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  • Aow anonymous friend? That's harsh, my feelings are hurt lol. How you been? Found yourself a wife yet? If you wait too long then you ja mee look mai tun chai na ja haha.
    Dyno i never understood what that offline message you left meant last time. My yahoo messenger is crap! People can see what I write but I can't see what peeps are writing to me.
    Did she tell you we were classmates? And it isn't singe for life man. Its more like I don't have time for BS. Who wouldn't want to see a ton of little darvils in the future.
    that's righty, i'm cool and ur not!!! long time no chat ehhh...so anyways how's the dynomister doing???
    aaww...come on dyno! why do i have to go looking for the links that are already dead? just give me all of golf & mike's albums...plain and simple right? :p
    na mo tah sa, saatu saatu, pbhai teur thua maan (disappear evil spirits), kaw yaa jong vain jong ghum gun teur. THERE! no reason for u to appear anymore, thua maan rai.
    seriously, go away. leave my profile alone. i don't care about ur bruins or ur confused confuscious. i don't talk to republicans.
    like the bears would say: shooo FLY be gone!
    uh..why are u tainting my profile with ur dirty comments? o_O please leave.
    there is no longer any censoring in my blog and it's open to free speech, ur just not welcomed there, or wherever i'm at, for that matter. PEACE!
    DYNO!!! can you do me a favor?! would you be so kind as to upload all of golf & mike's albums for me pls? most of those links in the buddy media are expired
    thanks Dyno for uploading Pra Tinawong for the sarnies... ur hard *cough cought* work is appreciated!! anyways ahhh it's so intense, i cant wait until next weekend!! hahaa night
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