The Person Below You....


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Im Boreeeeeeeeeed outta my mind waiting for my uploads to finish so I did this topic.. so.. I started this topic again.. I think we've had this topic before.. but oh welps start it again.. and keep it clean .. no bad things!!!

The Person Below Me is Very Beautifulllll and if they say they aren't they are also a liar ^_^


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Fearless said:
Yes I know I'm beautiful!  Thanks...hahaha but I'm not a liar
The person below me is a dork.. haha
:wub: I said if you denied your beauty you would be a liar lol ....

and yes I've been told I'm a dork sigh... but what can I say its one of my better qualities... those people that call me ones knows thats the reason they love me hahah =x

*The Person Below me is thinking man I'm hungry.. and this girl is such a dork and they are smiling with a big cheesy smile like this :D


sarNie Adult
yeah im hungry after i had a 5 course chinese but yeah ok imma dork thats me

the person below me smells of chicken hehe and needs a shower :p


Ahh you CIA(Caught in action) :D :lmao:

the person below me has a dark secret...confess now!!! :lmao:


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My dark secret is that Im terrified like i mean like u don't even know it of cats :( I use to cry when i had dreams about cats :(

The Person Below me is thinking deng who are u can i get to know u sexy? lmfao just kidding.. the person below me is desperately in love with me!! haha kididn again...

The Person Below me has a secret crush on someone in sarnworld....... who is it?


sarNie Juvenile
in anyway u like...:]

i'm sweet? no, i'm not...just truthful

person below me (also very lucky) ...whats ur favorite commercial?

(hehe...stuck between mocha and...)


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My Favorite Commercial.. anything that doesn't include you.. lmfao kidding my fav commercial.... ohOOOh OOOH!! OOOH!! the oscar meyers weiners kids commercial teeheheheh those kids so cute!!

Person below me if u can ask me any question what would it be?


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i_love_redbull said:
are u in love with mr kev ;P .. hehe

the person below me loves the smell of cheese

Penny said:
ok if you say so <_< .. i hate cheese though.

person below me loves boys with guitars :D

1. I am so no in love with egghead........ or so I believe lmfao =x of course me love him he's my dorkette....... :wub:

2. I loooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boys on guitar!!!!!!! :shocked: boys in guitar=super hot!! o0o I know whose a boy with guitar... but he's my dirty little secret! lmfao just kidding hehehe!!

3. The Person Below Me wants to come run errands with me right now sigh!.. lol :rolleyes:


sarNie Juvenile
I do! :) I just need to get on an airplane 1st.

The person below me is going to generously pay for my trip to LA this October for YG's 10th Anniversary Concert where I will meet my future husband, Se7en. :p


sarNie Adult
Haha.. I'm watching a Thai movie right now and there's Thai music in it.. does that count?

The person below has done something bad today


sarNie Adult
well it is 4.24am here but im still up lol

the person below me loves spongebob and wants to marry him