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  • yup, as long as u still knows urself, then it's good. my family calls me crazy too especially my bros (got 4 of'em) cuz there's only 2 daughters in the family and my little sis is only 3. she's also likes Bie too.
    you can buy it off of, that's where i get my thai musics n magazines.
    i think she's okay, but maybe not to the point where i'll call myself a fan of hers.
    lol, i love ur about me. haha, i myself have all his songs/albums/concerts and even magazines too. sometimes it's good to be and feel crazy lol :D
    Hello my Bie Buddie, glad to have you as a friend. i'm like insanely obsessed with this guy since ever. glad ur enjoying DRRT too, me as well though i'm not to fond of Vill, but i'm still catching up on my hottie man lol. i love NGN too, never missed an eps of it b4 or all his stuff. and again nice to b friend a bie buddie :D
    hey christina so how u like drrt so far. i hella like it. its because of ie thats y heheh u no that already hehe
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