What are you thinking right now?


sarNie Adult
---i'm thinking in the dark cos its early and the sun is not up yet and i wonder if there will come a day when i will grow up and be the person so many people see,,, this mature someone with a sense of purpose---lol--- i'm thinking of that commercial from days gone "i don't wanna grow up cos i'm a toys R us kid" if only the challenge of being me is erased and i one day wake-up after the sunshine defines the place i'm at without my eyes,,, life will get boring with out anymore tears for things i can't have... :rolleyes:

*thinks like winnie the pooh scratching his head and trying to understand what i just said*


Lakorn Obsesser
Hmmm... This glass of mountain dew is playing tricks with me... I've been drinkning for an hour now and there are still some left... it's usually down by 1 min... i'm keeping a close on it.


sarNie Adult
this kotic song does sound good.
even though they are all different asians.
love it.


sarNie Adult
---i'm thinking something is going to happen in my future that may not be pleasant... do i take the signs litrally or do i just continue on like i'm blind... twice in that past few weeks things happen to sugest i should not go where i am suppossed to be... but i guess what ever happens its for a good reason and what ever it is i'm not showing any fear...


sarNie Adult
^^ true.
many things happen, it sways you to one answer.
it's up to you on how you interpret it.
happy thoughts!

im thinking... dang! 3 months is long, but not long enough.


Staff member

I'm thinking about how oh so beary sad I am
I really don't know why..
I really don't understand..
... the reason that my heart is hurting O'o so very bad