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  • Now I can go shopping without my legs being sore. haha.U have to unzip your PURSE, so I can pop my head out and shop but I also have my own dressing room. lol. I don't need to pay for an airplane tricket, this great! haha
    I would always be happy to be in your PURSE! I got to go every way with u! haha Let me tell u, I weight 135, hope u can handle that. haha
    so ning u like my personal photo?? that's how i look like when i'm kicking ty's ass...lmfao aja aja aja.... jk jk.....hahah
    "Ok Joke's over. Make sure you tell Ning that she did a good job. She deserve a good amount of credit for the prank."
    Sure :D
    dude that's mean still.... hahah and yet funny.... i mean who believe's in stuff like that, they gots to be dookie cause u add ning and tim together then it's a big fat joke/lie...hahaha high 5 to you girl :)
    u know what Ning, i knew u were the master mind of that prank yesterday..... hahha surely u didnt scared me one bit.... lol but maybe alittle when mina came in and said did u hear....hahhaha shut up shut up.... maybe one pts for u.... :p
    Wow I am listening to you sing right now as I type this.... and totally amazed at such a beautiful voice really! keep up the great work =)
    Yeah, they're strict about that kinda stuff >.> It's all about the $$$$ for the corporate world.
    i grant u the courage my dear to post all ur hotness in my face. *ta ding* so i'll see them soon rite?
    dude ning u just missed it... Sarn called u a child molester...lfmao!!!!! aahhah so funny ur so missing out!!
    Yeah, good weather... How is it over there? How's work going? You get a hold of your man last night?
    I'm bored so let me ask all these questions.
    Dude! It's a nice ass day out again! I'm ready to get snowed up on the cones!
    i can see ur fake lashes on ur picture.......... lmfao lau len lau len..heeh anyways thanks for posting on the thread, way to spam it........which reminds me, i might make some spam sandwhich for lunch tomorrow...... hahaa goodmorning to you my dear ning-a-ling!!!
    Good afternoon!
    I got my sunglasses on for a day of football and heavy sunlight!
    i thought the glasses and eating meat was sexier... so where's more of urs missy?
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