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  • Dude I never asked you to introduce me to anyone so stop bitching! And yah I know you date girls for looks and I don't blame you either lol. So how is my adorable boyfriend Jason doing? Fine I hope because he is fineeeeee ^___^ well for a baby. Lets see how he is when he grows up. I am allowed to ditch him if he's not hot right haha?
    Hey Marduk, I got rainy days. Now Sun is coming back. I'm really busy with school right now and for the moment I do quite well. I hope you're fine also ;)
    You are still so vain. How are you and the new girl coming along? You buy her treats? Better buy her gifts if you are a real man haha. I'm just kidding. She hot? Or what I'm trying to ask is if she has any hot brothers. ;)
    Sensei there's this dude in my english class that I'm taking at the college that reminds me so much of you. Maybe its the whole I think I'm so cool attitude haha.
    u goin' for the buddha look??? i'd rub ur bald head but i fear for the bad luck that might follow. well keep it polished and shiny as u dream of being as CHOLLA as my dmn crew.
    something made me blind while entering ur profile man ! i know ! it's ur new pic ! geez, see what ur beauty did to my
    Now gimme the money for the compliment i made for u. thank u.
    Monkey you can't send ice cream. It will melt. I found him a hot girl, she's awesome, he didn't tell you about it? haha most likely because I didn't introduce him since he said I will not get ice cream so I said oh hell no, forget his sorry single face. LOL don't tell him I said that. He's been pretty nice to me lately so I'll try to keep the niceness flowing.
    Separately duh! I would love you to death if you really got me ice cream and almonds unlike the cheap ass old man who wouldn't even pay me ice cream for finding him a southeast asian gf. Anyways, nice pic sensei.
    Pa told me about you shaving your head. She said it's not good looking, but I think it matches you well! OMG YOU'RE SO FREAKING HOT!
    oh wow.... u wasnt lying when u said ur going short... hmm but still ur such a cutie.... *pinches cheeks* then runs
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