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  • oh alrite, if u really wanna know what u wrote. u basically spoke of, HOW COOL I WAS and that ur ready to give up the monkey throne and be a subject in my kingdom, because u'll never be as good of a ruler as WOMYN can...kapish :D
    dude, i already deleted it, it was the last msg that made my mailbox full, so i had to clean up JUNK MAILS...just know that it was retarded n it made u sound more retarded n drunk :D
    callin' me a PUNK??! u monkey DRUNK, it's time u get original n stop stealin' ppl's lines, PUNK!
    Haha. I was just clicking on people's profile randomly one day because there are many leechers in the download section. Just happened to click on your day.
    sorry just see you post.. hope you are fine.. and wow i'm surprise that a lazy boy like you still have time time to learn another language!! but hmm maybe you meet some beautiful Spanish girl?!! allez bonne continuation dans ton apprentissage et bon courage surtout!!!
    then why the heck did u apply for it...*roll eyes* retarded. anyways, gluck with the real world stuff.
    ^_^ Hey duckkieee~! <.< Where's my Birthday wish? A song attached would be good~! =) LONG TIME NO SEE~ where haf u been hiding?
    Your brother can turn me down if he wants, I mean we are not together anyways. Anyways how have you been? I can't believe its October already. Time sure does fly.
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