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  • i didn't tell u? i retired from dj'ing a few weeks back, the last time i dj'ed was on friday i think because ppl wanted me to dj before i left, but no one was around to listen to me lol. yeah' i'm not in chat much, but u can catch me on msn if u ever use that thing lol
    oops it cut me off. but i was saying i don't go on chat much now. time is ticking and i am getting busier and busier, but i'm glad to go on vacation again =oD
    lol it's ok spam my comments all u like, i'm bored most of the time anywho. lol yes 2 hours stuck in the mud and it didn't move! until the macho guys gave up and said, "i think we need another car to pull it up" lmao. yeah oh well, just another lesson to learn in life hehe... i will be going to bed soon!! I MISS U tons too!! i haven't been in chat much n
    lol hahah u wanna morph into mercury again so i can put u in the luggage where i have a teeny tiny space left? lol yeah i will go suffer in thailand's 40 degree celcius instead of the 50-70 degree weather here! i don't know if i'll survive a week there, seriously being that hot, i might suffer from hyperventilation lmao!
    omg not a real album... like that hahah just an album for sarnworld lol! yeah i can send u a digi sig how's that? lol [signed] Ning... hahaha yeah cooking eh?! nice i need someone to pamper me with love hahah shower me with love =o] i ate so much today tho, but i had so many types lol it's too fulfilling. =oT
    lol yeah, i'm sick again!!! it's because of the crazy weather, it'd be 30 somedays, then shoot to 70 over the weekends and rain for weeks! and then freezing cold in the office. how can my poor immune system fight this? =o[
    i'm so sick i can't even sing for my own album nevermind singing at parties lol. well i didn't get wet but my aunt's car got stuck in mud and took 2 hours to get out of it!! lol it was memorable for sure =oP
    omg noodles where are u, talk to me... aren't u going to miss me? i even took a pic of u in thailand last time, i don't remember if i've shown u lol
    lol man no one else comments me anyways, i'm a lonely soul in sw, it's close for my departure ...not only to thailand but to SW, i think i really need to life the life of getting a REAL job haha =oP
    omg i can't believe marduk commented u and not me *stomps on the ground like a childish kid that wants some candy* haha u have to come comment me, just because u wrote that, no one will ever comment me!
    I saw you wrote on D's profile that she haven't been around. Where have YOU been? Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. It's been a while.
    it's okay! i like u hogging my comments! lol um let's see i forgot what i was going say... hmmm well yeah...ppl with flus... mmmm not as much happening here, but i'll be in the area with bird flu! ahhh that's scary lol. but eh i was there and nothing last time, so this should be the same *knock on air* ... gosh work is so boring, i need to find something challenging to
    ahahah so nice... be here more before i leave to thailand! =oD well yeah i have about 5 weeks left and counting! i need to give them a 2 weeks notice soon. yeah some days they PMS and some days they just leave alone soo much i'm about to fall off my chair from falling asleep.
    omg hahaha... yeah i can't cook. i'm feeling better. not sick any longer. good thing u're back lol... now i have more commenting buddies lmao! =oP hahah i dj'ed today and i didn't sound too hoarshing i don't think... unless they lied so i played their music hehehe. well i'm gonna be heading to bed soo goodnight to u whenever u go to bed okkkk! =oD
    ...probably try to work on that, but i have a few things to do before i leave... but anywho!!! get well and stop uploading for a week! u need to take good care of yourself ok! yeah i don't sleep that late now a days just like 1am, so u shouldn't sleep late either!
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