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  • oh, and koj just left msn and tsis ros qab los lwm. hmp! lol. we could've convo-ed with hnouism.
    What?! Something about--OMFG! YOUR BANNER IS SO HOT! But something about your sister in the beginning? lmfao.
    I got this serious text from hnouism saying that she's gonna go..which you know, makes me want to go. But I'm SO broke! I'm just wondering if you wanna go, we should get cheap seats, harhar. fml
    julie, koj puas mus tov korean music festival os? kuv sav mus tab sis kuv tsis muaj nyiab.
    HAHA. I've always wanted to write in our own language. I see other people do it all the time and I'm jealous. Hope you know how to read Hmong yo.
    aww lol your artwork was really good anyway Akio! i can't assed to do Psing at the moment to much work! lol
    Lol yeh lazyness is good lol only young once lol. I put you as Admin at Mo's forum now so you should be able to do everything now :) and thank for the help i really need to spend a couple of days on each forum :p i'm PM some pics and infos on the FF and thanks you :D
    Hey Akio! I know it been a age! wow! I'm not in uni yet september next year. i've just done A levels and it coursework at the moment :( no worries about the forum i haven't been on any in ages only go on pinky and pans forum now and then!
    Would you be able to do me a Fan fic poster Akio? if not no worries
    oh wow thank you! hahaha i hardly come on here let alone check my comments but thanks for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday. im seventeen now! :D
    Yess he does!
    haha, dude. we have to just hangout at my house or something. you've never been over. no one has really been over for a LONG time now, srsly. one of these days we must! Oooh! & then you can show me your ps tricks! HAH! Sounds like a plan! :D
    Dude, get a couple then. HAHA. You know I'd call Kyu up to come if he wasn't so busy. xD, jkjk! Man, I wanna do korean food with you guys again but I'm so broke. Maybe at the end of this month or something.
    dude, I have never watched a Vee lakorn before. He's pretty good looking though. xD
    haha, it's okay. You do not have to choose me. I'd like to be there to see it being taken though! I enjoy your class more than mine. >___<
    lmfao. If it's Weir and Pinky--you know it's ME!
    LOVE your banner too! I haven't even started on Liam Ruk. How is it?
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