What Do You See?


sarNie Adult
I grew up loving Rorschach and figuring out pictures that have two actual pictures. lol. I don't know the name of it even though I like it. I find them very cunning and clever and whenever I figure them out I feel smart. Lol. Okay, so this game goes like this: I post up a Rorschach and you guys figure it out. I guess if we all agree on the answer then someone (whoever) will post another one. And we keep guessing then someone can post up another one and we guess (or find the answer). You guys get the idea, right? 
Here's the first one. 
What do you see?



Staff member
^lol - look deeper (look outside of the box)


Staff member
^Super close -- there are 5 faces.
4 around the outside and 1 in between two branches or next to the two purple flowers.
Good job!


sarNie Adult
ceci how come i cant see the 5th one, i see 1 (nxt to red flower), 2 (nxt 2 black striped white flower) and other 2 on the sides of the purple flowers, but cant find the 5th one :p


- Marina ♥
Oh my god, mind blown  :shock2: 
I can't seem to get any of these so I just wait till people post up their thoughts, hehe.
These are so fun!