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  • waddee ja n'Tinaaaaaaaaaa...How u are doing well na ja today ! take care !!!
    lol oh really who is it? um well i can't be on chat... and if tim were to fix it so i can get in, the whole site goes down lol
    lol omg yeah that happens when u try to hack into the server... it blocks your ip lmfao... i forgot to tell u, he told me this before too. but i didn't think someone would try to hack in to add more music to the bot lmfao!!! hahaah oops ok sorry tina... it's a good thing u tried to help but the bot and tim doesn't know any better... shame on them =oP
    Uhmmm Hi... Ty asked me to tell you that he doesn't have a weird shaped head... sooo... He doesn't have a weird shaped head ^.^
    LOL...dum tee dee dum wopa dee doo
    I heard you calling me from afar, dear =p
    Because of your stinky grandpa, I had to do it again...Ughhh LOL
    Aww nong'tina, mai pen rai jah...u know me...mai mee arai tum yoo laew so i dont mind listening to one of my dear nong'sao's....... i'm just glad ur feeling so much better..... jum wai nah, the more they bring you down, the stronger you'll get....we meaning u must prove everyone wrong that song from Nan... Art Jah Mee Suk Wun, yeah just remember, they'll laugh at
    Aww thanks P'Tina. I am actually very energized today more than most days. I am soooo excited for Friday. I am glad to help out at any way possible at Thai All Stars. Also I hope u feel better today as well and get some rest!!!
    I have to go potty but i'm gonna gold iti n just to write this comment. Twinkie <3 his Ni Ni even when she thinks he is gay. =D
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