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  • well for gallery i just thought its like you can have more than one picture in it. like in myspace theres different albums so you can put a lot of pictures. im not sure is sw is the same though. but what is wiki?
    hey again haha sry if im cmting u so much. i was trying to figure out how to upload more pictures into the gallery but i cant find it in my controls
    oh nevermind i got it already. this is what happens when i ask questions too early then before you reply my dad comes home who is a computer scientist and tells me to convert it on this thing he has (that i already knew how to do). so its all good. thank you though :]
    hey again i got a question i downloaded the girly berry see through album but its for windows media player, i try opening it with itunes but it doesnt work. do i have to transvert the form or something?
    im still confused. how what exactly did you do? sry lol and did you see my question on your mediafire post yet?
    hey :) thanks for commenting on my post of Golf lol you said you were gonna move it? how are you gonna do that. anyways is that pic of your default (the guy) film? whoever that is is cute :]
    hey mama..aww man..i miss you djing again=[ time huh?? but yeah..i wrote a new blog..check it
    hey just drop by to say hi :D and thnxs 4 advice dear it does explain :D well u have a good day ok <3
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