Wong Wian Hua Jai [Revolving Hearts]


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Yes, episode 14 was really sad. But the rape wasn't that well done like the scene when Pong raped Nee. I think it was roughly done just to say he rawr her.


sarNie Fansubber
Take your time with the page. I'm in no rush at all. I'm just floating on the cloud with the WHHJ fever right now. :lol:

When will school start for you? My state is always early! Jeez. I started school on the second week of August.


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class started this week for me already. i only have 15 credit this sememester + work at the elementary school too.
that's why i don't have time to stream it live .. a bit disappointing but at the same time glad b/c i would hat to sit there and watch BAITONG's pile of lies.


Thank you ladies for subbing this lakorn. I've come to love it a lot. :lol:
You all did such a wonderful job.
Keep up the terrific works!

song chang

how you get all thier name i really want to know the main character name tos now i know i was so happy to know his name and thankyou very much for you :) :) :thumbsup: