Who Should Kimberley Pair With Next???


For me I want Kim to be paired with
1.Nadech(Missing them like hell here)
2.Rome (There so cute)
3.Smart (They were cute)
4.Boy Pakorn


I really want Kim to pair with Bie!!! That's all I really want for Kim. But some others would be Rome, Great, Boy and both Ken's. :)


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This girl on da others hand...

1. Rome Patchata
2. Grate Warintorn
3. Aum Atichart (i really miss them :cry:)
4. Ken Theeradeth
5. Boy Pakorn
6. Ken Phupoom
7. Por Thrisadee
8. Nadech Kugimiya (again lol)
9. Chakrit Yamnarn
10. Smart Krissada (agian but in a better scrip)


sarNie Egg
1. Nadech (Cuz I miss them like crazy, RP didn't do them justice)
2. Rome (I actually came upon a pic of them together just recently and gawd they look good together)
3. Ken Phupoom (Haha, just cuz I think his visual will compliment with her, he's meaty, muscular, and probably likely more stronger to carry her. Now, his working out can be put to good use)


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Sweet_09 said:
adding on my list... Pope Thanawat...they look cute together...
CR: to all da rightful owner

that would be a green light to them since Kim she's mature enough for him i'm thinking Ch3 will consider Pope as the seniors generation now 


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Hmm...top 3:
First with Boy Pakorn, just to test out their romantic chemistry
Then with Ken P because I think they'd look real cute together
Then back to Nadech because hale they make such an intense couple
Then with Mark again because they're just so dang adorable
And maybe Ken T because he's amazing and she should work with him at least once!
And Aum too because they were so lovely in TH
And Great W because I think she would be able to bring out more of his strengths in acting