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  • wow show clevage is forbidden? wahh lol =oP so funny i call my mom "ma" too hahahh... gosh golly, well crab soup hmmmm... i don't think i'd had one at restaurants but i've made some seafood soup with crab meat before, it was interesting lol because i don't cook much but when i do, it's an interesting meal lol! yeah so tim opened wiki up again so i'll probably tr
    aww are u sick? hope u get well soon okie dokie!?!? um yeah i don't know what time dim sum ends in boston, but i can go to this one chinese restaurant near my house and have some and it stops at 9pm when it closes lol
    gradually leave since tim said you know if you just leave you are demonstrating that you are losing... but um i guess i don't want to deal with it since i can't do anything about wrong doing... there's just no point, i'd have to notify sarn about a merge/move or a PM or warning...too much to remember and i don't wanna be bothered lol. so i'll just search for things i think i might want now. :)
    ahh it cut my line... well the wind breeze is a killer! that's so i can't heal from the sickness and is still sounding like a stuffy nose person! lol well the guys that have PMS, i guess i'm supposed to understand since i'm a girl and i get it often but omg when guys that's your boss gets it, it's like WTF!! lol. and about buddie media, i was thinking of gra
    haha yeah ok where should i start, DIM SUM in chinatown, can you believe it? i've never been hahah. i'm usually up there eating some good viet food lol and i go to chinatown haha. lol but i want to go on one of these weekends before i leave for thailand. the weather is just getting so cold, i can't really get better lol... last night it was 8 degrees, today is 14 but wind breeze is kil
    work was ok, thank goodness i didn't have to deal with male pms... gosh they are such bastards lol
    omg end of may wahhhhhhhhh! i wanna be around when u are around, so we can breathe the same coast air lmao...! well when u come by, enjoy boston, it's fun... lots of good food in chinatown! and shopping! =oP wow you better show me some pix of u when i come back! i plan to take a step away from sw when i come back, i don't know how well that's going to be.
    wow?!!? sexy hahaha! =oD 0_0 hahah... well hmm let's see, i dunno what do u like in style? you don't like those dresses in the shops? when are u heading over to boston? gosh it's soooo cold prepare some heavy winter clothes lol
    omg u're coming to boston? for what...? yeah i decided, it's best to go that way with BM, sarn is too nice lol, and she doesn't like to punish lol... i needa be violent hahaha *takes out the whip*
    let me announce to u first, i give up on BM, i'm not gonna look after ut anymore =o[ i'll just leech now, lol but yeah sarn says she's gonna take care of it so i'm done, i need something recreational to do now... =oD
    actually, we ended it up ordering in the sushi because there were too many of us to fit into the shop... so i had some but it wasn't as good as eating in. on friday i sang soo hard my throat was almost dead... lol and last night danced until my feet almost ripped lol! well it wasn't that hard but i hate the feet pains lol. i'm glad u've enjoyed urself...u need those often! =o]
    lol actually i was back home half of it... but i read it at work. it's ok, it doesn't bother me because i'm just doing things to make it easier for others. and since that member can't take it personally and likes exposure, that's fine with me lol... omg did you have fun last night? lol i did hahah
    wahhaha ohhh where are u going?!?!?! well there's someone i've gave a notice for breaking the rules, decided to show the whole forum. anyway, i'm going to a bday today!!! sushi then karaoke! should be fun lol. but earlier this week i finally got to go bowling after sooo long...
    wahhhhh someone is punking me noodles, protect me love... yeah i'm bored at world about to really go psycho. i even blogged today.. =oT
    Wai wai! Of course you'd be on my friends list. I love wai wai! :D Btw...Im gonna eat your cousins in a bit here. :)
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