Travel Freedom and Citizenship


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^One of my life goals is to migrate abroad and be a dual or a multiple citizen, from any of these countries above, I also don't mind renouncing my Philippine citizenship if needed. (specifically USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Singapore, South Korea). Not just because of the travel freedom but also it's for my future too. Though sadly some countries don't allow dual citizenship.


Full list of passport rankings:

Your thoughts on this? Is your passport powerful? Or not that powerful?
How about on dual or multiple citizenship? What are your thoughts? Are you one of them or planning to be a dual or multiple citizen in the future?

I'm from the Philippines, and the citizens of our country can only visit 61 countries visa-free. Terrible. I mean it's such a hassle to apply for a tourist visa to other countries that require it, considering the tremendous amount of requirements being asked. The feeling when you want to travel the world easily but your passport is not that powerful and you are even asked to have a large amount of money as proof of financial capacity is such a burden. Not everyone is like Bill Gates lol.

I still believe that it is also our right to travel anywhere we want and not that restricted just because you came from a developing country or even a third world/not so powerful country.
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Since the situation in the US right now is not that good I might just choose the other countries in the ones I've specified...


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I guess I should be thankful that I can visit 157 countries without having to worry about getting a visa for most of the countries. When I went to Turkey for a school trip this past May (2016), I had to get a visa. It wasn't too bad nor expensive. It was definitely a first. lol Even then, you still have to get a visa if you stay more than a certain amount of time depending on the country's law. I mostly want to visit Asia and Europe. Maybe Eurasia again too. Dual citizenship doesn't always work in every country. Say, for example, South Korea. I believe that you'll have to give up one of your citizenship at one point. Correct me if I'm wrong though. I think I am fine with just being a U.S. citizen. It's too much of a hassle getting more than 1 citizenship, especially the price for it. I mean, if I have to then I will but until then I'll just remain where I am at. :D