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  • I didnt Died my hair it's Dyed buddy! Go back to loser school! Nah, I kid. It's hard... I still think this shit is a thread.
    Well talking to you... a person who isnt fully there 10x worse than me helps me know that I'm not that "Duh" So thanks you Ning for being as "Blonde" as me.
    Tell me why I commented myself again. But deleted when I realized it wasn't to you. Maybe I'm not "blonde" than you
    I think I'm not fully there. Lol. Please help me find find sanity. I'm just saying random shit . I'm saying look there's Ning K she look sad as hell on her wedding day.
    Why won't it say I visited you? Cool I can stalk you're ass =D Ho shit Ning got married she look sad as shit.
    I made a mistake y0! I just added people on for the hell of it I just made random adds on my shit cause I got all excited cause it looked cool! That sucks people get to see what topic I went to last and shit. I was looking a pictures of an actor =( Makes me look gay and shit now.
    y0... I kinda dorky ass commented myself to comment you s0 yeah go check it out buddy =D Yeah, I'm a dork for not realizing I was looking at my own profile. I bet you're gonna give me crap about it.
    y0 loser face... who the hell comments people on there damn profile? This is so weird to me. y0 Imma eat sushi today... and I'll make sure nobody comes to my table and eats our food! I'm gonna go get a swedish fish today... I finally realized you were talking about the fish candy that red fish candy! Yeah... I'm slow... I know. Look at those people looking at your profile... I
    i wasnt on yesterday but i had the radio on when you were i was here listening i was in bed..haha
    LOL...I try, but I'm might just retire from it all...
    Remember your requests are always my top priority, Lemon Head =ppp
    you already know that now one is going to read it...but good job with the red really pops out, do people still break the rules?
    my beautiful dj ning=] thanks for being such a sweetheart to me=] love you mama
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