What's your top 5 thai actress???


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This is hard. I have a lot but I don't have a current favorite right now (weird, I know I have a lot of actresses that I like but no favorites atm) but here's my current top 5:
1. Bee N.
2. Anne T.
3. Jui W.
4. Vill W.
5. Bow M.
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Starting off with 2016..okay, here is my list!
1. Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn
2. Kimberly Ann Voltemas
3. Mai Davika Horne
4. Jui Warattaya Nilkuha
5. Matt Peeranee Kongthai
Maybe along the year they might change but as for now that my list hehehehe!


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Newbies I love at the moment:
1) Matt Peranee
2) Taew N.
3) Mew Nittha
4) Namtarn P.
5) Mint Chalida
I also love Prang Kannuran. Five is too little for my list. Lol but these gals have got their acting down and/or improving. I feel Namtarn is way underrated, her acting is tolerable and better than many newbies. Fell in love with her and Ken T in MSN, and her acting in their was good,Ken gave her a 8/10 lol considering it was her first lakorn too. I got more but these are my favs in the most recent years.
Preaw is slowly making her way up my list. ^_^

Old Vets:
1) Aff T. (I used to be obsessed with Aff but she's been gone for awhile now. :((()
2) Cherry K.
3) Anne T
4) Noon W.
5) Janie T.


Thanks to Mai and Min now my bias list is ruined haha heres my top 2..cross that... 3 now lol

1: Mai Davika, Min Pechaya and Vill Wannarot :heart: :heart: :heart:

2,3,4,5: ............. tbd lol
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At the moment, I am enjoy watching these actresses...
Matt is my favorite all the way.
Bow M.
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3. PUNCH W (if she had better lakorns I would watch, but i love her so much)
I'm neutral with everyone else.


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My favorites are Kob, Anne, Yaya and Vill.

Also like Pooklook, Matt and Kwan but I haven't seen much of Pooklook's work to say for sure, and Kwan gets bad lakorns even if she can act. Matt also doesn't seem to get good projects often except for Ka Badin


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Lets just say my list for 2016.
  1. Mew Nittha-ch:3 (Mew is growing so much on me(sorry Vill:facepalm:))
  2. Vill Wanawat-ch:5/oneHD
  3. Min Pechaya- ch:7


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I always thought your profile pic was Jui and Tik lol. I'm watching TRKJ right now she's sooo cute
I have no L:icon12:VE for Jui:risas3:.
yea, my profile pic is Mew and Tik. I love them in "Mafia Luerd Mungkorn- Singh":love::love::love:
as much as I love Mew, I don't watch all of her lakorn. For TRKJ, I did skip a lot of the episode and jump to the cute scene.:p I can't help but watch their cuteness on the screen!


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My top 5 for this new generation:
Matt... The best actor in her generation. One of the actress that I can watch her in anything.
Bella... I like that she's not type cast and not stuck with koo-jin
Sammy C... Sexy and can act
Bow M.... She's just so damn cute. She has so much potential that will make her great actress.
Green... I just love watching her! Good actress all around.


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My list has changed.
Here is my new list of top 5 Thai actresses:

1) Matt Peeranee (I love her the most, ant she is my #1 Thai actress. She is such a talented actress, and she earn my respect for being able to portray her characters 100%)
2)Anne T (She is also a talented Thai actress, and I respect her for that too.)
3)Mew Nittha
4)Mai Davika
5)Kimberly Voltemas
Is it ok if I add one more actress
6)Ja Jittapa


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Top 5 young gen

Older generation

Aff T
Aom Phiyada
Noon W
Ann T -not her fan but good actress