Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)


Just plain obsessed
Wong Wien Hua Jai
(Revolving Hearts)

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Tos Kanaphan
Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech as Bow Buphachart
Pol Poolaphat Attapanyapol as Pong Woraphong
Tarn Kanya Rattanapetch as Nee Vithinee
Kitaphat Untimanont(Jieb) as Baitong

Air date: Wed-Thurs 8:30pm

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Ch. 7

Summary translated by Stardust

A lakorn in the style of a romantic drama to show the greatness in society.
Love that happens as an effect from righteousness is mostly the ones that are full of the real happiness of love.

"Her heart, like a cartwheel without the center.
Turning shakily, out of control.
His love for her, makes her cartwheel of love have a sturdy center.
The circle drawn by two hearts becomes a full circle.
True love; fufilling hearts of both"

As soon as Buphachart, beautiful lady and overseas student, reaches Thailand,
She is faced with the bad news that her boyfriend, Woraphong, is about to marry Vithinee, Tos'; little sister and the millionaire owner of a grape vineyard.
Buphachart brings herself and her broken heart to let out her feelings at a pub somewhere and meets a pretend business man that intentionally puts something in her drink to make her follow him to record a clip video to blackmail her.

While Buphachart tries to control herself but can't and is taken outside of the pub, Tos, Vithinee’s brother, saves her in time but Buphachart is still drunk from the thing the man puts into her drink so she doesn’t talk sense. That leads to Tos having to open up a hotel room for Buphachart to stay in at the moment. The thing the man puts in her drink makes Bupachart cry and weep about the man she used to love. Added, she expresses her angry feelings to Tos one to many times. Tos keeps his cool and finally is be able to calm Buphachart down until she finally falls asleep.

In the midst of a very short night, love is lighted quickly in the heart of Tos.
He knows that he has fallen in love with the female stranger already…

Buphachart finally wakes up the next morning. Tos’ T-shirt on her body makes her misunderstand that she had lost her "body" to Tos. Without letting Tos explain, Buphachart screams and runs away out of the hotel with the feeling of sad shyness,
Not even able to her big sister, Busayaporn (of whom she really trusts).

She keeps all of her feelings inside and wishes that the man die.

Woraphong is a guy who is unsure and uncertain. When he hears of Bupachart's return, he tries to meet up with her. As soon as he meets up with her, she tries to break up with him. However, the long lasting love she used to feel makes her uncertain. He tells her that he is still in love with her forever, but since she moved away and it was too hard for him to hold onto an overseas relationship, he has been in a relationship with Vithinee until she becomes pregnant. That leads to him having to marry her her, since it was the right thing to do. He also begs for her to wait for him.

In the moment that Buphachart breaks up with Woraphong for real...no second chance,
Vithinee has arrived by following Woraphong. She slaps Buphachart and tells her that, she can only be a mia noy and that Buphachart stole someone's husband without even feeling ashamed of herself. Angry emotions make Buphachart want to win, so she tells Vithinee that Vithinee herself is the mia noy since Vithinee took Woraphong away from her. Vithinee has a heart attack so Woraphong and Buphachart take her to the hospital.

Tos hurriedly trails behind his little sister and sees his brother-in-law holding hands with Buphachart. Sorrow fills Tos’ heart. The first woman he thinks of day and night is Buphachart, and she is also the woman who may come and destroy his beloved little sister’s marriage life. Added to that, Vithinee’s explaination after she comes out of the hospital is even more visible that Buphachart is here to take back her boyfriend.

Vithinee calls Buphachart, but Buphachart’s mother, Bussaba, picks up the phone. Vithinee says bad things to Bussaba and tells Bussaba to teach her daughter not to steal someone else’s husband. Bussaba is shocked and faints. When Buphachart’s father, Rerngsak, hears of this, he is very angry. He says bad things to his daughter, thinking that she was actually going to steal someone else’s husband. Buphachart, having a “whatever I want I get” and ridicule with sarcasm personality, says that she is still in love with Woraphong and will do anything to get him back. Rerngsak, loosing his temper, says that from this day on, he and Buphachart are not related anymore.

Buphachart packs and takes all of her clothes out of the house, not listening to Bussayporn’s plea not to let Bupachart go, fearing that it would be sinful to steal someone else’s husband.

A beautiful, luxurious, city condo becomes Buphachart's secret hiding place.
Her intention was to hide from Woraphong, but in the end she couldn't. Woraphong invaded Buphachart's condo, crying because he could not leave her. The love in their relationship makes Buphachart unable to stop loving him. Tos tries to find Buphachart, leading him to the same condo. He sees her come down and send Woraphong and
misunderstands that the two have opened up a room and stayed together.

Tos knows that he must do something to separate Buphachart and Woraphong to help his younger sister and his little sister's baby to have a complete family. And the most important thing: he cannot stop his heart or say no to his longing for Buphachart...
He isn't able/does not wish to see Buphachart as his his in law's second wife.

However, Buphachart is a naughty and "what I want I get" kind of girl. How can he change her heart?

Chai, Tos' close friend, knows of Buphachart's family really well, so he is the one that gives Tos information about Buphachart's family. Tos finally decided to invade Buphachart's house in order to talk to Rerngsak ASAP. Also, he confesses "like a man should do" that he had met Buphachart accidentally. Both drunk, something happens that isn't supposed to happen. He proclaims that he has come here to "do what's right" and marry Rerngsak's youngest daugther. Rerngsak is mad and punches Tos, also telling Tos that he will report this to the police.
However, Bussayaporn stops him, fearing that Buphachart will lose face and name. So instead, Rerngsak drives Tos out of his house.

Tos doesn't decrease his level of effort and asks Rieng, Chai's father (who is familiar and knows Rerngsak), to help Tos ask for Buphachart's hand in marriage.


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Kam Tham Tee Mee Kam Tob - Tae Kanta
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Mai Roo Tua Wa Ruk Ter - Pinky Sawika

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sarNie Oldmaid
i went to search in yahoo, and found out it's a re-make. the old version was play by P"Bird Thongchai and P"Mam Thitima which air on ch 9. someone said it's a kokik cute story.


sarNie Oldmaid
remind me of like Suparb-Burut Satan with revenge and slap/kiss, someone mention maybe will be like Jum Leuy Ruk because they notice Weir grow a mustache. hope there is a baby involve in here because in SBS Pinky didn't get to film the pregnant scene.

Weir with mustache,maybe grow for this la korn?


sarNie Adult
omg..i cant wait....things aregetting so good...i like this couple too...hope to see more scene of them together..,in ther ker chit vit they have a lot together..sooooo there better be a lot in this one too.. ...


sarNie OldFart
I'm so happu they are pairing up again<3 I love Pinky with Wier, Cee and Aof. lol :p The dark guys like her, teehee but I do like her with Kade too. I can't wait for this lakorn hope it will be better than TKC! The storyline seems yummy<3 I don't think I've ever seen Wier in a revenge lakorn before. So I'm so anticipating for this :D I really don't like the mustache though, Ickkk!


sarNie Adult
Yeah I agree the mustache has got to. :/
Plus I never liked guys with mustaches either LOL.


sarNie Elites
What's on his left arm? He should grow a real beard if the role calls for it because I can't stand fake rub on mustaches.


sarNie Oldmaid
the picture is from the chinese new year event he went to,not from the la korn. the mustache does look weird on him,but if he has to grow it for the la korn at least it's real. but i prefer he doesn't have it, or if it's for only some parts not the whole la korn is fine with me, a new look sometimes is a good change. yeah this is the la korn that i'm waiting to see so bad. can't wait. love Pinky&Weir.


sarNie Adult
THANKS teedee! is it really confirmed? cause i don't want
to get soo happy and then sad again like aom's lakorn!
if it is then OMG, AWESOME! I freaken LOVE pinky/wier
to death! I'm super duper happy it's wier! he's my second
choice pra'ek after cee for pinky! LOL YES YESYES!!!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
thanks for telling n'Grace,yes it's confirm i read from pinkyclub, i was so mad about tur kue cheewit ending and wanted them to pair up again to make up for this la korn and they finally did,and with a revenge/slap/kiss la korn make me more excited, first i wanted Weir to play in SBS because he haven't play this type of la korn & this kind of charater yet, and now he finally did in this la korn, yep his first revenge/slap/kiss la korn will be interesting to see. can't wait, badly want to know more details on it.


sarNie Oldmaid
don't know the storyline yet, but p'jeab webmaster of pinkyclub said will post the storyline and pra'ek and nang'ek characters soon. i'm waiting anxiously too, if i know will come and tell asap.