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  • aww thanks girl, ur comments far too nice.....it's just the lighting and the little girl look good :) hehe anyways u've seen p'wan before?? meaning in lakorns or in person??? hmmmm?? well get up with me k sweetie, lekkie misses u to and ohhh take care k....bye!!!!
    i have monday off...totally random day. i wish i had a weekend off or something...that'd be normal. i'm keeping my eye on everyone. is it considered stalking if you stalk everyone? i'll go wikipedia it and tell you when i find out
    bao, are you stalking me? yeah, you come to my profile and don't leave me a freaking comment! and where am i on your friends list? huh? huh? you have a lot of explaining to do young lady! and since when did you get bangs? dammit, now you look like tao. bowl cut.
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