The Marriage "Ch29" 10.09.13 ENDING


FF Writer!! Love it!
The Marriage
Four different people, four different story, two couples, four hearts, two marriages and our lives intertwine.
A heart of ours different from one another, one's cold, another's sweet, others determined and lastly strong hearted. A love at the crying sea, a love stuck in time, another love unpredictable and a love unseen.
A quiet, silencing marriage, cold and bitter, lost in a world of the past, a world that was fill with great emptiness it couldn't be overcome and a lover who was gone. Stuck in a habit, drunkenness, business and an unseen playback of the past, or either a dangerous bam and bickering marriage; caught in between a thin line of hatred and protection. Blinded by determination and a love was unseen by hatred.
But these two marriages also had one thing in common, they all were stubborn and clouded by a past and present.
Mark and Mint are also in here but i haven't yet made the cover for it but i will make it so will have to wait to see there cover also!! :)


FF Writer!! Love it!
Oops i just notice that on my last ff i said i was going to title it Sea Soul sorry gals who read my last ff Angels! I changed it to The Marriage!!! Hope you gals who follow along with follow this one also!! Between two whole different marriages that are very different from another and also this will be the continued of my OneShot Sea and Wind!! :) ^_^


FF Writer!! Love it!

The Marriage


Barry Nadech as Pitt
Mark Prin as Chai
Yaya Urassaya as Veela
Mint Chalida as Seena

Veela then jerked to the side and woke up in a shock after that, even the dream still felt so real. She was breathing rather harsh and closed her eyes to reassure herself. Her room laid dark and when she open her eyes again and looked around, Pitt was there. Her heart jumped frighten for a second as her throat was caught up in a knot and she blinked several times to adjust if she was seeing things correctly. He was just sitting there from the edge of her bed watching her sleep. Why? Has he always done this without her knowing? She rose up from her bed sitting there and said, “What are you doing? You scared me.” Veela says removing her blankets.

Hello girls, coming by to add this only, Mark and Mint wont come into the story until Chapter 2 so bare with me. I will update chapter 1 as soon as i'm done with chapter 1, almost done!! :)


FF Writer!! Love it!
The Marriage


Barry Nadech as Pitt
Mark Prin as Chai
Yaya Urassaya as Veela
Mint Chalida as Seena

Chapter 1

After his death you would have thought of nothing more but I was wrong, I thought if him every day and it brought more pain and memories.

“Remembering every moment of us, of how we often visit the sea or even our childhood lives and how we grew up loving one another. I lost him in the long run and now I miss him. How I regret not being able to be there for him, his last breath was gone before I could reach him and now after 3 years of my life have gotten married to a man who was cold as ice. Darky then the sea itself he was a cold man and I would had never imagine myself getting married to a man like him. Bitter as the darkness in hell and he….he was the exact opposite of you Sai. He never talks to me nor did he ever lay a finger on me.

I miss the touch of you Sai. I miss everything about you. I wish you would have told me. I wish you would here. I miss our happiness, our love, your warmth everything that was us. When we argued we always made up. When we misunderstood one another we always found the chance to talk it out and that was made us stronger. We were the wind, the sea remembers? Do you hear me? If you’re here answer me will you?” Veela yelled out to the sea, her expression took pity; her tears fell gradually in pain. The color of her skin grew pale and her body ached for warmth. Even when she was piled up in layers of cloths, she felt nothing but a cold shivering body that was useless and couldn’t do anything. Her breath foggy as the clouds, her shivering lips and her crumble up little fingers in her lap as she sat their upon the sand and she cried out in pain of nothing more than missing him.

She sat there for hours and hours but then again it felt like minutes had just past and gone by. Her tears fell until they could no longer fall. Her voice grew tiresome and sore, she could no longer voice out her own voice. Her screaming stop as the sea echoed out silencing her to listen. It had become cloudy as thunder roar across the sadden sky that played along with her deep depression. The gods had seemed anger with her and caused a fit about it, lighting thunder and slashed through the cotton clouds as if Zeus was warning her to stop her cries from reaching the great heavens. That was how loud her pleading and grieving was and even when her throat could no longer act out with her, she was still able to make the gods mad with her actions. They hear her pain, the world did and that was why the sky had cried out for instead. Shattering thunder and lightning across the sky, making the rain fall as tears as Veela could no longer cry out her emotions.

The sky darkens more and the winds blew harsher. The current waves crashed back and forth violently as if telling her to leave before she was wash into the sea and lost forever, for beware she had been warn. The sea echoed more, the wind whistle in a tune making its own beat as the sky played along with its thundering making an unknown little beat of music of its own and the rain that dripped billions in a second upon the earth.

Veela had gotten the courage to silently walk back to her car and sat their soaking wet. She finally caught up with the time and had driven home, to a cold home she had. Her husband was never with her and within the half year they have been married he never once stayed with her. They slept separately, which brought Veela to think that maybe her husband was gay. She had married him for business matters and because her parents was worried about her personal life. She agreed to marry him to get them off her back and for them to stop worrying them of her life after the death of Sai. Although, Veela thought that maybe she will find love again through this guy but to find out he was colder than the devil himself. She could never get close enough to him without him turning his back from her and he too didn’t hesitate too either. They never carried a conversation within 2 seconds and he will then leave her alone. He was all and about business affairs which were annoying at some of the times when she saw him but it was less of the problems for her to wonder about, unless when it came to her parents and her in-laws asking about a new member to the family. She would basically make up an excuse saying “were working on it” but that wasn’t really the truth when he never stayed home and they weren’t in love of course. But she had tried to talk to him some of the times but she find that it was a waste of time if he wasn’t willingly to chat with her. What could she do? She tried to get to know him more also but that didn’t seem to work as plan either. This brought her to the only question that was left.

What was wrong with the guy? Veela tried to ask his parents to find a better solution to her problem of getting to know him more but all they said was “give him time he will crawl out of his shell so be patient.”

“But how long has it been?”

Veela had come to find out not too long ago that he once was married before and after his unsuccessful marriage they had gotten divorce. Within his marriage they had been divorce for 4 years now and had gotten married to her soon after those 4 years passing. She had a pretty good idea why his ex-wife will probably wanted out of this marriage she would too if she was her, but wait this is so ironic because she is currently married to him now also. So why don’t she divorce him also? But to get back to the point maybe some of the reasons might had been:

1[sup]st[/sup]. He was gay. Maybe?

2[sup]nd[/sup]. His ex-wife found him with another man or maybe woman if he even liked woman and lastly……

3[sup]rd[/sup]. was because he never stayed home, which brought his wife to be lonely and had an affair with another man.

Which were all the three things that came to her mind at the current time of being? But she really hated it when he never really talks to her or if he does know how to speak at all. He acts as if he doesn’t have a mouth to talk with at that was a big No No for her sense she grew up being very talkative and now she is just a bit lonely talking to herself sometimes.

He was a stunning man, mescaline, tall, the cutest brown puppy eyes she has ever seen and his silky hair you would just want to rub your hands into. He was beyond words, a dreams guy with a lot of charms and yummy too and he will have the most flawless badass look when he didn’t shave, which made him look hotter and more mature but she was still deciding if he was really gay it would be ashamed if he was, sense she did get marry to him and his prefect body that was in a flawless healthiest shape you can ever imagine. She was just out of words when she saw him but lust it was all, she could never find herself falling in love with a guy like him, he was too cold for her nature. With whatever what was wrong with him, she wanted to figure it out without him knowing and asking him wasn’t an option.

But the only left was why hasn’t he done anything till now? I mean Veela was clearly hot. Her eyes sparkle brown and brought the beauty from her eyes. Her skin was prefect with her chocolate brown wavy hair and her curvy body figure that every woman will die for. She was hot, in the right shape, smart and lovely. And yet her, husband never laid a finger upon her, even when it came around to their marriage he did his best to ignore her skin or even to touch her.

Veela finally got to her house and stayed in her car for a while, to make sure she didn’t look noticeably about her swollen eyes that had clear and calm down and that she didn’t look too bad when she came back. She was able to escape the pouring rain while until she enters the house again and finally closed the door behind. The house was nothing but darkness but she shot up the lights and their sat on a stool a familiar figure sitting by the bar looking kitchen. She could only see his back and walked up to meet his face, why was he in the dark in the first place?

“Pitt, aren’t you supposed to be in London?” He looked up at her with the coldest stare, why did he seem mad for some reason?

“It’s been cancel……they didn’t want the deal anymore and demanded more from us…..” he answered with a course of chills. She knew right then why he was mad and this time wasn’t a time to be messing with him when things did not go his way. She knew he hated it when his business plans didn’t go as smoothly and will take his anger out on someone and she surely hope that person wasn’t her. She of course didn’t what to have any problems with him, without a doubt if he could and wanted too he seemed like he could had killed anyone he wanted and wouldn’t leave any traces to leading to him. She did not want to piss him off and quickly shoved the thought out of her mind rapidly before her thoughts wonder off more.

“Well….” Her voice was off for a bit, and it came back when she found it again. “It’s been a long day you should go get some rest.” Veela had said and came around to him. “I’ll take your jacket.” She said again and moved towards him but he sledded away from her, giving her a half warning look and started to walk away from her.

What was his problem? She thought and left to her room instead.


“Where is he? Tell me!” Veela demanded. She ran through the hospital until she reached the end of the hallway to the ICU where everyone waited outside waiting. Friends and family look up at her with watery eyes and their faces were emotionless with sadness. Her heart dropped suddenly and gulps down until the doors finally open and the doctor came out.

“How is he?” Veela cling onto the doctor and asked him with a shaky voice. She was eager to know the outcome and so the doctor shook his head.

“I’m sorry for your lost.” As soon as his words came out Sai’s mother fainted and his father burst into tears. Everyone there felt the same way and for their loss was no returning for Sai. But for Veela she had went into shock mode, everything was being shut from her ears and mind. Everyone was moving and crying into tears when she finally came back and pulled the doctor back.

“You have to help him; you can’t just leave him like this.”

“I’m sorry there is nothing I can do more.”

“I don’t believe you. I have to go see him for myself, I have too.” She cried out in disbelief and stormed into the room and saw the nurses covering him up with the sheets of blankets.

“This isn’t……it isn’t happening…..” she sobbed into more tears and shakily her hands came upon her face and weep to herself.

Veela then jerked to the side and woke up in a shock after that, even the dream still felt so real. She was breathing rather harsh and closed her eyes to reassure herself. Her room laid dark and when she open her eyes again and looked around, Pitt was there. Her heart jumped frighten for a second as her throat was caught up in a knot and she blinked several times to adjust if she was seeing things correctly. He was just sitting there from the edge of her bed watching her sleep. Why? Has he always done this without her knowing? She rose up from her bed sitting there and said, “What are you doing? You scared me.” Veela says removing her blankets.

“You’re seeing someone aren’t you?” Pitt question her as his eyebrows sharply curved down.

“What?” She asked again. This was not how she plans things to go out at a time like this at night or to answer any questions at all either. Her mind wasn’t thinking straight and she just didn’t see the point why he was here asking her now.

“You’re having an affair with someone?”

“What? Of course not, why would you think that?”

“Who’s Sila?”

“Who? What are you talking about?” Veela asked uncertain if she made the right choice to question him back.

Pitt stood up and walked towards her, even she tried to move back, when he came pulling her towards him to the same place she sat and continued on with question. He held tight to her arms observing her under the darkness night.

“You know who I am don’t you?” He questions her back.

“I do.”

“Then answer me, who is he.”

“Don’t know.” She answered and then he pulled her into a kiss, then pulling her back.

“Wrong answer.”

Veela then struggled and slapped him. She pushed him back but he came again and pinned her down against the bed. His lips tasted of liquor, bitter with a taste of beer.

Has he been drinking? When? Why? How come I didn’t notice him going out? Her thoughts went wild of questions but who was this Sila?

“Pitt, your drunk….come to your senses and get off of me………”

His drowsiness looked upon hers trying to clear his thoughts, she pushed him one more time and he came down releasing her hands and fell unconscious. His body was extremely heavy to lift up, she couldn't remove him but to try and use all her strength and finally when she did get him off of her half way she wiggled her way out from under him. She looked at him and sighed in disbelief why did he kiss her? Was it a punishment but why? First of all why was he in her room in the first place to question her about a guy she didn't even know that went by the name of Sila? Was he talking to her or was he talking about someone else? Now that she has thought of it she has never gone to his room before also. She had imagined dark things in there, weird paintings of some sort or even some kind of weird worshiping But wait she thought he was gay didn’t she, oh she really needs to clear this out with him. So it went dark to having bright colors and un-manly stuff in there. Maybe bright and colorful colors or gay magazines to check out some guys on there or either something including being gay. She had to snap back to her real self before her thinking went way beyond what she would had imagine or expected and didn't want to end up having a nightmare about him you know what……and of course she had nothing against a guy being gay but he was just to handsome to be including gay and it would had been a living nightmare for her sense she has been living with him for the past year already. She gone to the bathroom and took out a bowel of water and a towel to wipe him of his drunkenness but decided to take care of him until the morning had come by and the sun will be up once again, so he can wake up and leave her room.

To be continued.....


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Continued Chapter 1

The next morning had come by slowly as it dragged again and again until the sun finally rose.

Veela had woken up with a huge head ached and felt sick too but it all saved the trouble when she saw a beautiful man asleep in her bed and that was not including last night where she almost was bedded by him if he didn’t pass out. But he oh did she thought she will never get to witness such a beautiful creature asleep almost next to her and stretch out of her seat. But the view of him was so incredible her fingers found their way ghostly approaching his flesh and touched the end of his cheek. His eyes flashed open and it almost killed her when he reached for her hands, just when she was going to pull away, he grip out quickly onto her hands and was he strong enough to pull her onto the mattress again. He took her by surprise, never has she thought of this sight from happening. What was she going to do? How was she going to escape? This never happen before and she blame herself for being so clueless at this particular point. Why did she have to awake him? When she liked him still sound asleep and that he didn’t scare her as much when he was awake.

Veela could feel her heart pounding fast against her chest. Pitt lay above her, holding her down. What had caused him to make such move?

Veela panic and decided to push him but that was a problem sense he refused to let go of her. His eyes stared at hers, his body closed enough to hers, and he wasn’t use too and continued to hold tight to her wrist.

“Please can you get off of me and let me go?”

“I’m sorry about last night.” Pitt had said and released her wrist as his thumb came across against her lips and then pulled her stride of hair behind her ears and took a good look at her.

“Your lips are still swollen, I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean too.” Pitt says staring at her eyes then back at her lips. He left her room soon and she sat there confused as ever. She was finally able to maintain and breathe again; the thought that she wouldn’t be able to escape captured her mind to the darkest of all that could happen. Lucky nothing did happen and she was free to relax. Veela didn’t like the thought of him wanting to do things as his desire against her, his mood changes were weird just like a woman bring pregnant and her unpredictable mood swings.

At least Veela was able to make it to the kitchen and she made no farther moves as her maid, Aunt Mali made them there breakfast. She watches the two and the awkward atmosphere as she smiled briefly at them both.

“What’s wrong with you two? Don’t tell me you two have good news for all of us?” Aunt Mila says with a grin and gives them two plates of food.

Pitt coughs back up his cup of coffee as soon as she said that and burned himself, while Veela sat there and laugh a little. He flashes a look at her and she stopped immediately; but a small smile still hangs by her lips and she sits there quietly and innocently.

“No Aunt Mila we don’t have good news, just the usual.”

“Aw, I was thinking more than that, it’s been a year and a half and still nothing from you two. When will you process rightly? If you two don’t know how too or are too shy with each other let me teach you to do it right.”

Veela could feel her cheeks warm up but the thought was so embarrassing to her, she couldn’t help but laugh a little. If Pitt wasn’t here maybe she would had slipped out and made fun of him but sense he was sitting there she dare not too. She didn’t know what he was capable of or at least if he did have an actual problem about his sexuality. This made her laugh again.

“Is there something funny?”

“Not at all, I was just thinking…” Veela had said and smiled at him and continued to drink her tea.

He gestured a hand movement for Aunt Mila to go away and to leave him alone with Veela. Aunt Mila quickly left and Veela knew this wouldn’t be a great sign.

“Oh, what are you going to do?” Veela says getting up from her seat, slowly looking at him. But he sat there wiping away his mess he made with his drink. He made no attempt to say anything and sat there quietly.

What is he planning in his head of his? Veela thought and sat down but then he got up and so did she when he stood back up.

“Is there something wrong with you today?” Pitt manages to ask for the first time.

“No, I’m perfectly fine actually just wondering what you’re doing.”

“If you’re thinking about this morning then stop thinking about it, it was a one thing only nothing else.”

This morning? I wasn’t even thinking about that but I guess you were. Veela thought and chuckled.

He tilts his head to the side and sighs getting annoyed a bit. He fixes his shirt and unbuttons it.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Veela says stopping him as she went and held onto the back of his hands.

His eyes glares back at her then back at her hands as she quickly realizes her own self and pulls her hands away.

“I’m sorry” She echoed back at him. Pitt stood still like always and said nothing. As you can see he’s not much of a talker at all.

“I didn’t mean too.”

“It’s fine” Pitt said and took his leave upstairs.

He took each step watching and where he was going, he was an impatient person; very in fact he disliked so many things about Veela. She was too sweet, her giggles where impossible to ignore and she wasn’t his type of women. She was hard to read not like any other women he has seen, he found everything annoying about her. He couldn’t bare her or at least he didn’t like being near her, although he liked the fact that she left him alone and didn’t bother him. He had enough on his mind and didn’t want her to add to the list. You could say he has never really thought of her as a wife but a rich high-so girl who agreed to married him only. He couldn’t lie but that was the truth. He does admit though that this morning he did something he never thought of doing before and that was pulling her onto the mattress. He never thought of seeing her underneath him, he himself could say he was uncomfortable with her sometimes. She seems so innocent, so gentle, and she even sometimes look like a lost puppy in his eyes that he just couldn’t bare but try to help her. But there was only one problem he doesn’t help and he could have care less. He grew up feeling lonely and unknown, only his ex-wife was the only one who really did know him and actually cared for him until she decided to walk out. He hated thinking about her and every time he did he would get mad and go beyond his expectations. It was either taking his anger out on something or going out to drink until he finally got so drunk he will pass out and forget it until the next morning again. No one can blame him but only he, himself and that was his fault for living in his pass.
He changed his shirt and wore a black newly lined collar shirt like the usual and came back down stairs.

Veela still sat eating her breakfast and talking on the phone with her sweet voice of hers, her voice was so gently and soft when she spoke. She chuckles, and laughs talking like her usual self.

“Ahem…..” Pitt coughed a bit and came sitting down sat still eating.

Veela felt awkward at the moment and smiled briefly at him. Her eyes didn’t meet his but she knew he was looking at her. God she wish he will actually talk and stop sitting in silence for once, she too was getting annoying by him, Pitt wasn’t the only one finding her annoying.

“So…” Veela cough, “Are you going to work today?” She said wiping her mouth with her handkerchief.

“No, I’m not, not today.” Pitt said not making any other comment back and it stop there.

“So…this guy Sila….who is he?”

“No one you need to know.” He snaps back raising his voice harsher than he had wanted to come out but it did and it was actually something to make her stop speaking also.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I said something wrong. You just asked about him last night and I was just asking because I didn’t know who you were talking about.”

“He’s no one, so don’t worry about him.” Pitt says yet again and final hopes that this is the last time she is to question him. But dumb of him to already figure it out she wasn’t going to stop there with the questions.

Veela sign in a great mass of questioning, it was one of the hardest things to do and not to piss him off for the most part. Asking about Sila was a strike one already, a strike two and a three she was dead in his hands.

“Do you think that sense you’re not going to work we can discuss something?” she said and for the first time maybe he does like this question, discussing something was what he did most and for things like this he had no problem.

He twirls his fork around and damps it into his food and eating again. He turns his chair to face her and sat facing towards her, she’s got the floor and his attention was caught on her. She feels uncomfortable but was able to smile back at him.

“Well….as you see we never did talk about our marriage contract at all…I was wondering if we took the time to now.” Veela ask making sure if she didn’t slip out anything embarrassing or stupid. She look at her fingers and then back at him, but his eyes were wondering strongly on her answer as if toying with the question itself.

“The marriage? What do you want to know about it?” Pitt says sitting up in a knowingly process, acting as if he was in a meeting room right at the moment.

“Well we don’t sleep with each other, we don’t spend time with each other, we don’t do anything with each other at all and it’s been a year, your parents are worried about us.”

“My parents let them be they’ll know when to stop and us, for two people who have never been in love sleeping on the same bed, spending time with each other isn’t something to do right? What’s the point if were not in love but to force ourselves to make this work?........Would you like it to sleep with me when you know I have no feelings towards you at all?”

Veela thought about it and it makes sense but the information was a bit hard to process especially when she wanted a different answer then this.

“I…..I guess…….your right.” Veela stutter and blinked several times.

“Don’t think about it just let it soak in and it will eventually.” He sounded commanding and turn away to his plate of food again.

“Tell me about one thing first, why do you live your life in darkness and bitterness?” Veela manage to ask, she was staring at him wondering what his answer may be or to come out like. If this was one of his major’s hideouts he hid away and lock from his outer surface to face the true reality how was he really on the inside? He was as hurt as she was and he didn’t forget nor did she.

‘This is it; you’re not backing down now. This is strike three already.’ Veela thought and was happy for herself asking him an unpredictable question she never thought of asking him before.

His voice stuck for a moment and images ruined his thought of concentration, images blurry in his vision as if new to him now, like he was seeing them being play again in his mind. He did a great job at hiding them but this woman here, she was another different story. She saw right through him when he less noticed it.

How long has she known about him? Or at least observed him when he less stayed home. She made her way towards him and new exactly that he was in pain from memories of his past, memoires that he choose to closed down and lock forever in the back of his mind. His loss of words and his shocking painless eyes that took deep in thought of, he was in pain, lonely even four years now and still unforgotten about his ex-wife and when he had a new one Veela couldn’t be able to help his current wound but she can help cure it if he lets her in and opens up to her.

She took him in surprise when he less thought of, he was always so cold towards her and even now he did no thought of changing his mind or even if it wasn’t a choice at all he would still push her away. But she held onto his hand and pulled him into a gentile hug.

It was the most warmest feeling any creature could have and he does admit for the first time from what seems like a billion years had he felt something that was so warm to his touch and he does yet doesn’t feel anything but coldness when thought about his ex-wife again. He did not attempt on pulling her away, but when he least notice it again, he hated to be help and felt like she was pitying him and immediately pulled away from her.


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Thank you for the update. I like how "cold" Pitt is. It makes me anticipate the next chapter even more.


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Thank you so much, Kia for sharing another awesome fan fiction with us!

I really like the theme of this story: giving love a second chance.

Here we have two people who lost the persons they love; however, each deals with their lost differently. I don't know why Pitt's first marriage failed, but I think his ex-wife must be his first love and he must have loved her very much. His failed marriage must have left him with great pain and sorrow that caused him to become cold, isolated, and distant. I believe underneath that masked he is wearing to conceal his hurt, he is very much capable of loving and caring for others.

I really like the character of Veela here. She also lost the love of her life, but she didn't let the pain and heartache to destroy her life. She is willing to give love another chance not just for herself but also for Sai because he wanted her to be happ. He wanted her to be able to love again.

I found it funny that Veela thought her husband was gay; I would have thought the same thing. I'm glad she also thinks her husband is attractive and all that. I was touched that she was willing to reach out to Pitt and tried to understand him. Even though she didn't marry him out of love, but she is trying to be a good and dutiful wife. I admire her for that.

Keep up the great work, kia. Cannot wait to read more!

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FF Writer!! Love it!
The Marriage

Chapter 2

Seena looked at the clock and back out the balcony waiting patiently for her husband to come home. Chai has gone to work and has been ignoring her for the past days. They’ve been married for three years now and just now did they start having problems they never dealt with. They were high school sweet-hearts and they went to the same University’s; falling in love like they did and feeling the same way when they have gotten married they were together for a long time now and that’s why they have gotten married. They cared a lot for each other but somehow things had begun to get complicated. They were just not getting along well and you would think this is just like every other marriage out there, two couples having problems and soon they will forgive and make up like usual. But this has been going on for months, she tried and so did he but it never came to one final decision between the two. They never got to talk this out but a couple of times and it was always her who wanted to work things out. She was getting tired of him always being like this, some of the times he wouldn’t even come home.

Seena was Pitt’s younger sister and if he found out about this, it was going to be a huge problem between the two. As always an older sibling has to come into and try to help but this time, she was getting hurt, she was in pain, and it was suffering for her to see her husband Chai walk away from her coldly. She knew the outcome if Pitt had found out, he would of beat the shit out of Chai even without trying you would already knew the outcome. She knew he was very protective but he was over the top and had a huge temper problem when it came to things like this.

All she ever wanted was for Chai to understand her little but Chai he just refuses to, he was too stubborn to make this work and it felt like he just wasn’t into her like before. It sadden her to see him like this, she wants to end this problem and she decided tonight was going to be the night. She had too even, if it resolved into a huge fight between the two she wasn’t going to let him walk away anymore and leave her grieving over something she wasn’t sure of. Not anymore! She was going to stand strong and stand up for her women pride against her husband who has changed and forever was he cold towards her now and if it was about another women involve she was going to kill this women and kill him after that not only that but she wasn’t going to regret it but only a mere thought like that crossed her mind when she was most angry with him. She wasn’t like that but when she thought about it again, it wasn’t worth it but to let him go.

Her tears weren’t going to solve anything if he wanted to walk out and she shrug it off and wanted to ask him all these question for him to finally answer her and get this over with. She wanted this over and if he no longer felt the same what was the point of hanging onto him if he no longer felt the same. You would also want to let him go, then force him to be with you any longer. Nobody wants a soul that no longer loves you right? She didn’t want him if he no longer knew the meaning of love and marriage. She knew this was going to be a huge decision in this life of hers and getting married was one of them, but when ones decides to walk out everything is brought to heartache and pain. The memories, the scent, and the vivid images that hangs on each and the excitement of each other’s love story was a huge impact of wonderful events that happen so far. It was all going to wash into the sea and forgotten like dust that fall onto it and disappearing like nothing had happen at all.

She waited until midnight and falling asleep waiting for him to come but he just didn’t come. She waited and finally when she was fast and deep in sleep did she not wake up at all. He had finally come home and notices her sleeping by the couch waiting.

He sighs, puts down his suitcase and carries her all the way to their bedroom. He settles her down lightly and watching her sleep for the first time in a long time did he finally get to relax and just watch her sleep. He wanted to wake her up and tell her all these things but couldn’t when she had waited for him so late and needed her rest for tomorrow.

He reached up to her hair and removed it from her face and pulled it back gently against her ear.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be with her, he did. He did a lot but it’s been crazy with the misunderstanding, the arguments, the bricking and everything involving marriage he wanted to relax and just feel free like when they weren’t married at all. He was like any other guy out there and it wasn’t that he wanted to be cold towards her it came out accidently when he was the angriest and that’s what happens.

When people are angry they do stupid stuff and say a lot of dumb things that they regret. This was one of those many stuff he regrets and yes he does admit that some of the things he has ever said were harsh and hurtful but he can’t do anything to go back to the past and change it.

He slept beside of her for the rest of the night and pulled her into a tight hug when she was asleep and wanted it to be like that. He wanted to wake up not arguing and to wake up beside the most wonderful women he fell in love with. Chai wanted to wake up the next morning holding her in his arms and not wanting to think about work or anything else but to stay home with her like this forever and figure this whole misunderstanding out with her but the only problem is he wish not to lose his temper and say one of the biggest mistake he will make if he were to go off.

It may have not been such a nice long trip to their marriage life but who ever said a marriage was a happy ever after?

A marriage maybe a marriage but what it means to be married only has to do with one thing only. Two people committing to one another to stay with each other forever. However, a marriage doesn’t solve everything, it comes with complications, misunderstandings and it can be the most scaring thing in someone’s life. A marriage holds many things together but it also breaks everything away also and just because ones get married doesn’t mean your life will be prefect automatically because no one is prefect, nothing is prefect. It this includes Pitt and Veela’s marriage also.

They may have gotten married for different reasons but without a good connection or communication they could never work out because in the long run someone will back out and leave the other if they don’t step up their game to actually give each other a chance at this little thing called Love.

The sun raises high and tall in the cloudy skies as the rays shine through the windows and into their faces she slowly woke up finding herself wrapped in his arms. It was sight she felt like she hasn’t seen in a long time. She wished it to be like this but only if her thoughts of last night came to her again was she not happy about it. Her hands traced the very edge of his chin and up to his eyebrows watching him like she has ever done sense in the past. Remembering there very first night, when she was so nerves about the whole marriage and finally when it was done she broke into his hands and did he hug her tightly to sleep without any intercourse or processes of anything but a long nap beside each other that felt so eternity.

He smiled at her for the first time, when he woke up just like he has ever done before, bringing long images of them both so happy, what make it any different now? They were still the same old person they were months and months ago.

“Good morning.” He sighed and continued to lay his eyes down and sleep more.

“Good morning” Seena echoed faintly behind his tone and circle her hands into his hair.

“You’re not going to work today?” She asked him with a frown and he opens his eyes slowly watching her.

“No…..not today, I wish to stay home with my gorgeous wife. I haven’t’ stayed home with you for quite a while now and I’m sure you miss me too.”

“I do but we have to settled things too.” She sounds unpleasant, faintly does she watch him and observes his actions, his skin, his tone of voice and the color of his eyes dilating

“Which is?”

“Our problems are still not figure out yet.”

“Okay, then lets figure them out, your questions.” Chai says sitting up facing her.

“Are you having an affair with someone else?”

“No, why would you think that?” He says shifting in his spot and his hand reaching up to her cheeks.
“Then do you still love me?” She asked worried about this next question rather than the first one she had asked.

Chai was about to answer her, when his phone had gone off and they both ignored it until another call came.

“Take it, it’s probably important.” She had said again before he could answer her. She grabs his phone towards him; he gives her a look and pulls her hand down.

“No, not today, I’m not answering it; I’ve been too busy and haven’t had enough time spending with you to make all these suspicious come in between us.”

“Answer it, I’m fine with it.” Seena had said knowing she’s not really fine with him going. She knew this phone call would be about him going back to work again till midnight when he will come back home and then return back to work in the morning all over again.

“Seena….” Chai says with worry in his voice, he defiantly didn’t want to answer knowing the outcome already.

“Answer it!” Seena says again and gives him the cell and leaves.

The way she walked out ruined everything, all her important questions she’s wanted to ask him all gone once that phone call came and she wasn’t once happy about it.

Chai stood there knowing this is another messed up; this god damn cell just had to ring in the middle of everything. He closed his eyes reassuring his own feelings and answers the call in a really harsh tone.

“What!” Was all that came out, his assistant slowly speaks but all he did after the call was sighed and threw his phone down onto the bed getting ready for work again. He went and took a long shower, getting dress, and his suitcase ready again. He took the stairs down and Seena was preparing breakfast. She glanced at him then back at her own plate of food she has gotten ready.

He sat there watching her, knowing deep inside she was hurting badly. He felt guilty in ways it was better to let her go sometimes to find someone who can make her happy like before. He no longer can do that for her and it was just a very shitty feeling. He hated this feeling and was mad at himself, for letting this damn job of his get in between his love life and his work.

She came around and set up the table but made no attempts to move any farther closeness to him. He felt the distant around her and before he reaches for his food, he didn’t feel like eating and watch her eat before him instead.

She was instantly near to tears did she feel lonely, even when he was there did she feel like she wasn’t important. She continued eating; looking down onto her plate did she not look at him at all.

‘Please look up at me.’ Chai had thought with almost sadness. But he couldn’t force her too; he was at fault was he?

“I’m sorry” Chai said and without eating he left to work instead and as soon as he left she burst into tears and held everything in, she sat alone and inhaled and exhaled as long as she can to try and understand their current situation now.


sarNie Egg
Awww this chapter was bittersweet for sad but i hope that Seena and her husband will eventually fix their relationship because they really do sound good together!! Thank you for the update :]


sarNie Adult
I can feel Seena's pain. I wonder how it would be like to get married and end up like Seena and Chai. Thank you for the update. I've been busy but nothing can come between me and the laptop lol


FF Writer!! Love it!
The Marriage

Chapter 3

What happens now? Two complicated marriage and it all just seems to fit unevenly. An unending mystery after any marriage is unpredictable and untold. Who would had thought of this outcome, no one would and all they thought was, I was going to get married and I was going to love them and we will stay by each other forever. But they never thought of the future and how it was going to turn out right? And when it turns around to reality again they would think ‘shit why is this so complicated?’

But whoever said, this life was perfection?

Pitt sat back in his office with his hands covering over his face and down again to his chin. He yawn a couple times and stretch, twirling his head side to side and sat straight, getting ready to look over his stacks of papers again. It was almost midnight and he finally just sat everything down onto his desk and turned his chair around to the huge view of the dark city beyond him. Pitt stood up after the long hours of doing nothing but reading over projects and papers he needed to settled or have already settled down but to just simply look over them again. His hands crossed and relaxes his mind as he just stood there and watch the city, cars packed in traffic, men, women and children wondering around the city at a busy night like this and stores still wide awake until it finally reaches midnight it closes down and everyone will be home and asleep ready for the next day again.

His thoughts were exact in a wondering tone, wondering its way around with work and into a thought of Veela. The way she pulled him into an unexpected hug and yet he didn’t answer her question she had asked him days earlier.

It was true, he thought about her some of the times. As a wife he did think about her, how could he not? Wondering what she is doing now, or why was she still with him when he ignored her most of times. Thus he never takes the time to be with her, how could he if he wasn’t really into her yet again. His thought wonder around her more and more was he wanting to get to know her and why she had stayed with him for what felt like so long. Almost two years and he doesn’t even know anything about her.

He was annoyed by her presence, “so sweet and kind of her,” his mother would say. But he would continue back again with his mother once more.

“I’m not into her.” Pitt would say and remember his exact words with his mother before getting married to what his mother called an Angel.

“Why not?”

“Because she is too sweet mother, when I saw her walk through those doors I couldn’t even imagine my life living with her at all. It was like a living nightmare.”

“Sweet is what you need honey not stubborn, highly excepted of oneself, deliberate, and raw personality. But yes I do agree that Veela is a bit of a sweet heart, her nature is exposing to only gentleness and the very opposite of your ex-wife Maya. But at least give her a chance would you? She has come a long way here to actually achieve this decision of hers, she did not live a happy ever after ether do you know that?”
This memory was still clear to him, it was as if he had taken it to note and added it to the many things he has to remember.

He felt so lost and unspoken about his true feelings to anyone for so long. If he had not thought about Maya or Veela or even his mother nor his so called wonderful life of his, he wouldn’t had come to think of this but work instead. But know his course of thought was lost with these doubtful thoughts of actually trying to make this work out between him and Veela was actually funny to him. For once did he laugh at his thinking of actually making this work out between them both was funny to his mind.

But after a long night of actually thinking this through, he actually came to almost giving Veela a chance and then thought how impossible this was and went back to his ordinary self, cold and bitter. Taking his long break did he not feel like working anymore and decided to make it a day and went home.

Pitt stood in front of his house and walked in quietly. Remembering the memories that still haunted him, this house was and having Veela move in the first time she walked into this house was an uncomfortable sight for him to get use too. It took a long while for him to let anyone actually to enter this house after his lost marriage that he keeps replaying in his mind. He enters and walks around slowly around each and every corner of him and Maya, closing his eyes did he smell her scent still rimming around the house like a small insect hiding its way into a warm habitation. Like a fog sneaking its way around and into every corner it can find just to fill in the empty space that was left behind. As in Veela coming into this house to fill in a space that didn’t really belong to her but his ex-lover that he loved so deeply and it hurt to keep replaying the exact old memories again and again every night. This memory was like a drug and he craved to remember it when he felt too lonely. He walked every part of the house until it came to Veela’s room, her door was wide open and he walked into her room slowly did he watch her sleep for a moment until he turn his back and decided to leave her at peace sense he didn’t really want to wake her up.


Pitt then stop at her calling out in her sleep and turn once again back at her bed while she slept. He walked towards her and looked down upon her sleeping again, he looked away and then back again where he started about to leave again.

“Don’t leave!” Veela had said again and jerk to the side, her voice was in chills of pain. He then stopped once more and turns to face her again.

“Don’t leave, please.” She said once again and cried in her sleep. She held tight onto the covers and jerked again side to side was she in pain. She dreamed of Sai calling for her while she sat at the sea waiting for his return while she knew he would never return again to her side.

Pitt slowly sat down next to her did he just witness a sight he didn’t want to ever see.

He touched her wet cheeks and wiped away her tears, she slept and stopped moving but then again a huge flash of something blocked her dream and flashes of light blurry her image, waking her up so suddenly. She sat up straight looking down and closing her eyes, her lips were dry and feeling nothing but emptiness she inhaled for a very long time before releasing it to the air. But she soon realizes someone next to her and she looked up seeing him.

“What are you doing?” Veela says wiping away her wet cheeks, stuttering over her words trying to catch what was going on here. This was the second time in the night did she come finding him in her room watching her sleep.

“You were having a nightmare; I just came to see if you were alright.” Pitt says with a calm tone, his words almost sweet to her ears when she smiled up at him.

Finding himself watching her smiled up at him, he wasn’t use to. He gave no smile back his plan old usual self an old frown back at her.

“Sleep tight.” Pitt says rising up from the bed and decided to finally leave her bedroom but she stop him again. He then started to think, how many times is he going to be stop tonight from being able to reach his bedroom at all tonight.

“Did you just reach home?” Veela asked wondering, and there the questioning starts again.

“Yes.” Pitt answers and then when he was going about again, yet again was stopped.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” She had asked, already feeling the chills of rejection coming her way already, while she looked down onto her petite little fingers, her hair fell down almost down her neck while the remaining fell down her back.

Pitt was able to turn around again at her and for the first time did he notice a beauty shining down at her, she didn’t look like this when he first enter her room did she? He watched her slowly and did her image turn into Maya for a second. Shaking his head in a I’m going crazy did he thought and blinked several times to reassure his own eyes that was playing tricks on him.

Veela removed the hanging of her hair falling from her cheeks and pulled it back behind her ears and looked up at him instead.
“Will you stay with me or not?” Veela had asked again. He snapped out of his own imagination and before he thought about it he said no and then yes, I’ll stay and then no again.

“So what is it, will you stay?” She dare asked again and before she knew it he came and sat beside of her.

His hands reached up to touch the flare of her skin, tracing his hands down her jaw and slowly pulled her down to sleep did he.

“Sleep, I’ll stay, until you’ll fallen asleep then I’ll leave to my room and rest.” Pitt says in a unknowing tone and she laid back staring up over at him.

“Just sleep with me here, you’re going to work early tomorrow morning right? I don’t want to be the miss cause of you going to work tired.”

“Don’t worry I don’t sleep that much either. Just go to sleep.” He command once again and Veela moved to the side of the bed and patted down at the remaining spot that was left for him to scout in beside of her.

“I won’t bite.”

Pitt continuing wondering what else he should do, should he. It wasn’t like she was going to try and make a move against him right.

He stood a little and scouted in beside of her. For the first time he came into her room being in total conscious of himself and did he find himself over the half year and half he finally was in her bed side to side with her. She slept chilly to herself not touching him at all; she finally closed her eyes to sleep. He turns around and faced her sleeping, watching her, even when they weren’t in love of any sort somehow he enjoyed watching her sleep for once was he was not annoyed.

The next morning came up and around for what felt like only minutes had passed, Pitt was the first one to wake up as he thought to leave that early morning but he was wrong Veela was gone from his sight. He could have sworn he thought she was still sleeping next to him. For once did they share a bed for a whole night, no touching, embracing of any sort but just sleeping but one thing that came to his mind was how come I didn’t hear her wake up?

Pitt stood up hastily and wonder around the house up and down the stairs trying to find her yet again another first. Trying to find her was like a major accomplishment he felt like he needed to do and until he realized she wasn’t no were in sight. Of course he wasn’t please at the fact that she had asked him to stay with her for the night and then leave just like that.

Aunt Mila was in the kitchen earlier than he expected and threw his hand to his side.

“Is there something wrong?” Aunt Mila had asked.

“Yes, have you seen Veela this morning?”

“Yes, I did, she woke up early this morning to do something…..what was it again?” Aunt Mila was trying to think while Pitt held in his impatient. “Ah, she woke up to get ready for an anniversary it was something like that and then left, I think she said something like going to the sea.”

To be Continued