What would be the first thing...

LOL to me I'd ask Pinky...

WOW I love your lakorns! You're so pretty, charming...can I have your autograph and take a picture with you?
Honestly...I might just freeze-up so I might not get to say anything at all!!!


haha. me too. I kind of don't have anything to ask them. I just appreciate looking at their work. :spin:


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lol, its really really hard!! when I met Namfon Patcharin in Thailand, the first thing I said to her, after I talked to her on the phone when I met her face to face was ... hello ... wow you look really different :lol: not like your photos or on-screen image at all lol.
She was not as chubby as she looks and was a small person, i couldn't get out much because I was so shy, she's adorable and I was feeling the heat lol. But after a few words, I asked for a hug hehehe. When you actually met someone you like, you just totally forget what you want to say lol.


haha wow if i could meet my fav. n'eks i would hope to meet Ann Alisha and Fang haha i'd prob. be like AHHHHh lol yes crazy like that hahha but i would ask for a pix/autograph and be like some hehe what's goin on w/ u and the p'eks hahhahahhah cuz i love Ann ALisha and Pepper man and Fang and Bie so yea hahah i'd make sure i'd say a lil sumthin sumthin about that ahhaha


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the bad thing for me is that i dont speak thai.

but i think 'picture' and 'sign'/'autograph' is universal, right???

n'ek... i dont know.. aum phiyada. picture. please. thank you.

i would ask... that evil girl, lizzy, from 'kaew tah pee'.
i think she's a good actress.
if you can act that evil and get youtubers to hate you,
you're a good actress, right?

i'll ask her where her inspiration comes from
when it's time to play the evil girl.
she's sooo good at it. :p


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Omgosh! If I were to see Pat Napapa... I'd... I'd... I'd freeze for about quite a while until she thinks that I'm a freak maybe, then I'd ask her... "Omgosh! I love your lakorns! I love everything about you! Can I please have your autograph and take a picture with you? I'm a really big, big, big fan! I followed all of your works since Hima Tai Prajun with Film Rathapoom. You were awesome there. It was a very amazing lakorn too! You did a great job!! You're so amazing!! Are you going to have anymore projects soon that we could look up for? Can I have your number? Pretty please?"... The last part is weird, but hey, it never hurts.lol. Of course, I'd ask her in Thai.
most of you people will embarass yourself...btw...i will too so it's normal. when you admire someone so much it's just typical that you'd freeze and look like an idiot in front of them. you say you wanna meet them but when you actually do you get so scared and also speechless. it's just weird that you only look stupid (or so you think) to the people you admire so much. the other people you don't care as much.


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i don't really know but I think that the first thing i would say is that i watch a lot of your lakorn, and can i have a picture please?.....Or get a signature from her...


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^.- i would ask noon woranuch...but i would be so in shock that i couldn't say anything so i would hug her and scream...but if there was a question, it would be take a picture and have her autograph....and if she would let me be her assistant (probably not going to happen) ^.-