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  • your welcome... i agree, i think mos looked too old for her haha!
    i'm not watching anything right now... but i think i'll give Janie's lakorn ago, because i want to see Art & Sara couple plus the lakorn looks funny also LOL!
    yep, it was her first lakorn... i actually like her in that one!
    hmmm..idk, i'm looking for something to watch too lol... the ones on air now, don't seem to interest me at all!
    but have you seen Sakul ka?, it has Vill in that one too!
    oh yeah, kaew lom phet was a good lakorn, kinda messed up in away though lol.... vill was alright in that one, considering it was her first lakorn!
    i'm still thinking if i should watch it or not... not a big fan of pat but i like boy! but is it good so far?
    sorry 4 the late reply. u can watch it on SUPPERMAOMAO or eakkanake's channel. it airs every sunday unless another news broadcast interrupts it =)
    hmmm... i not sure who, but ch5 doesn't seem to have many actresses, i just hope it's not Best though, i just can't find myself to like her! maybe someone new i guess...
    wat about you, any idea who it might be?
    yeah i agree, there's really nothing much else to show! i definitely can't wait for his new one to come out, but i have a feeling it might cum out next year or sumthing!
    oh really, not the last ep yet... i'm kinda happy lol! i havent had a chance to watch ep.28 yet, been pretty busy! but yeah, i'm happy they found Hungtu!
    i felt really sad for hungtu and Noot breaking down made it worse!
    aww... last episode, i'm gunna miss this lakorn so much!
    the preview makes me feel really sad for Hungtu, but yeah let's hope he will be fine!
    i know, Jane can join Jetree and Sak rotting in jail... lol
    so sad it's coming to an end!
    but yeah i was happy that they found Jetree, hopefully she won't escape this time! Jane is so desperate in forcing Vee to marry her, when Vee doesnt even love her anymore!
    yep, i just finished ep 25... i liked it, but i feel sorry for Bie getting blackmailed by Jane... and Noot crying and all!
    cant wait to see the next episode, but man poor Hungtu though!
    oh wow, if that is true then, i think they will rush things... but then again, i'm sick of the girls fighting with each other!
    oh man, what are they doing to this lakorn, it was so good before... hopefully they don't rush things! i'm not sure, but i hope they do air it, coz i really wanna see the next episode!
    i didnt actually watch it properly yet, but from people's comments in the thread, it seems like things are going downhill!
    nah it's okay, i know what you mean, i too don't really like the roles she is given either! hopefully she gets better roles in the future though.
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