The Alluring Vixen


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***This is only an introduction, my beginning may not go with the title right now I'll write more on the story later but now I need to get back to my typing. Enjoy!***

"No they will not live with us. They will live in that old shack that is meant for them."
"Or do you want to live with them?"

Rome still remembers the cold hearted mother that left them for a man. After the death of their father she married a rich man and moved to a mansion two blocks from their old shack. He was only nine at the time and caring for his younger brother Aum who was only five. One night they didn't have another to eat so Rome took Aum with him to visit their mother. He knocked on the door, it was late at night just past midnight the night was windy, his step-father opened the door.

"What do you two bastards want?! Do you not know how late it is, people are sleeping!"
"Sorry but we have nothing to eat."
"Go dig in the trash there's nothing here for you." He shut the door. Aum started to cry, Rome comfort him "Don't worry I'll get you something to eat."
Aum: "Rome I'm cold and hungry." He starts to shiver.
Rome knocked on the door again and this time his mother opened.
Rome: "Mom, can we get some food and blankets it's cold."
She looked at them then shut the door behind her. Isra took them to the servant house and made them some food. Afterwords she told them to wait while she grabs some blanket. She came out after a while and gave them two thick blankets and sent them back home. Aum got sleepy half way home so Rome gave him a piggy back ride. When they got home he put Aum to sleep on the mattress and covered him with the blanket. He slept next to Aum wrapping the blanket tightly around his body.
The next day Aum woke up crying for food again and Rome didn't know where to get food so he said they'll walk back to their mom's house. When they arrived the maid said his mother wasn't home. Virote got annoyed with them and told the servants to quickly feed them and pack them enough food for the rest of the day. He decide that those two bastard kids of hers won't stop coming so he decide to move.

Rome and Aum took the food home and saved some for lunch and dinner. They barely had any clothing, before their mother re-married their family were farmers. After their father's death his mother didn't want to work anymore and wanted the luxury life. Though they were poor his father could support their family to eat and wear decent clothing from day to day. Tomorrow was Rome's birthday, he wasn't like any ten year old. Rome grew up faster than others and could pass for a twelve year old. The next day they woke up Aum suggest they ask their mom for a birthday present.

Aum: "P'Rome why don't we ask mom to take us out it's your birthday."
Rome: "Aum, we can't do that, it's not our father's money and it's rude."
Aum: "How? She's our mother."
Rome: "But he's not our father. Don't ask from others I can provide it for you."
Aum: "Then can't we ask for some money?"
Rome: "We'll see." When they got there no one answered there was a sign that said : MOVED.
Aum: "What's wrong P'Rome how come no one is answering?"
Rome: "Aum, they've moved."
Aum: "What do you mean?"
Rome: "They left."
Aum: "Mommy abandoned us!" He started to cry. Rome reassured him everything was going to be okay but he just kept shaking his head and saying no, bring me back mommy. Rome finally got up to shush and took him home.

Rome: "Aum, I'm going to find a job, you can eat my dinner from last night, stay inside the shack and don't go anywhere or you might get lost okay?" He nods his head. Rome goes out and finds a job at a restaurant, the lady who hired him was suspicious but Rome said he was really thirteen, it was his birthday. The lady was nice she knew Rome probably wasn't his age, she felt pity for him, he had a torn shirt and looked dirty. But nowadays children were working to support their family and when Rome added that he had a sick mother at home she couldn't refuse him. After working there for a while Rome learned that the nice lady was divorced, her husband left her for a younger woman because she couldn't conceive. She always wanted children. Rome felt pity for her, if only she wanted him and Aum. One day Rome went home for lunch but really to make food for Aum because he's probably going to be hungry when he gets home from school. The nice lady, Mali saw him walking home and followed him. She peaked into the house and saw Rome cooking but no parents didn't Rome say he's mother always stayed home?
Mali: "Rome." Rome jumped a little frighten.
Rome: "Khun Mali...."
Mali: "Where's your mother? May I speak to her?"
Rome: "She's....." He started to cry.
Mali quickly ran over and hugged him, "What's wrong?" Rome told her the whole story and she cried with him. Two people who have been left behind, "Rome, don't cry anymore I'll take care of you and your brother okay?"
Rome: "Really?" His heart lifted.
Mali: "Of course, I've always wanted children, remember?"
From then on Mali became mom.


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Aww...poor little souls. :(
How could their mother be such a bitch and her new husband's a bastard; I hope they suffer later on.


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yeah ATeam n RTeam...I know i'm gonna love this already! :D
Thanks for reading stay tune! LOL I'm going to make this into a fan-fiction lakorn writing in episodes.


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awww Rome had to grow up so fast to provide food and shelter for him and Aum. their real mom is MEAN >< at least the nice lady is going to take them in.


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always ateam and rteam. you planning to update anytime soon? I wonder since they're brothers, are the main girls sisters too or best friends? I want to read more.