Thai Stars with perfect english


sarNie Adult
I don't count Patson, Teya, Ann A. etc. who were raised or lived a good chunk of their lives in the US. I think Ann A lived here until she was like a young teen no? I think Chai and Chakrit did too? Or were they just schooled in the US?

When I think of someone who can speak English I think of those that does it without what I think of as a heavy "asian" accent which would be difficult I guess if they learned it in Thai.

Muddie Murda

Joni Anwar :D (It's his first language)
Louis Scott
Anan Anwar (First language too)
Didi Anwar (First language too)
Pookie Prisana
Beam :D Just because he has an accent? Psh lol I hope you know Americans have accent too.
Briohny (She speaks reallllyyy adorable)

I want to say Earn Jirawan too because I heard her say a few words and there was no accent, but I haven't heard enough to actually know. e_e

sweet sweet

sarNie Hatchling
chakrit..he sound cute when he talk

kat english..i like her english accent
and donut i seen her on this thai talk show where they teach you english she pretty good
at it


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You guys already name some that I know, so here's some other that haven't been name :

Ya Ya Ying
Alexandra (Laotian Singer/Thai Actress) - The one that act with Weir.


there are a lot of stars who can speak english isn't it thailands second laguage? can't krit speak both english and spanish?


sarNie Adult
there are a lot of stars who can speak english isn't it thailands second laguage? can't krit speak both english and spanish?
did you see the trailer to bangkok dangerous? in spanish? no, krit can't speak spanish.


sarNie Adult
bass- hes the guy with the fro in talay....with por n jui as one of pors worker...this boy can even speak hmong....
jennifer politanon
p aonnie- although theres an accent but its hot
amy morakrot
amy k.

thats all i can think of rite now


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so far...i think chakrit has very good english....


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I'm with Jeanie, when I think of good English, I think of people who speak without a heavy 'Asian' accent. Someone with some sort of American accent, British (including Irish), South African, Aussie or Kiwi accent.

Is there another video clip of Chai and Pitta speaking English? Maybe a longer clip that has them saying more than a sentence.

Pitta's English sounds good but I can hear a hit of an accent, it's hard to tell because she was saying her English line really fast and it was a very short line.

Chai's English sounds really good but it's hard to tell because all he does is repeat the same few words over and over.

I'd have to hear more to really say for sure.

I've met people who can write in English really well but when they speak English it's like they barely know language or something.
I've also met Asians who sound American when they say certain words but when they speak more, you can tell that English isn't their first language.
I dated a guy who moved to the US when he was 9 years old and OMG his English is horrible and yet his older sisters can speak English very clearly, with barely a hint of an 'asian accent'.

I know Americans have accents (southern, valley, brooklyn, boston, etc.) too but that's not the kind of accent I'm talking about.
My dad can speak English pretty well but his English is heavily accented so you know it's not his first language and it sometimes sounds like he's pronouncing certain words wrong when really, his mouth just aren't use to forming those words.

Anyway, Kat has an English accent? I didn't know that, does anyone have a video clip?


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chai and pitta are fluent. chai went to some school i forgot lol some british intl school or somethin. i could be dead wrong LOL but i know his english is fluent. pitta she either american or same as chai went to some intl school. but i think i saw on some tv show dat she's american. i have such a bad memory my lordy. aw i forgot to mention peck palitchoke. he grew up in thailand and even went through da thai schooling system but his thai is so bad LOL dunno what happened dere. his english is fluent. dats so sad his 2nd language is more fluent than his 1st LOL


sarNie Adult
araya H does... heard her in lok mai klai tom when she was speaking to a client.

Por N does too. heard him in one of his lakorn with jui.

i heard a lil snippet of Puri and the way he spoke was kute!

paula taylor definitely!
I agree with araya...she spoke perfect english. I saw a show where she interview Natalie Gabova she speaks very good.


sarNie Egg
Pitta went to school in Australia actually..if I remember correctly, so she is fluent in doubt.

Janie is fluent as well. She replies back in English at times as well. I totally forgot about Mike and Loogkade..of course those two are fluent, since they were born in the states.