***Super Junior***


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i just wanted to post suju's latest MV..


..bounce to you.. bounce to you.. XD


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I really like the song...it grows on you, and it reminds me of Sorry, Sorry, but more upbeat.
The guys all look great, healthy, and fit lol
I like seeing Heechul try his best in their live performances


Just plain obsessed
They're rapping up promotions for this one guys, so enjoy it while it lasts...next week is their last performance...and I love this song, it's my favorite for them.

If you want to watch subbed shows and news about Super Junior, go to http://sujuism.blogspot.com/
If you haven't seen Strong Heart yet, you have to, it's freakin' hilarious and good
You can watch their full clips at the blog


Donghae and Siwon
ah!! i just love No other songs!!! gosh i can't believe that next week is their last performance!! sigh...I watch some of the Strong Heart!!! i just love it when they make fun of Siwon!! It's too funny!!


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Their first time singing these songs together, I expected it to be so much better though...
Glad to see Siwon is back to sing his part, and they didn't even sing the song that much!!!
I don't want No Other to go...
I really liked Heechul as a blonde, too bad that was temporary
The camera got a good shot of Kyuhyun's slide
I guess we're saying good-bye to Bonamana today and good-bye to No Other tomorrow?


Just plain obsessed
Their last performance for the year :(
I feel like they just came out, and now they have to go back into the studio again...and on tour


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Super Junior M---!!!! Everyone looks great in their new MV. Loved Eunhyuk and Sungmin in the group :D Henry is cute as always :)