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  • Lol... yeah I see your double post about how you been eating eggs. Yeah dude your first comment posted. Lol, weren't you all freaked out about getting the bird flu and now you're gonna eat eggs everyday.
    I'm feeling alright... as I said... it's all in my head lol. I haven't been having to take orders since I've been "sick" it's all in my head.
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even reply to shout out nor can I get in it. Not loading for me... the board is running so slow.
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...I see I never get those, I turn mine off but my emails just get a new number increase that's how I know. Yeah, those aren'r working either. That's cool you feel better... what's for lunch today?
    I don't even know what "notifiers" are. WEll I cleared everything and still not working. I think Tim still have some bugs to work on. How are you feeling today?
    I have no idea my gf told me to do it so I told you to do it... you were supposed to be my ginny (Spelling) pig =(
    I didn't say you had bird flu... why you believe other peole? Lol damn girlI said you had a flu too. y0 squeeze lime it to your mouth and swallow it... it will kill the bacteria in your system.
    Gosh darns I didn't know the stars were ating I gave you 5/5 twice I meant to give you 1/5 damnit! Erase it!
    I had starbucks yesturady and sushi... it was probalby the combination of all the crap I ate last night that got me sick. And the lack of sleep.
    Lol dude tell me why I almost comment myself again when I was trying to comment lek. ahh try not to eat stuff that will you know easliy come back up. Eggs easilty come back up, liquid etc. Try meat.
    LEK! Yuu don't want to start a war with me! On Nings profile!
    I just notice that TY complains like a little girl..haaha get him to man up girl!!! lol..anyways u take it easy today alrighty....dont think too much!!!
    I'm sick so I'm allowed to be odd. =D I don't know how to explain crap... I might be sick in the head everyday? Look at your comment logs it rewrite the same first comment I send you.
    well your not pregnant are u? hehe j/k...... i'm sorry girl, take some med and rest alittle on your break like napping, it'll help but yeah i hope u get to feeling better alrighty....
    This comment thing is all weird. It copys the shit we first write and repost it and repost it until someone post somethng else and then it rewrites what re write back. You know what I'm saying?
    hahaha see see i'm not the only one who calls u Ningalicious....hehe i bet your bored at work again huh?? yeah i want some food, so are u hungry too?? hehe u CIA (Caught ME in Action)... i'm spying on u :p
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