Who is your favorite actress right now????


sarNie Adult
My fav actress always Noon w. and then Kob and Vicky sunisa even though haven't see her recents lakorns lately.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
my favorite actress right now is Kwan Ann Pinky Pat & then Best!

this is in order!..haha!!=]


sarNie Egg
Im with u all the way! lol
i miss her lakorns wish she would
make a comback with tik^^
meh tooo..love Aom piyada mucho..
others actress i enjoy watchin n like their actin r kwan, fang from hua jai sila, peung,...that's all i can think for right now


sarNie Oldmaid
mine are ann t, kwan, aom, pat, pinky, rita, bee n, taew...

that's all i can think of now...

oh yeah peung is pretty too! I also like her too.

these are not listed in order, because i have no orders at all.. I just love them all.