What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?


sarNie Egg
Yeah it's nice to get noticed for being another ethnicity but it get annoying after awhile. I'm hmong, but I constantly get mistaken for Laotian all the freakin time and vietnamese sometimes. One time my sister friend knocked on the door, I open it and she thought she got the wrong house because she thought I was Laotain. It happens with almost every Hmong person I've meet. It's so sad when your own kind doesn't notice you :cry: .


sarNie Egg
Well guess Hmong, Thai, lao and khmer sometimes look similar? I have khmer friends who were born in Thailand.
One of my friends when I first met her I thought she was filipina but she's a dark skin thai. Many people think that my mom is korean or vietnamese. Often times we go shopping at asian stores they speak korean to her lol


Mexican, it's funny cause people would just come up to me and speak Spanish to me. I'm dark as hell in the summer but other than that I think I look like a typical Asian born in America if that makes sense??


sarNie Elites
Mexican-Hawaiian & Filipino. There was one time that I was mistaken as Chinese which totally surprised me 'cause I looked nothing like that at all but it turned out it's only word they knew <-- I find it an offense sometimes in a certain situation. :nono1:


sarNie Adult
I get mistaken for Mexican all the time! My mom even joked that maybe I got switch at birth because when she was in the hospital giving birth to me she shared a hospital room with a Mexican lady. I got mistaken for being mixed with Thai once. LOL


sarNie Oldmaid
i get mistaken for Chinese, korean, Japanese, but they ppl always think im chinese... but actually im hmong lol


sarNie Hatchling
I often have been mistaken for Chinese and Korean because I work as part timer at a local bakery where majority is Chinese and Korean. Actually I'm Vietnamese.


The most memorable for me was when I was in Korea. Someone (non-Korean) actually asked me: "Are you White?"

There was like a slight "wtf/awkward" pause for half a second from everyone at the dinner table before we all broke out laughing. We all had just met for the first time that day and we were all different shades of Asians and I believe we all were aware of that during the day time when the sun was out because we were travelling in groups around Seoul the whole day together. Put aside the fact that it's quite a strange question, the timing was also out of the blue. I mean, you ask that question after hours of travelling together? LOL. Well. Anyway, it must have been that beanie my friend let me borrow to protect my ears from the sharp, bitter winter snow and wind. It covered my dark, Asian hair. LMAO.


chinese, japanese, korean, or vietnamese. korean just throws me off lol I don't have white porcelain skin. I'm not dark either. the japanese is reasonable, my name lol...

my favorite...

Qashqai. lol I had to google. two qashqai thought I was.


sarNie Adult
Stranger: "Where you from?"
Me: "I was born and raised in America."
Stranger: "Oh. What's your ethnicity?"
Me: "Thai."
Stranger: "Taiwanese?"
Me: -_- "No Thai as in Thailand."



sarNie Adult
So many people in Detroit, when i was a kid they thought all Asian were Chinese people, SMFH. I was considered as one.
One of my class mates thought I was Thai since I never spoke Hmong and always spoke Thai. Like, "Urie, gae." or "Nee Khun."stuff like that.
I was actually called Fillipino cause I was tan when i was a kid... Also korean because I hang out my with so many Korean People.


sarNie Hatchling
Fillipino, Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese...
the funniest thing is when my mom who's Thai went to Thailand for holidays, people thought she was Italian and spoke to her in English o.0


sarNie Adult
Many people that doesn't know me, would almost always likely asking if I'm Korean, Chinese, or Vietnamese, or Taiwanese. I've never said, "yes", when people asked me if I'm Chinese, because I didn't know I have Chinese blood in me as well. However, to be honest, I do look like Chinese, so because since there have always been questions from people asking if I'm Chinese, it got me really curious of why people always ask me that. So I asked my mom yesterday, and she said my great grandfather (my mom's mom's father) is full Chinese. So I just figured out yesterday that I also have some Chinese blood in me as well.
So yes, I'm Chinese, Thai, and Laotian, but born and raised in US. However, we don't speak nor understand Chinese language because my grandma never been taught with or spoken to, in Chinese, from her dad. So my mom is half Chinese-half Thai, but in her teenage years, she migrated to Laos with her parents. All of my mom's younger brothers, my uncles, were all born and raised in Laos. My dad is full Laotian. I speak Laotian mixing with Thai to my mom at home, but I speak mostly English to my relatives.


. : Lady Yue : .
When people mistaken me for another ethnicity, I would ask them why they thought that if they didn't explain why they mistaken me for that ethnicity. Well there were 2 times when non Asians thought I am of a different Asian ethnicity. The first time 2 or 3 Hispanic ladies thought I am Tawainese because of my facial skin. They said I have good facial skin, I was quite happy hearing that because I did not have any powder, foundation or even lotion on my face but I told them I am of another Asian ethnicity. The second time a Caucasian man asked if I am Filipino. I told him that I am of another Asian ethnicity. I asked him why did he thought I am Filipino. He said because I am beautiful. YIKES! It was actually nice hearing that :). I guess after hearing my answer he probably knows that other Asian ethnicities have beautiful women too ;).

So I am not Taiwanese or Filipino ;)