Who Should Nadech Pair Up With?


sarNie Hatchling
1. P'Mint Chalida! :) : Nalida needs to happen 
2. P'Jui Warrattaya : I don't know. I think they would be an interesting pair.


sarNie Granny
i only saw one lakorn  of his , anywho the other day i saw clip of him singing w/ noona , beside bie i would like to see him w/ her in a lakorn 


sarNie Juvenile
Nalida sounds interesting (Nadech/Chalida)...but whomever Ch3 throw his way is good.  He's a versatile young actor who gives his all.


sarNie Tombstone
youngsters - Yam and Namtarn
veterans - Ploy or Chompoo they both will look hot with Nadech


sarNie Adult
sarN said:
i only saw one lakorn  of his , anywho the other day i saw clip of him singing w/ noona , beside bie i would like to see him w/ her in a lakorn

They sure will make a lovely pair. So cute together
Noona: Chan Rak Ter!
Na: But..How could we love each other, I dont even know your name! hehe


sarNie Adult
Young gen: noona and baifern, namtarn

Older gen: Jui, Noon W, Chompoo (not a huge fan of Chomp, but since he blushes around her, I want him to get his wishes lol)

Sometimes romance is not necessary to me, I want him in a ceewit lakorn where he plays as a single father to the little girl who plays nong may or little Wan from Tong Neu Gao. Or a full friendship/bromance lakorn with Mario

Basically any decent acting n looking actresses/actors out there.
Most of all, Jui Warattaya! Jui does seem to have great chemistry with her younger co-stars. For example: Tono in Buang Wan Waan and Push in Fun Feung. Plus, I think she and Nadech would make one hot couple. :D


sarNie Hatchling
He needs to do a movie with Now Tisanart lol. Well this year he's pairing up with Patricia who to me is like a miniature Yaya, Taew and Mew who is like another version of Taew so i feel as if he's with the same people haha. As long as he works with someone completely new, it's all good. Perhaps I'd like to see him and Mint Chalida since they had two unsuccessful chances to pair up. 


sarNie Adult
I want to add Na and Preem
The Fai-ka days when he's all scrawny and ugly, or is it because Chompoo is so gorgeous that she makes him look ugly lol



❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
My list for my handsome is....

1.) Mint Chalida
2.) Yam Matira
3.) Preem Ranida
4.) Bella Ranee
5.) Mai Davika (if that even possible lol)


sarNie Adult
Same age
Mat Peranee - Drama or Romantic Comedy
Margie Rasri - Romantic & feel good
Bella Ranee - Slap n Kiss or peiod
Mint Chalida - slap n kiss

Ann Thongprasom - Drama or Comedy
Chompoo Araya - Romantic Comedy
Ploy Chermarn - Drama
Sririta Jensen - Fairy Tale
Cherry or Aff - Romantic drama like Kang Lung Parp(Behind the Painting)