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  • there's one today. it's up already. u can watch on SUPPERMAOMAO channel. they're adding Rit & Tono from the star 6 into the show too. Rit is gonna b Bie's bro n Tono is R's bro. have you seen Rit b4, he really looks like Bie, just a minier verison lol and Bie is his idol =)
    i think u got news about his new lakorn already. it's filming towards the end of the year and there may b a chance that "Nok" Sinjai, his mother from Blangmek the musical may be in there 2. i dislike it when they don't confirm a n'ek for him, just like last time when DRRT was coming out. it went to 3 n'ek n Bie wouldn't even say who it was until Vill confirm herself lol but anyway more bie 4us=)
    ur welcome. i'm always looking for news, but lately i haven't been doing much due 2 school n etc, but now i'm back. his love life isn't a problem with me, but if it's with Vill i might b a bit icky lol but as long as Bie's happy then i'm happy :D wanna know something else 2, this is something that not much Bie Fans know, Vill is one freaken big fan of him, it was rumored she asked 4 the role too.
    aww.. you don't like Fang, i like her...i'm not really a Vill fan but she is growing on me, but that's ok everyone has their own opinions:]
    yeah when this one finishes i'm gunna miss it, my whole family really enjoys watching this lakorn... but i'm happy to hear that Bie is having another one, my mum will be happy, she adores Bie... lol!
    anyways i wonder who Bie's gunna get paired up with this time!
    yeah, i am not happy with how the lakorn is going now, kinda dragging abit lol... yes they need to be punished for what they have done! jetree needs to be put in a mental institution seriously!!
    i know and what is happening has nothing to do with her at all!! not like she's gunna get anything out of it!
    yeah i know me too, i'm a fan of Fang but i seriously hate her character Jane so much, and yes she needs a big slap across the face, so does that sidekick of hers too!
    yeah i didnt like the part where she just left, she should of went up to the rooftop to see him, instead of leaving that letter! from the preview Vee meets Noot, but it looks sad!!
    i know, far out that jetree and sak needs to be thrown in jail and suffer!! hopefully Vee's sister won't get hurt and she manages to escape from them.
    i liked how Vee found out that Oot was Noot but i feel sad for them, i want them to sort things out.
    oh wow that's awesome! i hope i can learn to understand more thai, by watching thai dramas too! most of my mums friend watches thai dramas and they pick up the language!
    lol... your not old!
    i grew up watching thai/chinese dramas, my whole family watches them, we watch the ones that are dubbed in Khmer though! i can't be bothered waiting for dubbed ones, so i come here and download the thai ones
    what about you, how did u get started?
    oh okay! aww ur lucky u can speak thai, i only understand here and there! if i want to understand sumthing in thai, i gotta ask my mum to translate lol!
    may i ask what country u live in?
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