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  • Yeah, I've been reading the threads but I said it on the thread = D
    I'm loserface and you're carrot top =D
    yup they are all lost and man girl to bad u can't be in chat lol theres this annoyin person that has like thousands of usernames an he comes in to annoy people purposely LOLsss and his latest identity Darvils LOL hahaha
    move? lol they are vanished!! lol lost and deleted .. im reuploaded load of songs and new one to over power the gay ones =x lol
    Lol ning i have something to tell you .. your gonna freak.. you know why the bot plays gay music alot now? lol cause when grandpa was moving the files it only moved 200 songs out of 500-600 lol and coincidently only the gay songs were moved!! LOL
    ombuddha I did not try to hack into the server its the cheap server!! lol i mean all I did was double check the password once and click ok again.. but nooooo =x i tell you its because he's cheap
    yeah omg lol yeah ok I'd admit i tried to hack the server lmfao kidding =x lol thats what i get for trying to add music into the bot!! lol gay .. i guess it likes the sucky music on there =x
    Lol... Nah, I don't want to know. We should just keep this knowing of my "Auntie" between you and me. Lol... gosh... paranoid now.
    Gosh darnit Ning it's over between us! I don't want to knwo you in real life! Lol damn you had to know my aunt.
    Yeah, her name in Noungning also but Ning for short. Lol, the scary thing about it she's 4'11 also. = 8 |
    Lol! Dude... My aunt's in Jail! And her name is Ning! Lol wtf.
    Yeah random.
    Yeah, it works now. But I'm not on... I just wanted to know that it works and that I can get on if I wanted to. =D
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