Who is your favorite actress right now????


sarNie Adult
Yaya, Kimberly, Taew, Matt, Rita, Vicky, Chompoo, Namfon, Cherry, Mai Davika, Kwan, Aff, Noon W, Namthip.


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
I'm now currently watching Pin Anong & Gerd Bhen Hong ONLY...none of ch.3 lakorn for now doesn't interst me maybe Leg Roy Ruk??? I don't know...but here my list:

1. Min Peechaya
2. Kwan Usamanee
3. Chompoo Araya
4. Ploy Cherman
5. Kimberly Ann


sarNie Juvenile
My favorite actress/singer is Bie, he's so CUTE, FUNNY, and LOVE his smile. When he smile he's sooooooooo... HOT and CUTE. Love his songs sooo... much too!!!


sarNie Hatchling
My all time fav is Kob!!! ATM my fav is Yaya and Mai D and Aff. I hope Kob and Aff can come on screen soon, miss watching them on screen!