wake up. Wake up please. Wake up. K’Lookchin. Don’t let anything happen. Don’t. Wake up. K’Woonsen is so evil. How can you do this to your little brother? Look at this, giving sleeping medicine to your little brother. What if he slept and won’t wake? What am I going to do? Don’t die. Son’t die, okay K’Lookchin? K’Lookchin, don’t die okay? K’Woonsen. K’Woonsen. K’Woonsen killed her little brother for sure. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. K’Lookchin is dead. Help! Help! K’Lookchin is dead. K’Lookchin is dead. K’Lookchin is dead. Help! Help! K’Lookchin is dead.

WS: Here, Lookchin. Drink and go sleep with your P’Fun.

LC: P’Woonsen and mom give me sleeping medicine. They afraid I will go protect P’Fun. They haave evil plans for sure.
Oh no, this is bad. P’Fun is in trouble.

TC: Apologize now!

TF: I won’t apologize. I do everything just for my mom only but with other people, if I’m not wrong, I’ll fight till death.

TC: Truly what you did wasn't wrong because we knew what your relationships is with Ek. But what are you going to do regarding Naetae?

TF: That is right. What am I going to do regarding K’Naetae? P’Ek is like so urban and country but so heartwarming. With K’Naetae, he is Hi-So and has class but lacks excitement. Thus, I have a problem; I can’t make up my mind.

TC: Feisty! What got into you to be so greedy regarding this? You're not greedy about that 500 millions I've gave you because you’re my little sister, but you're greedy about men. I am disgusted.

TF: That is right. I’m greedy when it comes to men. Man after man, I want to swipe them all into my arms. But too bad that we are cousins, if not I will swipe P’Tawanchai into my arm for sure.

TC: Hey, are you crazy, Torfun? Tell me what you thought and what you said is not true? You’re not as bad as you said. You’re joking and you’re playing, right, Torfun?

TF: Let go. I speak the truth. Last night, didn’t you see P’Ek come out from my bedroom? You never know, tonight might be K’Naetae.

TC: Torfun! You!

TC: Torfun, I’m sorry. Are you hurt anywhere? Torfun.

TC: I’m sorry.

TF: Get out.

NY: Tawanchai, come here.
Torfun, you’re such a thief who likes to steal someone else's stuff all the time.

WS: P’Ek called to look for you everywhere. Aren't you suppose to meet up with him at the hotel? Why let him wait? Why not hurry and go meet him?

NY: Tawanchai you’re coming with me right now. We have to talk.

WS: You can’t, I have something to talk to P’Tawanchai too.

WN: N’Fun you causing trouble again?

Maid: Help. Help. K’Lookchin won’t wake up, couldn’t wake up. I believe he’s death for sure.

TF; Lookchin.

TC: Where is Lookchin, Aunt Goey?

Maid: In the bedroom.

TF: Lookchin. Lookchin! Lookchin!

WS: Mom! I-- (put -- at the end if she got cut off when Wanna jumps in. Put . . . if she stuttering her lines. For example: "Mom, I . . . ."

WN: You killed your little brother? You killed your little brother?

LC: P’Fun. P’Fun. Where did P’Fun go?

TF/TC: Lookchin.

Maid: Oh, where has he gone to?

TF: Mom, I knew what happened to my little brother. I gave in to you on everything but with Lookchin, I'll fight you till death. How can you do that to my little brother?


sarNie Fansubber

WN: What are you talking about, N’Fun?

TF: You want to kill me. Or are you want to bring any dog to ruin me, then go ahead but don’t pull my little brother into this too. If something happens to Lookchin, I will walk out of Simantra’s immediately;and I won’t bring anything with me, not even one piece.

WN: Hey, don’t say anything crazy or talk like you’re impeaching me because I’m worrying about Lookchin too.

TF: Worry? Then what is this? Mom, you tell me what is this.

WN: Hey, are you crazy? I don’t know anything. Where did you get that bag of sleeping tablets?

TC: How did Aunt Wanna know it was sleeping tablets?

WN: Well . . . . Well, I just guess it. I don’t know anything. I didn’t do it.

LC: P’Fun

TF: Lookchin.

TC: Lookchin.

TF: Lookchin.

LC: Mom is evil and so is P’Woonsen. They gave me sleeping pills and then accused P’Fun instead.

TF: Lookchin! Lookchin!

LC: P’Fun! Nothing happens to P’Fun. I'm so happy.

TF: I’m happy too that nothing happens to you. You’re awake already. I’m really happy! Did you know that?

LC: I heard Aunt Goey said for sure that P’Woonsen gave me the sleeping pills.

TF: Yes, I believe you but right now, forget about it, okay? And don’t tell anyone what the truth is.

LC: Why not, P‘Fun?

TF: Because we are a family. We should forgive each other. However bad it is, don’t let anyone know. Don’t let anyone look at mom and your sister or us as bad people.

LC: But they did evil things.

TF: Then we have to tell them not to. Remember, don’t let the inside get out and don’t bring the outside in.

The above sentence is correct. Or if you want, you may use this sentence:
Remember, don't let the gossip gets out and don't bring the rumors in.

LC: Okay. I won’t let the inside gets out or bring the outside in, but who is going to tell mom, P’Woonsen, and P’Ek?

TF: You’re such a smart boy.

LC: If no one dares to tell them, I will tell them myself.

TF: You slept day and night and didn’t even get to eat. You'll get all dizzy. Go eat. Go.

LC: P’Fun feed me, okay?

TF: Yes.

NY: No matter what, I will tell Tawanchai that you and your mom gave sleeping pills to your little brother so they can kick you out.

Guard: Big trouble now.

WS: So scary. I will tell my sister to kick you out of the house by saying that you’re accusing me and mom.

NY: My ears were not deaf, and I was not stupid so that I can’t put words together to say you and your mom gave the medicine to your own brother.

Guard: Can I stop this? Wait. Wait. Stop or not? Stop or not?

WS: You don't even know enough of my mom. I’m warning you!

NY: I want to tell you that I knew the secret about your mom and A’Ek.

WS: You! Mom, she accused you and I by saying that she knew the secret between you and A'P’Ek.

WN: What?

NY: Secret of the devil like you guys should be out to the open. Both mom and daughter have amnesia, which makes you forgetting about your own evilness.

Guard: No! No! Stop! No, don’t gang up. Gosh. Dead, dead, dead.

TF: Hey, what are you going to eat, Lookchin?

Guard: What am I going to do?

LC: Mom’s voice. P’Woonsen’s voice.

TF: That is Nokyoong’s voice.
Lookchin, wait for me here. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere, okay?

Guard: No! Don’t, K’Nokyoong. Don’t. Don’t push. Don’t.

NY: The other time I shot just close enough, but today I will shoot right at the bull eye.

TC: Nokyoong, don’t. Don’t, Nokyoong. What’s happening here?

WN: K’Tawanchai’s fiancé is going crazy. Suddenly she just accuses me.

WS: That is true. She accused me and mom.

NY: I didn’t accuse anyone. I saw your secret with my own eyes.

TC: What secret, Nokyoong?

TF: Here are your shoes.

NY: You too. You’re all garbage-virus. Each day, you only think of stealing others' man.

TF: You can say whatever about us. It’s up to your dirty mouth. But what is the real me, I know myself.

NY: The real you have no value. Always find a way to better off your life by digging and poking wealthy and famous men to become yours, you are bad since the day you pretended to get hit by the car and asked for money.

TF: I did it for real, and I dare to accept it. But what about you? Have you ever done bad things and then hided it behind dark shadow? Hey, you’re not afraid that someday good karma will have a hand that pushes it out in the open and spread it all over?

WN: That is good, N’Fun. This is it. You have to fight for me and do it for me.

WS: Excellent. She was about to expose mom about A'P’Ek, threaten behind her back. If not, you are rebellious child.

WN: So how was it to meet with my daughter’s colorful mouth? Speechless! Lights out!

TC: What is this?

TF: Go ask each other yourself.

NY: Wanna and Woonsen gave medicine to that kid Lookchin and A'Ek, he's--

TC: He walked out of Torfun’s bedroom last night. I saw it with my own eyes. Nokyoong, why are you accusing those two?

NY: Stupid! Light ears! You got tricked by those people who captured men. They covered your eyes until you're blind. Tawanchai, I am so disappointed in you.


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It's for Maya. It's the final checking before she encodes.

Maya, I won't have the time to do timing check on 8.1 to 8.4 nor 8.7 or 8.8.

BTW, when you do timing checking, make sure when the line pops up at the indicated time, you can read it all. If you can't read the sentence, the line is too long. When it's too long, you will have to cut the line here and there and put another time for it. If we have a long line, then the subtitle will take over the screen. Last time, I have like 5 lines for a long sentence; hence, it wouldn't look nice because the viewers won't be able to see the actor's/actress's face during the conversation. Here is an example if you're confused:

BAD: wish you were my daughter. If only my real daughter was half as great as you, I'll be happy. Torfun, can yo?
One time frame for these long lines.

Time #1: I wish you were my daughter.
Time #2: If only my real daughter was half as great as you, I'll be happy.
Time #3: Torfun, can you be my daughter?

The lines are divided with different time.


sarNie Oldmaid
It's alright Thuy. I'll work on it tonight.

I'm just having problem with the final process, with resizing stuffs. I left you another question there, can you check.


sarNie Fansubber
I've answered the question. What a bad luck. Technology just keeps on fooling around with innocent folks. :lol:


sarNie Fansubber
We're struggling with this project. lol I don't know how we going to do the next when everyone is busy. ^_^


sarNie Oldmaid
Final checking

TF: That is right. I’m greedy when it comes to men. Man after man, I want to swipe them all into my arms. But too bad that we are cousins, if not I will swipe P’Tawanchai into my arm for sure.
:lol: HEY, who changed my translations? LOL She is not talking about her arms... she is talking about her 'harem' like the middle east men have a harem of wives/mistresses etc. :p LOL.


sarNie Egg
SCENE 9.6 Grammar Checked from Reachy (Maya)

NY: What is this? Where did she study English?

TC: That’s right, how can that be?

TF: Thank you very much for helping me to show off my extra talent, even though no one has thought of or ever seen it before. (Maya: I think it is not suitable to use ‘even though’ here, for the second part: ‘…extra talent. No one has thought of or ever seen it before.’)

D: Torfun.

WS: Mom, how do I look? I don’t have confidence at all.

WN: What can we do, dress for only 999.B when wearing we don’t have 100% confident like this. (Maya: I don’t understand about 999.B. How about put in this way: ‘What can we do? These dresses look only 999. B when we wear them. We can’t have 100% confidence.)

WS: Nokyoong, she meant to cause trouble for us. Wait… I will hit her back.

Speaker: Please welcome all guests join in dinner.

WS: I’m hungry, let’s go to eat mom.

WN: A while ago I saw lots of food look so delicious. Let’s go Woonsen.

NT: You’re great Torfun.

TF: Thank you. Honestly I do like English. I even went for an exam and got scholarship already, but I probably wouldn’t even think of going to study since I am worrying about Lookchin.

TC: Thank you for getting here on time, Torfun. I’d like to congratulate that you speak English very well.

NY: Naetae, you trained her really well. She memorized it like a parrot.

NT: K’Torfun didn’t memorize it but study it.

D: Torfun you speak English really well.

TF: Thank you.

D: I have something talk to you.

J: Please Torfun, my wife wants to say sorry to you. Give her a chance, ok?


J: Yes.

WS: P’Tawanchai, I’m back.

WN: We both bought a new dress already.

NY: Just a glance, I knew right away this dress is 999.B only.

TC: Nokyoong, go to take care of guests at the other side.
Aunt Wanna, Woonsen excuse me, why don’t you find something to eat and make yourself comfortable. Lets go.

WN: Woonsen, Woonsen. Wait until our chance. Don’t rush.

WS: Where did Nokyoong take Tawanchai? This is crazy.

D: We met again Woonsen.

WS: Met again, and then what? How did you get in this party? Did you use my sister to get you in?

TF: Woonsen, K’Deurn is a business partner with me and P’Tawanchai.

WS: Err …P’Fun, have you seen K’Tawanchai?

TF: No, I haven’t. Woonsen… mom… Don’t bother him.
K’ Deurn, please go inside, foods is inside.

D: OK, let’s go.

WN: Woonsen, where were you?

WS: Went to look for K’Tawanchai. Mom a while ago P’Fun came with one lady. They acted like they are mother and daughter.

WN: A person lack love and warmness. (Maya: can I put in this way: That person must be lack of love and warmness) ,too bad for her. Who cares, ok. Lets go inside.

TF: K’Deurn I brought you some food.

D: Thank you, you got me food already, now please give me a chance to be your mother.

TF: Thank you.

WS: Mom I like this kind of party.

WN: This kind of party? I’m so used to it. I came so often before.

WS: Then I’ll see you at table, ok? mom.

WN: Sure.

D: Sorry.

WN: I don’t accept…


WN: You … nang… err…you got the wrong person.

D: No, it’s not wrong, I remember, today we have to talk.

WN: You… let go of me, I told you that you got the wrong person.

D: No, No.

TF: K’Deurn. Mom

WS: Mom. Mom.

TC: Aunt Wanna.

J: Oh my god.

WN: Let go … you… crazy woman.

D: No, I will not let you go, today we have to talk.

WN: I don’t want to talk.
If you don’t let go I’ll hit your head.

D: No, No.

TF: Mom no, mom no.

WS: You… crazy woman why you bother my mom?

D: You are Wanna’s daughter too?
Wanna, tell me which one?

WN: What? What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about you, crazy woman.

WS: Crazy, what do you want from my mom?

NY: You and your bummer mom are crazy. You cause trouble with my important guest. Get out from our hi-so party. Right now!

TF: K’Deurn I have to apologize for my mom and my little sister, ok.

WS: Nang P’Fun you’re taking in this crazy woman’s side? You considered her better than our mom? “narakun!� (leave this word for now… I’m still thinking what word to use in English, I’ll fix it later LOL. (Maya: Narakun means ‘rebellious child’ in English)

WN: Woonsen, I told you to hurry up and leave this party. Hurry! lets go. Hurry!

D: No! Hold this lady.

J: This woman is a thief.

WS: You’re the one that is a thief.

WN: Woonsen, no Woonsen.

TC: Aunt Wanna, what did you steal from K’Deurn?

NT: Is there some mistake?

WS: You two are really bad. You two and nang P’Fun accused my mom. Don’t touch my mom.
Nang P’Fun you ‘ack katan you� you suppose to help mom, but instead you help mom’s enemy. (ack katan you ***leave this word for now… I’m still thinking what word to use in English, I’ll fix it later LOL.)

TF: Woonsen.

NY: K’Deurn Can you tell me what it is? Tell me.

D: Is both of us. (Maya: can I change it as ‘It is about us’)

WN: Stop right now, if you don’t stop speaking crazy stuff, your dreams will disappear till you died. Remember that, you crazy woman.
Lets go Woonsen.

J: I swear my darling is not crazy. I can tell you the truth, that, that woman stole what from my darling.

Everyone: What is it?

D: No John, I don’t want my dreams to disappear, I want to negotiate with her peacefully.

NY: It’s too much. Your mom ruined my hi-so party because of low class persons like you guys.

TF: K’Deurn I will take you to clean up your dirty dress ok.

D: Good, I have something to talk to you.

NY: No need. You might not be ashamed, but Tawanchai and I are ashamed on behalf of your mom and sister. If you want to help, get out of our party, get out.

D: Don‘t worry, I can take care of it.

NY: You’re our special guest. We have to take care of you. K’Deurn I want to help you, can you tell me what had been stolen from you? It’s diamond?

D: The thing she stolen from me values more than diamond. For me, it is worth more than anything in this World.

NY: Can you tell me what it is? I promise I will help.

D: You can’t help. I knew Wanna well. This is a sensitive situation. I will try myself by using softness.

NY: Softness with a low class is not going to work. Oh sorry, this relates to Torfun too right?

D: If it relates to Torfun I will be really happy, but that will depend on Wanna. Only Wanna can tell me.

EK: Hey, what is wrong with you? You act so strange and what are we doing out here?