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  • OMG!!! That's why...I totally got that virus too, which is weird, since I was on Facebook when that virus popped up...Now I'm scared to go on SW, cuz it happened to me twice...Do you know why that is?
    hey. i'm doing good :D just trying to finish up school and graduate, all while balancing thai lakorns and fanfics ahaha. don't worry, I'm behind as well..maybe not as much as you though. Well thanks for writing back. lots of love. HUGS & KISSES.
    rr aka aum's wife :p
    AMI!!!!!!!!!! It's been forever since I've talked to you. I don't know, but today, you just popped into my head lol. Miss you much. Lots of LOVE ^^ *hug* & *kiss*
    hey AMi! Where are you girl?? I miss seeing your posts and your food pics!!! Hope you come back soon. Take care....... =)
    oohhh..... I just love your avatar. Atichart is the everywhere! Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you're enjoying the fiction so far. See you around. :)
    Attracted by Atichart's photo (your avatar), I clicked on it and here I am! Hahaha...we luv the same guy then. Take care and thanks for your sharing.
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