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    Thep Sarm Rudoo 2017

    Rahu from the 80s version, he wasn't a softie (rather strong, feisty, short tempered) but he loved Suwanaparn a lot and had always felt that she never loved him bcuz she was close to Piroon. I am liking and shipping this Rahu-Suwanaparn more than the other couples so I do hope they don't...
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    Uthaitaewee 2017

    ^ I think they added a second lead couple so I guess it will be a love square? lol.. Uthai was born to a dragon princess and a tree god but due to circumstances, their love was ridden. They left the child in the care of these three animals (a turtle, a bird, and a snake). She lives in disguise...
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    I found two old Boran Lakorns from the 80's

    I have two copies in Thai but they aren't as good of a quality as the link above.
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    Tong Thantree Engaged/Married!!!

    Au: minlada_minmin Tong: tongazy_tong
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Haha so did I.. Well I only watched Au and Lek scenes XD wished they did a boran where they got each other. Lek was so cute in Gomin - wished Au was in it and got him. :)
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    Aom Pratomaporn is getting married!

    Aom and Tar looked kinda weird together in Bua Kaew but I do wish the couple all the best!
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    [Movie] Finding Dory

    During the initial release, it was packed so we caught a late show and surprisingly it was still a housefull. It was mainly adults there versus kids lol. Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot. Little Dory was just so cute!
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    They still have the ending credit as Den Narm Lom Fai but I don't understand why they would name it Si Yod Kuman when 4th is a girl. I too agree the Yaks clothings are too revealing even though it's pretty. Just wish the praeks were better looking, no offense, maybe should have roped in Fuse...
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    I feel bad for Mallikanari already cuz it seems that she really likes 4th and to only find out he is actually a girl at the end is sad. It seems like 1st and 2nd will be a sweet couple and 3rd will be the fighting one but I have always loved the 3rd couple in Si Yod Kuman. Even though they fight...
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    They finally grew up but I think they will probably drag the reunion with the parents since they already introduced the naeks. Seems like they are making one of the Yak ladies like 4th lol..
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    The storyline for both is very similar yet just a minor change here and there. I prefer Den Narm Lom Fai because 4th was pretty kick ass and I loved her pairing. I have yet to see the very first SYK from the 80s so I am not too sure how that one goes. In SYK, the parents died but in DNLF, they...
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    Lol.. I did too. I just FF to see if anything interesting turns up but it's always the kids running away from something. What is up with the ninja turtle? Oh gosh.. -_-
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    [Movie] Sanam Teri Kasam

    I would say basically anybody could be a star now in BW as long as you got the looks. So much $$ wasted in bad films which makes me wonder if they actually care about that $$. If not, some people could really use it (me for instance lol). I had STK theme title played for weeks. I wish they used...
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    Den Narm Lom Fai 2016

    ^ I know.. They need to hurry up with their parts as I'm starting to get bored. Kinda figured that having them die early will drag it and plus they didn't even do anything to earn their powers. I want them to meet their mom already.
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    [Movie] Sanam Teri Kasam

    I'm on and off on Bollywood because majority of the filmmakers focus more in making $$ rather than on quality. Those that have talent are usually underrated. There are only a few newer gen stars that I like but some of their recent films aren't that good too though. Sad to say that South films...