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I totally love the ending lol it was funny and cute! The cast did a great job, and the last ep got the highest number across the board. Broke some records and is very popular in other countries as well. Hope to see these two in other lakorn or even a movie very soon. :clap: :thumbup:

Yaya's IG post about the lakorn ending :icon12:
Trended #1 Nationwide in Thailand and #45 Worldwide on Twitter with over 60K tweets #คือเธอตอนจบ
934.6 million of views on Tiktok #คือเธอ

The average rating of 3.05 is #1 this year for CH3. Record highest ever rating on TrueID and CH3Plus.

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Compared to other channels during the airing time, it was #1 in ratings


sarNie Egg
Wow loved the last episode so much! Mario and Yaya have great chemistry and it was very apparent in every scene they had together. Everyone played their character well and I'll miss watching this every Wed and Thurs.

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Mario's face is seriously so flawless. His skin is just so clear and he has beautiful eyes too. I can never get tired of looking at his face. He's so handsome in Bad Romeo.


sarNie Egg
Mario's face is seriously so flawless. His skin is just so clear and he has beautiful eyes too. I can never get tired of looking at his face. He's so handsome in Bad Romeo.
He is whiter than Yaya , quite weird to me I just noticed it.Makes him cutes.Maybe I just like manly man vibes.Yes he's handsome and slay it as Kaokla/Carl.In some scenes it's so obvious of his chubby face (maybe he gain weight between the shooting)


sarNie Egg
Well with Bad Romeo officially over, please support Yaya and Mario for their future projects!

Upcoming this year:
  • Yaya's Netflix original debut will be in a 6 episode limited series called "Thai Cave Rescue".
    It will be released on Netflix worldwide with English subs and other language subs beginning on September 22.

    There will be a first ever collaboration between Netflix and Ch3. They will be showing the episodes live on Ch3 HD and Ch3 Plus. No repeat though but it will, of course be on Netflix. Schedule for the Ch3 airings below in Thailand time:

    September 22 6 PM - 7 PM
    September 23 5:40 PM - 7 PM
    September 26 7 PM - 8 PM
    September 27 7 PM - 8 PM
    September 28 6:50 PM - 8:04 PM
    September 29 6:50 PM - 8 PM

  • The Kinnaree Conspiracy (Lai Kinnaree)
    Will air next month, in October on Ch3

  • It doesn't look like Mario has any new releases for the rest of the year. But he is currently filming a lakorn with Kim and it's likely to be released next year.
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I'm so sad this ended, I KNOW I'm not going to find another lakorn that I've enjoyed this much in a while. It's so reminiscent of old lakorns with a slight, subtle modern twist. I liked this lakorn a whole lot better than Anne's recent work such as Likit Rak and Ok Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee. That being said this lakorn was good but it wasn't great but due to the acting and chemistry, the lakorn sticks with you.

The plot was refreshing and handled the one night stand thing well. I actually stayed away from reading and summaries and wanted to watch this without knowing anything. After watching the teasers I was expected something shallow and a lot more light hearted. In truth the lakorn was anything but. I liked how the lakorn starts off with two strangers who are forced to live with one another and fall in love afterwards instead of before. I loved Kaoklah, he was such a stand up man with so much sincerity and integrity. I loved him as the both the adolescent and the adult equally. Mario did such an incredible job and Kaoklah is I think my favourite character of his. Tortured, angry, and mean pra'eks are my catnip. I like Mario in these kind of roles and I think he's wasted on too many goofy ones. You'd think he wouldn't suit these kinds of roles due to his baby face and his personality in real life is so goofy yet soft spoken. I like my pra'eks mean and I got my wish here.

Yaya was good here too, her acting can be inconsistent at times but she was believable here and she managed to portray Saikhim distinctly from her other portrayals. I knew from the fitting pictures that the two would have chemistry and I was right. Other than Mark and Game Rai Game Rak era Nadech, Yaya's chemistry with Mario was up there and it was smokin'. My only bone to pick in this department is that the leads spent way too much time at odds, I would have liked for them at least to spend more time together like the time Khim got drunk before the car accident scene. The leads had so many sweet scenes in the beginning that it was sad that after the 7 years they only hand a handful of good moment together. I didn't like how many lovey doves scenes Khim had with Tan, I mean it know it is realistic that after 7 years she is going to want to lean on someone who is available and want to move on but from a lakorn perspective I don't want to see my n'ek fall asleep on the couch with someone other than the p'ek. Also, Khim had way too many scenes with Tan when she could have spent them with Klah. Plus, she wore Tan's engagement ring for way too long and wore the p'ek's for so short a time. I couldn't care much for Tan and Lita, I'm glad there wasn't too much focus on them. I liked Khem with Kloi more, too bad they killed Khem off. I liked his character arc and the redemption for his character, I'm sad he didn't get his happy ending since he suffered as much as Klah in this lakorn too. Anyways, I wanted another willing scene between the leads and they should have got one in the middle of the lakorn when it was getting super angsty. I loved how angsty this lakorn got and I wouldn't have minded all the misunderstandings and time spent apart but I think the viewers deserved more skinship. Didn't love how Khim kept pushing Klah away during the last couple of episodes either. I get why Klah did it but not so much when she did it other than her just being an idiot.

Sam was made for these kinds of roles, whether when he was a pra'ek or nowadays when he portrays father roles, he really knows how to be intense. He was so fun to hate in this lakorn.

The best parts of this lakorn was the p'ek being mean and getting his revenge. I wish it was more slap and kiss like but I enjoyed the parts where he was playing mind games and forcing the n'ek to do things. The car accident scene and the shower scenes where my favourite (minus the engagement ring ruining it). Mario and Yaya have such intense, sensual chemistry it was off the charts. I love Mario with Taew but I think Yaya is my favourite n'ek he has paired with. Mario was also veryyyyyy sexy here. Kuddos to Anne, I know she's a perfectionist and very invested when it comes to how her p'eks looks and she has a good eye for it. I could watch Mario brood all day and Aew and Anne seem to know that he has an incredible side profile so they constantly give us this angle (thank youuuu). The fact that Mario can pull this kind of role off shows us how great of an actor he is. The whole suicide scene in jail was so gut wrenching and well acted. If you like lakorns like Kleun Cheewit and Game Rai Game Rak, for sure you'll like this lakorn. It has its flaws but overall the lakorn is probably one of the best I've seen in a while and you don't get any annoying "try too hard to appeal to international audience" vibes. Too bad there was no baby in the end, the lakorn would have ended full circle if Klah got the baby that he wanted so badly. Poor guy deserves it after all that he's been through, especially with the whole "mom" thing (didn't see the incest twist coming, some real Oedipus Rex stuff happening with the whole older lady is sleeping with her adopted son, who looks exactly like her biological son, only for him to actually be her son).
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I just want to say that I regret not watching this drama as soon as it became available on streaming platforms. This one is really entertaining. Like a combination of Yaya's other successful romantic dramas like Game Rak Game Rai and Kluen Cheewit.

I thought Mark Prin and Yaya's pairing was really great, but lo and behold, the Mario-Yaya pairing turned out to be explosive! They should've been paired more often because they are the reason I lost sleep for two days and was unfocused with work trying to finish their drama.

As for their drama, it is really good; it's just that it got repetitive towards the end, but then again, that's a "lakorn" drama to you. Lakorn dramas are a guilty pleasure of mine, and new lakorns are not that engaging anymore because pairings don't have chemistry (their all visuals with no substance). That is why it has been a couple of years since I found Lakorn engaging again.