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  • Lmao at ur rhyming Nai but u do have a pretty name Bao. Do u like Thai food? My friend gave me some recipes so I can pass that along to u if u want. I also have recipes for Korean food! It's hard to find recipes for Asian dishes cuz u know the Asians cook w/o recipes. Happy cooking!!!
    Bao Wow Saow Kaow lol. There is so many things that rhymes with your pretty name. I was going to put bao wow sao lao but then u are not Laotian.
    Thanks for reading my story. Glad u enjoyed it!!! Have a fun weekend. I'll bring over food for the party. What do u want to eat?
    Thank for the artworks compliment. Its ok that u don't remember. Usually I'm not in the chat room, busy somtime, when school start I'm very busy.
    mommy's just been busy my love but i'm back now...hehe! i missed my babies too much. haha...yeah only if you fix the bed after you're done jumping and if you don't break it in half. *hugs*
    hey my bao wow... i miss u girl, how have u been doing?? i was reading the Heartbreak thread and read what u had to say and gosh.. i thought to myself, i miss this girl .... hehe.... muah take cares and goodnight alrighty.... love lekkie
    i miss you my little bao bao! hehe *hugs* be good and stop jumping on the bed or mommy will spank you...haha!
    Bao chicka bao bao, thanks for checking out my photos. It's spring time, so I'll be sure to capture the rain one way or another. Just keep watching..and I'll get one to you.
    bao-wow wow.....how are u doing my love??? any good?? how was ur bday???? wit when was ur bday anyways??lmfao me miss u....take cares k..love lekie
    Bao!!! Where have u been these days. I miss you in flashchat. I hope you are enjoying your time away from SW though.
    and what does TY mean when he say's nice profile?? do u have like an invisible layout that only u and him's able to see?? lmfao... it looks just like everybody elses..lmfao... how are u doing my dear BAO??? i miss chatting with u :)
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