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  • thank you muddie!....i'm sharing you a piece of cake...there are alot of cake left over since every is eating pho and some other real one dares to take the there's enough cakes for may eat as many as you
    why huh? NICEY old mud! who would've thought you didn't like something. AND NO I WILL NOT TAKE IT OFF. REBEL POWER!
    anyways we needa get MTT back in flash again.... hahhaa i gots to re-introduce myself.... i think it's a first bad impression... hhahaha dude check out my latest pic's on the D&Moo Crew thread..ahaahhaha
    THAT's awesome mudster, glad u enjoyed it. yeah the slam poet community is still an underground thing in most places, but it's always a great reawakening. it's big in the bay, n that's why i luve it.
    LOL NO I DONT ITS ON ESNIPS OKAY!! and what are you talkin about! whats the dedication about?! WHAT WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT WITH BROOK AND SOO MAN?! HUH! jk! i already know.ew.
    how am i backstabbing you!? I NEVER EVEN THO U ALWAYS TRIED TO MAKE ME BY PUSHING YOUR husbands on me all the time! i always rejected cus i will NOT and don't want to backstab you ew! *pats
    mud...i know you're mad just because you invited me to join you them *shivers. sorry. but know i love you and we're close..but we're not THAT close. i hope you understand and feel better. so please quit makin up stuff JUST CUS I REJECTED YOU&YOUR HUSBANDS~ LOSER!
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