Who Should Kimberley Pair With Next???


sarNie Tombstone
andrew and kim definitely will be so good :heart:


sarNie Egg
I think there's a shortage of male leads at channel 3. The current male gen like nadech, boy, mark, mario are turning into the older gen..the younger ones below then just aren't shing through right now. Ken, Andrew & tik are getting too old to play with younger female leads. I personally would like to see her with Lek T cause he's good but under promoted. Or Mario, cause they are so cute in their Mitsubishi TVC together. Just no Rome or Por N.


sarNie Tombstone
but i think andrew can still pair up with her,  kim much older generation for me and i really want to see her with ken the most and then andrew :p 


Miss KimBarry ❤
I'd like to see another lakorn with Kimmy & Nadech together ! They have a great chemistry  ^^
I love to see Kimmy paired with : Nadech Kugimiya, Boy Pakorn & James Ma !  :wub:  :spin:
I'd love to see her with :
  • Mario Maurer,
  • Ken Phupoom,
  • Grate Warintorn Panhakarn,
  • Toomtam Yuthana Puengklarng
  • Put Puttichai Kasetsin
 And also Navin Yavapolkul even if he's not a Pra'k  :shutup:
Also i like Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan , Rome Patchata Nampan & Stephan Santi Visaboonchai as Pra-ek ! But with Kimmy... I don't know !  :shrug:


sarNie Adult