Thai Stars with perfect english


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thanks for the clip of janie.
i am surprised also i had no clue she used to live in the US.
gosh i hopen to meet all of them who can speak english someday,
lol since i don't know any thai just sawadee krup, bpai, e bak, kob koon ha...


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sek loso is the best, he speaks british english. so posh! and i heard he learned it in 6 months. go sek


anie's bb [c] D=
^Me too, never knew that she could speak english. But I think can speak:
It's just that in lakorns that don't speak english for to long, like they say a line and that's it.


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araya h. has an asian accent, but not a strongf one. i heard her from one of the talk shows. i think she mightr have grammatical issues too.


I would take out Ann T, Por N and Mos from the list as they have heavy accents when they speak.

Has anyone actually heard Aum A speak English?


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when aum writes it's fob so i wouldn't say he can speak it well. oh yea did anybody mention briohny? i know she long gone lol but she speaks english very well


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thanks for the clip...yeah, chai and pitta's english is very good. i have to laugh, though, b/c chai's english is so good that he sounds exactly like an Asian American guy...i don't know how to describe it, but sometimes i can close my eyes, hear a guy speak english, and know he's's not an's just some kind of speaking quality.

as for pitta, i have to say that i suspect she speaks more english than thai. her thai actually has an english accent. it's like that for me. i speak more english than my other language so when i speak the other one, the sound of certain words is always slightly off.

and lastly, i can't help but comment on how much that clip made me want to watch chai and pitta in this lakorn...they are so cute together...gosh i never thought i'd say this, but i actually can see chai as a leading p'ek...guess he just needed the right n'ek...and she just happens to be pitta...they've got chemistry...gotta look this one up and watch.


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ohhhhh and sirita jensen too right? i aint never heard her speak english but her thai sure do have a accent. oh my jeezus i can't believe i forgot ploy cherman. lol dhurrrr she's a rare one. she speak english like a native and thai like a native


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willy and mam surprisingly don't have "perfect english." They speak it but I wouldn't call it perfect, it's strange. Like watch fai thang see for willy and mam and tangs lakorn in New York you'll see what I'm talking about. Through lakorns talk shows etc. I've heard Pete, funny he was a fob in Province 77, Chai, Chakrit, Pop Areeya, Araya Hagert, Joni, Taya, Earn, vicki and her bro, Bee Bandit are quite fluent.


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no sorry i don't have any clips of ploy speaking english. i think she used to vj in english. i forgot what show. i saw her on dat show a lot dats how i know.


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omg what a surpise. i didn't know that neither ploy or janie could speak in english.

Kat English
Tata Young
Joni Anwar & his brothers
Paula Taylor
Louis Scott
Metinee Kingpayon & her brothers
Pookie Prisana
Ramona & her sisters


sarNie Oldmaid
omg what a surpise. i didn't know that neither ploy or janie could speak in english.
it's cause they speak thai like natives. some people when they're exposed to another language a lot and become fluent they lose touch of da language their parents spoke to them.


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Here's my list of Thai Stars with perfect english:

Dan Danai
Paula Teylor
Teya Roger
Tata Young
Jennifer (Show Girls)
Sara Malakun land
Bua Chompoo Ford
Poo Priya
This is all I can think of as for now...


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oh yeaaa dan danai! where is he? lol nobody mentioned ananda. ohhh and an obvious one poo praiya oh yea and dat man she dated joey boy :wacko:


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alex rendall, joni anwar and anan anwar all went to the same school a british international school in bangkok ... bangkok patana school thats how they can speak english so well
LOL, did someone mention Charm, Lydia and Mr. D yet? Well, Lydia & Charm used to go to my school (ISB) and Mr. D is in my grade :S They all speak fluent English.


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what happened to Diana Chungjintanakan? ("Nong Di+") lol the girl speaks like five languages including english.

sorry, but P'Pepper shouldn't be in the list (i went to both of his concerts in L.A).. even though he earned his master's degree from the states. XD!!

and what about Pinky and Pancake? no?