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  • Hi Chen :D I'm all ok, back to school but it's great. I got a good class with awesome classmates, yeah :D
    haha..aaww..i still love you my nong nai! he only stole me away from you so you can finally have a good looking! trust me, he has a brain and not like some ppl i know...haha! love you sweets!
    No, he can't talk. He's only 8 months, but he's strong as hell. I do have to admit. When I first saw him, he had all these rashes on him and he was in a dazed cause he just woke up. I thought on top of being an ugly baby, he was also a retarded baby. Good thing he's better now.
    Haha, I am now invisible!! Yeah...I'm so a ninja now. I forgot about this thing.
    Miss you nong nai love! gotta come online and chat with your mommys sometime....haha! both your mommys have been really! *hugs* miss you!
    No way. He actually lovees hanging out with me. He was just confused by the camera.
    Sorry my little protege. I've been busy playing with your future bf. There's his pic right now. Sad to say, he is still an ugly baby.
    hahhaa.... i love the dj banner missy. i shall tune in when i get the chance ;)
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